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Medicine Buddha Energy

is a powerful
blessing for
sickness and
for awakening
the innate
that lies within
every individual.

transmissions from a person are traditional for Medicine
Buddha Shakti (energies). The person facilitating the
empowerment holds and grounds the energy. The actual
transmission is from the Medicine Buddha Source. This is not
Medicine Buddha Reiki.

I have set up a Medicine Buddha Energy Empowerment /

attunement which may be called in by intention anytime if it
is in accord with your highest good.

You do not need to take refuge in the Buddha to receive this


This Empowerment was transmitted to me facilitated by Ven.

John Prema in 1993.
I was empowered to transmit the attunement others and the
teaching Empowerment directly from the Medicine Buddha
spiritual source several years later. I do have a fairly
extensive Buddhist background in this life ( and others)
though that is not currently my main path. Medicine Buddha
Empowerment does not usually have Detox type effects. If it
is not in accord with your Highest good you will not receive
the Empowerment.
Medicine Buddha Energies are often used for hands off and
remote healing. They also work to increase Compassion and
Serenity and are said to accelerate ones progress toward
spiritual happiness and wisdom.

After receiving the empowerment you may run the Shakti as

an all purpose healing energy. You may use it hands on or
hands off, in person and remotely, for self and others. The
Medicine Buddha will also enhance many of your
meditations, Activate by intention.

I hold and ground the energy. The actual transmission is from

the Medicine Buddha Source. The transmission is refreshed
daily. To receive this Empowerment enter a quiet state and
ask /intend to receive it. If it is in accord with your highest
good to do so the empowerment will occur you may feel
energy as you receive the Empowerment. To run the shakti,
mentally ask / intend to run it and allow it to flow. You might
mentally use "Medicine Buddha shakti" for example.

The Medicine Buddha Empowerment is offered freely.

Peggy Jentoft