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T&D Services

Oil--Gas Consultant Services

Gd.Mustika Ratu Lt.5 Jl.Jend.Gatot Subroto Kav.74-
Kav.74-75 Jakarta Selatan
Phone : +6221
+6221--83788626 Fax.
Fa x.:: +6221
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T&D Services is an Indonesian consultant and services
company in oil and gas upstream
We are the group of qualified expertiest consultant with
more than 10 years experiences
experiences in our field
We assure that can deliver the professional services with
the competitive budget to our partners

to be the consultant and services company choice
in oil and gas upstream

Taufik A.Manan Dwi Fathurahman

President Director President Commissioner
Our scope of services provided as follows:

 To assist in tender process evaluation of oil and gas PSC contract

 To fullfil MIGAS commitments and other requirements in

convensional and unconvensional oil and gas PSC contract

 To prepare the administration and commitment activities for firm,

exploration, field development and bonus scheme in PSC contract.

 To evaluate all technical justification and recommendation for

convensional and unconvensional hydrocarbon in subsurface
(G&G), assessment, prospect evaluation, drilling proposal,
reservoar simulation petroleum economic, and other upstream
evaluations and recommendations.
 To conduct the technical evaluation and recommendation in data
room during farm-in and farm-out activities at PSC company

 To be on board consultant who supervise and report all the

operational G&G programs in seismic acquisition, other
geophysical survey and drilling operations.
To be the Quality Control consultant for navigation data in seismic
operations and wellsite geologist during drilling operations.
 To be data management consultant for data G&G standardization
and procedures to maintain data services and storage.

To conduct the training and workshop activities for all oil and gas
upstream, including unconventional hydrocarbon.
Health, Safety & The Environment (HSE) Consult and Monitoring
water, air, soil quality monitoring based on government
Testing Services
• Base oils
• Biofuels
• Bunker fuels
• Cargo treatment
• Crude oil assay
• Fuel testing
• Hydrocarbons field sampling
• Oil condition monitoring
• Petrolium testing
• Geologist
Wellsite Geologist
• Geophysicist
Processing Geophysicist
Operations Geophysicist
Interpretation Geophysicist
• Reservoir Engineering
• Petrophysicist
• Drilling Engineering
• Geochemistry
• Petroleum Economist
• Unconventional Geoscientist
• Seismologist
• Data Management Analysis
• Geodetic Engineer
• Mining Engineer
• Health, Safety & The Environment (HSE) Specialist
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T&D Services
Gd.Mustika Ratu lt.5 Jl.Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav 74-75 Jakarta
Phone : +6221-83788626 Fax.: +6221-83707143
Email :