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NIAGARA REGIONAL POLICE SERVICE Chief of Police Bryan MacCulloch, MOM, BA, MA March 29, 2019 Heather Clemenceau Dear Ms. Clemenceau: am responding to your request, pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act), for access to information, our Information and Privacy File No.: 2019. ‘You have requested access to information regarding a motor vehicle collision involving a horse and carriage on February 23 or 24, 2019 in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Enclosed please find a copy of the General Occurrence Report generated in conjunction with Motor Vehicle Collision Report #2019-16574. You have been granted partial access to the enclosed report, the personal information of involved parties having been severed from it pursuant to Section 14 of the Act. ‘The relevant subsections are as follows: Sub-Seetion Reason Disclosure would constitute an unjustified invasion of personal privacy as Section 14 of the Act applies to this information. The relevant subsections are as follows: 140) A head shall refiuse to disclose personal information to any person other than the individual to whom the information relates except, @ upon the prior written request or consent of the individual, if the record is one to which the individual is entitled to have access; o if the disclosure does not constitute an unjustified invasion of personal privacy 5700 Valley Way * Niagara Falls, ON # L2E 1X8 * Te: 905-688-4111 * Toll Free: 1-888-668-3911 * | NIAGARA REGIONAL POLICE. GENERAL OCCURRENCE HARDCOPY MVC - PERSONAL INJURY] Narrative: MOTOR VEH ACCIDENT - 1 Subject: Malachowsky 9370 Author: 09370 MALACHOWSKY, MICHAEL Related date/time: Tuesday, 2019-Feb-26 15:58 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT This text page is required for all MVA reports submitted by MRE. The following value must be entered to ensure the MTO form is correctly generated If location is other than actual address: Ri (Traffic way) [King street ] R2 (Reference Point) [Picton Street ] MVA Synopsis (if required): [on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019,Sentineal Carriages were operating as per usual located at the corner of King Street and Picton Street in front of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara on the Lake From a witness account, At approximately 6:30pm, there were two carriages operating. One was stationary parked at the corner of King and Picton Street. The other carriage had just pulled behind the other and let off some patrons. The driver of the carriage that just pulled in stated to the other carriage driver that she was going to go around again. when pulling back out onto the road, the witness stated that the carriages had clipped each other causing the horse to startle. The other account was from the carriage owner that the shaft attaching the horse to the carriage broke off. : The horse then went diagonally toward the median on King Street hitting the curb and the horse then bucked its hind legs 3-4 times . The horse then turned 90 degrees and went directly toward the front of the Prince of Wales hotel (on Picton Street) where the carriage struck a parked (unoccupied) vehicle in the valet stand area. The driver of the carriage fell off the carriage and the horse came to rest and sat on the ground adjacent to the struck vehicle. The owners of the horse and carriages attended and removed the horse and carriage within minutes.] *** CONFIDENTIAL *#* NIAGARA REGIONAL POLICE GENERAL OCCURRENCE HARDCOPY GO# 2019-16574 MYC - PERSONAL INJURY] Narrative: SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT - 1 Subject: Malachowsky 9370 Author: 09370 MALACHOWSKY, MICHAEL, Related date/time: Thursday, 2019-Feb-28 11:28 On Monday, February 25th, 2019, police contacted the provincial prosecutors office to discuss the collision that took place involving the horse and carriage and a parked vehicle, Afier much deliberation, it was concluded that there would not be any charges laid in this collision, Police also spoke to NRPS licencing unit who is responsible for licencing the carriages. The driver of the carriage was properly licenced to be operating the carriage. The company, Sentineal Carriages where properly licenced as a business and also properly insured with all of the paperwork being reviewed On Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 at approximately 12:30pm, police contacted the owner of the carriages, Laura Sentineal. She confirmed that the driver, stained only minor injuries and followed the procedures that Laura had put in place in the event of an incident. kept the horse seated as trained and an emergency reach out to Laura were made and arrived within minutes to tend to and the horse. The horse named "Ethan" was uninjured according to Laura and was looked at by the veterinarian the next moming and she reported that there was no injury sustained, This was an unfortunate incident which luckily did not not involve any injury to human or animal. = CONFIDENTIAL ***