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1. 5FU cardiac effects coronary artery spasm 18. CA 27-29 tumor marker
2. 5 year survival rate for lung 15% 19. CA 125 tumor marker elevated in 80% of ovarian
cancer. cancer patients
3. Abnormalities of what Potassium and Calcium 20. CA 125 tumor marker in ovarian cancer, evaluates
electrolyte and what mineral treatment
interfere with cardiac
21. Calcium 8.5-10.5 meq/L
normal range
4. Adjuvant therapy treatment given in addition
22. Cancer malignant disease with 3 characteristics
to primary therapy
1. abnormal cell proliferation
5. a-FP tumor marker sensitive for germ cell or 2. unchecked local growth and invasion of
primary liver tumor surrounding tissue
3. ability to metastasize
6. After lobectomy, what position The patient should not lay
should the patient not be in? on operative side. 23. Cancer most Breast
Decreases expansion. commonly
7. After pneumonectomy, how On back or on operated
should patient be positioned? side. DO NOT let patient lay
on unoperated side.
24. Can innate No
8. Amifostine chemoprotectant against
nephrotoxicity from
9. Aneuploidy abnormal number of pathogens?
25. Can women No, women who have had HRT have 3 x the
10. Anthracycline (Daunorubicin, cardiomyopathy with breast recurrence risk
doxorubicin, and epirubicin) cancer have
cardiac effects estrogen
11. Antiangiogenesis factors suppress tumors ability to replacemtn
grow new blood vessels therapy?

12. Blast crisis LAst phase of CML when 26. Capillary condition in which fluid and proteins leak out
30% of cells in blood or leak of tiny blood vessels and flow into
marrow are blasts. syndrome surrounding tissues, resulting in dangerously
low blood pressure. Capillary leak syndrome
13. Breast Cancer Staging Stage 0 - In Situ
may lead to multiple organ failure and shock
Classification Stage 1 - Under 2 cm with
(-) nodes 27. Cardiac excessive fluid in pericardial space
Stage 2 - <5 with ( ) nodes tamponade decreases hearts ability to fill and pump
or >5 with (-) nodes definition
Stage 3 - > 5 with ( ) or any 28. Cardiac muffled heart sounds
size with breast wall Tamponade weak apical pulse
extension s/s mild tachycardia
Stage 4 - any distant mets mild peripheral edema
14. CA 15-3 and CA 27-29 tumor marker used to 29. Cauda structure within the lower end of the spinal
monitor response to Equina column, that consists of nerve roots and
treatment of invasive breast rootlets
30. Causes of Delivery (of baby)
15. CA 19-9 tumor marker for pancreatic DIC Infection
cancer Cancer
16. CA 19-9 pancreatic tumor marker
17. CA 27-29 tumor marker for breast
31. CAUTION Change in bowel or bladder 42. Clinical Trial 20-25 people
A sore that doesn't heal Phase 1 Evaluate tozicity
Unusual bleeding Establish max dose without side effects
Thickening or lumps Determine route (PO or IV)
Indigestion Variety of tumor types
Obvious changes in wart or mole
43. Clinical Trial More than 100 people
Nagging cough
Phase 2 Determine if treatment has benefit
32. Caution nephrectomy NSAIDS Groups of patients with same tumors will be
patient to avoid used
nephrotoxic drugs such Assess response rate
as what?
44. Clinical Trial 100-1000's of people
33. CEA tumor marker used to monitor the Phase 3 Compare new drug to current standard
treatment of cancer patients, Establish efficacy by assessing survival and
especially those with colon time to progression
cancer LAst step before FDA consideration
Usually double blind trials
34. CEA tumor marker for colon cancer
45. Clinical Trial Can it do anything else?
35. Chemos that affect Lomustine
Phase 4 Expand off label use
fertility Doxorubicin
Assess toxicity and long term effects
Usually after FDA approval
5FU 46. COBRA Provides insurance for employees for 18
Cytarabine months and dependants for 36 months
36. Chemos used in SCLC Etoposide 47. Common Cytoxan
Cisplatin chemos used Adriamycin
Carboplatin in breast Paclitaxel
Cytoxan cancer Docetaxel
Doxorubicin Epirubicin
Vincristine MTX
Ifex 5FU
Combo are used most of the time
48. Common side skin reactions
37. Chemos used to treat Dacarbazine effects of fatigue
malignant melanoma Nitrosureas (Carmustine, breast RT
49. Cushings HTN
temolozamide (Temodar) (PO)
Triad bradycardia
38. Chemotherapy with best Dacarbazine (DTIC Dome) abnormal respirations
results in treating
50. D-DImer test used to diagnose or rule out conditions that
malignant melanoma
cause hypercoagulability (inappropriate
39. Chromosome 3p Abnormal in 80% of renal cell clotting)
51. Define programmed cell death
40. Classic triad of Flank pain Apoptosis
symptoms for advanced Hematuria
52. Define Cell T cell driven immune response that does not
RCC Flank mass
Mediated involve antibodies or complement but
41. Clinical Trial 10-12 people Immunity involves activating macrophages, NK cells,
Phase 0 Identify drugs that do not antigen-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes,
produce desired effect and the release of various cytokines in
Limited doses response to an antigen
Low doses
53. Define given after cancer has disappeared following
Less risk
Consolidation the initial therapy, used to kill any cancer
Useful for molecularly target
therapy cells that may be left in the body
Useful for drugs that require 54. Define protein released by cells that has specific
biomarker development Cytokines effect on the interactions, communications,
55. Define Edema fluid in the interstitial space 75. Diagnostic tests esophagoscopy and biopsy
for esophageal esophagogram
56. Define gene individual unit of hereditary info
cancer CT
57. Define body's ability to regulate, produce, and
76. Diagnostic tests Barium study
hematopoesis develop cells
for gastric cancer Biopsy
58. Define Humoral B cell immunity that is meditaed by
77. Diagnostic tests Plain Xray
for SCC bone scan
59. Define ileal urine reservoir created after bladder is MRI
conduit removed CT scan
60. Define immune The body's ability to scan for and 78. Diagnostic tests to CXR
surveillance destroy malignant or altered cells stage lung cancer CT or MRI
61. Define Innate immunity that occurs before the onset Bronch
immunity of infection 79. DIC Accelerated activation of the
62. Define interferons a type of cytokine coagulation cascade. Clots form in
limit spread of viral infections random places leaving the body open
first resistance to bleeding without protection

63. Define obstruction of lymphatic system that 80. Difference Malignant can metastasize
Lymphedema caused overload of lymph in the between benign
interstitial space and malignant
64. Define Lymphoid Develop T cells and B cells
cell line Key for all immune responses 81. Difference conduit needs bag, reservoir does not
between ileal
65. Define NK Cells kill cells by releasing small proteins that
conduit and
cause the target cell to die by
continent ileal
66. Define phagocytes cells that engulf and consume
82. Dose limiting Myelosuppression
toxicity for
67. Define spinal cord Compression of the thecal sac by a nitrogen mustard
compression tumor in the epidural space
83. Dose limiting nephrotoxicity
68. Define Tumor Lysis metabolic imbalance that occurs with toxicity of
Syndrome (TLS) rapid tumor kill cisplatin
69. Describe B cells Develop in bone marrow 84. Dysplasia loss of uniformity in the appearance of
Differentiate into plasma cells, which cells
produce immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA,
85. Early N/V
IgM, IgE, IgD)
complications of Infection
70. Describe Invasive no longer contained by breast stem cell
breast ca capable of metastases transplant
71. Diagnostic Colposcopy 86. Early signs of asymptomatic
procedures for HPV testing cervical cancer
cervical cancer cervical biopsy
87. Early symptoms change in bowel habits
cone biopsy
of colorectal blood in stool
72. Diagnostic studies CT
88. Ethnic group most Caucasian
for brain tumors MRI
at risk for
73. Diagnostic test for Echo nonmelanoma
pericardial skin cancers
89. Features of Asymmetry
74. Diagnostic tests IVP malignant Uneven borders
for bladder cancer Cystoscopy melanoma Color variegation
> 6 mm in diameter
90. Federal Rehab Act of federally funded employers can't 108. How to prevent Decrease alkaline beverages
1973 discriminate against handicapped malodorous urine? (soda)
drink fluids high in vitamin C
91. First treatment for Fluid restrict 500-1000 ml per day
Avoid stinky food (fish,
92. For which pulmonary Pneumonitis Clean pouch using soap, water,
toxicity does vinegar
bleomycin have a high
109. How to treat DIC Treat underlying cause
110. How to treat itching from Chemo or steroids
93. Frameshift muttation where 1 bases are
added or deleted
111. How to treat severe hypertonic glucose and insulin.
94. Genes responsible for tumor suppressor gene
hyperkalemia Shifts extracellular K back into
family cancer
intracellular stores
syndrome are what
gene? 112. Hypocapnia reduced carbon dioxide in the
95. Gold standard for axillary lymph node dissection
staging breast cancer 113. Important nursing Teach deep breathing and
intervention for patients incentive spirometry use
96. Granulocytopenia failure of the bone marrow to
with nephrectomy?
make enough
white blood cells (neutrophils) 114. Innate immunity Immunity that does not respond
to specific antigens
97. Hallmark sign of Multiple cancers in one person
hereditary cancer? 115. In-Situ Cancer Noninvasive breast cancer
98. Head and Neck cancer Thyroid 116. Lab results indicating DIC Increased D Dimer
with highest survival Increased FDP
rate Decreased fibrinogen
Decreased platelets
99. Hematoma abnormal collection of blood in
tissues 117. Lab results indicitave of Hyperkalemia (>5.0)
TLS Hyperphosphatemia (>4.5)
100. Hematopoesis begins Pluripotent stem cells
Hyperuricemia (>8.0)
with which cell?
Hypocalcemia (>10.5)
101. High dose damaged cardiac endothelium Increased BUN (>20)
cyclophosphamide Increased creatinine (>1.2)
cardiac effects Increased LDH (>333)
102. Highest risk factor for Prolonged granulocytopenia (less 118. Lab tests done to monitor K
sepsis than 500/mm3) TLS Phos
103. How does Allopurinol decreases uric acid production Uric Acid
work? and decreases uric acid deposits Calcium
in kidney LDH
Renal function (BUN, Creatinine)
104. How does Heparin help Interferes with thrombin
DIC? production. Maintain PTT at 1-2 119. Late complications of Chronic GVHD
times the normal level (18-28 stem cell transplant Herpes
seconds) 120. Late effects of RT of hypo or hyperthyroid
105. How does Rasburicase catalyses the conversion of uric Head/Neck mandibular osteonecrosis
work? acid to allantoin alopecia
106. How is esophageal TNM
decreased hearing
cancer staged?
121. Late effects of RT on Adhesions
107. How many 46
Abdomen Fibrosis
chromosomes in 23 pairs
human body? 122. Late effects of RT on Fibrosis
Bladder Hyperplasia (increase in cells)
123. Late effects of RT on Breast Ca 140. Mets from osteosarcoma Lung
chest soft tissue sarcoma usually affect what area of
dysphagia the body?
pulmoanry fibrosis
141. Mets to the spine occur most Breast
124. Late effects of RT on CNS Stroke frequently in what cancers? Lung
Blindness Prostate
125. Late effects of RT on pericarditis 142. Missense single base pair change
Heart CAD mutations
143. Modified radical removal of the entire breast
pericardial effusion
mastectomy and the lymphatic-bearing
tissue in the armpit
126. Late effects of RT on Liver Fibrosis
144. Monoclonal Antibodies Fab is the antigen binding
Fab vs Fc site.
127. Late effects of RT on failure Fc signals cells to destroy
Ovaries premature menopause the cell it is bound to
128. Late effects of RT on Late fx 145. Most aggressive breast inflammatory breast cancer
Skeletal osteonecrosis cancer
129. Late effects of RT on Skin fibrosis 146. Most aggressive type of small cell lung cancer
necrosis lung cancer (SCLC)
basal cell
147. Most common cancer among Breast
130. Late effects of RT on oligospermia
148. Most common cancer Leukemia, specifically APL
testicles azoospermia
associated with DIC?
decreased testosterone
149. Most common cause of pain Bone mets/lesions
131. Late effects of RT on fibrosis
in MM
urinary strictures
150. Most common cause of Gram (-) bacteria
132. Late effects of RT on fibrosis
vagina decreased vaginal secretions
151. Most common cause of SVC Cancer, especially non-
133. Late signs of cervical pain referred to flank or leg
Hodgkins and lung cancer
cancer urinary symptoms
152. Most common chemo to Mitomycin
134. Least common sign of Pain
treat bladder cancer
breast cancer?
153. Most common childhood ALL
135. Long term side effects of Fatigue
HSCT Weight loss
Sexual Dysfunction 154. Most common diagnostic KUB radiography
Chronic GVHD test for RCC?
Herpes Zoster 155. Most common early neck or back pain
136. Lymphedema treatment compression garment symptom of SCC
manual lymphatic drainage 156. Most common infection of Candidasis
elevation oropharynx
aerobic exercise with strength
157. Most common loca for Outside of the spinal cord
malignant invasion of spinal (extradural)
low sodium diet
cord that cause SCC
137. Magnesium normal range 1.8-2.4 mg/dl
158. Most common presenting Hematuria
138. Major toxicity of cisplatin Nephrotoxicity symptom of bladder cancer?
159. Most common presenting Abnormal vaginal bleeding
*Also ototoxicity*
symptom of endometrial
139. Mesna chemoprotective against cancer.
hemorrhagic cystitis
160. Most common presenting Weight loss 179. Mutations in PTEN increases risk of breast, thyroid,
symptom of gastric cancer? and endometrial cancer
161. Most common presenting Seizure 180. Myeloid cell line In hematopoiesis, myeloid
symptoms in clients with a brain HA describes any leukocyte that is
tumor Unilateral Hemiparesis not a lymphocyte.
162. Most common presenting RUQ pain 181. Neoadjuvant therapy administration of therapeutic
symptoms in liver cancer agents prior to the main
163. Most common side effect of Fatigue
interferon therapy 182. Neoadjuvant Therapy given before primary tx to
definition control potential mets
164. Most common site of mets from Liver
colorectal cancer 183. Nursing teaching for small, frequent meals
patients with dumping low carbs
165. Most common sites for Lymph
syndrome. high protein
metastases in renal cell cancer Bone
low fiber
166. Most common sites of Lymph
184. Paclitaxel cardiac effects asymptomatic bradycardia
metastases from malignant Lung
melanoma Brain 185. Pain during SCC usually Lying down supine
occurs during what
167. Most common sites of mets IN ORDER
from breast cancer? Bone
Lung 186. Paralytic ileus Obstruction of the intestine due
Liver Brain to paralysis of the intestinal
168. Most common symptom of Dysphagia
esophageal cancer. 187. Pericardial effusion excess fluid around the heart
169. Most common symptom of Heavy feeling or mass in 188. Pericardial effusion 2-D echo
patients in patients with scrotum diagnostic test
testicular cancer
189. Platelet count, Fibrinogen Tests to diagnose DIC
170. Most common type of breast invasive ductal carcinoma level, D Dimer, FDP Titer
cancer 70-80%
190. Pleural Effusion fluid in pleural space
171. Most common types of Astrocytes - connective
191. PLISSIT Permission to discuss
malignant tumors com from cell tissues
Limitied Information
which brain tissue
Specific Suggestion
172. most common worldwide lung Intensive Therapy
cancers stomach
192. pneumothorax air in the pleural space
193. Polymorphisms changes in DNA sequence
173. Most frequently diagnosed HIV B cell
often not disease related
related cancer
194. Possible alterations in shoulder droop
174. Most frequent site of breast Bone
mobility after head and atrophy of trapezius
cancer mets
neck surgery forward curve of spine
175. Most frequent treatment for Medical castration limited ROM
advance prostate cancer?
195. Potassium normal range 3.5-5.0 meq/L
176. Most important feature when Size and depth of lesion
196. Preferred initial therapy Chemoradiation
determining prognosis in at time of diagnosis
for anal cancer
malignant melanoma.
197. Primary lymphoid organs Bone marrow - B Cells
177. Mutations in APC increases risk of colon
Thymus - T Cells
198. Primary Prevention protect healthy people from
178. Mutations in p53 increases risk of breast,
developing a disease
leukemia, sarcoma and
adrenal cancer
199. Principal toxicity of peripheral neuropathy 214. Seminoma is most Radiation
vincristine responsive to what
200. Progression of SCC pain
symptoms motor weakness 215. Sentinel lymph node removal of the first lymph node that
sensory loss dissection contains cancer cells
motor loss
216. SIADH syndrome characterized by
201. Proto-oncogenes gene that regulates normal cell excessive release of antidiuretic
definition growth and repair hormone (ADH or vasopressin)
202. Pupil changes in ICP unequal, dilated, pinpoint, 217. Signs and Symptoms tachypnea (fast breathing)
nonreactive of pleural effusion decreased breath sounds
dullness to percussion
203. Reed Sternberg cells shows in biopsy of patient with
Hodgkins 218. Signs of SVCS JVD
edema of face, neck, upper thorax
204. Regimens that contain Anthracyclines
which type of chemo
are seen as more
successful in breast 219. Signs/Symptoms of bleeding from 3 unrelated sites
cancer? DIC hypoxia
205. Risk factors smoking
associated with processed meats
mottled extremities
pancreatic cancer H pylori
diabetes 220. Social Security If patient has paid in previously, they
Disability Insurance are eligible 6 months after being
206. Risk factors for breast No children
Program impaired
cancer First pregnancy after 30
Early periods 221. Sodium normal 135-145 meq/L
Late menopause ranges
Hormone replacement therapy
222. Spiral CT Diagnostic test for pulmonary
207. Risk factors for HPV ( ) emboli
cervical cancer sex during teen years
223. Squamos cell cancers Head and Neck
multiple sex partners
are 90% of what type
history of CIN
of cancer?
208. RNA Negative mutation with an abscence of RNA
224. S/S of hypercalcemia fatigue
transcribed from gene
209. Sarcomas originate is Connective muscle weakness
what tissue? impaired concentration
210. Screening procedure Pap smear
most used to check
for cervical cancer
225. S/S of hyperkalemia muscle weakness
211. Screening tests for None. Also none for kidneys.
muscle cramps
bladder cancer
212. Secondary Prevention happen after an illness or serious tall T waves
risk factors have already been dx.
226. S/S of lethargy
Goal is to halt or slow the progress
hypermagnesia flushing
of disease (if possible) in its earliest
227. S/S of hypernatremia polydipsia
limiting long-term disability, prevent low grade fever
re-injury dry skin
dry/sticky mucous membrane
213. selective/prescriptive looks for specific problems within a
screening high risk group
228. S/S of diarrhea 243. Target organs of skin
hypocalcemia neuromuscular irritability (Chvostek's sign) acute GVHD liver
tingling of fingers and toes gut
244. Target organs of vagina
229. S/S of decreased reflexes chronic GVHD eyes
hypokalemia irregular pulse mouth
245. Tertiary prevention helping people manage complicated,
long-term health problems and
flat t wave
maximize QOL
V fib if severe
230. S/S of similar to hypocalcemia Rehab
hypomagnesia neuromuscular and CNS changes Support Groups
246. Tests done to Blood tests
231. S/S of mild anorexia measure response Urine tests
hyponatremia HA to MM treatment 24 hour urine- measure protein and
N/V creatinine
Myeloma survey - detect skeletal
232. S/S of nausea
moderate weakness
hyponatremia anorexia 247. Translocation chromosomal abnormality where one
fatigue chromosomal segament breaks off
muscle cramps and attaches at another site
233. S/S of pain 248. Triad of symptoms sciatic pain
osteosarcoma swelling in recurrent cervical unilateral leg pain
cancer ureteral obstruction
234. S/S of septic Fever
shock Tachycardia 249. Triple test for Physical Exam
Hypotension diagnosing breast Mammography
cancer FNA
235. S/S of severe seizures
hyponatremia AMS 250. Tumor Marker a-FP Liver cancer
236. Stage 1 less than 3 cm difference 251. Tumor marker AFP For testicular and primary liver
Lymphedema pitting edema
252. Tumor marker B- for gestational trophoblastic disease
237. Stage 2 3-5 cm difference HCG (tumors in uterus)
Lymphedema skin stretched and shiny
253. Tumor marker CEA Tumor marker elevated in colon
cancer, can be used to monitor
238. Stage 3 greater than 5 cm difference treatment or recurrence
Lymphedema skin discolored, stretched, firm
254. Tumors associated Lung
with malignant
239. Standard Breast conservation therapy with RT pericardial
treatment for effusions
early breast
255. tumor suppressor gene that stops, inhibits, or
gene suppresses cell division
240. Superior Vena compromised venous drainage of the
256. Tx of SVCS RT, chemo, steroids, surgery
Cava head, neck, upper extremities due to
Syndrome compression or obstruction of the vessel 257. Types of cytokines interleukins
241. SVCS CT and MRI
cell signal molecules (tumor necrosis
diagnostic tests
242. Symptoms of weight gain interferons (trigger inflammation and
VOD/SOS mental confusion respond to infections
RUQ pain
258. veno-occlusive some of the small veins in the liver are 270. What does FFP Contains all of the clotting factors except
disease/sinusoidal blocked as a complication of high-dose do? platelets. Used to supplement red blood
obstruction chemotherapy given before a bone cells when whole blood is not available
syndrome marrow transplant (BMT) and is marked or to correct a bleeding problem of
by weight gain due to fluid retention, unknown cause. It is also used to correct
increased liver size, and raised levels of DIC.
bilirubin in the blood. 7-21 days after
271. What dose of Males:
radiation will 4 cGy temp
259. What age should 40 affect serility in: 5 cGy permanent
mammograms Males?
start? Females? Females
> 40 yrs, 20 cGy over 5-6 weeks
260. What are Chromosomal pairs 1-22
< 40 yrs, 6 cGy
autosomes when Do not determine gender
talking about 272. What drug is Hydroxyurea
genetics? used in chronic
phase CML to
261. What are Basal and Squamos
skin cancers?
273. What drug is Gleevec
262. What are primary Surgery and Radiation.
used to treat
CML in all
modalities for
managing head
and neck tumors? 274. What is AUC? Amount of drug exposure or total drug
concentration over time.
263. What are DRE
screening tests PSA 275. What is gold Surgery
for prostate standard for
cancer? treatment of
264. What are sex Chromosomes that decide sex
chromosomes? Women are X X
Men are XY 276. What is the 50-70%
response rate
265. What cancer High grade lymphoma
of hormonal
therapy in
produces TLS?
women with
266. What chemos are Folic acid antagonists- MTX ER/PR ( )
worst for use 1st Antimetabolites - MTX, 5FU, Cytarabine, tumors?
trimester of Gemcitabine
277. What med can Dexrazoxane
pregnancy? Alkylating - Cyclophosphamide, Ifex,
be used to
Melphalan, Thiotepa, Carmustine,
protect heart
Carboplatin, Cisplatin
against effects
267. What do prevent the loss of bone mass, used to of doxorubicin
biphosphonates treat osteoporosis, hypercalcemia,
278. What 75%
do? bone pain, and prevention of fractures
percentage of
268. What does used to treat breast cancer in women colorectal
Arimidex do? who have gone through menopause. cancer patients
Stops estrogen production will have
269. What does ATRA APL surgery?
treat? 279. What percent of 25%
receiving below
diaphragm RT
have sterility?
280. What risk factor accounts for 90% of Smoking 297. Which is most effective single agent Cisplatin
lung cancers? chemo for bladder cancer?
281. What tumor markers are used to B-HCG and a-FP 298. Which IV chemo is used to treat brain Carmustine
measure treatment response in tumors?
testicular cancer?
299. Which oral alkylating agent is used to Temodar
282. What type of chemo are most Taxanes treat brain tumors?
effective for metastatic breast
300. Which treatment option offers the Surgery
best chance for cure of lung cancer?
283. What type of chemo is standard of Platinum based with
301. Which type of leukemia affects CNS? ALL
care in NSCLC? Cisplatin or
Carboplatin 302. Why are ADH and ACTH levels The tumor can
sometimes higher in lung cancer release mimics of
284. When do Carbo reactions happen After 6th cycles, mid
patients, especially small cell? these hormones.
303. Why are most lung cancer patients Low cure rates
285. When maintaining a chest tube, what Bubbling in water
good candidates for clinical trials? with current
2 things would you report to MD? seal chamber
Air leak noises
286. When should prostate screening Age 50 for average
start? risk
Age 40 for African
Americans and
familial history
287. When used with surgery, what MVAC
chemo doubles survival rates in
bladder cancer? MTX
288. When would you advise a patient When the stoma
with a trach to change to a begins to get narrow
laryngectomy tube?
289. Where do more than half of breast Upper outer
cancers occur? quadrant
290. Which antineoplastic categories of Alkylating
drugs are nonspecific? Nitrosureas
Antitumor antibiotics
Hormonal therapies
291. Which cancer is leading cause of Lung
death for men and women?
292. Which cancers have highest Men - Prostate
incidence rates? Women - Breast
293. Which chemo has a high risk for bleomycin
pulmonary toxicity? (Blenoxane)
294. Which chemos have greatest Alkylating agents
potential for producing a secondary
295. Which drug binds to CD33 antigen? Gemtuzumab
296. Which is most curable gynecologic Endometrial