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Hybrid Electric Scooter Assembling .............................................................. 3
List of Process Technology Books ..............................................................4-8
Biodegradable Plastic Bags from Corn Starch ............................................... 8
Hybrid Electric
Activated Charcoal from Bamboo ................................................................. 8
Non Woven Fabric ......................................................................................... 8
Scooter Assembling

Lead Production (Litharge, Reined Lead, Red Lead & Grey Lead) ............. 8 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is an HEV
Curcumin Extraction Unit ............................................................................. 9 that can be plugged-in or recharged from wall
9 electricity. PHEVs are distinguished by much
Xanthan Gum ................................................................................................. 9 larger battery packs when compared to other HEVs. The
Wire Drawing with Galvanizing Plant ........................................................... 9 size of the battery defines the vehicle’s All Electric Range
Activated Carbon from Coconut Shell ........................................................... 9 (AER), which is generally in the range of 30 to 50 miles.
Bio-Degradable Plates from Areca Nuts Tree Leaf, Barks and Bamboo ..... 10 PHEVs can be of any hybrid configuration. PHEVs start in
Alumina from Bauxite ................................................................................. 10 ‘all electric’ mode, runs on electricity and when the batteries
Instant Noodles ............................................................................................ 10 are low in charge.
Calcium & Zinc Stabilizers .......................................................................... 11
India electric scooters and motorcycles market size
Fatty Alcohol ................................................................................................ 11
Wood Pellets from Saw Dust ....................................................................... 11 valued at $24.6 million in 2016, it is expected to grow
Pectin from Citrus, Lemon and Oranges ...................................................... 11 at a CAGR of 45.4% during 2017- 2025. Some 4,50,000
E-Waste Recycling Plant .............................................................................. 12 electric two-wheelers were sold in India in the past eight
Cotton Ball (Hospital and Cosmetic Use) .................................................... 12 years. The potential of electric vehicles in this segment is
Organic Dragon Fruit Farming .................................................................... 12 massive, say industry executives, given that more than 17
Cashew Nut Shell Oil................................................................................... 13 million two-wheelers are sold annually in the country. This
Xanthan Gum (Food and Oil Drilling Grade) .............................................. 13 facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures
Coal Washery Unit ....................................................................................... 13 a high quality product.
Corrugated Cartons ...................................................................................... 14
Arabic Gum .................................................................................................. 14
Cyanoacetic Acid ......................................................................................... 14
Sulphuric Acid Plant including Mfg. of Chlorosulphonic Acid, 23% Oleum 15
Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid ......................................................... 15 COST ESTIMATION
Extraction of Salt from Sea Water ............................................................... 16 CAPACITY
E-Waste Recycling for Extraction of Precious Metals Hybrid Electric Scooter : 50 Nos./Day
(Nickel, Tin & Zinc), Gold, Silver, Palladium, Plastic, Glass and Copper) 16
Edible Oil Reinery from Crude Palm Oil ................................................... 16 Plant & Machinery : ` 95 Lakhs
Seamless Pipes and Tubes ............................................................................ 18 Cost of Project : ` 279 Lakhs
Readymade Khaini (Geeli) .......................................................................... 18 Rate of Return : 34%
Acrylic Resin (Emulsion Type) .................................................................... 18 Break Even Point : 74%
List of Detailed Project Reports ..............................................................21-33
Copper Cathode from Copper Scrap ............................................................ 34
Only photostat copy available * Handbook On Chemical Industries (Alcohol Based) 750 /- 100
* Industrial Chemicals Technology Handbook 1100/- 125
` US $ * The Complete Technology Book On Chemical Industries 975/- 100
Chemical/Jute/Pharma/ * Handbook on Manufacture of Acetophenone, Alcohols, Alletrhin, Anthracene, Barium Potassium
Chromate Pigment, Calcium Cyanamide, Carboxymethylcellulose, Carotene, Chlorophyll,
Drugs/Bio-Tech Hi-Tech Chemicals from Acetaldehyde, Fats, Milk, Oranges, Wood, Manufacture of Dye Intermediates
Projects and Dyes, Fine Chemicals, Formaldehyde, Granulated Fertilizers, Granulated Triple
Superphosphate and Hydroquinone 1100/- 125
Detailed Project Profiles on Chemical * The Complete Technology Book On Fine Chemicals 1100/- 125
Industries (Vol. II) 2 nd Rev.Edn. 1695/- 150 * Handbook On Fine Chemicals, Vitamins, Amino Acids And Proteins 1450/- 150
* The Complete Book on Non Ferrous and Precious Metals with Electroplating Chemicals 1975/- 200
Detailed Project Profiles on 9 Selected * Modern Technology of Industrial Chemicals 1100/- 125
Chemical Industries. 2nd Rev.Edn.1995/- 150 PHARMACEUTICAL, DRUGS
Hand Book on 100% Export * Drugs & Pharmaceutical Technology Handbook 1075/- 125
Oriented Jute & Jute Products PESTICIDES, INSECTICIDES
(Eco Friendly Projects) 695/- 100 * The Complete Technology Book On Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides and
Investment Opportunity in Herbicides With Formulae & Processes 1100/- 100
Drugs & Pharmaceutical * Biopesticides Handbook 1575/- 150
Projects 1895/- 150 STARCH & ITS DERIVATIVES
* The Complete Technology Book On Starch & Its Derivatives 1100/- 125
Bio-Tech & Pharmaceutical WAX & POLISHES
Hand Book 1895/- 200 * The Complete Technology Book On Wax And Polishes 1675/- 150
Market Survey (Bio-Tech & *
Bio -Technology Handbook 1100/- 125
Pharmaceutical Technology) 1095/- 100 *
Plant Biotechnology Handbook 1100/- 125
Detailed Project Profiles on *
Enzymes Bio -Technology Handbook 1100/- 125
Selected Hi-Tech Projects *
The Complete Book on Biotechnology Based Bulk Drugs 1050/- 125
(Project Reports) 795/- 100 *
Handbook On Food Bio-Technology (Extraction, Processing of Fruits, Vegetables
and Food Products) 2nd Revised Edition 1495/- 150
Cereal Food/Food & * Handbook On Plants And Cell Tissue Culture 1275/- 125
Beverages/Dairy/Plantation/ * The Complete Technology Book On Vermiculture And Vermicompost 750/- 100
AgroBased/Farming * The Complete Technology Book On Bio-Fertilizer And Organic Farming (2nd Rev.Ed.) 1400/- 150
* Handbook on Biogas And It's Applications ((from Waste & Renewable Resources
Manufacture of Food & with Engineering & Design Concepts) 2nd Revised Edition 1175/- 125
Beverages (2nd Edn.) 1895/- 150 * Handbook On Mushroom Cultivation And Processing
Detailed Project Profiles on Dairy (With Dehydration, Preservation And Canning) 1275/- 125
& Dairy Products (2 nd Edn.) 1495/- 150 * The Complete Book on Organic Farming and Production of Organic Compost 1275/- 125
* Nanotechnology Handbook 1675/- 150
Detailed Project Profiles on * Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Handbook 1675/- 150
Plantation (Agro Based * Manufacture of Biofertilizer and Organic Farming 975/- 100
Projects) 1095/- 100 * Integrated Organic Farming Handbook 1275/- 125
Profitable Agro Based Projects * Handbook on Organic Farming and Processing 1275/- 125
* Handbook on Small & Medium Scale Industries (Biotechnology Products) 1695/- 150
(Cereal Food Technology) 1895/- 150 * Handbook On Modern Packaging Industries (2nd Revised Edition) 1675/- 150
(2nd Rev. Edn.) * Modern Technology Of Printing & Writing Inks (2nd Revised Edition) 1475/- 150
Hand Book on Agro Based * The Complete Technology Book On Printing Inks 1000/- 100
Industries (2 Rev. Edn.) 1595/- 150 * The Complete Book On Printing Technology 1100/- 125
* Handbook On Printing Technology (Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Screen, Digital, 3D Printing) (3rd Rev.Ed.) 1495/- 150
Profitable Farming & Allied * Screen Printing Technology Handbook 1000/- 100
Projects (2nd Rev. Edn.) 1495/- 150 * Modern Printing Technology 250/- 50
* Modern Technology Of Pulp, Paper And Paper Conversion Industries 1000/- 100
TERMS * The Complete Technology Book On Pulp & Paper Industries 1100/- 125
* Handbook on Pulp and Paper Processing 1875/- 150
* Cultivation Of Fruits, Vegetables And Floriculture 1100/- 125
* Cultivation Of Tropical, Subtropical, Vegetables, Spices, Medicinal And Aromatic Plants 1075/- 125
Send full payment in * Tropical, Subtropical Fruits And Flowers Cultivation 1075/- 125
advance * Food Packaging Technology Handbook (2nd Rev. Edn.) 1475/- 150
by Draft in favour of * Modern Technology On Food Preservation (2nd Rev. Edn.) 1275/- 125
* Modern Technology Of Food Processing & Agro Based Industries
“NIIR PROJECT (Confectionery,Bakery, Breakfast Cereal Food,Dairy Products, Sea Food, Fruits & Vegetable Processing)
CONSULTANCY SERVICES” with Project Profiles (3rd Rev. Edn) 1775/- 150
* Modern Technology Of Confectionery Industries With Formulae & Processes (2 nd Rev.Ed.) 600/- 100
Delhi. add ` 85/- towards * Modern Technology Of Agro Processing &Agricultural Waste Products 975/- 100
shipping charge for * Handbook On Spices 975/- 100
each book * Modern Technology Of Oils, Fats & Its Derivatives (2nd Rev. Edn.) 1875/- 150
* Modern Technology Of Milk Processing & Dairy Products (4th Revised Edition). 1475/- 150
Contact : * The Complete Technology Book On Dairy & Poultry Industries With Farming &
Processing (2nd Rev. Edn.) 1275/- 125
* The Complete Technology Book Of Cocoa, Chocolate,
Ice Cream And Other Milk Products 1275/- 125
* The Complete Technology Book On Flavoured Ice Cream 975/- 100
* Handbook on Drying, Milling and Production of Cereal Foods (Wheat, Rice, Corn,
AN ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company Oat, Barley and Sorghum Processing Technology) (2nd. Revised Edition) 1295/- 125
* The Complete Book On Spices & Condiments (With Cultivation, Processing & Uses) (2nd Rev. Edn.) 2275/- 200
106-E, KAMLA NAGAR, * The Complete Book On Coconut & Coconut Products (Cultivation And Processing) 1100/- 125
Opposite Spark Mall, * Rabbit, Goat, Sheep, Poultry, Fish And Pig Farming With Feed Technology 1100/- 125
DELHI - 110 007 (INDIA) * The Complete Technology Book On Bakery Products
PH.(O) 91-11-23843955, 23845886, (Baking Science with Formulation & Production (3rd Rev. Edition) 1675/- 150
23845654, 8800733955 * The Complete Technology Book On Snack Foods (2nd Rev. Edn.) 1475/- 150
* The Complete Technology Book On Processing, Dehydration, Canning,
(M) 9811043595 Preservation Of Fruits & Vegetables (3rd Rev. Edn.) 1875/- 150
E-mail :, * Handbook On Fruits, Vegetable & Food Processing With Canning & Preservation (3rd Rev. Edn.) 1475/- 150
Web. : * Handbook On Fisheries And AquacultureTechnology 1100/- 125
* The Complete Book On Meat Processing And Preservation With Packaging Technology 1275/- 125
* Preservation Of Meat And Poultry Products 1100/-125 (Limited Editions)
* Potato and Potato Products Cultivation, Seed Production, Only photostat copy available
Manuring, Harvesting, Organic Farming, Storage and Processing 1275/- 125
* Handbook on Rice Cultivation and Processing 1075/- 125 ` US $
* The Complete Technology Book on Meat, Poultry and Fish Processing (2nd Rev. Edn.) 1475/- 150 Plastics/Paints/Varnishes/
* The Complete Book on Beekeeping and Honey Processing (2nd Revised Edition) 1475/- 150
* The Complete Technology Book on Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages 2575/- 200 Automobile/Infrastructure/
* Handbook on Citrus Fruits Cultivation and Oil Extraction 1575/- 150 Hospitality, Medical,
* Fruits, Vegetables, Corn and Oilseeds Processing Handbook 1675/- 150 Entertainment, Ware Housing &
* Handbook on Spices and Condiments (Cultivation, Processing and Extraction) 1575/- 150
Real Estate Projects
* Handbook on Fermented Foods and Chemicals 1875/- 150
* Industrial Alcohol Technology Handbook 1675/- 150 Detailed Project Profiles on Hi-Tech
* The Complete Book on Wine Production 2275/- 200
Plastic Products 2nd Rev. Edn. 1895/- 150
* Handbook on Milk and Milk Proteins 1275/- 125
* The Complete Book on Cultivation and Manufacture of Tea (2nd Revised Edition) 1625/- 150 Manufacture of Paint, Varnish
* The Complete Book on Sugarcane Processing and By-Products & Allied Products 2nd Rev. Edn. 1495/- 150
of Molasses (with Analysis of Sugar, Syrup and Molasses) 1675/- 150
* Confectionery Products Handbook (Chocolate, Toffees, Hand Book on Automobile &
Chewing Gum & Sugar Free Confectionery) 1975/- 200 Allied Products
* The Complete Book on Fruits, Vegetables and Food Processing 1675/- 150 (with Data Bank) 2nd Rev. Edn. 1495/- 150
* The Complete Book on Cashew (Cultivation, Processing & By-Products) 1775/- 150
* The Complete Book on Tomato & Tomato Products Manufacturing (Cultivation & Processing) 1275/-125 Investment Opportunities in
Infrastructure Projects 2500/- 225
* The Complete Book on Onion & Garlic Cultivation with Processing (Production of Onion
Paste, Flakes, Powder & Garlic Paste, Powder, Flakes, Oil) 1475/-150 Investment Opportunities in
* Handbook on Pig Farming and Pork Processing (Feeding Management, Breeding, Hospitality, Medical,
Housing Management, Sausages, Bacon, Cooked Ham with Packaging) 2nd Rev.Edn. 1275/-125
Entertainment, Ware Housing
* Handbook on Manufacture of Indian Kitchen Spices (Masala Powder)
with Formulations, Processes and Machinery Details (2nd Rev. Edition) & Real Estate Projects 4408/- 350
* The Complete Book on Ginger Cultivation and Manufacture of Value Added Ginger Products Handbook on Rubber and Allied
(Ginger Storage, Ginger Oil, Ginger Powder, Ginger Paste, Ginger Beer, Instant Ginger Powder Products (with Project Profiles) 2295/- 200
Drink and Dry Ginger from Green Ginger) 1575/-150
* 55 Most Profitable Micro, Small, Medium Scale Food Processing (Processed Food) How to Start Profitable Education
Projects and Agriculture Based Business Ideas for Startup 1275/-125 Business (11 Detailed Project
Profiles) (Engineering, Dental,
* Manufacture of Pan Masala, Tobacco and Tobacco Products (Tobacco Cultivation, Chewing
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Bidi, Cigars, Khaini, Zarda, Gutka, Katha, Mouth Freshner, Pan Chatni, ITI, Management, Marine
Kimam, Sweet Supari, Nicotine Sulphate, USP Nicotine, Nicotine Tartarate, Nicotine, Polacrilex Resin) 1975/-200 Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy,
* QwM izkslsflax baMLVªht+ ([kk| izlaLdj.k ,oa d`f"k vk/kkfjr m|ksx ifj;kstuk,a) 1295/- 125 Polytechnic College and Schools) 1895/- 150
* Stop Dreaming - Start Your New Business
400/- 50
* What No One Ever Tells You About Starting Your Business-Facilities
400/- 50
And Procedures For Entrepreneurs
* Secrets For Making Big Profits From Your Business With Export Guidelines 400/- 50
* Opportunities For Women Entrepreneurship (With Project Profiles) 2nd Edition 575/- 50 The Complete
* y?kq o dq V hj m|ks x (Leky Lds y b.MLVª h t) (5th Revised Edition) 1150/- 125 Technology Book on
* y?kq o ,oa x`g m|ksx (Lojkstxkj ifj;kstuk,a) 600/- 100
* Profitable Small, Cottage & Home Industries 800/- 100 Meat, Poultry
* Select And Start Your Own Industry (4th Revised Edition) 475/- 50
* Just For Starters : How To Start Your Own Export Business ? 3 rd Rev. and Enlarged Edn. 525/- 75
* Just For Starters : How To Become A Successful Businessman ? 3rd Revised Edition. 475/- 75 Fish Processing
* Best Businesses You Can Start With Low Cost (2nd Rev. Edition) 750/-100 (2nd Revised Edition)
* 50 Projects To Start With 5,00,000 475/- 75
* Just For Starters: Selected Projects To Start With 30,00,000 475/- 50 ` 1475/-
* Just For Starters: Selected Projects To Start With 15,00,000 475/- 50 US$ 150
* Just For Starters : Selected Projects To St art With 35,00,000 475/- 50
* Grow Rich By Starting Your Own Business 325/- 50
* 50 Best Home Businesses To Start With Just 50,000 425/- 75 Handbook on
* Profitable Cottage and Tiny Industries 475/- 50 Pig Farming
* Money Making Business Ideas—You Can Start from Home With Low Costs 750/-100
* LekWy Ldsy b.MLVªht izkst sDV~l (y?kq] dqVhj o ?kjsyw m|ksx ifj;kstuk,a m|ferk ekxZnf'kZdk) 2nd Rev. Edn. 950/- 100
and Pork
* Start-Up Projects for Entrepreneurs :50 Highly Profitable Small & Medium Industries - 2nd Rev.Edn.1700/-150 Processing
* Entrepreneur’s Start-Up Handbook:Manufacturing of Profitable Household (FMCG)
(Feeding Management,
Products with Process & Formulations (2nd Rev. Edition) Breeding, Housing
1675/-150 Management, Sausages,
* Profitable Small Scale Industries
Money making Business Ideas for Startup (when you don't know what industry to start) 975/-100 Bacon, Cooked Ham with Packaging)
* Fashion Technology Handbook 325/- 50
* The Complete Technology Book On Candle: Making & Designs 650/- 100
* Modern Technology Of Plastic Processing Industries (2 nd Edition) 975/- 100 FORMULARY BOOKS
* Handbook on Pet Film and Sheets, Urethane Foams, Flexible Foams, Rigid Foams,
Speciality Plastics, Stretch Blow Moulding, Injection Blow Moulding, Injection and Selected Formulary
Co-Injection Preform Technologies 1275/- 125
* Handbook On Biodegradable Plastics (Eco-Friendly Plastics) 600/- 100 Book on Petroleum,
* Polymers And Plastics Technology Handbook 750/- 100 Lubricants, Fats,
* The Complete Book On Biodegradable Plastics And Polymers (Recent Developments, Polishes, Glass,
Properties, Analysis, Materials & Processes) 1275/- 125
* The Complete Book On Medical Plastics 975/- 100
* The Complete Technology Book On Expanded Plastics, Polyurethane,
Polyamide And Polyester Fibers 1275/- 125 Fertilizers,
* The Complete Technology Book On Industrial Polymers, Additives,Colourants And Fillers 1100/- 125 Emulsions, Leather
* The Complete Technology Book On Polymers (With Processing & Applications) 1100/- 125 and Insecticides
* The Complete Technology Book On Plastic Extrusion, Moulding And Mould Designs 1000/- 100 ` 2275/- US$ 200
* The Complete Technology Book On Fibre Glass, Optical Glass And Reinforced Plastics 1275/- 125
* The Complete Technology Book On Plastic Films, HDPE And Thermoset Plastics 1 175/- 125
The Complete Book on * Modern Technology Of Plastic And Polymer Processing Industries 750/- 100
Ferroalloys (Ferro * Profitable Plastic Industries 250/- 50
* The Complete Book on Water Soluble Polymers 1575/- 150
Manganese, Ferro * Speciality Plastics, Foams (Urethane, Flexible, Rigid) Pet & Preform Processing Technology Handbook1275/- 125
Molybdenum, Ferro
Niobium, Ferro Boron, * Leather Processing & Tanning Technology Handbook 1400/-150
Ferro Titanium, Ferro
Tungsten, Ferro Silicon,
Ferro Nickel, Ferro
* The Complete Technology Book On Textile Spinning, Weaving, Finishing And Printing (3rd Rev.Edn.) 1725/- 150
` 2775/- US$250 * The Complete Technology Book On Textile Processing With Effluent Treatment 1000/- 100
* Modern Technology Of Textile Dyes & Pigments (2nd Rev. Edn.) 1675/- 150
* The Complete Technology Book On Dyes And Dye Intermediates 1100/- 125
* The Complete Book On Natural Dyes & Pigments 1100/- 125
STEEL AND IRON * Handbook on Natural Dyes for Industrial Applications (Extraction of Dyestuff from
flowers, Leaves, Vegetables) 2nd Revised Edition 1575/- 150
HANDBOOK * Natural Fibers Handbook With Cultivation & Uses 1275/- 125
* Woollen Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Bleaching and
` 1775/- Printing Technology Handbook 1100/- 125
* Handbook on Textile Auxiliaries, Dyes and Dye Intermediates Technology 1575/- 150
US$150 * The Complete Book on Textile Processing and Silk Reeling Technology 1750/- 150
* The Complete Book on Jute & Coir Products (With Cultvation & Processing) 1175/- 125
* A Concise Guide on Textile Dyes, Pigments And Dye Intermediates With Textile
Printing Technology 1675/- 150
Production of Automobile AND METAL FINISHING
Components & Allied * Electroplating, Anodizing & Metal Treatment Handbook 1475/- 150
Products (Engine Parts,
* The Complete Technology Book On Electroplating, Phosphating,
Piston, Pin, Piston Ring,
Valve, Control Cable, Engine
Powder Coating And Metal Finishing 1100/- 125
Mounting, Auto Lock, Disc
* Handbook on Electroplating with Manufacture of Electrochemicals 1695/- 150
Spring, Shock Absorber, * The Complete Book On Rubber Processing And Compounding Technology
Silencer, Chain, Cylinder (with Machinery Details) (2nd Revised Edition) 1875/- 150
Block, Chassis, Battery, Tyre * The Complete Book on Rubber Chemicals 1575/- 150
& Flaps)
` 2275/- US$200 * The Complete Book on Resins (Alkyd, Amino, Phenolic, Polyurethane Epoxy, Silicone, Acrylic)
Paints, Varnishes, Pigments & Additives (Surface Coating Products with Formulae) 3rd Rev. Edn. 1995/- 150
Handbook on * Paints, Pigments, Varnishes And Enamels Technology Handbook
Steel Bars, Wires, (With Process & Formulations) 2nd Rev. Edn. 1675/- 150
* Modern Technology Of Paints, Varnishes & Lacquers 2 nd Edn. 1075/- 125
Tubes, Pipes, S.S. * Handbook on Paints and Enamels 1275/- 125
Sheets Production * Surface Coating Technology Handbook 1475/- 125
with Ferrous Metal * Spirit Varnishes Technology Handbook (with Testing and Analysis) 1275/- 150
Casting & * The Testing Manual of Paints, Varnishes and Resins 1875/- 150
* Handbook on Paint Testing Methods 1575/- 150
Processing * Manufacture of Thinners & Solvents (Properties, Uses, Production, Formulation with Machinery Details) 1575/- 150
* Gums, Adhesives & Sealants Technology (with Formulae & their Applications) 2 nd Rev.Edn.1475/- 150
* Adhesives Formulary Handbook 1275/- 125
Steel * Handbook On Speciality Gums, Adhesives, Oils, Rosin & Derivatives, Resins,
Oleoresins, Katha, Chemicals With Other Natural Products 1275/- 125
Rolling * The Complete Book on Adhesives, Glues & Resins Technology (with Process & Formulations) 2nd Rev. Edn.1675/- 150
* Phenolic Resins Technology Handbook (2nd Revised Edition) 1895/- 150
Technology * The Complete Technology Book on Industrial Adhesives 1675/- 150
* The Complete Book on Gums and Stabilizers for Food Industry 1275/- 125
Handbook * The Complete Book on Water Soluble Gums and Resins 1675/- 150
* Handbook on Tall Oil Rosin Production, Processing and Utilization 1575/- 150
* Modern Technology Of Synthetic Resins & Their Applications (2nd Revised Edition) 1575/- 150
US$ 150 * Synthetic Resins Technology Handbook 1100/- 125
* The Complete Technology Book On Synthetic Resins With Formulae & Processes 1150/- 125
* Alkyd Resins Technology Handbook 1100/- 125
* Epoxy Resins Technology Handbook (Manufacturing Process, Synthesis,
ALCOHOLIC AND NON- ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Epoxy Resin Adhesives and Epoxy Coatings)
1695/- 150
* Modern Technology Of Petroleum, Greases, Lubricants & Petrochemicals
(Lubricating Oils, Cutting Oil, Additives, Refining, Bitumen, Waxes with Process and
The Complete Technology Book The Complete Book on Formulations) 3rd Revised Edition 1995/- 150
on Alcoholic and Non- * The Complete Book On Distillation And Refining Of Petroleum
Alcoholic Beverages Wine Production Products (Lubricants, Waxes And Petrochemicals) 975/- 100
* Lubricating Oils, Greases and Petroleum Products Manufacturing Handbook 1475/- 150
(Fruit Juices, Whisky,
` 2275/- US$ 200 * Products From Waste (Industrial & Agro Waste) 2 nd Edition 975/- 100
* Modern Technology Of Waste Management: Pollution
Control, Recycling, Treatment & Utilization 975/- 100
* Handbook on Recycling & Disposal of
Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Hospital Waste Municipal Solid Waste Biomedical Waste Plastic Waste 1275/- 125
Economic Feasibility Report on Projects * Water and Air Effluents Treatment Handbook 1275/- 125
are Available. Contact: * The Complete Guide on Industrial Pollution Control 1275/- 125
* The Complete Book on Managing Food Processing Industry Waste 1275/- 125
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES * Handbook on Organic Waste for Biological Treatment, Liquid Manure into a Solid, Tomato Waste
Water Treatment, Oxalic Acid from Jute Stick, Cotton Processing Waste, Fish Waste, Agro-Industrial
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Wastes, Bioconversion of Pretreated Wheat Straw and Sunflower Stalks to Ethanol, Agricultural
Waste Treatment, Waste of Dehydrated Onion, Beef-Cattle Manure Slurry, Meat Meal and Algae for
106-E, Kamla Nagar, Opp. Spark Mall, Calves, Wastes from Large Piggeries, Pig Waste, Oxytetracycline, Methane from Cattle Waste 1275/- 125
Delhi-110007 * Handbook on Medical and Surgical Disposable Products (Blood Bags, Plastic Gloves, I.V.
Ph. : 91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Cannula, Infusion Set, Gowns, Masks, Catheter, Cotton and Bandage, Surgical Wear, Syringes) 1775/- 150
8800733955 Mob. : 9811043595 * Disposable Products Manufacturing Handbook (Plastic Cups, Cutlery, Paper Cups,
E-mail : npcs. india@gmail .com Banana Leaf Plates, Facial Tissues, Wet Wipes, Toilet Paper Roll, Sanitary Napkins,
Web. : www.entreprene Baby Diapers, Thermocol Products, PET Bottles) 1575/- 150
* The Complete Book on Biomass Based Products (Biochemicals, Biofuels, Activated Carbon) 1575/- 150
* The Complete Technology Book on E-Waste Recycling (Printed Circuit Board, LCD,
Cell Phone, Battery, Computers) 3rd Revised Edition 1975/- 150 THE COMP LETE
* The Complete Book on Waste Treatment Technologies (Industrial, Biomedical, Water, BOOK ON BIOMASS
Electronic, Municipal, Household/ Kitchen, Farm Animal, Dairy, Poultry, Meat, Fish &
Sea Food Industry Waste) 1675/- 150 BASED PRODUCTS
* Manufacture of Value Added Products from Rice Husk (Hull) and Rice Husk Ash (RHA)
(Precipitated Silica, Activated Carbon, Cement, Electricity, Ethanol, Hardboard, Oxalic
Acid, Paper, Particle Board, Rice Husk Briquettes, Rice Husk Pellet, Silicon, Sodium BIOFUELS,
Silicate Projects) 2nd Rev. Edition 1400/- 150
* Medical, Municipal and Plastic Waste Management Handbook 1275/- 125 ACTIVATED
* The Complete Book on Biological Waste Treatment and their Utilization 1675/- 150 CARBON)
* The Complete Technology Book On Wood And Its Derivatives 1100/- 125 ` 1575/- US$ 150
* Bamboo Plantation and Utilization Handbook 1475/- 150
* Handbook On Unani Medicines With Formulae, Processes, Uses And Analysis 1100/- 125 The Complete
* Handbook On Herbal Drugs And Its Plant Sources 1000/- 100 Technology Book on
* Herbal Foods And Its Medicinal Values 1275/- 125 E-WASTE
* Herbal Cosmetics & Ayurvedic Medicines (Eou) (3rd Rev. Edn.) 1475/- 150
* Handbook On Ayurvedic Medicines With Formulae, rocesses & Their Uses (2 nd Rev. Edn.)1475/- 150 RECYCLING
* Herbal Cosmetics Handbook (3rd Revised Edition) 1875/- 150 Printed Circuit Board,
* The Complete Technology Book On Herbal Beauty Products With Formulations And Processes 1100/- 125 LCD, Cell Phone, Battery,
* Modern Technology Of Cosmetics 1100/- 100 Computers)
* Handbook Of Herbal Products (Medicines, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Perfumes) 2 Vols. 1500/- 220
* Herbs Cultivation & Medicinal Uses 975/- 100 ` 1975/- US$ 150
* Herbs Cultivation & Their Utilization 800/- 100
* Medicinal Plants Cultivation & Their Uses 975/- 100
* Compendium Of Medicinal Plants 875/- 100
* Compendium Of Herbal Plants 975/- 100
* Cultivation And Processing Of Selected Medicinal Plants 1175/- 125
Manufacture of
* Aromatic Plants Cultivation, Processing And Uses 975/- 100 Value Added
* Cultivation And Utilization Of Aromatic Plants 1100/- 125
* The Complete Book On Jatropha (Bio-Diesel) With Ashwagandha, Products from
Stevia, Brahmi & Jatamansi Herbs (Cultivation, Processing & Uses) 1500/- 150 Rice Husk (Hull)
* Handbook On Medicinal Herbs With Uses 1075/- 125
* Aloe Vera Handbook Cultivation, Research Findings, Products, Formulations, and Rice Husk
Extraction & Processing 1275/- 125
* Handbook On Herbs Cultivation & Processing 875/- 100 Ash (RHA)
* The Complete Technology Book On Natural Products (Forest Based) 1275/- 125
* Handbook Of Neem & Allied Products 975/- 100 ` 1295/-
* Handbook On Herbal Medicines 750/- 100
* Handbook on Cosmetics (Processes, Formulae with Testing Methods) 1675/- 150
US$ 125
* Handbook on Drugs from Natural Sources 1175/- 125
* The Complete Technology Book Of Essential Oils (Aromatic Chemicals) (Reprint 2011) 1275/- 125 Handbook on
* Essential Oil Hand Book 975/- 100
* The Complete Technology Book On Herbal Perfumes & Cosmetics (2 nd Rev.Edn.) 1275/- 125 Medical and
* Modern Technology Of Perfumes, Flavours And Essential Oils 2 Edn. 975/- 100 Surgical
* Food Colours, FlavoursAnd Additives Technology Handbook 1000/- 100
* Food Flavours Technology Handbook 1075/- 125 Disposable
* The Complete Technology Book on Flavours, Fragrances and Perfumes 1675/- 150
* Perfumes and Flavours Technology Handbook 1875/- 150 Products(Blood
* Modern Technology Of Soaps, Detergents & Toiletries
Bags, Plastic
(With Formulae & Project Profiles) (4th Rev. Edn.) 1275/- 125 Gloves, I.V.
* Herbal Soaps & Detergents Handbook 1275/- 125
* Handbook On Soaps, Detergents & Acid Slurry (3rd Rev. Edn.) 1575/- 150 Cannula, Infusion Set, Gowns,
* The Complete Technology Book On Detergents (2nd Revised Edn.)
* The Complete Technology Book On Soaps (2nd Revised Edn.)
1100/- 125
1425/- 150
Masks, Catheter, Cotton and
* Soaps, Detergents and Disinfectants Technology Handbook 1275/- 125 Bandage, Surgical Wear,
* Surfactants, Disinfectants, Cleaners, Toiletries, Personal Care Products Manufacturing
and Formulations (Phenyl, Naphthalene Ball, Mosquito Coil, Floor Cleaner, Glass Syringes)
Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Utensil Cleaning Bar, Liquid Detergent, Detergent Powder, ` 1775/- US$150
Detergent Soap, Liquid Soap, Handwash, Hand Sanitizer, Herbal Shampoo, Henna
Based Hair Dye, Herbal Cream, Shaving Cream, Air Freshener, Shoe Polish,
Tooth Paste) 3rd Revised Edition 1750/- 150
* Soaps, Detergents and Disinfectants Technology Handbook (Washing Soap, Laundry Soap,
Handmade Soap, Detergent Soap, Liquid Soap , Hand Wash, Liquid Detergent, Detergent Powder ,
Disposable Products
Bar, Phenyl, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Mosquito Coils, Naphthalene Balls, Air Freshener,
Hand Sanitizer and Aerosols Insecticide) (2nd Revised Edition) 1495/- 150 Manufacturing Handbook
(Plastic Cups,
* The Complete Book On Glass & Ceramics Technology (2nd Revised Edition) 1495/- 150 Cutlery, Paper
* The Complete Book on Glass Technology 1625/- 150 Cups, Banana Leaf
* The Complete Technology Book on Minerals & Mineral Processing 2200/- 200 Plates, Facial
* Handbook on Rare Earth Metals and Alloys (Properties, Extraction, Preparation and Applications) 1875/- 150 Tissues, Wet
* Hand book on Coal, Coke, Cotton, Lignin, Hemicellulose, Wood, Wood-Polymer Composites,
Lignocellulosic-Plastic Composites from Recycled Materials, Wood Fiber, Rosin and Rosin Derivatives1875/- 150 Wipes, Toilet Paper
Roll, Sanitary
* The Complete Technology Book On Hot Rolling Of Steel 1575/- 150 Diapers, Thermocol
* Steel Rolling Technology Handbook (2nd Revised Edition) 1775/- 150 Products, PET
* The Complete Book On Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metals With Casting And Forging Technology 1575/- 150 Bottles)
* The Complete Technology Book on Aluminium And Aluminium Products 1450/- 150
* The Complete Technology Book on Steel and Steel Products (Fasteners, Seamless ` 1575/- US$150
Tubes, Casting, Rolling of flat Products & others) 1625/- 150
* The Complete Book on Ferroalloys (Ferro Manganese, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Niobium,
Ferro Boron, Ferro Titanium, Ferro Tungsten, Ferro Silicon, Ferro Nickel,Ferro Chrome) 2775/- 250 Lubricating Oils,
* Steel and Iron Handbook 1775/- 150
* Handbook on Steel Bars, Wires, Tubes, Pipes, S.S. Sheets Production with Ferrous Greases and
Metal Casting & Processing 1775/- 150 Petroleum
* The Complete Book on Production of Automobile Components & Allied Products
(Engine Parts, Piston, Pin, Piston Ring, Valve, Control Cable, Engine Mounting, Products
Auto Lock, Disc Brake, Drum, Gear, Leaf Spring, Shock Absorber, Silencer, Chain,
Cylinder Block, Chassis, Battery, Tyre & Flaps) 2275/- 200
* Selected Formulary Book on Cosmetics, Drugs, Cleaners, Soaps and Detergents
(2nd Revised Edition) 1475/- 150 ` 1475/- US$150
* Selected Formulary Book on Inks, Paints, Lacquers, Varnishes and Enamels 1475/- 150
NAME OF BOOKS ` /US$ Disinfectants,
* Selected Formulary Handbook 1475/- 150 Cleaners,
* Selected Formulary Book on Petroleum, Lubricants, Fats, Polishes, Glass, Ceramics,
Nitrogenous Fertilizers, Emulsions, Leather and Insecticides 2275/- 200
* The Complete Book on Construction Materials 1475/- 150 Products
* The Complete Technology Book on Bricks, Cement andAsbestos 1400/- 150 Manufacturing
* The Complete Technology Book on Asbestos, Cement, Ceramics and Limestone 1875/- 150
* The Complete Book on Emulsifiers with Uses, Formulae and Processes. 2nd Rev.Edn. 1400/- 150 ` 1750/- Formulations
* Handbook on Oleoresin and Pine Chemicals (Rosin, Terpene, Derivaties, Tall Oil ,Resin & Dimer Acids 2200/- 200 USD$ 150- (2nd Revised Edition)
* The Complete Book on Cold Storage, Cold Chain & Warehouse
(with Controlled Atmosphere Storage & Rural Godowns) 3rd Revised Edition 1475/- 150


Biodegradable Plastic Bags are engineered fabrics that may be single-use, have a limited
life, or be very durable. Nonwoven fabrics provide specific
from Corn Starch functions such as absorbency, liquid repellence, resilience,
stretch, softness, strength etc. Nonwoven fabric is used

iodegradable shopping bags are made of polymers alone or as components of apparel, home furnishings, health
that degrade, or decompose, when exposed to care, engineering, industrial and consumer goods.
air, water, or sunlight. Biodegradable packaging
Non-woven fabric market is ex-
provides natural and easily degradable protection when used
pected to grow over the CAGR of
mainly for the presentation and packaging of the products
around 8.2%
from the moment the production process begins until the
during the peri-
product is administered or consumed.
od 2018 to 2023 COST ESTIMATION
Biodegradable Plastics Market by Type (PLA, PHA, engineered to
PBS, Starch-Based Plastics, Regenerated Cellulose, PCL), provide partic-
by Application (Packaging, Fibers, ular properties Non Woven Fabric – 1.6 meter &
Agriculture, Injection Molding, for desired end 3.2 meter width 100 gsm: 400000 Sq.mtrs./Day
and Others)–Global uses with rapid Plant & Machinery : ` 701 Lakhs
COST ESTIMATION increase in pop- Cost of Project : ` 1943 Lakhs
to 2020 says bio- ulation. Today, Rate of Return : 32%
CAPACITY degradable plastics India’s nonwo- Break Even Point : 43%
Biodegradable Plastic Bags market is projected vens industry
(Per Bag 25 gms Size) : 360 MT/Annum to be worth more is developing
Plant & Machinery : ` 298 Lakhs than USD 3.4 bil- under the spot-
lion by 2020 grow- light, industry observers are closely looking at the Asian
Cost of Project : ` 606 Lakhs ing at around 10%
Rate of Return : 25% giant, and estimate it will become an important force of the
CAGR. Thus, due to global nonwovens industry in the near future. As a whole
Break Even Point : 61% demand it is best to invest any entrepreneur can venture in this project without risk and
in this project. earn proit.

Activated Charcoal from Bamboo Lead Production (Litharge,

Refined Lead, Red Lead &
ctivated charcoal is a non graphite form of
charcoal and is micro crystalline in nature. It is
extensively used in various industries as a very Grey Lead)
good adsorbent for odour or colour. Activated charcoal is

ead is a relatively soft metal with bluish-white
an important component of ilter material for the removal of
lusture but on exposure to air, it becomes covered
hazardous components in exhaust gases for the purification
by a dull, gray layer of basic carbonate that adheres
of drinking water and for waste water treatment.
closely and protects it from further oxidation or corrosion.
Activated Charcoal Market is expected It is an important component of batteries, and about 75% of
to garner 2,776 kilo tons the world's lead production is consumed by the battery
and $5,129 million industry. Lead is also commonly used in glass and
by 2022, registering enamel.
a CAGR of 6.83%
and 9.32% during the
COST ESTIMATION India Lead Acid Battery Market is projected to
forecast period 2016- CAPACITY grow at a CAGR of over 9% during
2018-24. India lead acid battery
2022. Granular acti- Activated Charcoal Powder : 1 MT/Day
market is
vated charcoal (GAC) Plant & Machinery : ` 186 Lakhs projected
is expected to hold Cost of Project : ` 446 Lakhs to reach
over 30% of the total
Rate of Return : 28% $ 7.6 billion COST ESTIMATION
market consumption
in 2024. As a whole Break Even Point : 52% by 2023. Antic- CAPACITY
ipated growth Litharge : 960 MT/Annum
any entrepreneur can
in the market Reined Lead : 1800 MT/Annum
venture in this project without risk and earn proit.
can be attribut-
Red Lead : 440 MT/Annum
ed to booming
Non Woven Fabric demand for au- Grey Lead : 525 MT/Annum
tomobiles, in Plant & Machinery : ` 82 Lakhs

onwoven fabrics are broadly deined as sheet or
web structures bonded together by entangling addition to in- Cost of Project : ` 361 Lakhs
iber or filaments (and by perforating films) creasing focus Rate of Return : 31%
mechanically, thermally or chemically. Nonwoven fabrics of the govern- Break Even Point : 54%
ment towards boosting the penetration of electric vehicles medicine. Xanthan
in the country. Entrepreneurs who invest in this project will gum is used for
be successful. lowering blood
sugar and total
Curcumin Extraction Unit cholesterol in peo- CAPACITY
ple with diabetes. Xanthan Gum Food Grade : 720 Kgs./Day

urcumin is the main biologically active It is also used as a Xanthan Gum Oil Grade : 340 Kgs./Day
laxative. xanthan
chemical formula of Curcumin: C21H20O6. gum is used as a
Plant & Machinery : ` 120 Lakhs
The most important constituents in organic turmeric are thickening and Cost of Project : ` 313 Lakhs
Curcuminoids, which is approximately 6%, and the yellow stabilizing agent Rate of Return : 25%
coloring principles of which Curcumin constitutes 50-60%. in foods, tooth- Break Even Point : 53%
Curcumin is widely used to colour many foods. pastes, and medi-
India is one of the largest manufacturers of curcumin, cines.
contributing to more than 80.0% of the global pro- Xanthan gum is also employed in oil-in-water emul-
duction. India & China are the major supplier sions to help stabilize oil droplets against coalescence. As
of Curcumin, The turnover a result, the demand in this application segment is
of Curcumin could reach expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2014 to
USD 94.32 million in
2022. India contributes
COST ESTIMATION 2020. The demand in food & beverage was valued
at USD 310.3 in 2013 and is expected to grow at a
80% of world produc- CAPACITY CAGR of 6.0% from 2014 to 2020. Entrepreneurs
tion and roughly 60% Curcumin Powder : 25 Kgs./Day who invest in this project will be successful.
of export. Indian Cur- Turmeric Oil : 25 Kgs./Day
cumin market size ac-
counted for over 81% of
Deoiled Turmeric : 440 Kgs./Day
Plant & Machinery : ` 119 Lakhs
Wire Drawing with
the overall Asia Pacific
revenue most of these Cost of Project : ` 318 Lakhs Galvanizing Plant
Rate of Return : 29%
as a food coloring agent. ire drawing is an important industrial
Thus, due to demand it Break Even Point : 52% process, providing commercial products.
is best to invest in this Drawing of wire from metal rod is a
project. metal working process that reduces the cross-section and
elongates in to wire. Galvanized M.S. Wire has versatile use
Yarn, Fabric & Garments in producing different Engineering items such as Building
Hardwares, barbed wires, Screens rivets etc. Galvanised
Production Using Solar M.S. Wire offers better surface protection at lower cost in
humid atmosphere.
Charkha & Solar Looms The steel produc-
tion capacity in India

he charkha, a small, portable, hand-cranked wheel,
is ideal for spinning cotton and other ine, short- is expected to touch
staple ibres, though it can be used to spin other 124 million tonnes COST ESTIMATION
ibers as well. solar charkha has opened up a new approach and 275 million CAPACITY
to reverse this trend. The use of solar energy can usher in a tonnes by 2020. The
Galvanized MS Wire : 12 MT/Day
new era of khadi spinning. Yarn construction sector
from a solar charkha are stronger as a vital part of the Plant & Machinery : ` 171 Lakhs
compared to the infrastructure devel- Cost of Project : ` 532 Lakhs
manually operated opment, consumes Rate of Return : 29%
COST ESTIMATION charkha. In fact nearly 60% of steel, Break Even Point : 62%
yarns of desired with automobiles
CAPACITY sector being the oth-
strength could be
Khadi Fabric : 1000 Sq.Mtrs./Day achieved by proper er major demand segment with a 15% share in the overall
Garments : 500 Pcs./Day choice of the drive. steel demand. Entrepreneurs who invest in this project will
Plant & Machinery :` 211 Lakhs Ministry of be successful.
Cost of Project : ` 426 Lakhs Micro, Small and
Rate of Return : 23% Medium Enterprises Activated Carbon
Break Even Point : 80% (MSME) have launched
the Mission Solar Charkha from Coconut Shell

for implementation of 50 Solar Charkha Clusters across the he term Activated carbon, active carbon, or active
country with a budget of Rs 550 crore for the year 2018- charcoal is usually applied to amorphous carbons
19 and 2019-20. Which facilitates the development of new possessing higher absorption capacities than wood
technologies and ensure a high quality product. or coconut charcoal. It is available in many forms such as
pellets, granules and in powder form. Activated carbon is
Xanthan Gum very important chemical has wide application and employed
by numerous industries which require absorption of certain

anthan gum is a polysaccharide with many indus- gases and vapours in purification, in catalytic chemical re-
trial uses, including as a common food additive. actions, decolorisation of vegetable oil and sugar solutions.
It is an effective thickening agent and stabilizer
Activated Carbon Market is expected to garner 2,776
to prevent ingredients from separating. . It is used to make

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
kilo tons and $5,129 million by 2022,
registering a CAGR of 6.83% and Alumina from Bauxite
9.32% during the

lumina is properly called aluminium oxide, which
forecast peri- is a chemical compound comprised of aluminium
od 2016-2022. and oxygen molecules (Al2O3). When reined
Granular activat- COST ESTIMATION from bauxite, alumina generally looks like a white powder
ed carbon (GAC) CAPACITY similar to table salt or granular sugar. Aluminium is the
is expected to Activated Carbon : 450 MT/Annum most abundant metal in the earth’s crust and is a constituent
hold over 30% of of many minerals. Alumina is widely used in a variety of
the total market
Plant & Machinery :` 153 Lakhs
industrial abrasive materials.
consumption in Cost of Project : ` 343 Lakhs
India's share in world
2024. As a whole Rate of Return : 25%
aluminium market is
any entrepreneur Break Even Point : 58% estimated at around
can venture in 3%. The Aluminium COST ESTIMATION
this project with- Market was valued at CAPACITY
out risk and earn profit. $133,564 million in Pure Alumina : 100000 MT/Annum
2015, and is expected Plant & Machinery :`890 Lakhs
Bio-Degradable Plates from to reach $167,277 mil- Cost of Project : `6009 Lakhs
Areca Nuts Tree Leaf, Barks lion by 2022, register-
ing a CAGR of 3.3%
Rate of Return : 29%
Break Even Point : 75%
and Bamboo from 2016 to 2022.
Entrepreneurs who in-

reca Leaf Plates are made from areca leaf, which vest in this project will
are eco friendly and sanitized, Manufacturing be successful.
in high Quality in various standard designs in
products range and can be exclusive designs based on the
customer reference of shapes and sizes. The areca palm tree Instant Noodles

leaves are fresh in nature, thick, which is non-toxic, free any fast food items have f looded the markets
from any chemicals and pest. but noodles have emerged as the most popular
The global disposable plates the market is expected item as it is cheaper, very easy to make and
to reach a value exceeding US$ 117 Billion by 2023, ex- nutritious. Urban and semi-urban markets are controlled by
hibiting a CAGR of more than 2% during 2018-2023. Dis- Maggi and other players are Top Ramen and other brands.
posable Plates Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of Maggi has revolutionised the concept and this product has
5.9% during The Forecast Period 2017–2027. As a whole gone to majority of the urban households. As an of-shoot
any entrepreneur can venture in this project without risk and of this development, noodles have become very popular in
earn profit. India.
Instant noodles are mostly fried noodles which are
made of lour, water, alkaline salt and other additives. The
consumption of instant noodles is global due to their charac-
teristics such as convenience to eat, easy to mass-produce,
COST ESTIMATION widely acceptable taste, preferred texture and afordable
prices. Instant noodles are dried or precooked noodles fused
CAPACITY with oil, and often sold with a packet of flavoring.
Bio-Degradable Areca Leaf/Barks/-
Bamboo Plates (Size 10"/12") : 1600 Pkts/Day
Bamboo Plates (Size 6") : 1600 Pkts/Day PHOSPHATING, POWDER COATING
Plant & Machinery : ` 206 Lakhs
Cost of Project : ` 1049 Lakhs Electroplating, The Complete
Anodizing & Technology Book on
Rate of Return : 21% Metal ELECTROPLATING,
Break Even Point : 48% Treatment PHOSPHATING,
US$ 150 ` 1100/- US$ 125


Cultivation and HAND BOOK ON Aromatic Plants Compendium
Processing of HERBS CULTIVATION, Of Herbal
Medicinal Plants PROCESSING USES
` 1175/- US$ 125 ` 875/- US$ 100 ` 975/- US$ 100 ` 975/- US$ 100

The Complete Medicinal Plants CULTIVATION AND

Technology Book on
Herbs Cultivation Cultivation UTILIZATION
& Their Utilization & Their Uses OF AROMATIC
Fragrances and
` 800/- US$ 100 ` 975/- US$ 100 PLANTS
` 1100/- US$ 125
` 1675/- US$ 150


10 Visit us at : ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019

India is the world’s f ifth-largest consumer of instant
noodles. The instant noodles market in India has been grow- Wood Pellets from Saw Dust
ing, mainly driven by urbanization and changing lifestyle. In

n general, any biomass is suitable as raw material
addition, many international instant noodle brands for pelletizing. Currently woody biomass is the
have entered the Indian market in recent years predominant raw material for fuel pellet production.
and shaken up the industry The main constituents of wood are the elements carbon
that had been dominated (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Other important
by a monopoly for al-
most 30 years. The noodle
COST ESTIMATION elements are nitrogen (N), sulfur (S), magnesium
(Mg), chlorine (Cl) and potassium (K) which are
strands coming out from CAPACITY present in varying amounts. The density of logged
the pair of cutting rolls Instant Noodles : 5000 Kgs/Day wood is between 400-750 kg/m3. The ash content is
are processed into differ- (75 gms Pouches) around 1% or less but is strongly dependent on bark
ent kinds of noodles such Plant & Machinery :` 125 Lakhs and needle portion as well as the level of secondary
as uncooked wet noodles Cost of Project : ` 386 Lakhs contamination like adhering soil. Pelletizing of
(nama-men), dried noo- Rate of Return : 25.83% hardwood is more difficult and requires the adaption of
dles (kan-men), boiled Break Even Point : 54.21% the pelletizing process.
noodles (yude-men). Thus, softwood is most commonly used with spruce,
Thus, due to demand it is ir and pine being the most common woody raw materi -
a good project for entrepreneurs to invest. als. Wood has been used for heating and fuel purposes for
thousands of years. The wood industry has found itself on
Calcium & Zinc Stabilizers the verge of a revolution, however, because of the rapid in-
crease in development and utilization of new wood-based

alcium-based stabilisers (including Ca-Zn ones)
are now largely used in wires and cables, in solid and liquid fuels. Wood pellets represent an alternative
window and technical proiles and in any type of to the use of coal, gas and even traditional wood logs and
pipes as well as the corresponding ittings. Ca-Zn stabilisers chips. Pellets in the U.S. are sold in bags by retailers, add-
are used as metallic soaps such as stearates. Calcium- ing about $20 per ton in packing, Pellets and
based stabilisers have also been introduced in PVC rigid wrapping material. With an average price
calendering film production. of $276 per ton as of
November, pellets
CaZn stabilizers already can be found for as
hold a larger market share than low as $176 per ton,
lead. They provide or as high as $600 per CAPACITY
excellent elec- ton in the Northern Wood Pellets
trical proper- : 16.0 MT/Day
U.S. approximately Plant & Machinery : ` 80 Lakhs
COST ESTIMATION ties, very good 35 new facilities, in
color, outstand- Cost of Project : ` 350 Lakhs
CAPACITY ing heat stabil-
addition to the pre-
Rate of Return : 26%
Calcium Stabilizer : 200 MT/Annum viously existent 15
ity, good heat plants, have started Break Even Point : 51%
Zinc Stabilizer : 200 MT/Annum aging proper-
Calcium-Zinc Stabilizer : 200 MT/Annum operations. With an
ties, and are average capacity of 66,000 tons per year,
Plant & Machinery : ` 38 Lakhs in some cases and several new facilities planned for 2018 and 2019. As a
Cost of Project : ` 165 Lakhs superior to lead. whole there is a good scope for new entrepreneur to invest
Rate of Return : 29% Market share is ex- in this business.
Break Even Point : 62% pected to reach USD
7 billion by 2024. Which
facilitates the development Pectin from Citrus,
of new technologies and ensure a high quality product. Lemon and Oranges
Fatty Alcohol
ectin is a naturally occurring substance (a
polysaccaride) found in all plant tissue, calcium

atty alcohols (or long-chain alcohols) are high- pectin being present between the cell walls and
serving as a strengthening or building agent. Fruits
but can also range from as few as 4-6 carbons naturally possessing relatively large amount of
to as many as 22-26, derived from pectin include lemons, bitter oranges,
natural fats and oils and used in apples, quinces, currants and plums.
the pharmaceutical, detergent The main use for pectin (vegetable
or plastics industries. COST ESTIMATION agglutinate) is as a gelling agent,
India Oleochemicals Mar- thickening agent and stabilizer in
CAPACITY food. The classical application is
ket By Type, By End Use In-
Fatty Alcohol : 40 MT/Day giving the jelly-like consistency to
dustry, Competition Forecast
and Opportunities, 2011-2025”, Lauryl Alcohol (bye product) : 240 MT/Day jams or marmalades, which would
India oleochemicals market Myrystyl Alcohol (bye product) : 96 MT/Day otherwise be sweet juices.
is projected to cross US$2.6 Palmityl Alcohol (bye product) : 48 MT/Day Market for pectin has been
billion by 2025. Fatty alcohol Methyl Alcohol (bye product) : 48 MT/Day witnessing significant growth on
market size was estimated at account of rising demand for food
more than 2,400 kilo tons in
Plant & Machinery : ` 1287 Lakhs
products from developed as well as
2015 and is likely to exceed Cost of Project : ` 4271 Lakhs developing economies. The industry
3,350 kilo tons by 2023, grow- Rate of Return : 34% has been mature in developed regions
ing at a CAGR of over 4.2%. Break Even Point : 53% such Europe, followed by North America.
This facilitates the develop- However, the industry for pectin is anticipat-
ment of new technologies and ed to grow rapidly in emerging economies such
ensures a high quality product. as China and India owing to change in lifestyle of
ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019 Visit us at : 11
the individuals as well as changing can be used in its natural form, the ibers can be spun into
consumer preferenc- other products such as bed sheets and clothing or reined
es for convenience and sterilized for everyday and medical uses.
foods. Moreover, Cotton balls have many uses in the home
COST ESTIMATION economic develop- and in the world of beauty. Cotton is soft
CAPACITY ment in China has and can be used for del-
Pectin : 150,000 Kgs/Annum resulted in increas- icate applications and
Plant & Machinery : ` 1289 Lakhs ing purchase power for making your home
Cost of Project : ` 1660 Lakhs of consumers, lead- smell fresh and clean. COST ESTIMATION
ing to increasing de- CAPACITY
Rate of Return : 23% mand for high-quality
One bag of cotton
Break Even Point : 44% balls in the home could Cotton Ball : 1,200 Pkts/Day
processed foods.
be used for many dif- Plant & Machinery : ` 43 Lakhs
Although the industry for ferent purposes, but Cost of Project
pectin is rapidly growing driven
: ` 86 Lakhs
here are a few of the Rate of Return : 29%
by rising demand for processed and convenience foods, most popular uses of
growing preference towards functional foods from various cotton balls. Thus, due
Break Even Point : 72%
health conscious consumers have also played a key role in to demand it is best to
the growth of the market. As a whole it is a good project for invest in this project.
new entrepreneurs to invest.

E-Waste Recycling Plant Organic Dragon Fruit Farming

ragon Fruit stems are scandent (climbing habit),

-WASTE is a collective name for discarded creeping, sprawling or clambering, and branch
electronic devices that enter the waste stream from profusely. There can be 4-7 of them, between 5
various sources. It includes electronic appliances and 10 m or longer, with joints from 30–120 cm or longer,
such as televisions, personal computers, telephones, and 10–12 cm thick; with generally three ribs; margins are
air conditioners, cell phones, electronic toys, etc. The corneous (horn-like) with age, and undulate. The fruit is
Electronics Recycling operates to the WEEE directive for oblong to oval, to 6–12 cm long, 4–9 cm thick, red with large
e?cient electronics disposal. The WEEE Directive aims to bracteoles, with white pulp and are edible; seeds are black.
reduce the quantity of waste from electrical and electronic Dragon Fruit or Pitaya grows best in uniformly distributed
equipment and increase it’s re- rainfall throughout the year. It prefers free draining soil with
use, recovery and recycling. sandy to clay loam types, 5.3 to 6.7 pH and high organic
India’s ‘produc- matter. However, Pitaya is also grown successfully in sandy
tion’ of e-waste soils. Pitaya is shallow rooted with most roots concentrated
is likely to in- on top 15- 30 cm soil depth.
COST ESTIMATION crease by nearly India gets a taste of
CAPACITY three times, from exotic dragon fruit.
the existing 18 This fruit of a vine-like
Plastic Granules : 141000 Kgs./Annum lakh metric tons cactus has white flesh COST ESTIMATION
Glass Scrap : 105900 Kgs./Annum (MT) to 52 lakh peppered with tiny CAPACITY
Copper Scrap : 88200 Kgs./Annum MT) per annum edible black seeds. Its Organic Dragon Fruits : 7200 Kgs/Day
Precious Metals : 18000 Kgs./Annum by 2020 at a popularity is growing Plant & Machinery : ` 1316 Lakhs
(Nickel, Tin & Zinc) compound an- beyond metros to other Cost of Project
nual growth rate : ` 3183 Lakhs
Gold : 5.760 Kgs./Annum cities, particularly in
(CAGR) of about south India. The fruit
Rate of Return : 133%
Silver : 11.520 Kgs./Annum
30%. A mere was selling for about Break Even Point : 15%
Palladium : 0.288 Kgs./Annum 1.5% of India's
Plant & Machinery : ` 106 Lakhs US$10 per kg, accord-
total e-waste gets re-
Cost of Project : ` 190 Lakhs cycled. This facilitates NANOTECHNOLOGY
Rate of Return : 26% the development of new
Break Even Point : 72% technologies and ensures a Nanotechnology Nanoscience and
high quality product. Handbook Nanotechnology
` 1675/-
Cotton Ball US$ 150
` 1675/-
US$ 150
(Hospital and Cosmetic Use)
cotton ball is a ball of soft fiber that is primarily
used for medical or cosmetic purposes, but can
be used for other purposes such as arts and crafts Industrial Alcohol Biopesticides
or cleaning. They originate from the cotton plant, which is Technology Handbook
a shrub that is found in sub-tropical and tropical regions ` 1575/-
` 1675/-
throughout the world. Cotton grows in bolls which are US$ 150 US$ 150
located around the seeds of the plants. Although the cotton

Integrated The Complete Book Manufacture of Handbook on Pulp
Organic Farming on Organic Farming Biofertilizer and and Paper
Handbook and Production of Organic Farming Processing
` 1275/- Organic Compost ` 1875/-
US$ 125 ` 975/- US$ 100 US$ 150
` 1275/- US$ 125

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ing to, director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural to prevent ingredients
Development. Vietnamese dragon fruit is selling well in from separating. It
Chinese and Vietnamese in the US, said Mr Dat, who has can be produced
been on a fact-inding trip in the country. As a whole there is from diferent sim - COST ESTIMATION
a good scope for new entrepreneur to invest in this business. ple sugars using a CAPACITY
fermentation pro- Xanthan Gum Food Grade : 500 Kgs/Day
Cashew Nut Shell Oil cess, and derives Xanthan Gum Oil Grade : 600 Kgs/Day
its name from the Plant & Machinery : `120 Lakhs

ashew (Botanical name Anacardium Occidentale) strain of bacteria
was introduced in India by the Portuguese four Cost of Project : ` 318 Lakhs
used, Xanthomon-
centuries ago mainly to prevent soil erosion. ascampestris. It is Rate of Return (ROI) : 27%
Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) is a versatile by-product a heavily used gum Break Even Point (BEP) : 60%
of the cashew industry. The nut has a shell of about 1/8 for the industrial
inch thickness inside which is a soft honey comb structure uses in the food in-
containing a dark reddish brown viscous liquid. It is called dustry. Its thickening and binding qualities make it a very
cashew nut shell liquid, which is the pericap f luid of useful cooking aid food additive in bakery products and
the cashew nut. These units adopt either the Drum dairy uses.
Roasting Method or Hot Oil Bath Process while
The global xanthan gum market is expected
processing cashew nuts. It
to expand at a very positive CAGR of 7.7% in
is reported that raw cashew
nuts contains over 20% oils COST ESTIMATION terms of revenue, between 2016 and 2024. This
revenue is expected to reach as much as US$1.25
in the shells. CAPACITY bn by the end of 2024. The global xanthan gum
India is the largest con- Cashew Nut Shell Oil : 1500 MT/Annum market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.3%
sumer and the second largest De-Oiled Cashew Nut : 13000 MT/Annum for the above forecast period. Entrepreneurs who
producer of cashew nut shell Shell Cake (bye Product) invest in this project will be successful.
liquid in the world. The
Plant & Machinery : ` 24 Lakhs
linear and quadratic trend
models estimated India‘s ca- Cost of Project : ` 159 Lakhs
Coal Washery Unit
shew nut shell liquid export Rate of Return : 27%
to be at 19,044.37 tonnes Break Even Point : 57%
oal Washing Unit is one of the most
and 23,483.48 tonnes for important units for up-gradation of Coal
the year 2020 respectively. in sense of fed value by reducing of ash
Hence, there has been a steady increase in the cashew nut content in the Coal. It is basically associated with sieve of
shell liquid export. This facilitates the development of new position to get the quality Coal. Qualities of coal depend
technologies and ensures a high quality product. upon its ash content.Coal washing is a process of separation
mainly based on differences in specific gravity of coal and
associated impurities like sand, ash etc. The course will deal
Xanthan Gum theoretical and practical aspects of coal washing processes
(Food and Oil Drilling Grade) and equipment.
Coal demand in 2020 is unlikely to be anywhere near
1,500 MT for domestic coal. The Government of India plans

anthan gum is a polysaccharide with many indus-
trial uses, including as a common food additive. to achieve a domestic coal production target of 1.5 billion
It is an effective thickening agent and stabilizer tonnes by 2020–an ambitious growth from 2015’s pro-


Handbook on
The Complete Book on
Ginger Cultivation and Rice Cultivation
Startup Projects MONEY MAKING
Manufacture of Value and Processing for Entrepreneurs:
Added Ginger Products ` 1075/- BUSINESS
50 Highly
(Ginger Storage, Ginger Oil, Ginger US$ 125 Profitable IDEAS YOU CAN
Powder, Ginger Paste, Ginger Beer, Small START FROM
` 1575/-
Instant Ginger Powder Drink & Medium HOME WITH
US$ 150 The Complete Industries
and Dry Ginger from Green Ginger) LOW COSTS
Technology Book 2nd Rev. Edn.
on Meat, Poultry ` 750/-
The Complete Book on ` 1700/- US $ 150
and Fish US$ 100
Coconut & Coconut
Products Processing
(Cultivation and ` 1475/- Entrepreneur’s LekWy Ldsy
US$ 150 Startup
Handbook: b.MLVªht izkstsDV~l
` 1100/- US$ 125
Manufacturing (y?kq] dqVhj
The Complete of Profitable
Mushroom Book on Household (FMCG) o ?kjsyw m|ksx
Cultivation and Beekeeping and Products with ifj;kstuk,a)
Processing (with Honey Process &
Dehydration, Preservation and Formulations m|ferkekxZnf'kZdk)
Processing 2nd Rev. Edn.
` 1475/- US$ 150 2nd Rev. Edn.
` 1275/- US$ 125 ` 1675/- US $ 150 ` 950/- US $ 100

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
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duction of 612.4 exterior of Acacia trees in the form of dry,
million tonnes. hard nodules up to 50
At present 8% of mm in diameter, and
COST ESTIMATION coal production ranging from almost COST ESTIMATION
CAPACITY is through under- colourless to brown.
Coal Washing (Job Work) : 3000MT/Day ground mining Its unique properties CAPACITY
Plant & Machinery : ` 668 Lakhs technology. If endow it with a wide Arabic Gum : 16 MT/Day
Cost of Project : ` 1735 Lakhs CIL has to pro- range of uses in food, Plant & Machinery :` 81 Lakhs
duce even 900 beverage, pharmaceu- Cost of Project : ` 361 Lakhs
Rate of Return : 12%
MT by 2020. Thus, tical and industrial ap- Rate of Return : 28%
Break Even Point : 68% due to demand it is best plications. Break Even Point : 57%
to invest in this project. The growth of the
global market is driv-
Corrugated Cartons en by the rising income levels, multiple functionalities of
gum arabic in the food & beverages industry, and the rising

orrugated boxes form an integral part of the
awareness regarding the medicinal benefits of gum arabic.
packaging industry. These are found everywhere
Global Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2017-2025,” indi-
helping people shift both domestic as well
cate that the market, which is presently worth nearly US$
as industrial items safely from one place to the other.
300 Mn, will expand steadily at 5.4% CAGR.Which facili-
Corrugated boxes form an integral part of the packaging
tates the development of new technologies and ensure a high
industry. These are found everywhere helping people shift
quality product.
both domestic as well as industrial items safely from one
place to the other. A corrugated box is quite strong and can
withstand huge weights. These boxes are especially made Cyanoacetic Acid
of cardboard. Also there are partitions

yanoacetic acid is an organic compound. It is a
which basically protect items inside white, hygroscopic solid. The compound contains
and hold them in place so two functional groups, a nitrile and a carboxylic
as to avoid damage. acid. It is a precursor to cyanoacrylates, components of
The global market adhesives.
COST ESTIMATION for corrugated boxes is The largest scale reaction is its esterification to give
CAPACITY forecast to grow from ethyl cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacetic acid is a versatile inter-
Corrugated Boxes : 3500 Kgs./Day $63.29 billion in 2016 mediate in the preparation of chemicals. It is a precursor to
Plant & Machinery :` 44 Lakhs to reach $76.76 billion synthetic caffeine via the intermediacy of theophylline. It
Cost of Project : ` 227 Lakhs by 2021, at an estimat- is a building block for many drugs, including dextrometho-
Rate of Return : 25% ed CAGR of 3.94% rphan, amiloride, sulfadimethoxine, and allopurinol.
with lexography printing
Break Even Point : 56% Synthesis of cyanoacetic acid by
and slotted boxes accounted
carbon dioxide and electro generated
for the largest market share due
acetonitrile anion
to the growing demand for environ-
in undivided cells
ment-friendly packaging and growth of the e-commerce COST ESTIMATION
equipped with sac-
industry.. Entrepreneurs who invest in this project will be
rificial anodes: The CAPACITY
synthesis of cyano- Cyanoacetic Acid : 2.4 MT/Day
Arabic Gum acetic acid was per- Plant & Machinery :` 58 Lakhs
formed by cathodic Cost of Project : ` 268 Lakhs

um arabic is a complex mixture of macromole-
cules of different size and composition (mainly reduction of tetra al- Rate of Return : 27.49%
carbohydrates and proteins).Gum Arabic, also kyl ammonium salts Break Even Point : 48.41%
known as Gum Acacia, is a natural gum harvested from the (R4NX) in aceto-
nitrile in undivided


Handbook on
BIOTECHNOLOGY Enzymes Bio- The Complete Book
Small & Medium Scale
HAND BOOK Technology Industries on Gums and
Hand Book (Biotechnology Products) Stabilizers for Food
` 1100/-
` 1100/- ` 1695/- Industry
US$ 125
US$ 125 US$ 150 ` 1275/- US$ 125

The Complete Hand Book on The complete Handbook on

Technology Book on BIO GAS and It’s Technology Book Fermented Foods and
(from Waste & Renewable
AND Resources with Engineering AND ORGANIC ` 1875/- US$ 150
& Design Concepts)
VERMICOMPOST 2nd Revised Edition
FARMING 2nd Edn.
` 750/- US$ 100 ` 1175/-US$ 125 ` 1400/- US$ 150
Handbook on Handbook on The Complete
Food Biotechnology
Plants and Cell Book on The Complete Book
(Extraction, Processing of on Emulsifiers with
Fruits, Vegetables and Food Tissue Culture Biotechnology
Products) ` 1275/- Based Bulk Drugs Uses, formulae and
2nd Revised Edition US$ 125 ` 1050/- US$ 125 Processes
2nd Revised Edition
` 1495/-
US$ 150 ` 1400/- US$ 150

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cells equipped with sacrificial anodes with concomitant or India Sulphuric Acid Market to Grow at CAGR 3.35%
subsequent addition of carbon dioxide. These syntheses till 2025. Growing agriculture sector, increasing metal
avoid the use of dangerous reagents, yield cyanoacetic acid processing activities, coupled with rising awareness about
in moderate faradic yields and conirm that the cathodic wastewater treatment to drive India sulphuric acid market
reduction of tetra alkyl ammonium salts in the presence of through 2025. According to the recently published Tech-
acetonitrile leads to the formation of the anion CNCH2-.As Sci Research report “India Sulphuric Acid Market Study,
a whole it is a good project for entrepreneurs to invest. 2011–2025”, the sulphuric acid market in India is projected
to exhibit a CAGR of 3.35% during 2016-2025. This facil-
Sulphuric Acid Plant including itates the development of new technologies and ensures a
high quality product.
Mfg. of Chlorosulphonic Acid,
23% Oleum Linear Alkyl Benzene
Sulphonic Acid
ulfuric acid or sulphuric acid) is a mineral acid
with molecular formula H2SO4. It is a colorless,

inear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid is a largest
odorless, and syrupy liquid that is soluble in wa- volume synthetic surfactant because of its rela-
ter, in a reaction that is highly exothermic. Chlorosulfuric tively low cost, good performance, the fact that
acid is the inorganic compound with it can be dried to a stable powder and the biodegradable
the formula HSO3Cl. It is also environmental friendliness. LAB Sulphonic Acid is an an-
known as chlorosulfonic acid, be- ionic surfactant widely used in formulation of all ranges of
ing the sulfonic acid Domestic Detergents Powder, Cake & Dish wash cleaners.
of chlorine. Oleum Due to its high active matter, miscibility with
COST ESTIMATION or fuming sulfuric water and low salt content, it is also used
CAPACITY acid, is a solution in formulation of Indus-
Sulphuric Acid 98% : 150 MT/Day of various com- trial & Household liq-
Oleum 65% : 50MT/Day positions of sulfur
trioxide in sulfuric
uid cleaners as well as COST ESTIMATION
Oleum 23% : 60 MT/Day in numerous industrial
Chlorosulphonic Acid : 48 MT/Day acid, or sometimes applications like as a CAPACITY
Steam : 100 MT/Day
more specifically to coupling agent and as Linear Alkyl Benzene : 600 MT/Day
Plant & Machinery : ` 1482 Lakhs
disulfuric acid (also an emulsifier for agri- Sulphonic Acid
known as pyrosulfu- cultural herbicides and Plant & Machinery : ` 1930 Lakhs
Cost of Project : ` 2357 Lakhs ric acid). Oleum is an in emulsion polymer- Cost of Project : ` 4584 Lakhs
Rate of Return : 50% important intermediate ization. Rate of Return : 30%
Break Even Point : 27% in the manufacture of sul-
furic acid due to its high en- Linear Alkylben- Break Even Point : 53%
thalpy of hydration. zene Sulfonate (LAS)

Handbook on Fruits, Vegetables, The Complete The Complete
Citrus Fruits Corn and Oilseeds Book on Glass Technology Book
Cultivation and Processing Technology on Minerals &
Oil Extraction Handbook ` 1625/- Mineral Processing
` 1575/- US$ 150 ` 1675/- US$ 150 US$ 150 ` 2200/- US$ 200

The Complete Handbook on Handbook on Coal, Coke,

Book on Spices and

Cotton, Lignin, Hemicellulose, BAMBOO PLANTATION
Wood, Wood-Polymer
Cultivation and Condiments Composites, Lignocellulosic-
Manufacture of (Cultivation, Processing Plastic Composites Bamboo
from Recycled Materials,
Tea (2nd Rev.Edn.) and Extraction) Wood Fiber, Rosin and
Plantation and
` 1625/- US$ 150 ` 1575/- US$ 150 Rosin Derivatives Utilization
` 1875/-
Potato and Potato Handbook ` 1475/- US$ 150
US$ 150
Products Cultivation, on Milk and
Seed Production, Milk Proteins
Storage and Processing
` 1275/- US$ 125 Handbook on Handbook on
Oleoresin and Pine Tall Oil Rosin
The Complete Book on Chemicals (Rosin, Production,
Sugarcane Processing and By-Products Terpene Derivatives, Processing and
of Molasses Tall Oil, Resin & Dimer Utilization
(with Analysis of Sugar, Syrup and Molasses) Acids) ` 1575/-
` 1675/- US$ 150 ` 2200/- US$ 200 US$ 150

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
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Market size is poised to exceed USD 9 billion by 2024. such as televisions, personal comput-
Increasing product demand in manufacturing household de- ers, telephones, air conditioners, cell
tergents will be the major factor propelling the global phones, electronic toys,
linear alkylbenzenesulfonate market size over the etc. The Electronics
estimated time frame. The overall household deter- COST ESTIMATION Recycling operates to
gents business is likely to exhibit gains more than 6% the WEEE directive for
CAGR from 2016 to2024 on account of increasing
CAPACITY efficient electronics dis-
consumer lifestyles and awareness towards cleanli- Plastic Granules : 400000 Kgs./Annum posal. The WEEE Di-
ness. This facilitates the development of new tech- Glass Scrap : 300000 Kgs./Annum rective aims to reduce
nologies and ensures a high quality product. Copper Scrap : 250000 Kgs./Annum the quantity of waste
Precious Metals : 49996 Kgs./Annum from electrical and
Extraction of Salt (Nickel, Tin & Zinc) electronic equipment
and increase it’s re-use,
Gold :1.3200 Kgs./Annum
from Sea Water Silver : 2.6400 Kgs./Annum recovery and recycling.
alt is an essential ingredient for the survival Palladium : 0.0600 Kgs./Annum India’s ‘produc-

S of all living creatures, including humans. Plant & Machinery :` 85 Lakhs

Salt is needed in regulating the fluid balance Cost of Project
or water content of body. Salt cravings may occur Rate of Return
: ` 829 Lakhs
: 26%
tion’ of e-waste is likely
to increase by nearly three
times, from the existing 18
lakh metric tons (MT) to 52
as a result of trace mineral deficiencies or due to
the deficiency of sodium chloride itself. Salt is
Break Even Point : 38% lakh MT) per annum by 2020
important for life, but its over consumption can at a compound annual growth rate
cause health problems, such (CAGR) of about 30%. A mere 1.5% of India's total e-waste
as high blood pressure, in gets recycled. This facilitates the development of new
those individuals who are technologies and ensures a high quality product.
genetically predisposed COST ESTIMATION
to hypertension. Main CAPACITY
source of salt is rocks
Iodized Salt : 100 MT/ Day
Edible Oil Refinery
and sea. Maximum
consumption of salt is Industrial Salt : 100 MT/ Day from Crude Palm Oil
in its natural form after Plant & Machinery : ` 1156 Lakhs
being produced from sea Cost of Project : ` 2776 Lakhs
alm oil is edible oil which is extracted from
or directly from rock. Rate of Return : 29% the pulp of fruit of oil palms. The color of
Iodizing salt for hu- Break Even Point : 40.75% pulp is red. That's why crude palm oil is
man consumption is a naturally similar to pulp color because of high inactive
modern trend. Iodine is vitamin A content. It is different from kernel oil or coconut
used in the body for formation of thyroxin an essential hor- oil. Commonly it is combined or mixed with coconut oil
mone. Salt is used as a medium in supply iodine to the body. to make highly saturated vegetable fat, which is also used
Iodization of common salts has been recognized all over the for cooking purposes. Reining process is a necessary step
world to meet the deficiency of iodine to eradicate goiter. for the production of edible oils and fats products. The
objective of this process is to remove the impurities and
E-Waste Recycling for Extraction other components, which will affect the quality of finished
of Precious Metals (Nickel, Tin & Zinc), Indian edible oil industry is composed of some 15,000
Gold, Silver, Palladium, Plastic, Glass and oil mills, 600 solvent extraction units, 250 vanaspati units
Copper) Continue on Page 18

-WASTE is a collective name for discarded elec-
tronic devices that enter the waste stream from
various sources. It includes electronic appliances AUXILIARIES, DYES & PIGMENTS, NATURAL DYES &
Handbook on Natural Woollen pinning,
Essential Oils MODERN TECHNOLOGY OF Dyes for Industrial Weaving, Knitting,
Applications Dyeing, Bleaching
Handbook PERFUMES, FLAVOURS & (Extraction of Dyestuff from and Printing
ESSENTIAL OILS Flowers, Leaves,
` 975/- Vegetables) 2nd Rev.Edn.
(2nd Edition) Handbook
US$ 100 ` 1575/- US$ 150
` 975/- US$ 100 ` 1100/- US$ 125
Handbook on
A Concise Guide on
The Complete The Complete Textile Auxiliaries, Textile Dyes, Pigments
Technology Book Technology Book of Dyes and Dye and Dye Intermediates
of Essential Oils Herbal Perfumes & Intermediates with Textile Printing
(Aromatic Cosmetics Technology Technology
Chemicals) (2nd Revised Edn.) ` 1575/- US$ 150 ` 1675/- US$ 150
` 1275/- US$ 125 ` 1275/- US$ 125
The Complete
Perfumes and POLYMERS Book on Textile RUBBER CHEMICALS
Flavours Processing and
Technology The Complete Book Silk Reeling The Complete
Handbook on Water Soluble Technology Book on Rubber
` 1875/- US$ 150 Polymers ` 1750/- Chemicals
` 1575/- US$ 150 US$ 150 ` 1575/- US$ 150

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Handbook on
The Complete Book on
Printing Technology
(Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Screen, Digital, 3D Printing)
Printing Technology
This is the age of hi-fi, jets and computers. Rapid advancements in science and
The Development in science and technology have revolutionoized the printing technology have made their impact on the printing industry of the world too. The
industry in the progressive countries of the world. There has been a considerable old techniques of printing have become obsolete and made way for the new
compact of this progress in the Indian Pring Industries. ` 1495 US$150 technology. The book contains the latest printing processes like web, gravure,
flexo, security and offset printing. `1100 US$125

Modern Technology of Pulp, Paper and Paper

Conversion Industries The Complete Technology Book on
The paper conversion sectors are assuming increasingly important place in the life Pulp & Paper Industries
of every nation. Conversion technology is being evolved continuously for having The pulp and paper industry continues to expand at a phenomenal rate. This
better conversion, handling, transportation, preservation and usage of materials. imposes a difficult problem of selection. Since the amount of material that can
Paper and Pulp industry plays a vital role towards conversion. In view of the close be included in a single volume is obviously limited. Careful thought has been given
linkage between paper and conversion industry we have tried to come out with this to the selection with the purpose of presenting that material which will be of
unique book containing relevant and useful information in both these industries. We greatest interest to the greatest numbers. ` 1100 US$125
have tried to make it most exhaustive first giving details, then presenting and
dividing in different chapter to understand better. Thus we have tried to fill the vacuum that existed
till now. `. 1000 US$ 100
Screen Printing Technology
Handbook on
Hand Book
Modern Packaging Industries This method of Printing has achieved wide spread popularity since the second
The book has been written for the benefit of entrepreneurs who can not invest world war, although the basic idea in this process were used by the Chinese
large amounts and case has been taken to present the matter in a very simple centuries ago. The present book contains latest technologies of screen printing
and comprehensive language so that the person without much technical background along with machinery photographs, addresses of suppliers of machinery and
can grasp the subject easily. `1675 US$ 150 raw materials. ` 1000 US$100


The Complete Technology Book on NATURAL DYES

Handbook on
Textile Spinning, Weaving, for INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS
Finishing & Printing (3rd Rev. Edn.) (Extraction of Dyestuff from Flowers, Leaves, Vegetables)
2nd Rev.Edn.
The Book is based on the latest technology involved in textile industry. It contains
This is a single book which has information related to extraction of dyestuffs from
processes of textile spinning, weaving, finishing and printing. Rs.1725 US$150
19 common flowers, weeds, bark of leaves and its application on cotton silk and
wood fabrics for textile industry. The book describes the step wise methodology of extraction,
The Complete Technology Book on mordanting and dyeing with photos of the actual plants part used for extraction of Natural dye.
Shade cards have been incorporated so that the full gamut of colors can be visualized from each
Textile Processing with dyestuff. The Author Dr. Padma S Vankar, works as Principal Research Scientist, in Facility for
Ecological and Analytical Testing (FEAT) at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. She has been
Effluent Treatment engaged in the screening and charaacterization of newer natural dyes for the past 10 years. She
also works in the area of designing synthetic strategies for Ecofriendly dyes using microwave
The Book covers complete details of textile processing with the
heating system. Using innovative technology for natural dyeing has been her main emphasis. The
standard parameters of effluents treatment which is the burning author has conducted several workshops throughout India in order to popularize natural dyeing.
problem for the textile processors. ` 1000 US$100 ` 1575 US$150
The Complete Technology Book on
Modern Technology of The Complete Technology Book on
Textile Dyes & Dyes & Dye Intermediates
Starch is a group of poly saccharides,
Pigments (2nd Rev. Edn.) composed of glucopyranose units joined Due to increasing growth of Textile
together by glucosidric linkages. Industrially, Industries, demand of Dyes and
This is one of the best books on starch is broadly divided in to two types of viz, Dye Intermediates are also
Textile Dyes and Pigments natural and modified. The characteristics of increasing very fast in domestic
covering Formulae, Manufacturing the natural starches are changed by chemical are enzymatic as well as in global market. The
Processes of various Textile Dyes and Pigments. reaction and the products of these reactions are termed book stress on syntheses of different types of
This book will be very helpful to new entrepreneurs, modified starches. Starch can be obtained from maize, Dyes and Dye Intermediates. The formulae and
researchers, general information seekers and sorghum, roots and tubers such as tapioca, arrow root, processes has been described in very proper way.
libraries or those who wants to diversify in this potatoes etc. ` 1100 US$125 `1100 US$125
field. `1675 US$150

Natural Fibres Handbook with The Complete Book on

Cultivation & Uses Natural Dyes and Pigments
Due to pollution problems in synthetic dyes and pigments industry, the whole
The present book is the first of its kind which contains process and other parameters world is shifting towards the manufacturing of natural dyes and pigments. The
for the manufacturing of fibres arrives from natural sources. Due to eco-friendly present book contains techniques of producing different natural dyes and
nature there is very good domestic and export potentiality of natural fibre. pigments, which has huge demand in domestic as well as in foreign market.
` 1275 US$125 `1100 US$125


Modern Technology of The Complete Technology Book on SOAPS, DETERGENT AND DISINFECTANTS
Soap, Detergents & Toiletries TECHNOLOGY HANDBOOK
(With Formulae & Project Profiles) (4th Rev. Edn.)
DETERGENTS (2nd Rev. Edn.)
(Washing Soap, Laundry Soap, Handmade Soap, Detergent Soap,
The Indian detergent industry is about three
Liquid Soap , Hand Wash, Liquid Detergent, Detergent Powder, Bar,
The book contains the formulae of different decades old. An interesting and unique feature
Phenyl, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Mosquito Coils, Naphthalene
types of soaps, detergents (cake, powder and of detergent industry in India is the existence
Balls, Air Freshener, Hand Sanitizer and Aerosols Insecticide)
of non power operated units which do not use
liquid) toiletries, analytical testing method, It has been said that amount of soap and detergent consumed
any electrical power for the production of
quality control of finished products, packing in a country is a reliable measure of its civilizations. There was a
detergent powder. This text emphases
criteria of cosmetic and toiletries along with time when these products were luxury, now it is a necessity. The present book
practical aspects of detergent production with latest development contains formulae, processes of different types of soaps, detergents and
project profiles and addresses of raw material, and other special products based on synthetic surfactants. This disinfectants. These products have good demand in domestic as well as in
plant and machinery suppliers. `1275 US$150 book is an attempt to fill the need of those desirous of starting International market. So there is a very good scope for new entrepreneurs to
detergent industry in small scale sector. `1100 US$100 venture into this field. This book is very useful for entrepreneurs, technocrats and
for those who want to diversify in to this field. Rs.1495 US$150
The Complete Technology Book on
Modern Technology of COSMETICS
Soaps (2nd Revised Edition) The manufacture of Cosmetics is by no means new methods adopted were used
Being consumable in daily life soap industry is profoundly lucrative with splendid several decades ago. The attempt made in this book is to improve the older
market potential. This industry has very good future prospects. Many more methods and provide the latest formulae and techniques to manufacture the
new units are recommended to meet the requirement of Indians demand. The different cosmetics like Hair Preparations, Face Powders, Toilet Powders,
book covers formulae, processes of different type of washing and toilet Cosmetics for the Skin, Creams, Lotions for various uses, Lipistics, Shampoos,
soaps. ` 1425 US$150 Dandruff Tonics, Nail Polishes etc. `1100 US$125


The Complete Technology Book on
The profitability of leather processing is dependent The technology of glass ceramics are now a day
The developments in wood industry in on a good product and requires the consistent wide field involving a great variety of raw materials,
the country are mainly attributed to implementation of well understood process. This manufacturing processes, as well as products, and
the pioneering work carried in the field book covers latest techniques of leather processing of considerable diversity in theoretical background.
of wooden products. There are lot of and training, so that the industries involved in this The manufacture of traditional glasses and ceramics
chemicals and other products extracted process and new entrants can grow up with new is based on the utilization of the most widely occurring natural raw
from wood. This book contains technology. Leather tanning as an industry has been subjected to materials. The efforts have been made to provide maximum and
processes of various wooden products evolutionary forces as technology makes use of new materials, latest information about processing of glass and ceramics and their
and its derivatives. ` 1100 US$125 techniques and concepts. `1400 US$150 products in this book. Rs 1495 US$150

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and over 600 reining units. These are likely to suffer from mental and physical exhaustion,
employ over a mn leading to stress.
people. High import The data revealed that khaini consumption in Maha-
duty on palm oil will rashtra increased to 15.5% in 2016-2017
COST ESTIMATION curb imports of ed- from 14.5% in 2009-2010. Similar-
ible oils in the cur- ly, consumption of
CAPACITY rent oil year. Imports
Edible Oil Reinery : 80 MT/Day gutkha increased
are not expected from 8.3% to 8.6%.
from Crude Palm Oil to cross last year’s smokeless tobacco
Plant & Machinery : ` 1087 Lakhs level of 15.1 million products is higher CAPACITY
Cost of Project : ` 5329 Lakhs tonne. The increase, among women as Geeli Readymade Khaini : 1 MT/Day
Rate of Return : 26% if at all, will be of only compared to men. (Packed in 15 gms &
Break Even Point : 49% around 200,000 tonnes. For example, the 30 gms Size)
Entrepreneurs who invest in consumption of betel Plant & Machinery : ` 13 Lakhs
this project will be successful. quid with tobacco is Cost of Project : `123 Lakhs
3.8% in women as Rate of Return : 72%
Seamless Pipes and Tubes compared to 3.6%
Break Even Point : 27%
in men. Similarly,

he greatest advantage of seamless steel pipes is
tobacco for oral ap-
their increased ability to withstand pressure. The
plication is 8.2%
weakest point in a welded steel pipe is the welded
among females, compared to 1.9% in males. The consump-
seam. But because a seamless steel pipe has not been
tion of snuff in women is 1.3% compared to 0.4% in men.
welded, it doesn’t have that seam, making it equally strong
As a whole there is a good scope for new entrepreneur to
around the entire circumference of the pipe.
invest in this business.
Stainless steel pipes are used
in petrochemicals, fertil-
izers, dairy industries Acrylic Resin (Emulsion Type)

power stations and crylic resins have become a key component in
COST ESTIMATION nuclear plants. Other global manufacturing. Acrylic resin refers to a
CAPACITY corrosion resistant ap- group of thermoplastic materials derived from
Seamless M.S. Pipe : 50 MT/Day plications as of food compounds such as acrylic acid or methacrylic acid. The
Plant & Machinery : ` 636 Lakhs processing industry acrylic derivatives are added to heated plastic to create a
are also significant material that can be used for many purposes. The material
Cost of Project : ` 2695 Lakhs users. These pipes are that is created from the thermoplastic acrylic mixture has
Rate of Return : 27.98% used extensively by Nu- high heat and impact resistance, as well as good clarity and
Break Even Point : 39.79% clear Fuel Corporation. As UV resistance. The use of acrylic resins
a whole it is a good project for has continued to grow in popularity
entrepreneurs to invest. across the globe,
and it is considered
Readymade Khaini (Geeli) COST ESTIMATION an affordable
durable material for

haini chewing, a form of smokeless CAPACITY manufacturing various
tobacco is viewed to be relatively harmless Acrylic Resin (Emulsion Type) : 10 MT/Day products.
by the rural folk. Khaini is tobacco with
slaked lime. The negative consequences of stress as
Plant & Machinery : ` 249 Lakhs Acrylic resins
a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and reduced Cost of Project : ` 529 Lakhs are mostly used in
Rate of Return : 29% the paints and coating
human performances are well studied. Stress is
Break Even Point : 56% industries. The global
known to change the balance existing between the
acrylic resin market is ex-
sympathetic and the parasympathetic divisions of
pected to grow at a CAGR of
the autonomic nervous system. Khaini chewers
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Surface Coating Spirit Varnishes Handbook on Handbook on
Technology Technology Cosmetics Drugs from Natural
Handbook Handbook (with (Processes, Formulae Sources
Testing and Analysis) with Testing Methods) ` 1175/- US$ 125
` 1475/- US$ 125
` 1275/- US$ 125 ` 1675/- US$ 150

Handbook on The Testing Manual

Paints and of Paints, Varnishes GUMS, ADHESIVES & SEALANTS, ROSIN &
` 1275/- US$ 125 ` 1875/- US$ 150
The Complete The Complete
Technology Book Book on Water
Handbook on Paint on Industrial Soluble Gums and
Testing Methods Adhesives Resins
` 1675/- US$ 150 ` 1675/- US$ 150
` 1575/- US$ 150
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Just for starters How to start you own export Profitable Small Scale Industries
business (3rd Ed.) - Money making Business Ideas for Startupst
The uniqueness of this book is that it furnishes in a lucid manner (when you don't know what industry to start) - 2nd Revised Edition
various steps, incentives and facilities relating to export business.
The major contents of the book are India Government Loan Schemes for
Essential factors for successful exporting, preliminaries for stating
Small Scale Businesses, Government Support for Innovation and
export business, registration for exporters, sending samples,
Entrepreneurship in India, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, Packaging and
procurement of license, processing of export orders, appointment Labeling, Products Packaging, Marketing, Onion Dehydration, Garlic
of overseas agent etc, ensure good beginning for the new entrants in the export Dehydration, Onion Pickle, Onion Chutney, Garlic Oil, Onion Powder, Ginger Oil,
business and many more. ISBN : 978-93-81039-04-5 Price : `525 US$75 Ginger Powder, Ginger Paste, Tomato Pulp, Tomato Paste, Tomato Ketchup, Tomato
Powder, Disposable Blood Bags, Disposable Masks, Disposable Surgical Catheters,
Fashion Technology Hand Book Disposable Plastic Syringes, Plastic Cups, Disposable Banana Leaf Plate, Facial
Fashion leads the world & it will continue to do so though times. Tissue & Baby Wet Wipes, Urea Formaldehyde Resin Adhesive, Toothpaste
Human can not be ever segregated from fashion. With the Production, Gypsum Board, Surgical Absorbent Cotton, Glass Fibre, Complex
advancement of new age we envisage tremendous change. We Fertilizers, Activated Carbon from Wood, Biscuits, Candy, Chocolates, Milk Powder,
also see for the career boom of young designers are always in Instant Noodles, Khakhra, Soft Drinks, Spices and Sample Plant Layouts.
search of course way in which they can be explained the ISBN: 9789381039922 Price : `975 US$100
requirement and stages in which to work.
ISBN : 8178330970 Price : `325 US$50
Profitable Small, Cottage & Home Industries
The identification of a suitable project within the investment limit of
Just for Starters How to Become a Successful a new entrepreneur is very difficult. The present book strives to meet
Businessman 3rd Rev. Ed. this specific entrepreneurial need. The book contains processes
The book contains introduction, steps in setting up an SSl, formulae, brief profiles of various projects which can be started in
Registration/ License for SSl, Resourcing, Technical Know-How, small investment without much technical knowledge at small place.
Foreign Collaboration, Marketing, Lessons from experience, ISBN : 8178330636 Price : `800 US$100
policies and programmes for rural development, Prime Minister
Rozgar Yozna, Rural Woman Entrepreneurship in India. Bright Grow Rich By Starting Your Own Business
prospects, Industrial Innovation by small and medium Sized Enterprises, Indian The contents of this book will guide you, step by step, to get our
Small Industry, Organisation, Supporting Entrepreneurship, development in business up and running. You will see how to choose a business that
India, directory Section etc. ISBN:978-93-81039-03-8 Price : Rs.475 US$75 is right for you and find the fund you need to begin and support it. This
book will help you how to handle all aspect of running your own
Stop Dreaming–Start Your New Business business setting up your office, marketing your product or service,
The small industries sector plays a vital roll in the industrial getting the help your cash flow and collection, adding employees to
development of the recent globalization process. Any unit or new expand more, fighting the defaulting customers and more.
entrepreneur, establishing or implementations the project needs ISBN :8178330903 Price `325 US$50
finance for long term. This book will help you to handle all aspects
of running your own business. This very useful book for new 50 Project to Start With 5,00,000
entrepreneurs. You will see how your dream to be your own boss The book has been written for the benefit of small entrepreneurs who
become a reality. ISBN:8178330458 Price : `400 US$50 do onot wish to invest large amount and case has been taken to
present the matter in a very simple and comprehensive language so
that person without much technical background can grasp the subject
What No one Ever Tells You about starting Your easily. More than 50 profitable products have been included in this
Business-Facilities and Procedures For Entrepreneurs book with brief project profiles, processes, addresses of machinery
The Government had announced series of steps to promote and raw material suppliers. ISBN:978-81-7833-060-0 Price : `475 US$75
industrial development by way of rationalization of the policies Best Businesses You Can Start with Low Cost (2nd Rev.Edn.)
to encourage the new entrepreneurs as well as existing units. Major contents of the book are cooking classes, handmade jewellery
This book is a unique guideline for those who are looking for making, in house salon, cake & pastry making, home tutoring, internet
starting a new business and wants to start some industry with business, cleaning business, detergent making, pet sitting business,
help of different concerned departments. It also covers the export guidelines. gardening business, home based photography, recruitment business,
We are confident that this book will prove to the important guidelines for new banana chips making, potato chips and wafers, leather purse and
entrepreneurs. ISBN:8178330474 Price:`400 US$50 hand bags, biscuit manufacturing, papad manufacturing, pickles
manufacturing, spice manufacturing, ice-cream cones manufacturing,
Just for Starters : wax candles manufacturing, chilli powder manufacturing, soft toys manufacturing,
Selected Projects to Start with 15,00,000 soap coated paper, baking powder making, moong dal bari making etc.
The first and paramount problem faced by an entrepreneur is ISBN:9788178331607 Price: `750 US$100
“ W H AT TO PRODUCE”? Academic qualification are not
prerequisites for setting up a successful industry. It is necessary Secrets For Making Big Profits from Your Business with
for the entrepreneur to have qualities like ability to plan, Maintain Export Guidelines
good public relation, Reasonable risk taking capacity and of The purpose of this book is to enrich the people with an understanding
course have adequate financial resources. The first step towards of the entrepreneurial process. There is no presumption, however,
setting up an industry is the identification of product and feasible product line that entrepreneurship can be “taught,” because entrepreneurs have
after a thorough study of the market for the product, its demand and supply their own peculiar way of doing things. Yet it is possible to help them
position, People’s changing altitudes, Competition in the line, Method of to better prepared for transforming dreams in realities. Consequently
distribution etc. This book is meant to help new entrepreneurs in product the book is organized to explore the nature of entrepreneurship, provide models for
identification along with market survey studies, cost estimation, profitability new venture creation and describe way to help entrepreneurs succeed. The book
calculation and various other aspect. ISBN : 8178330237 Price : `475 US$50 contains different parameters, procedures and facilities provided by central and
state Govt. The book can prove to be useful compendium for any body wanting to
setup a small scale unit. ISBN:8178330466 Price : `400 US$50
Just For Starters : Opportunities For Women Entrepreneurship
Selected Projects to Start with 30,00,000
The small scale enterprise sector is a dynamic vibrant segment
(with Project Profiles) 2 nd Edition
To empower women entrepreneurship, we have released this book
of the Indian Economy. By APRIL-2000 this sector accounted for
which contains number of project profiles suitable for women
40% of the industrial production, 35% of the total exports and
entrepreneurs. Projects covered in this book are pickles, murabbas,
provides employment to over 17 million through over 3 million
squashes, spices, soya bean bariyan, pam nasala, readymade
small enterprises across the country. These small Enterprises
garments, socks knitting and many more. This book will be helpful to
manufactures a wide range of more than 7500 products, ranging
those women who want to succeed in their life & dream of moving a step closer
from inexpensive consumer goods and services to technically advanced
of being self dependent. ISBN:9788178330587 Price : `575 US$50
products, meeting requirements of sophisticated industries and consumed in
India and abroad. This sector is the nursery for the development of Just for Starters : Select Projects to Start with 35,00,000
entrepreneurial talent and has grown into an important component of the The economic environments going to be more and more responsive
production chain. As this sector moves ahead our Government id proactively to enterprising activities and tremendous potential is likely to enhance
assisting in three major thrust areas “Technology, Marketing and Credit,” and for the development of small-scale sector at all level of investment.
Government has set up an elaborate support for promotion of small, cottage This book provide technical assistance and special guidance to the
and informal industries. ISBN : 8178330229 Price : `475 US$50 entrepreneurs in identifying projects to be started with in Rs. 35,00,000.
The book contains processes, project profile, raw material and
machinery list with the addresses of their suppliers.
The Complete Technology Book on Candle ISBN : 8189579002 Price : `475 US$50
Making Designs
Candle making is a very flourishing industry in modern times owing (5th Revised Edition)
to the versatile use of candle on various occasions and ceremonies.
Candle are prepared by well established methods in multifarious
fascinating colours, designs and shapes. This is one of the unique
book deals ostensibly with different candle making process viz.
Dipping, Pouring, Moulding or Casting ad Drawing, delineating
their technicalities in most illustrious manner with pictorial representations.
Finally, the book concludes with directory section giving addresses of raw Price : `1150 US$125
materials, plant and machinery suppliers. ISBN:81-86623-66-3
Price : `650 US$100

Select & Start Your Own Industry (4 th Rev. Edn.)

The book contains more than 4500 projects with their installed capacities, cost of
projects, rate of return etc. This is very helpful book for those who want to diversity
or start new industry. ISN:978-93-81039-15-1 Price : `475 US$50
Price : `600 US$100

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The Complete Book on The Complete Technology Book on

Construction Materials Bricks, Cement and Asbestos

Bricks, cement and asbestos have major role in building and road
The book provide wide coverage of building materials such as construction. The present book contains processes of different types
stone, bricks, lime, mortars, concrete, asbestos, gray iron, cast of bricks making, cement manufacturing and production of asbestos.
iron, steel castings, aluminium, wood, architectural paints and The book is very useful for new entrepreneurs, existing units,
so many others with their applications in building construction. The book is professionals, institutions related to building construction, research scholars
very useful for all professionals related to construction field, technocrats, etc. `1400 US$150
students and libraries. `1475 US$150

SELECTED FORMULARY Selected Formulary Books on Inks, Paints,
Lacquers, Varnishes and Enamels
HANDBOOK A man entering an industry soon finds that most of the products
A man entering an industry soon finds that most of the products manufactured by his company are not synthetic or definite chemical
manufactured by his company are not synthetic or definite chemical compounds, but are mixtures, blends or highly complex compounds
compounds, but are mixtures, blends or highly complex compounds of which he knows little or nothing. The literature in this field, if
of which he knows little or nothing. The literature in this field, if any, may be any, may be meagre, scattered or antiquated. The purpose of publishing this
meagre, scattered or antiquated. The purpose of publishing this book is to book is to provide proper formulations of most consumable products like Inks,
provide proper formulations of most consumable products. The book is very Paints, Lacquers, Varnishes and Enamels. The book is very useful for
useful for chemists, new entrepreneurs, existing units, technocrats and chemists, new entrepreneurs, existing units, technocrats and engineering
engineering students. `1475 US$150 students. `1475 US$150

Selected Formulary Book on Cosmetics, Drugs, Cleaners,

Soaps & Detergents (2 Revised Edition) nd

A man entering an industry soon finds that most of the products manufactured by his company are not synthetic or definite chemical
compounds, but are mixtures, blends or highly complex compounds of which he knows little or nothing. The literature in this field, if any,
may be meagre, scattered or antiquated. The purpose of publishing this book is to provide proper formulations of most consumable products
like Inks, Paints, Lacquers, Varnishes and Enamels. The book is very useful for chemists, new entrepreneurs, existing units, technocrats and
engineering students. `1475 US$150


Modern Technology of Modern Technology of
Printing and Writing Inks (2 nd
Surface coating industry is one of the most popular industries.
The Printing and Writing Ink Industries have grown significantly
Paints, Varnishes and lacquers industry is gaining ground at a
during the last decade. Particularly printing ink industry is
rapid pace in modern time accompanied with closed advance in
characterised by exceeding high margin profit. Having in view we
surface coating technology. The book deals with fundamentals of
have published this book which will be mile stone for the
paints, varnishes and lacquers, pigments, oils used in paints and varnishes,
entrepreneurs, existing units, libraries etc. The book contains formulae,
solvents, driers, related plasticizers, additives for surface coating, various
processes and other related information of various printing and writing inks.
types of paints manufacturing etc. `1075 US$125
`1475 US$150

The Complete Technology Book on Printing Inks

The beginning of ink making are something of a mystery. It is
Gums, Adhesives & Sealants Technology
certain however, that the development of the art of writing With Formulae & Their Applications (2 nd Rev. Edn.)
proceeded the invention of a ink by almost a thousand years. Gums, Adhesives and Sealants are occupying by and large a
Prior to the invention of ink the ancients wrote with a pointed conspicuous plateau in the modern industrial world by virtue of
metal stylus on tablets of stone and clay. In this book an attempt their versatility in diverse fields of applications. This potentially
has been made to bring together the useful manner as possible the fundamental useful book furishes technical aspects of various types of gums,
Principles of ink making. The book contains formulae, processes and other adhesives and sealants which are so useful to a new entrepreneurs or
relevant information of the manufacturing of different types of printing inks. established one. The book delineates in detail formulae, processes of various
`1000 US$1000 gums, adhesives and sealants along with addresses of machinery and raw
material suppliers. `1475 US$150
The Complete Book on Resins
(Alkyd, Amino, Phenolic, Polyurethane Adhesives For mular y
Epoxy, Silicone, Acrylic),
Paints, Varnishes, Pigments & Additives Hand Book
(Surface Coating Products with Formulae) Adhesives have so importance and are extensively attached to
our infrastructure that we cannot isolate in from out daily needs.
This handbook covers all aspects of coating technology including composition, From school going children to housewives to jet manufactures to
preparation, application, manufacturing process and photographs of plant & Atomic Explosion, every where adhesives plays a very important role.
machinery with supplier’s contact details. The major contents of the book are `1275 US$125
oleoresinous media, varnishes: composition, manufacture & use, alkyd resin
technology, manufacture of alkyd resins, polyesters, amino resins, phenolic
resins, polyurethane resins, epoxy resins, silicone resins, acrylic solution Paints, Pigments, Varnishes &
resins, emulsion polymerization theory, emulsion polymers, water reducible
resins, water soluble polymers, solvents, inorganic pigments, titanium dioxide Enamels Technology Handbook
pigments, organic pigments, paint driers and architectural paints etc.
`.1875 US$150 (with Process & Formulations)
Handbook on (2nd Revised Edition)
Speciality Gums, Adhesives, Oils, Rosin Painting is older than writing. It began twenty thousand years
& Derivatives, Resins, Oleoresins, Katha, ago when the Stone Age man drew pictures with earth colours
on the walls of caves in northern Spain and southern France. Now a days paints
Chemicals with other Natural Products play a critical role in preening corrosion and enhancing aesthetic values in various
The forest in India yields a large number of products, which play segments such as architectural household applications, automobiles,
an important role in the economy of the country. This book contains industrial equipments, ships, aircrafts etc. The present book covers the various
processes of forest based products like Gums, Resins, formulae and processes of paints, pigments, varnishes and enamels.
Oleoresins, Essential Oils and other natural products obtained
from Indian forests. It gives an insight of richness and vastness Price: 1675/- US$ 150
of the forest wealth. `1275 US$125

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Detailed Techno Economic AN ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY
Feasibility Reports


BEGINNING : Project Introduction, Brief History of the Product, MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES : Formulae Detailed
Properties, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) Specifications & Process of Manufacture, Flow Sheet Diagram.
Requirements, Uses & Applications PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS : Requirement of Staff &
MARKET SURVEY : Present Market Position, Expected Future Labour, Personnel Management, Skilled & Unskilled Labour.
Demand, Statistics of Imports & Exports, Export Prospect, LAND & BUILDING : Requirement of Land Area, Rates of
Names and Addresses of Existing Units (Present Manufactures). the Land, Built up Area, Construction Schedule, Plant
PLANT & MACHINERY : List of Plant & Machineries, Layout.
Miscellaneous Items and Accessories, Instruments, Laboratory FINANCIAL ASPECTS : Cost of Raw Materials, Cost of
Equipment’s and Accessories, Plant Location, Electrification, Land & Building, Cost of Plant & Machineries, Fixed Capital
Electric Load and Water, Maintenance, Suppliers/Manufacturers Investment, Working Capital, Project Cost, Capital
of Plant and Machineries. Formation, Cost of Production, Profitability Analysis, Break
RAW MATERIAL : List of Raw Materials, Properties of Raw Even Point, Cash Flow Statement for 5 to 10 Years,
Materials, Availability of Raw Materials, Required Quality of Depreciation Chart, Conclusion, Projected Balance Sheet,
Raw Materials, Cost/Rates of Raw Materials. Land Man Ratio

Prepared by highly qualified and experienced consultants FOR ASSESSING MARKET POTENTIAL,
and Market Research and Analyst Supported by a panel INVESTMENT DECISION
of experts and computerised data bank. MAKING CORPORATE
Data provided are reliable and upto date collected from
suppliers/manufacturers, plant already commissioned in
India. NPCS Engineers and Consultants have prepared
NPCS Reports are very economical and immediately “Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic
available on demand where as commissioned Feasibility Feasibility Report” on the following products
Studies are time consuming and costly. which are most viable and profitable.

ABRASIVE, ASBESTOS, • Cement Tiles (Laying Over RCC Brick Acetate (Fevicol Type)
CEMENT, REFRACTORY Roof) for Granite • Adhesive Content PVC Resin &
PRODUCTS • Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles • Marble from Marble Mining DOP Paste Grade
• A.A.C. (Autoclaved Aerated (Glazed Wall and Floor Tiles) • Marble-Granite Cutting & • Adhesive for All Purpose
Concrete) • Clay and Sand Bricks Plant (Light Polishing Unit • Adhesive for Corrugation (Dry
Blocks Fly Ash Based Wt.) • Mini Cement Plant Powder)
• Abrasive & Flint Paper • CLC Block with Steam Curing • Mini Cement Plant (Slag • Adhesive for Stickers
• Abrasive (Carborandom) Cloth Method Cement) • Adhesive from Sodium Silicate
(Emery Cloth) • Clinker Grinding For Cement • PCC/RCC Pipes • Adhesive Industries (Laminated,
• Abrasive and Flint Paper • Computerized Hot Mix Concrete • Plaster of Paris (P.O.P.) Fevicol, Sticker and other Types)
• Abrasive Cake (Cement Based) • Concrete Block and Ready Mix • Plaster of Paris Bandages • Adhesive Tape for Hospital Use
• Abrasive Cake for Floor Concrete • Plaster of Paris Board from • Adhesives (Neoprene Based
Polishing • Emery Stone for Atta Chakki Process of HAcid Gypsum Rubber
• Abrasive Cake for Granite & • Emery Stone for Floor Polishing • Portland Cement Adhesive for Footwear,
Marble Polishing • Ferro Cement Plant • Precast Concrete Compound Polyurethane Based dhesive for
• Abrasive Emery • Fire Bricks Wall Foot Wear, Epoxy Two
• Abrasive Emery Cloth Paper • Fly Ash Bricks Made from Lime • Prestressed Concrete Part (Resin & Hardener)
• Abrasive Grinding Wheel Stone Sleepers • Adhesive-Vinyl Acetate
• Abrasive Sand Paper • Foundry Sand (Non Ferrous • Process Food & Spices • BOPP Pressure Sensitive Self
• Admixture for Concrete Metal) • Ramming Mass and Fire hesive Tapes
• Aggregate Business • Glass Marbles Bricks from Magnesite • Bottle Labeling Gum
• Artificial Granite Tiles • Granite & Marble Chips • Resin Bond Polishing Brick & • Corrugated Cartoon Boxes Gum
• Artificial Sand from Stones & • Granite & Marble Polishing Resin Bond Final Polishing for from
Waste Metals Stone Marble & Granite Tamarind Seed Kernel (Powder
• Asbestos Cement Corrugated • Granite (Marble) Polishing Batti • Rock Sand Form)
Sheet • Granite (Marble) Polishing Unit • Salt Glazed Stone Ware Pipes • Corrugation & Pasting Adhesive
• Automatic Brick Plant • Granite Block Cutting & Fittings (Dry
• Bentonite • Granite Monuments • Sand Lime Bricks Manufacture Powder/Liquids)
• Bonded Abrasives • Granite Tiles and Slab • Semi Automatic Brick Plant • Electrical Insulating Tape Using
• Bricks from Fly Ash • Graphite Carbon Plate • Solvent Cement BOPP Film
• Bricks from Fly Ash • Graphite Crucibles • Spun Concrete Pipe Utilization • Ester Gum
(Triboelectric • Graphite Electrode for Arc in Dist. of Electrical Line • Glue from Bone Sinews
Beneficiation Process) Furnace • Stone Crushers • Glue from Leather Waste
• Bricks from Fume Dust (Used in • Grinding Wheel Making Plant • Vitrified Tiles • Guar Gum
Construction) • Gypsum Based Products • White Cement • Guar Gum Powder
• Bricks from Stone Dust (Gypsum ADHESIVES, INDUSTRIAL • Gum (Liquid) Office Paste
• Cement (Clinker) Powder, Gypsum Board & PVC ADHESIVE, SEALANTS, • Gum Arabic (Spray Drying
• Cement from Fly Ash & Lime Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles GLUES, GUMS, BINDERS Process)
• Cement from Lime Stone (Integrated Production Unit) • Acrylic Adhesive • Gum from Tamarind Seed Powder
• Cement from Rice Husk • Gypsum Plaster Board • Adhesive (Fevicol Type) • Gums & Adhesive
• Cement Grinding Unit • Hollow Blocks & Paving Tiles • Adhesive (Starch & Polyvinyl • Hologram Sticker - 3D
• Cement Paint • Hollow Concrete Block Acetate Based) • Hot Melt Adhesives
• Cement Plant (Large, Medium & • Lime Bonded Fly Ash Bricks • Adhesive Based on • Hot Melt Glue
Small Scale Unit) • Magnesite Bond Polishing Brick, Polyurethane • Hot Melt Glue Stick
• Cement Roofing Tiles • Magnesite Resin Bond Polishing • Adhesive Based on Vinyl • Lamination Cum Bottle Labeling
Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
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Adhesive & Wood Adhesive • Enzymes (in Powder Form) used • Activated Carbon & Sodium Benzyl Benzoate
Starch Based (Tapioca Or for Denim Cloth and Garment Silicate from Rice/Paddy Husk • Benzyl Alcohol
Maize) Washing • Activated Carbon from Bamboo • Benzyl Benzoate
• Latex Based Adhesive • Ephedrine Hydrochloride • Activated Carbon from • Benzyl Chloride
• Leather Binder (Resin Based) • Ethanol as Bio-Fuels Cashewnut Shell • Bio Gas Production
• Neoprene Based Adhesive • Ethanol from Rice/Rice Straw/ • Activated Carbon from Coconut • Bituminous Felts for Water
(Rubber Adhesive) Rice Husk / Rice Bran Shell & Bamboo Proofing & Damp Proofing
• Office Gum • Ethyl Alcohol from Molasses • Activated Carbon from Coconut • Bleaching Powder
• Paper Tape • Extraction of Pectin from Citrus Shell • B-Napthol from Naphthalene
• Plaster of Paris Bandages & • Floriculture By Steam Activation Process • Bobin Serum Albumin
Cotton Adhesive Tape • Floriculture with Green House • Activated Carbon from Coconut • Boric Acid
• Polymer Modified Cementatious (Cut Flower Rose) Shell in Continuous Rotary Kiln • Briquetting of Lignite
Tiles • Grain Based Distillery • Activated Carbon from Fuller • Buffing & Polishing Compound
Adhesive (Both White Cement • Herbal Extracts Earth Slum • Cable Jelly Compound
Based and Ordinary Portland • Hybrid Seed Production • Activated Carbon from Rice Husk • Cable Jelly Filled Compound
Cement) • Hybrid Seeds • Activated Carbon from Rice • CacO3 Filled Master Batches
• Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for • Industrial Enzymes Husk, Coconut Shell, Coconut • Caffeine from Tea Waste
BOPP Tapes • Insecticides from Neem Seeds Powder & Coconut Water • Calcined Lime
• Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Neemoil & Leaves • Activated Carbon from Saw Dust • Calcining of Magnesite & Dead
BOPP Tapes Acrylic Based • Liquid Bio Fertilizer from Agro & • Activated Carbon from Saw Dust Burnt
• Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Municipal Waste & Coconut Shell Manganese Oxide
Tape Binder • Methylated Spirit from Sugar • Activated Carbon from Saw Dust, • Calcite Alumina Powder
• PVAAdhesive (Fevicol Type) Cane Molasses Rice Husk and Coconut Shells • Calcium Carbide
• PVC Electrical Insulating Tape • Micro Propagation Growth of • Activated Carbon from Wood • Calcium Carbonate (Pre
• Rosin Sizing Agent for Paper Tissue Culture • Activated Carbon from Wood, Activated)
Plant • Mini Fertilizer Plant (Urea) Rice Husk & Saw Dust • Calcium Carbonate (Precipitated
• Rubber Based Adhesives • Municipal Garbage Treatment • Activated Carbon Powder & & (Activated)
• Rubber Solution • Mushroom Cultivation Granulated • Calcium Carbonate By Using
• Starch from Maize • Mushroom Cultivation & • Activated Charcoal Sea Shell
• Starch from Tapioca Processing • Activated Charcoal from Wood • Calcium Carbonate from Lime
• Surgical Adhesive Tape on Cloth • Mushroom Cultivation & • Aerosol Silicon Spray Stone
Surface Processing with Air Conditioning • Agar Agar (Bacterialogical • Calcium Carbonate from Marble
• Synthetic Gum used in Textile • Mushroom Processing and Grade) Chips
Industry Canning • Air Fresheners (Odonil Type) • Calcium Carbonate Precipitated
• Synthetic Rubber Adhesive • Organic Farming & Contract • Alcohol Base Fuel Gel • Calcium Chloride
• Synthetic Rubber Adhesive Like Farming • Alcohol from Potato • Calcium Gluconate
Fevicol SR • Organic Fertilizer • Alcohol from Rice (Grains) • Calcium Hypochloride
• Tapioca Starch Adhesive in • Organic Foods • Alcohol from Rice Straw • Calcium Nitrate
Powder Form • Organic Manure from Municipal • Alcohol Industries Base on • Calcium Oxide (Lime Stone
• Textile Printing Binder Solid Wastes Tapioca Starch Powder)
• Textile Printing Paste (Gum) • Organic Yeast from Organic • Alkyd Resin • Calcium Palmitate (Used as
BIO-TECHNOLOGY, Molasses • Alkyd Resin (Soyabeen Oil And Cattle Feed)
INDUSTRIAL • Papain Manufacturing Linseed Oil) • Calcium Propionate
BIOTECHNOLOGY, ENZYMES • Prawn Fish Farming • Alkyd Resin from Cotton Seed Oil • Calcium Salt for Higher Fatty
PAPAIN, PHYTASE, LIP ASE, • Pectin from Citrus, Lemon & • Alum Acid using Cotton Seed Oil
ENZYME, FOOD Oranges • Alum (Ferric & Non Ferric) • Calcium Sennosides and Its
BIOTECHNOLOGY, • Tissue Culture Lab for • Alum (Non-Ferric) Products from Senna
INDUSTRIAL ENZYMES, Production of Potato Seeds • Alum for Paper Industries • Calcium Silicate
VERMICULTURE, • Tissue Cultures (100% EOU) • Aluminium Fluoride • Camphor Powder
VERMICOMPOST , • Vermi – Compost • Aluminium Hydroxide (I.P.) • Camphor Sheet from Camphor
BIOFERTILIZER, ORGANIC • Vermicompost from Solvent • Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Powder
FARMING, BIOGAS, BIO Extracted • Aluminium Silicate • Camphor Tablet
CHEMICALS Spice Waste • Aluminium Slug (used for • Camphor Tablet (Synthetic)
• Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol) • Vermiculture Collapsible Tube Containers) • Cancer Hospital
• Absolute Alcohol from Molasses • Vermiculture Chemical Industries • Amino Acid • Carbon Black from Dry Cell
• Acetic Acid from Molasses • Yeast • Amino Acid Metal Chelates (for Batteries
• Acetic Acid from Natural Gas • Yeast from Molasses (Distillery Agriculture use) (Zinc, Ferrous, • Carbon Black from Fertilizer’s
• Alcohol from Potatoes Yeast) Copper,Mangnese, Magnisium, Waste
• Amylase CHEMICAL (ORGANIC, Calcium) • Carbon Black from Natural Gas
• Aqua Culture Shrimp Farming INORGANIC, INDUSTRIAL) • Ammonia Gas • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
• Aquaculture Fish INDUSTRIES • Ammonia Gas Bottling Plant • Carbon Dioxide from Boiler
• Aquaculture Prawn Farming • 16 DPA (16-Dehydro • Ammonium Chloride Exhaust Gases
• Baker’s Yeast Pregneolone Acetate) • Ammonium Nitrate • Carbon Powder
• Baker’s Yeast (Yeast from • 1-Acetonaphthone • Ammonium Nitrate from • Carbon Tetra Chloride
Molasses) • 2-4, Dichloro-Phenoxy Acetic Fertilizer • Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
• Bio Fertilizer Acid • Ammonium Sulphate • Casein from Milk
• Bio Fertilizer from Cotton Seed • 2-Chloroethyl Phosphate Acid • Amyl Acetate • Cationic Softener
Cake 39% Emulsifying Concentrate • Anhydrous Ferric Chloride • Caustic Flakes from Sea Water
• Bio Gas Production (Manual) • 4,4, Diamino Stilbene 2-2-Dis- • Anilin Oil By Hydrogenation from • Caustic Soda
• Bio-Diesel from Cooking Oil Sulphonic Acid Benzene • Caustic Soda (Sodium
• Bio-Fertilizer (Organic • 7-Aminocephalosporanic Acid (7- • Anti Scaling / Descaling Hydroxide) Naoh
Fertilizers) from Garbage ACA) Chemicals • Caustic Soda Lye
• Bio-Fertilizer (Organic Manure) • Absolute Alcohol • Antimony • Caustic Soda with EDC, HCL
• Bio-Fertilizer from Birds Excreta • Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol) • Antimony Potassium Tartrate and Chlorine
• Biofertilizer from Herbal Waste • Acetic Acid • Antimony Trioxide • Caustic Soda with Rutile
• Bio-Fertilizers from Cow dung & • Acetic Acid (Glacial) • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) from • Cellulose Acetate
other • Acetic Acid from Molasses Lemon • Cellulose from Starch and CMC
Wastes • Acetic Acid from Natural Gas • Assaying Gold (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose and
• Biomass Briquettes from Bio • Acetic Anhydride • Bacteriological Grade Agar Poly Ionic Cellulose (Drilling
Waste • Acetonaphthone Agar Grade)
• Biopesticide - Trichoderma, • Acetone • Barium Carbonate • Cellulose Powder &
Pseudomonas, Fluorescens & • Acetylene Gas • Barium Compounds Microcrystalline Cellulose
Beauveria Bassiana • Acetylene Gas & Oxygen Gas • Barium Nitrate Powder
• Bio-Stimulant and Fertilizer • Acid Proof/Spirit Proof Caramel • Basic Chromium Sulphate • Cellulose Powder from Cotton
Supplement • Acid Slurry (By Manual Process) • Basic Chromium Sulphate from Linter (Waste of Cotton)
• Citric Acid from Molasses • Acid Slurry (L.A.B.) Waste Sulfur Dioxide • Cement Water Proofing
• Compressed Bio Gas • Acid Washed Granulated • Beneficiation of Manganese Ore Compound
• Compressed Yeast from Activated Carbon • Benzoic Acid • Charcoal from Bagasse
Molasses • Acrylic Acid and Its Derivatives • Benzoyl Peroxide (in Crystal • Charcoal from Coconut Shell
• Cut Flower Rose [Floriculture] • Acrylic Acid from Propylene Form) • Charcoal Powder from Rice
• Dehydration and Pickling of • Acrylic Resin (Emulsion Type) • Benzoyl Peroxide (in Powder Husk
Oyster Paddy Straw Mushroom • Activated Alumina Form) • Chelated Zinc (Zn-EDTA)
• Enzymes • Activated Bleaching Fuller Earth • Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol, • Chelated Zinc Powder (Zn-

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
22 Visit us at : ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019
EDTA) Manganese) • Lead Recovery from Scrap (Natural)
• China Clay Washing/Purification • Ferro Manganese (By Alumina Battery • N-Paraffin
• Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW) Thermic Process) • Lead Stearate • NPK Complex Fertilizer Plant
• Chloroform (CHCl3) • Ferro Silicon • Leather Auxiliaries • Optical Brightener
• Choline Chloride • Ferrous Silicate • Leather Chemicals (Hydrated • Ortho-Toluene Solvent
• Chromic Acid • Ferrous Sulphate Lime, • Ossein from Bones
• Citric Acid from Lemon • Fire Works Chromium Sulphate, Borax) • Oxalic Acid from Molasses
• Citric Acid from Molasses • Flooring Oxides • Lecithin (Soya Based) • Oxalic Acid from Rice Husk
• CNSL Based Resin in Powder & • Fluorine Chemical (Hydro • Lecithin from Sunflower Oil • Oxalic Acid from Saw Dust
Liquid Form Fluoric Acid) • Light Magnesium Oxide • Oxalic Acid from Vegetable
• Coal char from Activated Carbon • Foaming Agent • Lime Stone Powder Waste
• Cobalt Octoate • Formaldehyde formic Acid • Liquid Oxygen Bottling Plant • Oxygen and Nitrogen Gas Plant
• Construction Chemicals • Formulation of Super Plasticizer • Liquid Sodium Silicate from • Oxygen Gas Collection and
• Coolant Engine • Fortified Rosin (Used in Paper Caustic Soda & Sand Bottling Plant
• Copper Sulphate Industry) • L-Lysine from Microbial • Oxygen Gas Plant
• Copper Sulphate from Copper • Fuller Earth Fermentation • Oxygen Gas Plant (Air
Ash • Furfural Alcohol from Furfural • Low Carbon Ferro Manganese Separation Method)
• Copper Sulphate from Metallic (Hydrogenation) • Low Carbon Ferro Manganese • Oxygen Liquid Plant
Scrap Copper • Furfural from Corn Cobs, Rice and Ferro Chrome (Through • P. Toluene Sulphonic Acid
• Corrosion Controlling Husk, Sugarcane Bagasse Alumina Thermic Process) • P.V.C. Stabilizer (Lead Stearate
Chemicals (Pipe Lines) • Furfural from Rice Husk/Hull • Magnesite from Megnesite Ore & Calcium Stearate)
• D.O.P. (Dioctyle Phthalate) • G. Acid • Magnesium from Sea Water • Paint Driers
• Defoaming Agent for Paper • Gasket Shellac Compound • Magnesium Hydroxide • Para Aminophenol
Industries • Gelatin (Edible, Pharmaceutical • Magnesium Hydroxide Powder • Para Toluene Sulphonic Acid
• Dehydrated Lime & Photography Grade) • Magnesium Oxide (Especially • Pectin from Citrus, Lemon &
• Derivative of Geraniol & other • Gelatin from Bones Light Grade) from Dolomite Oranges
Alcohols Extract B-Pinene • Geraniol Derivatives & Alcohol • Magnesium Oxide with More • Pectin from Citrus, Lemon,
Derivative Based on Pinene Extract of Pinene Than 90% Mgo Orange Peels & Apple Pomace
• Dextrin from Starch • Glacial Acetic Acid • Magnesium Powder (Light) • Pectin from Orange Lime Peels
• Dhoop (Loban) Benzoin • Glacial Acetic Acid from Methyl • Magnesium Sulfate as Fertilizer • Pectin from Raw Papaya
• Di Aryl Di Sulphide (Dads) Alcohol Grade • Pentaerythritol
• Di Calcium Phosphate from Rock • Gluten • Magnesium Sulphate • Phenyl
Phosphate (Haifa Process) • Glycerine • Maleic Anhydride • Phenyl (Black and White)
• Di-Butyl Phthalate (DBP) • Glycerol Monooleate (GMO) • Manganese Oxide (Ferrite • Phenyl (Pine Oil Disinfectant)
• Dicalcium Phosphate Dentifrice • Glycerol Monostearate Grade) • Phenyl Brown & White
Grade • Gold Potassium Cynide • Manganese Sulfate from • Phosphoric Acid (Purification)
• Di-Calcium Phosphate from • Gold Salt Ferromanganese Content 30% from Crude
Rock Phosphate • Gossypol Mno3 • Phosphoric Acid from Rock
• Diethyle Phthalate (D.E.P.) • Ground Calcium Carbonate • Manganese Sulphate Phosphate (Used of Waste Spent
• Dimethyl Sulphate • Guar Hydroxy Propyl • Manganous Oxide (Mno) Acid 25% of Vinyl Sulphan
• Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate Triammonium Chloride Through ontents H2so4 + Hcl)
• DOP & other Plasticizers • Heat & UV Stabilizers for PVC & Calcination of Manganese Oxide • Photo-Emulsion for Rotary
• Dough Moulding Compound other Engineering Plastics Ore in Rotary Kiln Screen Printing
(DMC) • Heat and Water Proof Compound • M-Dinitrobenzene • Phthalic Anhydride
• D-Phenyl Glycine for Construction • Medium Grade Ferro • Phthalocyanine Blue & Green
• Dry Ice By Breaking of Air • Hexachloro-Ethane Manganese • Plaster of Paris
• Dye Fixing Agent (By Cold • Hexachloro-Ethane from Ethylene • Melamine • Poly Acetal Unit
Process) Dichloride • Melamine Formaldehyde Powder • Poly Acrylic Acid
• EDTA and its Salt • Hexamine from Formaldehyde • Meta-Dinitro Benzaldehyde • Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC.
• Emulsifiers for Cutting Oil • High Carbon Ferro Manganese • Metal Naphathenates from Alcl3)
• Endosulphan • High Concentrated Formalin • Metal Paste • Poly Aluminium Chloride from
• Ephedrine Hydrochloride • High Quality Activated Carbon • Metal-Pre-Treatment Chemicals Aluminium Hydroxide
• Erythrosine • Highly Purified HCL By Using • Metanilic Acid • Poly Aluminium Sulphate from
• Etching Process HCL as Raw Material • Methyl Acrylate Aluminium Sulphate
• Ethanol as Bio-Fuel • Humic Acid from Lignite Coal • Methyl Ethyl Ketone Oxime • Poly Carbonate (Dry Process)
• Ethanol from Molasses with • Hydrated Lime • Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide • Poly Vinyl Alcohol
Spent Wash Treatment • Hydrated Lime from Sea Shell • Methyl Methacrylate • Polyester Resin
• Ethyl Acetate • Hydrazine Hydrate • Methyl Methacrylate (Monomer) • Polyethylene Wax
• Ethyl Alcohol from Molasses • Hydrochloric Acid from Acrylic Scraps • Polyphenoles/Antioxidants from
• Ethyl Ortho Phthalate • Hydrogen Per Oxide (50% Conc) • Methyl Salicylate Tea Extracts/ Tea Concentrates
• Ethyl Vanillin • Hydrogen Peroxide • Metrodinazole • Polyvinyl Acetate
• Ethylene Diamine (Anthraquinone Autoxidation • Micro Nutrients Mixture Solid • Polyvinyl Alcohol
• Ethylene Glycol Mono-Stearate, Process) • Microcrystalline Cellulose • Potassium Chloride
Ethylene • Hydrogen Peroxide (90% or Powder • Potassium Cyanide (Silver &
Glycol Di-Stearate 50%) • Mixed Fertilizer (Chemical Gold)
• Ethylene Oxide • Hydrogen Peroxide (By Auto Based) • Potassium Dichromate/
• Ethylene Oxide By Ethylene Oxidation Process) • Mixed Fertilizer (Organic Bichromate
Oxidation • Hydrogen Peroxide By Ethyl Waste) • Potassium Iodate
• Extra Neutral Alcohol Anthraquinine • Mono Ethylene Glycol • Potassium Iodide
• Extraction of Chemicals from Catalytic • Mono Sodium Glutamate • Potassium Nitrate
D.M.O. • Hydrogen Peroxide Using CNG • Mosquito Coil • Potassium Nitrate from
• Extraction of Gold, Silver & Gas • Multi Grade Lime Potassium Chloride
Copper from the Alloy by • Hydroxide (Naoh)-Caustic Soda • N-Acetyl Glucosamin Through • Potassium Permanganate
Chemical Process • Hydroxy Amine Sulphate Chitin Biotechnically (Kmno4) in Solution form
• Extraction of Lead from Lead • Industrial Gases • Naphtha Based Solvent • Potassium Silicate
Waste • Industrial Salt • Naphthalene Balls • Potassium Silicate for Welding
• Extraction of Silver from Hypo • Insoluble Sulphur • Naphthalene from Coaltar & Rod
Solution (Chemical Process) • International Standard Petroleum Waste • Potassium Silicate Using
• Extraction of Ultra Pure Silicon Laboratories • Naphthole Astr Autoclave
from Rice Husk • Iron Oxide for Making Ferrites • Natural Glycerin • Potassium Sulphate
• Fatty Acid • ISO Propane (Isopropyl Alcohol • N-Butyl Acetate • Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
• Fatty Acid Based on Sunflower • Isolation of Citral & Ionones from • Neutralization of Chemical • Precipitated Silica
Acid Oil Lemon Grass Oil Phosphogypsum • Precipitated Silica from Rice
• Ferric Alum • Isophthalic Acid • Nickel Catalyst for Husk Ash
• Ferric Alum for Water Treatment • Isophthalic Acid Resin Hydrogenation of • Precipitated Silicate (Liquid
• Ferric Chloride (Anhydrous) • L A B (Linear Alkyl Benzene) Vegetable Oil Sodium Silicate)
• Ferric Chloride Solution • Laboratory Chemicals • Nicotine from Tobacco Waste • Pure Silica Metal with Silica
• Ferric Oxide • L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) • Nitric Acid (60%) from Ammonia (99.99%)
• Ferric Sulphate • Lead Oxide (Mono-Oxide, Red • Nitro Cellulose • Quinine Sulphate From Cinchona
• Ferric Sulphate (Powder) Lead • Nitrous Oxide Bark
• Ferro Alloy Tetra Nickel) • Non-Ferric Alum • Reclamation of Nickel from Spent
• Ferro Alloys Ferro Silicon, Ferro • Lead Oxide (Monoxide, Red & • Non-Formaldehyde Fixing Agent Catalyst of Vanaspati Industry
Maganese and Silico Grey) • Non-Formaldehyde Fixing Agent • Reclamation of used Bleaching

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
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Earth • Solvent Extraction and Refining • Compact Disc Player • Hair Oil
• Recovery of Silver from Waste of Soyabean Oil • Computer Assembling Unit • Hair Shampoo
Fixer Bleach Obtained from Photo • Sorbitan Monooleate • Computer Assembly (Hardware) • Henna Paste (Self Life 6 Month)
Colour Lab By Sulphide Process • Stearic Acid • Computer Education Institute • Herbal Cosmetic
• Recovery of Zinc Metal from Zinc • Strontium Carbonate • Computer Farms & Security • Herbal Hair Oil (Banphool Type)
Ash • Sulphur Milling Plant Printing Press • Herbal Natural Essential Oil
• Red Oxide from Waste Ferrous • Sulphur Powder • Computer Floppy Disk Storage • Herbal Natural Essential Oil
Sulfate of H-Acid • Sulphuric Acid Box (Steam Distillation Process)
• Red Oxide Paint Brushing, • Sulphuric Acid 98%, Oleum 65%, • Computer Forms (Stationery) • Lemon Grass Oil
Finishing and Semi Glass Chlorosulphonic Acid 98% (from • Computer Key Boards • Light and Fragrant Hair Oil with
• Reduction of Manganese Dioxide Sulpher), & Thionielchloride • Computer Monitor (Monochrome Coconut Oil and Mineral Oil
To (Socl2 from Sulpher & Chlorine Monitor) • Lily Essence
Manganese Oxide 42% Process Gas) • Computer Ribbon (for Printer) • Menthol Crystal Bold from
By Rotary Kiln • Super Phosphate & Mixed • Computer Ribbon Refilling/ Menthol Oil
• Refrigerant Alfa – R- 134 Fertilizer (NPK) Reinking • Menthol Crystals
• Ringer’s Lactate Solution • Super Plasticizer (Liquid Form) • Computer Software (EOU) • Menthol Crystals & Menthol Oil
• Roofing Compound & Water • Surgical Methylated Spirit • Computer Training Institute • Menthol Oil, Citronella Oil &
Proofing Compound • Synthetic Iron Oxide (Yellow) • Cyber Park Clove Oil
• Silica Jel • Synthetic Ruby Sapphire • Cybercafe-Internet Browsing • Nail Polish
• Silica Sand • Synthetic Tallow • E-Commerce • Non Formal Dye Fixing Oil
• Silica Sand Beneficiation • Synthetic Tannin Powder for • Floppy Disks • Non-Alcoholic Flavours
• Silico Manganese Leather • Information Technology (I.T.) • Oleo-Resin & Capsacin Product
• Silicon Sealant Industry Training Centre Extraction Plant
• Silicone • Tannic Acid • Internet Service Provider • Oleoresin & Essential Oil
• Silicone Carbide • Tannin (Edible) from Arecanut • IT Park • Palmrosa Grass Oil
• Silicone Emulsion • Tartaric Acid from Maleic • Laptop Computers • Pan Flavouring (Kashmiri
• Silicone from Rice Husk Anhydride • Medical Transcription Centre Sugandh)
• Silver Extraction from Waste • Tartaric Acid from Tamarind • Online Shopping Mall • Peppermint Oil
Fibre Bleach and from Photo Film • Tartaric Acid, Food Colour, • Plastic Floppy Storage Box • Perfumery Chemicals Synthetic
• Silver Extraction from Waste Crude Pectin, Tamarind Oil • Portal and
Hypo Solution (Chem. Process) • Textile Printing Binder COSMETICS, PERFUMERY Natural
• Silver Extraction from Waste • Thio Urea COMPOUNDS, FLAVOURS & • Perfumery Compound
Hypo Solution (X-Ray/Cinema • Thio Urea (Using Carbon ESSENTIAL OILS, PERFUMES (Fragrance Oil)
Film Disulphide) & FRAGRANCES, ESSENCES, • Perfumes
• Silver Nitrate • Titanium Dioxide TOILETRIES, HAIR CARE, • Rajnigandha and Rose
• Single Super Phosphate • Tri Basic Lead Sulphate PERSONAL CARE, SKIN Plantation with Extraction of Oils
• Single Super Phosphate (S.S.P.) • Trisodium Phosphate CARE, BEAUTY PRODUCTS • Red (Lal) Tooth Powder
& Sulphuric Acid • Ultra Marine Blue (5 Mt/Day) • Aerosol Silicon Spray • Rose Oil (Essential Oil from
• Single Super Phosphate & Mix • Urea Formaldehyde Resin • Aerosol Spray [Rose Flavour, Flowers)
NPK Fertilizers (SSP & NPK) • Water Proofing Compound Night Queen, Jasmin • Rose Oil Extraction
• Single Super Phosphate (Liquid & Powder) • After Shave Lotion • Rose Plantation & Rose Oil
(Powder) • Water Treatment Chemicals • Agar Agar (Bacteriological xtraction (Rose Essential Oil)
• Soda Ash • X-Ray Photography Developers Grade) • Sandal Wood Oils & Powder
• Sodium Aluminates & Fixer • Agar Oil from Black Agar Wood • Scent & Perfumes
• Sodium Aluminium Sulphate • Yeast from Molasses • Agarbatti (Sticks) • Shampoo & Creams
• Sodium Benzoate • Yellow Dextrin • Agarbatti Synthetic Perfumery • Shampoo & Creams (Cold
• Sodium Bicarbonate from Soda • Zeolite - A Compound Cream, All Purpose Cream &
Ash • Zeolite 4a (Detergent Grade) • Air Freshener & Purifiers Vanishing Cream) Shaving
• Sodium Carboxy Methyl • Zinc & Copper Sulphate from • Air Fresheners (Odonil Type) Cream
Cellulose Brass Ash • Amla Hair Oil Based on • Shaving Cream & Shaving Soap
• Sodium Chloride (Naclo2) Direct • Zinc Brightener Vegetable Oil • Sindur, Roli, Bindi & Gulal
Electrolysis Process from • Zinc Chloride • Aromatic Herbal Shampoo • Spice Oil or Oleoresins
Sodium Chloride to Sodium • Zinc Oxide (Chemical Process) • Aromatic Perfumery Compounds (Extraction of Essential Oil from
Chlorite • Zinc Oxide from Zinc Dross • Artemisia Vulgaris Oil Spices)
• Sodium Chromate • Zinc Phosphate • Bath Soap (Pears Type) • Sweet Aroma of Betel Nut.
• Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate • Zinc Phosphate By Cold Process • Bathing Soap • Synthetic Perfumery Compound
• Sodium Hydrosulphite • Zinc Stearate • Bindi • Talcum Powder
• Sodium Hydroxide • Zinc Sulfate 21% Agricultural • Bindiya (Shilpa Type) • Talcum Powder (Face & Toilet
• Sodium Hypo Chlorite from Grade from Waste Ash • Car Shampoo Powder)
Waste Chlorine Gas • Zinc Sulphate • Cardamom Oil • Tejpatta Oil from Tejpatta
• Sodium Hypochloride (Bleaching • Zinc Sulphate (33%, 12%, 21%) • Citronella Oil Extraction (Steam • Tobacco Based Tooth Powder
Powder) • Zinc Sulphate Micro Nutrients or Distillation) • Tobacco Flavouring Compound
• Sodium Meta Bisulphite Fertilizer • Cosmetic Industry • Tooth Paste
• Sodium Meta-Silicate • Zinc Sulphate Micro-Nutrient • Cylindrical Agarbatti Sticks • Tooth Paste & Powder
• Sodium Nitrate Mixture • Detol Type Antiseptic Lotion • Tooth Paste (Gel Type)
• Sodium Nitrate & Sodium Nitrate • Zinc-Metal from Zinc Ash • Dhoop Batti Sticks • Yara Yara (Perfumes for Soap,
from Nitric acid Vapour of Oxalic • Zircon • Essences for Biscuit, Detergent & Agarbatti)
• Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate PRODUCTS Essential Flavour) & PIGMENTS
• Sodium Silicate • Activated Carbon from Coco nut • Essential Oil Form Lily, Mogra, • Acetonaphthone
• Sodium Silicate from Rice Husk Shell Nishigandha • Azodicarbonamide Plant
• Sodium Silicate from Rice/Paddy • Coconut based Hair Oil • Essential Oil from Flowers • Azo Dye Stuffs
Husk • Coconut Fiber Unit • Essential Oils from Jawa • Beta Naphthol (100% EOU)
• Sodium Silicate from Silica and • Coconut Oil Citronella Oil • Coumarin
Soda Ash • Coconut Plantation • Eucalyptus Oil • Dye Fixing Agent (By Cold
• Sodium Silicate Using Wet • Coconut Processing Unit • Extraction of Essential Oil & Process)
Process and Caustic Soda • Coconut Shell Powder Packaging • Dye Intermediates
• Sodium Sulphate (Anhydrous) • Coconut Squash Jam & Cream • Extraction of Menthol Oil • Dye Intermediates - Indigo Blue
• Sodium Sulphate Plant • Coconut Water • Extraction of Oil (Jeera, Ajowan, • Dyes & Dye Intermediates
• Sodium Sulphide from Barium • Coir Handicraft Ginger, Cardamom Oil) • Erythrosine
Compound • Coir Industries • Formulation of Flavours • Fast Colour Base
• Sodium Sulphide from Sulfur and • Coir Pith Products • Fractional Distillation of • Lake Colour
Caustic Soda • Desiccated Coconut Powder Essencial Oil and Medicinal • Leather Auxiliaries
• Sodium Sulphite • Integrated Coconut Processing Plant • Lecithin (Soya Based)
• Sodium Tripoly Phosphate • Rubberised Coir • Fractional Distillation Unit for • Metal Naphthenates
• Softener (Cationic, Anionic & COMPUTER PRODUCTS AND Lemongrass, Palmrosa and • Naphthalene Balls
Nonionic) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Citronella • Phthalocyanine Blue and Green
• Solder Fluxes (IT) BASED • Garlic and Ginger Oil • Reactive Dyes (Red, Orange,
• Solid Carbon Dioxide (Dry Ice) • Business Process Outsourcing • Ginger Oil (Super Critical Co2 Yellow Colour) Used B-Napthol
• Solid Fuel Cake (BPO) Process) • Synthetic Iron Oxide (Yellow)
• Solvent & Thinners • Call Centre (Domestic) • Hair Dye (Godrej Type) • Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments
• Solvent Extraction & Refining • Call Centre (International) • Hair Dye Powder • Synthetic Iron Oxide from Iron
Plant • Compact Disc • Hair Dyes (Henna Based) Oxide Liquor/Sludge

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
24 Visit us at : ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019
• Textile Bleaching, Dyeing & & Refining of Oil • Auto Bulb/Lamp • Electronic Horn for Automobile
Finishing • Cotton Seed Oil • Auto Lamps (Auto Tail Lights) • Electronic Service Centre
• Textile Carpet Woollen Dyeing • Cotton Seed Oil (Extraction & • Auto Telephone Recording and • Electronic Toys
• Textile Dyeing Auxiliaries Refined) Answering Machine • XLPE Cables
• Textile Printing Pigment Binder • Cultivation & Super Critical Oil • Automobile Battery • Emergency Light
• Ultra Marine Blue Extraction of Chilli, Ginger & • Bakelite Electrical Accessories • Emergency Tube Light
ECO FRIENDLY AND Large Cardamom • Battery (UPS, Inverter, Solar • EPABX / EPAX System
BIODEGRADABLE • Edible Oil Refinery Unit System & Automobile Battery) • Exhaust Fans (Cooler Fan)
PRODUCTS • Extraction of Oil from Neem Seed • Battery for Auto Vehicles • F.H.P. Motors
• Duplex Paper • Extraction of Oil from Soyabean & • Battery Manufacturing Unit • Ferrite Magnets
• Fuel Bricks from Groundnuts Cotton Seed • Battery Plates & Assembly • Fluorescent Tube Starter
Soyabean Hull and Jute • Extraction of Oil from Tamarind • Button Cell (Miniature Watch • G.L.S. Bulbs/Lamps
• Gunny Bags Seed Battery) • Gas Detectors of LPG
• Jute Coir, Grass Rope/ Sutli • Extraction of Sesame, Rice Bran • Cable Creeping Lugs, Socket & • Halogen Lamps
• Jute Garments & Palm Oil Cable Creeping Tools • House Wiring Cables
• Jute Shopping Bags • Fat Liquor (Sulfated Oil) • Calculator, Torch & Alarm • HT & MV Industrial Cubic Switch
• Jute Yarn Sutli & Hessian Cloth • Garlic Oil • Capacitors Boards
Weaving (Integrated Unit) • Ginger Oil • Cassette Tape Recorder • Immersion Heater
• Natural Colour & Oil (Turmeric • Hydrogenation of Non-Edible Oil • Ceiling Fan • Information Moving Display
Colour & Oil) • Lemon Grass Oil • Ceiling Fans, Wall Switches & (Lead Type)
• Paper & Paper Board from Jute • Linseed Oil Sockets • Insulator (High Tension/Low
Sticks • Mahua Oil • Choke & Starter for Fluorescent Tension)
• Paper Cups • Maize Oil Tube • Invertors
• Paper Cups for Ice Creams • Margarine/Fat • Choke and Patti for Fluorescent • Jelly Filled Cables
• Paper Envelopes • Neem Oil from Seeds Tube • Lamp Shades & Chandliers
• Paper Plates • Non-Formal Dye Fixing Oil • Choke and Starter • Lead Acid Batteries
• Paper Shopping Bag, Cup, Plate, • Oleoresin of Spices Using • Chokes and Patties • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Glass & Envelopes Solvent Extraction Process • Clay Plate for Electric Heater • M.C.B. (Miniature Circuit
• Paper Shopping Bags • Oleoresin of Spices Using • Colour Television (T.V.) Breaker)
• PET Bottles Steam Distillation Process • Commutators • Maintenance Free Re-
• PET Bottles from Pre-Form PET • Palm Oil • Compact Copper Tube Light Chargeable Battery
• Ply Board from Bamboo (Chinese • Patchouli Oil Choke • Micro Oven
Process) • Poppy Seed Oil By Expeller • Compact Disc Rom (CD-Rom) • Miniature Transformer
• Poly Vinyl Alcohol Film (Cold Process • Compact Disk Player • Modular Switches
Water Soluble) • Poppy Seed Oil By Solvent • Compact Fluorescent Lamps • Multilayer Printed Circuit Board
• Wood Plastic Composite Extraction Process • Compressor for AC (Hermetic) • Musical Door Bell
Products • Rainbow Colours on Metal • Computerized Washing Machine • Neon Bulb
EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES, • Refined Oil (Cotton Seed Ground • Cooling Coils (For Air • Neon Sign Board
SCHOOL, ENGINEERING, Nut Oil & Sunflower Oil Conditioners) • Neon Sign Tube and Board
MEDICAL, DENTAL, • Refined, Bleached, Palm Oil from • Copper Clad Laminated Sheet • Optical Fibre Cable
PHARMACY, MANAGEMENT, Crude Palm Oil Used • Optical Pickup Unit
CULINARY, NURSING, • Rice Bran Extraction & Refining for Making P.C.B. • P.V.C. Wire & Cables
PHYSIOTHERAPY COLLEGE • Rice Bran Oil • Cordless Telephone • PCB (Flexible)
• Bachelor Physiotherapy College • Rubber Processing Oil • CT/PT Epoxy Casting • PCB (Multilayer)
• Bio-Tech Institute • Sesame Oil from Sesame Seed Transformers • PCB (Totally Automatic Plant)
• Culinary Institute • Shortening & Liquid Palm • Diesel Generator (20-200 KVA) • Plastic Cooler Body (Symphony
• Dental College (Olien) DG Set Type)
• Engineering College • Solvent Extraction Plant • Different Types of Capacitors • Polyurethane Battery Separator
• I.T.I (Industrial Training Institute) • Solvent Extraction Plant & • Dish Antenna and Satellite • Porcelain Insulator
• Management College Refinery Based on Rice Bran, Network Equipment • Portable Television (B & W)
• Management College (BBA, Soya & Other Oil Seeds • Distribution Transformer & • Power Cables
BCA, MBA, MCA) • Solvent Extraction Plant for Rice Repairs • Power Capacitor
• Marine Engineering College Bran • Distribution Transformer • Power Supply (Linear Switch
• Medical College • Solvent Extraction Plant for (250KVA) Repairing Mode)
• Medical College, Hospital & Soyabean • Distribution Transformers • Power Transformer
Research Institute • Sun Flower Seed Oil • Domestic Electric Cable • Power Transformers-Extra High
• Medical College with Hospital • Tejpatta Oil from Tejpatta • Domestic Refrigeration Voltage Up To 400 KV
• Nursery School • Turkey Red Oil • Dry Cell • Printed Circuit Board
• Orphanage with School • Turpentine Oil and Rosin • Dry Cell Battery • PV Module Assembly Plant
• Pharmacy College (B. Pharma • Vegetable Crude Oil (Solvent • Dry Cells, Rechargeable Cells (Photovoltaic)
Pharma) Extraction Plant) • Electric & Ordinary Detonators • PVC Battery Separator
• Pharmacy College (B-Pharma) • Virgin Coconut Oil (used in Explosive for Hard Rock • Rechargeable Battery-
• Polytechnic College (Technical • Wheat Germ Oil Cutting & Blasting) Maintenance Free (Sealed Lead
Education Institution) • Wool Batching Oil • Electric Arc Furnace Acid)
• Residential School (C.B.S.E. ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC • Electric Bulb (GLS Bulb) • Re-Conditioning of Fluorescent
Pattern) INDUSTRIES • Electric Energy Meter Tube
• Residential School (ICGEB) • Air Conditioner (A/C) Car & • Electric Extension Cord • Re-Conditioning of TV Picture
• School Room Servicing • Electric Fan Tube
• School (Secondary School) • Air Conditioners (Window Type) • Electric Fluorescent Tube • Refrigeration & Mini
• School (I.G.C.S.E.) • Air Cooler • Electric Geyser Refrigeration
• Vocational Training Institute • All Aluminium Alloy Conductor • Electric Mixer • Rewinding of Burnt Electric
EDIBLE OILS, NON EDIBLE (AAAC) • Electric Motor Motor
OILS, FATS, VEGET ABLE FATS • All Aluminium Conductor & • Electric Motor Pumps • Rosin Cored Soft Soldering Wire
AND OILS, CORN OIL, Aluminium Conductor • Electric Panel Board (Switch • Satellite Receiver
COOKING OILS, RICE BRAN • All Aluminium Conductors Boards) • Scientific Laboratory Equipment
OIL, CASTOR OIL, SESAME • Alternator • Electric Steam Iron (Electronic)
OIL, LINSEED OIL • Alternator (1 To 75 KVA) • Electric Water Heater • Set Top Box
• Anilin Oil By Hydrogenation from • Aluminium Conductor • Electrical Accessories (Plugs, • Soft & Hard Ferrites
Benzene • Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor Switches, Sockets) • Steel Vacuum Flask
• Cardamom Oil • Aluminium Power Cables • Electrical Control Panel • Submersible Pump
• Castor Oil (Batch Process) • Aluminium/Copper Cable Lugs • Electrical Lamp • Submersible Pump & Motors
• Castor Oil (Extraction & • Arial Bunched Cable • Electrical Motors (High • Switch Mode Power Supply
Refining) • Armoured Cables Capacity) • Tape Recorder’s Pinch Roller,
• Castor Oil Derivative Oleoresin • Audio Cassette Assembling & • Electrical Panel (Switch Board) Rubber, Drive, Belt Flat
• Chili Oil Recording Unit • Electrical Stamping • Tele Com/Power Transmission
• Coconut Oil (Filtration and • Audio Cassette Manufacturing & • Electro Polishing on Steel Tower
Airtight Packaging in Recording • Electronic Calculator • Telephone (Push Button Type)
Containers) • Audio Cassettes Manufacturing • Electronic Choke (Ballast) • Terminal Connectors
• Coconut Oil from Copra • Audio Magnetic Tape • Electronic Cut Out for • Transformer/Servomotor/Relay
• Coconut Oil in Containers • Audio Stereo Cassette Recorder Automobiles • Transistor and Semi Conductor
(Filtration & Airtight Packaging) Players • Electronic Digital Weighing • Un-Interrupted Power Supply
• Corn Oil (Maize Oil) • Audio Video Cassette Machine (UPS)
• Cotton Seed Delinting/Crushing Assembling • Electronic Energy Meter • V.C. Cooler

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019 Visit us at : 25
• Variable Frequency, Variable • Baby Food Products (Infant Cultivation Unit
Voltage A.C. Voltage Cereals), • Menthol Crystal from Menthol Oil • Pasteurised Milk Packing
• Video Cassette Porridge Mixes, Fruit Purees, • Menthol Crystals (EOU) • Potato Powder & Flakes
• Video Compact Disc (V.C.D.) Savoury • Milk Chilling & Packaging Plant • Photocopier Cleaning Web (Non
• Voltage Stabilizer (Solid State) Meals, Infant Milk, Baby Biscuits • Milk Paneer Woven)
• Voltage Stabilizer Using IC & Mueslis • Milk Plant with Pouch Packing • Pickles
Timer • Baby Health Care Food & Milk • Milk Powder and Ghee • Pickles (Various Types)
• Washing Machine • Bakery Industries • Milk Powder, Pasteurised Milk, • Pickles (Vegetarian & Non
• Washing Machine & Geyser • Bakery Unit (Pastries, Bread, Butter, Cheese & Ghee Vegetarian)
• Winding Wires PVC Insulated for Buns, Cake, Toffee) • Milk Processing (Flavoured Milk • Pickles Murabbas (Veg. & Non
Submersible Motors • Bakery Unit (Rusk & Cookies) (Chocolate) in Pouches, Curd, Veg.)
ELECTROPLATING • Baking Powder Flavoured Yogurt, Ghee, Butter & • Pickles, Murabbas, Sauces &
INDUSTRIES • Banana & Its By Products Paneer) Squashes
• Anodic Aluminium Labels • Banana Powder • Milk Processing Plant • Pig Farming
• Aluminium Anodizing Plant • Banana Products (Banana • Milk Product Butter, Ghee, Ice • Pig Farming with Pork
• Aluminium Hard-Anodizing Unit Powder, Puree and Concentrate) Cream Processing
• Chrome Plating • Banana Puree • Milk Product Cheese • Pig Meat Processing (800 Pig/
• Electro Polishing of Steel • Banana Wafers • Milk Products Day)
• Electroplating of Gold & Their • Basmati Rice Trading • Milk Toffee Manufacturing • Piggery Meat Processing
Chemical Treatment in Golden • Bee Keeping, Honey Processing • Mineral Water Bottling Plant • Piggery/Meat/Chicken
Colour and Packaging • Mineral Water in Pouches Processing
• Coating of Titanium Dioxide on • Beer & Whisky • Mini Flour Mill (Disk Type) • Pine Apple Slice Canning
Plastic Surface • Beer & Wine • Mini Sugar Plant • Pineapple Base Beer, Wine &
• Electroplating of Plastic • Beer Industry • Mishri (Sugar Candy) Whiskey
• Electroplating of Various Metal • Beer Plant • Modern Basmati Rice • Pineapple Juice Manufacturing &
• Galvanized Iron Sheet (Plain & • Beer, Whisky & Rum • Modern Bread & Bakery Unit Canning
Corrugated) • Besan Plant (Bread, Buns, Rush) • Poha (Chiwra)
• Gold Electroplating on Cheaper • Bio-Coal Briquettes from • Modern Bread & Buns (Bakery • Pork Processing & Pig Farming
Ornaments (Without Using Gold) Agricultural Cellulosic Waste Unit) • Pork Products
• Gold Plated Silver Jewellery • Biscuits & Cookies • Modern Chilly Powder • Potato and Onion Flakes
• Gold Plated Silver Jewellery & • Biscuits Making Plant • Modern Rice Mill • Potato Chips
Cutlery • Blended Alcohol with Bottling • Modified Potato Starch • Potato Chips & its By-Products
• Hard Chromium Plating Line (Molasses Based) • Modified Starch • Potato Chips (Imported Machine)
• Peelable Coating (Water Based) • Bottling Plant (Alcoholic & Non • Mushroom Growing & • Potato Chips Automatic Plant
• Peelable Coating Solvent Based Alcoholic) Processing with Air Conditioning • Potato Chips in Different
• Silver & Gold Plating on PVC • Lacithin (Soya Based) • Mushroom Growing and Flavours
and Nylon-6 • Liquid Glucose from Broken Rice Processing (By Deep Freezing • Potato Chips/Wafers (Different
• Watch Case Buffing • Liquid Glucose from Maize & Method) Types of Recepe & Flavours)
FOOD PROCESSING AND Maize Oil • Mushroom Processing and • Potato Chips/Waffers
AGRICULTURE BASED • Liquid Glucose from Potatoes Canning • Potato Flakes
PROJECTS, SNACK FOOD, • Litchi Juice • Mustard Oil • Potato French Fries
FROZEN FOOD, AGRO • Locally Made Foreign Liquor • Mustard Oil Mill • Potato Granules
PROCESSING, PROCESSED • Macaroni Manufacturing • Namkeen (Dalmoth, Bhujia, • Potato Powder
FOOD, FOOD PRESERVATION, • Macaroni, Spaghetti, Vermicelli Chanachoor) • Potato Powder (Automatic)
CANNED FOOD, PACKED & Noodles • Neem Oil from Seeds • Potato Powder (Imported Plant)
FOOD, CEREAL FOOD, GRAIN • Maize & Its By Products • Non-Dairy Whipping Cream • Potato Powder (in Low
MILLING, BAKERY, • Maize & Its Products - Starch, • Nursery Farms Investment)
CONFECTIONERY, Oxidized Starch, Oil, Liquid • Nursery for Producing Tree- • Potato Powder, Flakes & Pellets
ALCOHOLIC AND NON Glucose, Dextrose Sapling • Potato Powder, Flakes and
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, • Maize Oil • Oleoresin from Chilly Granules with Cold Storage
BEER AND WINE, MILK & • Maize Processing for Glucose • Oleoresin of Spices • Potato Powder, Granulated and
DAIRY RODUCTS • Maize Processing Plant (Starch, • Onion & Potato Powder Flakes
• Alcohol from Potatoes Dextrose, Sorbitol, Liquid • Onion Powder • Potato Starch
• Alcohol from Rice (Grains) Glucose & Malto Dextrose) • Orange Juice Plant with Cold • Potato Wafers (Imported Plant)
• Alcohol from Rice Straw • Maize Processing Plant (Starch, Storage Facility and Captive • Poultry & Poultry Farm with
• Aloevera Juice, Gel and Powder Gluten, Germ, Fiber, Glucose & Power Plant Hatchery
• Angora Rabbit Farming, Rabbit Steep Water) • Organic Food • Poultry Farm (Cap: 100000 Birds
Feed, Yarn from Wool Then Mfg. • Maize Processing Unit (Starch, • Packaged Drinking Water with Annum)
of Shawls, Sweaters, Caps, Gluten Pet Bottles (1 Ltr) (Automatic • Poultry Processing (Processed
Muflers with Dyeing & Bleaching Feed, Gluten Meal, Oil & Oil Plant) Meat)
• Animal Feed from Bagasse Cake) • Packaged Drinking Water with • Poultry Processing Plant
• Animal Feed Using Date Pits, • Maize Products (Starch, Pet Glasses (250 Ml.) Automatic • Poultry Project
Discarded Dates & Other Oxidized Starch, Liquid Glucose Plant • Broiler Farm,
Ingredients & Dextrose) • Packaging of Tomato Paste • Broiler Processing, &
• Apple Chips • Maize Products Starch, Liquid • Pan Chatni • Poultry Feed
• Apple Juice Concentrate & Glucose, Dextrose Monohydrate, • Pan Masala & Gutka • Pre- Gel Starch from Maize
Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables Dextrose Anhydrous, Sorbitol And • Pan Masala in Pouch & Tin Pack Starch (Drilling Grade)
• Aquaculture Fish (Bream) Vitamin C Sada, Meetha, Zarda • Preservative Free Jam (Fruit
Farming • Maize Starch • Pan Masala in Pouch and Tin Spreads) and Organic Jam
• Aquaculture Fish Farming • Maize Starch & Liquid Glucose Pack, Sada, Meetha, Zarda & Making
• Aquaculture Prawn Farming • Maize Wet Milling Process Kimam • Processed & Dehydrated
(100% EOU) • Maize/Corn Starch, Sorbitol and • Pan Masala in Pouch Pack Gherkins
• Aquaculture Prawn Farming Dextrose • Pan Masala Khaini, Gutka, Supar • Processed Food & Spices
Equipped with Cold Storage • Makhana Processing Unit Baba Zafarani Type • Processed Fruits & Vegetables
• Aquaculture Shrimp Farming • Malt from Barley • Pan Masala, Gutka & Pouch • Processing & Packing of Snack
• Arecanut (Betal Nut) Processing • Malting Plant Making Plant Food
Unit • Mango Fruit Bar • Pan Masala, Gutka, Sweet • Processing of Food Grain/Pulse
• Asafoetida • Mango Juice Supari, Chewing Tobacco & and Retail Packaging
• Aspargus Cultivation & • Mango Papad (Aam Papad) Khaine • Production of Date Syrup, Date
Processing • Mango Pickles • Paneer from Soya Milk Paste, Date Jam & Date Food
• Atta Chakki • Mango Powder • Papad & Bari • Rabbit Farming
• Atta Chakki Plant • Mango Processing • Papad & Bariya • Ragi Biscuits
• Atta, Maida, Suji & Wheat Bran • Mango Pulp • Papad Plant (Automatic) • Ready to Eat Food (Retort
(Roller Flour Mill) • Mango Pulp & Slices • Papad Plant (Imported/ Packaging) Vegetable Pulao, Dal
• Automatic Biscuit Making Plant • Mango Pulp Processing & Automatic) Makhani, Palak, Rajmah, Potato
• Automatic Bread & Biscuit Plant Canning • Parboiled Rice Mill Pea & Mutter Mushroom
• Automatic Bread & Biscuit Unit • Manufacturing of Roasted Salted • Parboiled Rice Mill with Rice & • Rectified Spirit, Extra Netural
(Modern Bakery) Plant Cashew Kernel from Cashew Nut Corn Flakes Alcohol (ENA)
• Automatic Bread Plant • Margarine Fat • Particle Board from Bagasse • Red Chilli Powder
• Automatic Chapati Making Plant • Masala (Spices) [EOU] • Particle Board from Cotton Stem • Refined Oil (Cotton Seed Oil,
• Automatic Papad Plant • Masala Powder • Particle Board from Rick Husk Groundnut Oil and Sun Flower
• Automatic Toffee & Candy • Mayonnaise • Particle Board from Saw Dust Oil)
• Baby Cereal Food • Medicinal/Herbal Plants • Pasteurised Milk & Cheese Mfg. • Refined Oil (Cotton Seed,

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
26 Visit us at : ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019
Ground Nut, Sunflower) Dextrose Monohydrate, Dextrose • Yogurt in Plastic Cups • Aloe Vera Cultivation &
• Refining of Crude Soya Bean and Anhydrous & Sorbitol) • Zarda of Various Grades Extraction
Palm Oil • Starch (A & B) • Zarda, Kimam No-60, 120, 160, • AloeVera Gel, Juice and Powder
• Refining of Edible Oil • Starch from Maize 240, 300 & 400 • Aromatic Perfumery Compound
• Rice & Corn Flakes • Starch from Tapioca • Zarda, Kimam, Tobacco • Aromatic Plants Cultivation &
• Rice Beer • Strawberry Jam • Zarda-Zafrani Baba Chhaap Processing
• Rice Flakes (Poha) • Sugar Candy (Bombay Mishri GLASS, FLAT GLASS, • Ark - Ajawain, Pudina, Saunf &
• Rice Flakes from Broken Rice Type) AUTOMOTIVE GLASS, Gulab
(Used in Beer Industry) • Sugar Candy (Mishri) OPTICAL GLASS, • Aromatic Herbal Shampoo
• Rice Mill, Rice Bran Oil with • Sugar Candy (Pearl Type) GLASSWARE INDUSTRY, • Ayurvedic/Herbal Pharmacy
Captive Power Plant (Integrated • Sugar Cane Juice in Tetrapack CERAMIC, INDUSTRIAL • Ayurvedic Churan & Tablets
Unit) • Sugar Cane Juice Preservation CERAMICS PRODUCTION, • Ayurvedic Pain Balm Ointment
• Rice Milling Plant • Sugar Coated Cashew Nuts, REFRACTORY • Ayurvedic/Herbal Pharmacy
• Rice Noodles Almonds, Peas • Acrylic Mirror • Ayurvedic Dantmanjan (Red
• Rice Polishing & Packaging in • Sugar Cubes • Ceramic (Porcelain) Insulator Colour) Dabur Type
Pouches • Sugar Mill with Bio-Ethanol from • Ceramic Foam Filters • Ayurvedic Gamaxine (Using Red
• Roasted & Fried Dry Fruits, Molasses • Ceramic Foam Filters (Metallic Moong)
Grain, Grams, Peas (in Pouch) • Sugar Mill, Distillery & Power Based) • Ayurvedic Pain Balm (Yellow &
• Roasted/Salted/Coated Plant • Ceramic Glazed Tiles White) Zandu Type
Cashewnut, Peanuts, Almonds • Sugar Pellets • Ceramic Hotel Ware (Bone • Ayurvedic Pharmacy (Capsules,
• Roasted/Salted/Masala Cashew • Sugar Plant China) Liquid Oral, Ointment, Powder,
Nuts, Almonds & Snack Food • Sugar Plant with Co-Generation • Ceramic Media Injection)
(Roll & Ball Type) Power Plant and Greenfield • Ceramic Thread Guide • Ayurvedic Raw Material from
• Roller Flour Mill (Atta, Maida & Sugarcane Cultivation • Ceramic Unit Mercury
Suji) • Sugarcane Juice Preservation • Conversion of Industrial Vitrified • Ayurvedic Sharbat
• Roller Flour Mill (Maida & Suzi) • Sun Flower Oil Tiles Into Commercial Vitrified • Ayurvedic Tablets (Hajmola
• Roller Flour Mill (Mini Flour • Sun Flower Seed Oil Tiles Type)
Mill) • Sunflower Cultivation with • Fibre Glass • Cardamom Oil
• Saccharine (Both Soluble & Sunflower Oil Production • Flat Glass & Float Drink Glass • Citronella Oil
Insoluble) • Sunflower Oil • Float Glass • Clove Oil
• Salted Cashewnut Processing • Supari (Sweet) (Betel Nut) • Float Glass (Automatic Plant) • Coleus Forskohli Extract
• Sattu Manufacturing • Sweet Scented Supari • Glass Ampoules (Distilled • Extraction of Methi Seeds
• Seed Grading/Processing • Tamarind Juice Concentrates Water) (Fenugreek)
• Semi Automatic Plant for Toffee • Tamarind Juice Powder • Glass Bangles & Glass Pressed • Hair Dyes (Henna Based)
• Shitake Mushroom • Tamarind Kernel Powder Wares • Hair Dyes (Henna Based) Four
• Shrimp Farming (Prawn • Tamarind Pulp • Glass Beeds Colour
Breeding in Sea Water) • Tamarind Pulp from Tamarind • Glass Bottle • Henna Paste
• Silver Coated Sugar Balls • Tamarind Seed Decorticating & • Glass Bottle for Beer • Henna Paste (Self Life 6 Months)
• Skimmed Milk Powder Powder Starch Making • Glass Bottles for Wine • Henna Powder Repacking
• Slaughter House • Tea Bag • Glass Bottles Using Broken • Herbal Cigarette
• Snack Food (Crax Type) Roll & • Tea Bag (Dip-Dip T ype) Glass • Herbal Extract
Ball Type • Tea Packaging Industries • Glass Factory for Glass Block • Herbal Formulation (Herbal
• Soda Water Bottling Plant • Tea Packaging Industry • Glass Fensiky & Specific Gravity Plant)
• Soda Water in Plastic Pouches • Tea Packaging Unit Hydro Meter • Herbal Concentrate in the
• Soft Board & Hard Board from • Tea Processing & Packaging • Glass Manufacturing (Security Manufacturing of Herbal Drugs
Coir Dust • Tejpatta Oil from Tejpatta Glass,Window Glass, Glass & Concentrate
• Soft Drink (Aerated Water) • Tissue Culture (100% EOU) Basin & Elevation Glass) • Herbal Cosmetics
• Soft Drink (Carbonated) • Tobacco Creamy Snuff • Glass Marble • Herbal Hair Oil
• Soft Drink (Cola, Orange, • Toffee, Candy & Milk Chocolate • Glass Reinforced Concrete • Herbal Hair Oil (Banphool Type)
Lemon, Mango, Pulp, Ginger, • Tomato Product Manufacturing (G.R.C.) • Herbal Kumkum (Roli)
Clear Lemon, 7up Type) • Tomato Pulp • Glass Round Balls • Herbal Medicinal Plants
• Soft Drink Concentrate • Tomato Paste • Glass Sheet Cultivation &
• Softy Ice Cream • Tomato Paste & Purees • Glass Sheet (Automatic Plant) Processing
• Softy Ice Cream Cones • Tomato Paste (Tomato • Glass Sheet for Window • Herbal Natural Essential Oil
(Automatic Imported Plant) Concentrate) • Glass Sheet for Window Panes • Herbal Plantation (Medicinal)
• Solvent Extraction Plant (Oil • Tomato Powder • Glass Ware Drinking Water • Herbal Shampoo & Cream
Cake Based) • Tomato Processing for • Glass Wool • Herbal Tooth Paste & Tooth
• Sorbitol Concentrate Ketchup • Glazed Ceramic Tiles Powder
• Sounf Supari (Elaichi Flavour) • Tomato Processing Unit • Granite Slab & Tiles • Herbs Plantation & Processing
• Soya Been Milk From Soya • Tomato Product in Pouch (Sauce, • High Alumina Ceramic • Integrated Unit - Herbal Hair Oil,
• Soya Products Ketchup) • Hot & Cold Fusion of Glass Herbal Cosmetic, Ayurvedic
• Soya Protein • Tomato Products (Tomato Juice, • Laminated Safety Glass Pharmacy
• Soyabean Bariyan (Automatic) Tomato Puree, Tomato Ketchup) • Magnesite Bond Polishing • Kali Mehandi
• Soyabean Meat • Trading Business (Rice, Salt, Bricks, Resin Bond Polishing • Lily Essence
• Soyabean Oil from Soyabean Dry Fruits, Etc.) Brick & Resin Bond Final Polish • Medicinal Plant Extracts
Seed & Cattle Feed • Tuty Fruity from Papaya for Marble & Granite • Menthol Crystal from Menthol Oil
• Soyabean Product (Soyabean Oil, • Upgrading of Salt • Mirror Colouring (Pink, Black, • Patchouli Oil
Soya Paneer, Soya Extract) • Turmeric Powder Golden, Silver) • Perfumery Chemicals Synthetic
• Soyabean Products • Vanaspati Ghee • Mirrors (Silver, Golden, Pink, and
• Spice & Allied Products • Vegetable Margarine Plant Black and Yellow Colour) Natural
• Spice Oleoresin (Chilly Oil) By • Vegetable Oil (Refined) • Non Glazed Ceramic Tiles • Ras Sindhoor
Super Critical Process • Vinegar • Optical Glass • Safed Musli
• Spice Oleoresin (Ginger) • Virgin Coconut Oil • Optical Lenses • Safed Musli Cultivation &
• Spices • Vanaspati Ghee (Hydrogenated • Safety Glass Processing
• Spices (EOU) Vegetable Oil) • Sheet & Figured Glass (Rolled & • Sennoside & its Product from
• Spices (Garlic Base Spices with • Vermicelli Kohi Burn Process) Senna Leaves
Packing in Bags) • Vermicelli, Noodles and Cherry • Sheet Glass / Float Glass • Stevia Cultivation
• Sponge Gourd Processing Unit (Tooti Fruity) Automatic Plant • Stevia Extract
• Starch & Allied Products from • Vitamins & Minerals Enriched • Tempering/Toughening of Flat • Turmeric Powder
Maize Various Designed Corn Flakes Glass HOSPITALITY,
• Starch & Allied Products from • Vodka from Potatoes • Toughened Glass ENTERTAINMENT, WARE
Maize With Co- Generation • Washing of Ginger • Watch Glass HOUSING & REAL ESTATE
• Starch & Liquid Glucose from • Waste Oil Recycling HERBS AND HERBAL BASED PROJECTS
Maize • Wheat Flour Mill PRODUCTS, AYURVEDIC • Air Taxi (Rental)
• Starch & Starch Derivatives • Wheat Germ Oil MEDICINES, HERBAL • Amusement Park
(Starch, Glucose, Malto Dextrin, • Wheat Puff EXTRACT, NATURAL PLANT • Amusement Park Cum Water
High Maltose Syrup & Powder, • White Oat Processing EXTRACTS, AYURVEDIC Park
Dextrose Monohydrate, Dextrose • Whole Spice Processing PHARMACY, AYUR VEDIC • Banquet Hall
Anhydrous & Sorbitol) (Cleaning, Grinding & PRODUCTS, HERBAL • Cancer Hospital
• Starch & Starch Derivatives with Packaging) MEDICINE, HERBAL • Cancer Hospital (Treatment &
4 MW Co-Generation Plant • Wine, Brandy, Whisky & COSMETICS Research Institute)
(Starch, Glucose, Malto Dextrin, Champagne • Aloe Vera gel • Cinema Hall
High Maltose Syrup & Powder, • Yeast from Molasses • Aloe Vera Gel & Powder • Club with 4 Star Hotel

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019 Visit us at : 27
• Cold Storage • Ball Pen Manufacturing Clips • Automotive Filters
• Diagnostic Centre • Ball Point Ink • Aluminium Bottle Caps • Automotive Tyre Plant
• Dispensary • Ball Point Pen Refills • Aluminium Bottles (Cold • Automotive Tyre Plant for Car &
• Eye Hospital • Chalk Crayon Industry Extrusion of Trucks
• Fast Food Parlor • Colour Wax Crayons Aluminium) • Automotive Wiring Harnesses
• Five Star Hotel • Computer Stationery • Aluminium Building Hardware • Ball Bearing
• Five Star Hotel (Deluxe) • Dust Free Chalk Made By • Aluminium Cans for Brewery • Ball Bearing Industry
• Five Star Hotels with Shopping Calcium Carbonate Industry • Battery for Auto Vehicles
Mall, Health Club, Water Park, • Exercise Note Book, Register, • Aluminium Caps • Battery Plate
Amusement Park, Golf Course & Pads • Aluminium Channels, Beading & • Battery Plate & Assembly
Golf Academy, Cottage & Open • Flexo Graphic Ink Pipes • Beneficiation of Chromium,
air Theatre • Flexo Gravure Printing Ink • Aluminium Circle Nickel & Manganese Ore
• Five Star Hotels, Business • Flexographic Ink • Aluminium Cladding • Beneficiation of Manganese Ore
Center (Shopping Centre) PVR, • Hologram Sticker - 3D (Construction) • Bentonite (Quarrying,
Health Club & Banquet Hall • Indelible Election Ink (from Silver • Aluminium Collapsible Tubes Processing & Exporting)
• Five Star Hotel & Shopping Mall Nitrate) • Aluminium Collapsible Tubes • Bentonite Processing
• Food Parlour • Ink for Hot Stamping Foil (Printed) • Bicycle Assembly
• Games Parlour • Lead Pencils • Aluminium Containers • Bicycle Chain
• Golf Course • Oil Soluble Ink • Aluminium Extrusion • Bicycle Manufacturing
• Green House • One Time Carbon • Aluminium Extrusion for Pipe • Bicycle Plant
• Health Club, Beauty Parlour • Painting Brush Accessories & Building • Bicycle Rim
• Holiday Resorts cum • Plastic Files & Its Smaller Hardware • Billets from Steel Scrap By
Entertainment Club, 4 Star Hotel Components • Aluminium Extrusion Plant Electric Furnace
• Holiday Village Resort • Printed Envelopes with Window & • Aluminium Finished Articles (Job • Bimetal Bushes with Powder
• Hospital (20 Beds) without Window in Single Colour Work) Based Metallurgy
• Hospital 300 Beds to700 Beds & Multi Colour • Aluminium Foil • Bimetallic and Sintered Bushes
with Teaching Facility • Printing Inks • Aluminium Foil Container • Black and Annealed Wire
• Hotel • School Chalk • Aluminium from Alumina • Black Bar to Bright Steel Bar
• Hotel 5 Star, 3 Star, • Screen Printing Ink • Aluminium Furniture • Black Pipe Galvanizing Plant
• Hotel/Small Motel • Slate Pencils • Aluminium Gravity Casting • Body Building (Truck & Bus)
• Holiday Resort • Solvent and Water Based Inkjet • Aluminium House-Hold Utensils • Brass & Aluminium Hinges
• Hospital Inks • Aluminium Ingots from Aluminium • Brass and Copper Tube
• Hospital with Teaching Facility • Stamp Pad & Stamp Inks Scrap • Brass Casting Pollution Control
• Hotel - 3 Star (With Out Liquor • Staple Pin • Aluminium Ingots from Bauxite • Brass Door, Window Fittings
Bar) • Straw Board Slates • Aluminium Ingots from Used • Brass Novelty
• Hotel (Small Hotel with Banquet • Tailors Chalk Beverage Cans • Brass Pressure Die Casting
Halls, Restaurant and Catering • Toner Ink for Xerox Machine • Aluminium Paint • Brass Rolling Sheets
Facility) • Wax Crayon • Aluminium Powder • Bright Bar (S.S.)
• Hotel with Discotheque JUTE & JUTE BASED • Aluminium Power Cables • Bright Bars
• Hotel/Small Hotel PROJECTS • Aluminium Pressure & Gravity • Building Hardware of Aluminium
• Ice Cream Parlour • Gunny Bags (Jute Bags) Die Casting • Bus Body Building
• Kids Entertainment Cum Food • Gunny Bags from Jute • Aluminium Pressure Die Casting • Butt Welded Carbon Steel
Center (Restaurant) at The Mall • Jute Mill with Spinning & • Aluminium Printing Plates for Fittings & Steel Flanges
• Market Complex Weaving Offset Printing Machine • C.I. Casting (Foundry) By
• Multiplex Cinema Hall with • Jute Ropes/Sutli • Aluminium PS (Pre-Sensitised) Induction Furnace
Shopping Mall • Jute Shopping Bags Plates • C.I. Casting Foundry
• Motel/Small Hotel with Banquet • Jute Tarfelt • Aluminium Secondary Billet • C.N.G. Cylinders (Storage for
Hall, Restaurant & Catering • Jute Twine (Jute Rope) Cum Casting C.N.G. Gas)
• Multiplex Cinema Hall, PVR with Gunny Bag Mfg. from Raw Jute • Aluminium Secondary Billet • C.P. Bathroom Fittings
Shopping Centre • Particle Board from Jute Stick Casting Plant • Cable Creeping Lugs, Socket &
• Multistoried Commercial • Paper and Paper Board from Jute • Aluminium Sheet, Circles & Cable Creeping Tools
Complex Sticks Vessels • Calcined & Activated Alumina
• Multiplex Cinema Hall, PVR with • Mini Paper Plant from Jute • Aluminium Slug (used for • Calcined Bauxite
Shopping Center Sticks Collapsible Tube Containers) • Calcined Bauxite Through Rotary
• Multispeciality Hospital MECHANICAL, ENGINEERING, • Aluminium Utensils Kiln
• Multistory Residential Complex AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRIES, • Aluminium Utensils & Circles • Calcite Alumina Powder
• Nature Care Centre METAL, METALLURGICAL, • Aluminium Wire Drawing • Carbide Tips/Inserts/Indexable
• Nursery School S.S. UTENSIL, WIRE, • Aluminium Wire Drawing & • Carbon Brush, Brush Holder
• Nursing Home ALUMINIUM, BRASS, COPPER Super Enameling for Winding Slipring
• Old Age Home, Orphan Children PRODUCTS, LPG CYLINDER • Aluminium Wire Drawing & Wire • Carbon Brushes
Hall & Dharamshala AND VALVES Mesh • Carbon Fiber Composites
• Out Door & Indoor Entertainment • A.P.I. Tubes • Aluminum Rolling Mill • Carburetor
Centre • Activated Alumina • Assaying Gold • Cargo Containers (for Ship &
• Pediatric Hospital 25 Beds • Activated Alumina Balls • Auto Brake Liner Train)
• Pharmaceutical College (B- • Agriculture Implements • Auto Bulb / Lamp • Cast Aluminium Strips and
Pharma & DPharma) • Air Cooler • Auto Control Cables Ingots
• Recreation and Health Club • Air Filter for All Type of Auto • Auto Head Light • Cast Iron & S.G. Iron Castings
• Residential Apartments Vehicles • Auto Leaf Spring • Cast Iron Earth Pipes with
• Restaurant/Fast Food Parlour • Air Pressure Gauge (Dial • Auto Wires for 3/2 Wheelers Flanges
• Regional Television Channel Gauge) • Automatic Ignition Coil • Cast Iron
(Multi Lingual News-Cum • Alloy Steel Casting • Automatic Nut & Bolts Plant • Ceramic Foam Filters (Metallic
Entertainment Cum Sport-Cum- • Alloy Steel Long Product Market • Automatic Vending Machine for Based)
Educational Channel) & Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes Hot & Cold Beverages • Chains (Bicycle, Scooter,
• Residential Township (Villas with • Alumina from Bauxite (By • Automised Aluminium Powder Motorcycle, Moped)
Swimming Pool, Shopping Calcinations • Automobile (Four Wheelers) • Chemical Etching of Stainless
Arcade, EWS Houses) Process) • Automobile Battery Steel
• Restaurant • Alumina from Gibsite Variety • Automobile Brake Shoe • Chromite Benefication Plant
• Safari Park • Alumina Refinery • Automobile Bushes • Clean Room (Modular Panels)
• Satellite Broad Casting Channel • Alumina to Aluminium & Mfg. of • Automobile Gaskets for Pharmaceutical
• Shopping Mall with Four Screen Profiles • Automobile Gear • Clutch Lining for Four Wheeler
Multiplex & 3 Star Hotel • Aluminium & Copper Cable Lugs • Automobile Industry (Four • Clutch Plate for Two Wheeler
• Small Hotel/Motel, Party Room • Aluminium Aerosol Cans Wheelers) • Clutch, Clutch Plate & Assembly
Restaurant, Fast Food Parlour & • Aluminium Alloy • Automobile Parts (Maruti for Four Wheeler
Banquet Hall • Aluminium Alloy from Scrap & Vehicles) • Cold Rolled Pressed Steel
• Super Market (Commercial Virgin Metal • Automobile Piston Rings Doors & Windows
Market) • Aluminium Alloy from Virgin • Automobile Products • Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Plant
• Three Star Hotel Metal/ got/Billet (Processing Metal & Auto Part) • Cold Rolling of M.S. Strips/
• Video Film Studio • Aluminium Angles, Channels, • Automobile Radiators Sheet
• Ware House Doors & Windows • Automobile Tyre for Bus, Truck & • Cold Rolling of Steel Strips
• Water Park • Aluminium Beverage Can Making Lorry • Composite Carbon Fibre
INKS & STATIONERY Plant • Automobile Tyre, Tubes & Flaps • Composite Container
PRODUCTS • Aluminium Beverages Cans • Automobile Work Shop/Garage & • Composite Steel Re-Rolling Mill
• Ball Pen Ink Remover • Aluminium Blind, Rivets & Metal Service Station • Concentrated Manganese Ore

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
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Production • Galvanising of Cans for Storage) Mfg.(Cold Drawn Process)
• Continuous Copper Rod (CCR) Gardening • Micro Filters for Automobile • S.S. Cutlery
from Copper Scraps • Galvanising of Zinc (Electrical • Micro Irrigation System • Safety Helmet
• Continuous Electro Galvanizing Process) • Mild Steel Flat Bar, Square • Safety Pin, Paper Pin, Gem Clips
Cold Dip Process of Steel Strip • Galvanising of Zinc (Hot-Dip Pipes & Tubes • Sandwiched Bottom (Al-Alloy &
• Control & Precision Process) • Mild Steel Ingots from Iron Ore S.S.) Utensils
Instrumentation • Galvanising Plant • Mild Steel Rolled Products • Seamless M.S. Tube & Pipes
• Conveyor Roller/Idlers • Garden Tools & Fencing (TMT/CTD & MS Round Bars • Seamless Tubes
• Cooling Tower Accessories Flats) • Selenium Coated Aluminium
• Copper Flats & Copper Tubes • Gas Detectors of L.P.G. • Mild Steel Welding Electrode Drum used in Plain Paper Copier
• Copper Foil • Gas Welding Torch & Nozzles • Mini Steel Plant - Steel Long • Self Taping Steel Screws
• Copper Powder • Gold & Platinum Jewellery Products TMT Bar, Flats, • Sewing Needles (for use with
• Copper Powder & Aluminium Manufacturing with Die-Casting Angles, Channel & Gutters Domestic / Indl. Sewing M/c.)
Powder • Gold Silver Jewellery • Mini Steel Plant (25-T UHF • Sheet Metal Press Shop
• Copper Rod Casting (Wire • Gold Jewellery (100% EOU) Electric Arc Furnace & Hot • Shovel
Drawing and Enameling) • Graphite Carbon Plate Rolling Mill) • Silencer for Auto Vehicles
• Copper Rod from Copper Scraps • Graphite Crucibles • Mini Steel Plant (Ingot from Ore) • Silencer for Two and Three
• Copper Strip Coils from Scraps • Graphite Electrode for Arc • Mini Steel Plant with Production Wheelers
• Copper Utensils Furnace of Bar • Silicone Metal
• Copper Wire Bars or Rods from • Grinding Media Ball • Muffler & Silencer Pipes for Four • Sintered Bearing
Copper Scraps • Hand Pump Mark-II Unit Wheelers • Sintered Bushes
• Copper Wire Drawing • Hand Tools (E.O.U.) • Multivalves used in Auto L.P.G. • Sintered Metal Auto Components
• Copper Wire Drawing & • Handle for Bucket Tanks • Solder Wire & Flux
Enamelling • Helmet • Needle for Sewing Machine • Sponge Iron
• Copper Wire Drawing From • Hospital Bed • Non Stick Cookwares • Sponge Iron with Captive Powe
Higher Size to Very Thin Size, • Hot Dip Galvanizing • Non-Stick Kitchen Ware Plant (Agro Based)
used in Electrical Cables • Hot Plate Rolling Mill • Nut & Bolts (Cold Formed Steel • Spring Washers
• Copper Wire Drawing, Anealline • Hot Roll Steel Bar Mill Fasteners) • Stainless Steel Cutlery
& Enamelling • HR/CR Rolling Stainless Steel • Nut and Bolts (Mild Steel) • Stainless Steel Fastener
• Corrugated Galvanized Sheet Plant • Nuts and Bolts (MS & HT) (Washer 100% EOU)
• Crucibles from Fire Clay • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Items • Oil Seals • Stainless Steel Sheet Rolling &
• Cycle & Van Tyres & Tubes • Hydraulically Regulated Doors • Open Top Sanitary Cans for Manufacturing of S.S. Utensils
• Decoiler and Sheet Shearing Closer (Everest Type) Food, Pesticides, Paint • Stainless Steel Tube
Plant • Ilmenite Beneficiation • Oxygen Lancing Pipes • Stainless Steel Tubes & Pipes by
• Diamond & Gem Cutting/ • Induction Furnace Re-Rolling • P.P. Caps (Aluminium) Extrusion and Pilgering Process
Polishing (All Automatic Unit • Pad Locks/Door Locks • Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes
Machinery) • Induction with Hot Rolling • Pig Iron • Stainless Steel Utensil
• Diamond Blade (Concast) and Structure • Pilfer Proof Caps • Stainless Steel Wire Drawing
• Diamond Tools & Wheels • Industrial Pump (High Capacity) • Pilfer Proof Crown Caps • Steel Balls for Ball Point Pen
• Die Making for Sheet Metal • Industrial Valve • Piston Assembly (Aluminium • Steel Bars (Range 6 mm To 32
Working • Integrated Melting & Rolling Mill Alloy) mm)
• Diesel Engine Repairing • Integrated Steel Plant • Piston for Internal Combustion • Steel Casting for Railways
• Diesel Generating Set • Intermediate Bulk Containers Engine • Steel Containers
• Different Types of Fire (I.B.C) • Piston-Rings for IC Engines • Steel Drums and Barrels
Extinguishers • Investment Casting • Plant Protection Equipment • Steel Fabrication Unit
• Disposable Needles & Syringes • Iron Based Sponge Iron to Billet • Plastic Cladded Aluminium • Steel Forging for Automobile
• Drip Irrigation System to Rod Squeeze Tube Parts
• Drum & Barrels (35 To 200 Ltrs.) • Iron Ore Pelletization • Plastic Injection Moulding Plant • Steel Furniture
• Ductile Iron Fittings (Ductile • Iron Ore Pelletization Plant for Autoparts • Steel Ingot (Furnace)
Malleable /Nodular/ Spheroidal • Iron Ore Pelletization with • Pre Painted Coloured • Steel Plant
Casting) Beneficiation Corrugated Galvanized Roofing • Steel Plant (Blast Furnace)
• E.R.W. Steel Conduit Pipes • Iron Powder (Cast) Steel Sheet • Steel Re-Rolling Mill (Steel
• Earth Moving Equipment • Iron Powder from Mill Scale • Pre Painted Galvanized Roofing Roof & Coil from Scrap)
• Electric Arc Furnace Scrap Steel Sheet (Plain and • Steel Rolling Mill
• Electrical Stamping • Jali for Fan [Fan Gaurd] [Metalic] Corrugated) • Steel Safety Pins
• Electronic Horn for Automobile Automatic Plant • Pre Tensioned, Pre Stressed • Steel Shot/Steel Grits
• Enameled Copper Wire • Kitchen Sinks (Stainless Steel) Railway Sleepers • Steel Structure Unit
• Epoxy Coated TMT Bars • Kudali, Fawra, Gaiti, Belcha • Press Steel Doors & Window • Steel Tubes & P.V.C. Pipes
• Epoxy Coated TMT Rebars • L.P.G. Cylinder & Regulator • Pressure Cooker • Steel Wool
• ERW Galvanized Steel Pipes • L.P.G. Cylinders • Pressure Die-Casting • Steel/Iron Pellets
• ERW Steel Pipes • L.P.G. Regulators (Domestic • Printed (Multi Colour) Tin • Stitching Wire
• Fastener (Automatic Cold Forge Purpose) Container (Air Tight) • Structural Steel
Process) • L.P.G. Stove • Printed Tin Containers • Submerged Arc Welded Pipes
• Fasteners (Hex- Head Bolts & • Laminated Tube (Multilayer) • Printing Ink • Submersible Pump Manufacture
Nuts) • Lead Metal from Lead Ore • Radial Tyres for Cars & Trucks • Super Enamelled Copper Wire
• Fasteners (Nuts Bolts, Rivets & • Link Chain • Railway Air Break • Surgical Suture
Washers • Locks (Aligarh Type) • Razor Blade • Taper Roller Bearing
• Fasteners (Nuts, Bolts, Rivets) • Longitudinally Submerged Arc • Refined Oil (Cotton Seeds • Thermocole
• Ferrite Magnets Welded Pipes (L Saw Pipes) Groundnut Oil & Sunflower Oil) • Three Wheelers Manufacturing
• Ferro Alloy (Fe-Si, Fe-Mn, Si- • L-Saw Pipes • Refrigeration Strand Various • TMT Bars, Sariya
Mn) • M S Ingots Using Induction Model • Torch & Tri-Light Unit
• Ferro Alloys (Ferro Manganese, Furnace • Reinforcement Bars or Tor Bars (Integrated Plant)
Silico Manganese, Ferro Silicon) • M.S. and S.S. Weld Mesh • Re-Rolling Mill for Sayria & • Transmission Tower & Tele
Based on Aluminothermic • M.S. Barrels (Metal Barrels) Twisting Rod Communication Towers with
Process • M.S. Binding Wires • Re-Rolling Mill for Tor Steel Galvanizing Plant
• Filter (Micro Filter Inserts for • M.S. Hinges • Resin Cored Soldering Wire • Tripod Stands, Tables & Chairs
Automobile) • M.S. Ingots (Mini Steel Plant) 5 • Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction (100% E.O.U.)
• Filter for All Vehicles MT Induction Furnace Plant with Refinery • Tube Making for Umbrella
• Fin Type Heat Exchanger • M.S. Pipe from Strips • Rice Huller • Tyre for Three Wheelers &
• Fire Extinguisher • M.S. Tubes and Pipes (ERW & • Rivets (Clutch Facing/Brake Medium Size Four Wheelers
• Fire Extinguishers (Different HFIW) Linings) • U Bolt & Centre Bolt for Auto leaf
Types) • M.S. Winding Wire & Anealing • Rock Drill Bits Springs
• Fire Fighting Equipments • Magnet • Rolling Mill with Furnishing • Vacuum Metalising Process
• Flush Doors • Material Handling Equipments Plant • Vacuum Thermoflask
• Forging on Open Die Hammers • Measuring Tapes • Rolling, Bearing & Forging of • Valve Guide
• Forging Unit • Mechanical Toys Outer Inner Rings • Washerless Faucet (Taps)
• Forging Unit (General) • Metal Container for Packaging • Rubber Auto Parts • Watch Case Manufacturing Unit
• Foundry Sand (Non Ferrous • Metal Drums & Barrels 25 To • Rubbing Compound for • Watch Straps/Chains/Belt
Metal) 200 Liters Automobile • Watch Straps/Chains/Bracelets /
• G.I. Pipe Fittings • Metal Fabrication Unit Based on • S.G. Iron Casting & Melleable Belt (Brass & Steel)
• G.I. Sheet (Plain & Corrugated) Water Jet Cutting Machine Iron Casting • Welding Brass Rod
• G.I. Wire from H.B. Wire • Metal Hardening • S.S. Alloy Steel Casting • Welding Electrode
• Galvanised Iron Strips • Metallic Drum (Used for Oil • S.S. Bright Bars & Wire • Welding Electrode with Wire

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
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Drawing • Handicrafts (Cane & Bamboo) Cricket) • Paper Cups
• Welding Fluxes • Hard Board from Saw Dust • Timber (Wood) Seasoning • Paper Cups for Ice Cream
• Wick Stoves • Hawan Samagri • Trading Business (Computer & • Paper Envelops
• Wick Stoves Stainless Steel • Health Club & Beauty Parlour Related Stationery) • Paper from Bagasse
• Wind Mill • Health Club cum Beauty Parlour • Trading Business (Import & • Paper from Bamboo
• Wind Screen Cleaner Cum Export Merchant) • Paper from Rice Husk & Wheat
• Wire Mesh (Hexagonal Square) Hair Saloon • Trading Business (Rice, Salt, Husk
• Wire Nail • Heat Chamber Painting Dry Fruits) • Paper from Shoot (Trunk) of
• Wire Nail/Wire Drawing • Hydrogen Gas from Methanol • Trading Business (With Banana Plant
• Wooden Laboratory Furniture Cracking Packaging Rice, Salt, Pulses) • Paper from Waste Paper
• Zinc and Aluminium Anode & Bottling of Hydrogen Gas in 6 • Travelling Agency • Paper from Waste Paper,
Foundry Zarine & Oil Industry Cum & 9 Cum Hydrogen • Venetian Blind Bamboo Chips,Rice & Wheat
MISCELLANEOUS RODUCTS Cylinders Mounted on Truck • Video Film Studio Husk
• Acetate Tow for Cigarette Filters Trolleys using Hydrogen • Ware House • Paper from Wood Pulp &Bamboo
• Advertising Agency Compressors • Wind Mill • Paper Manufacturing Plant (with
• Agarbatti (Sticks) • International Standard • Wonder Fuel (Gel Type) Pulp from Bamboo, Wood &
• Agarbatti Manufacturing (Under Laboratories • Wood Chips Grass)
KVIC) • Iron Ore Mining • Wood Wool Industry • Paper Mill
• Air Taxi (12 Seater) • L.P.G. Cylinder Retesting Unit • Wooden Chips for Supplying to • Paper Napkin Toilet Rolls, Facial
• Ammonia Gas Bottling Plant • L.P.G. Cylinder Testing Centre Paper Mills Tissue & Printed Napkin
• Amusement Park • Laminated Particle Board • Wooden Doors & Frame • Paper Napkin, Facial Paper &
• Amusement Park Cum Water • Laundry • Wooden Doors, Windows, Toilet Roll from Tissue Paper
Park • Laundry Unit Sheets, TV Cabinet • Paper Napkins & Air Mail Paper
• Artificial Flowers • Leasing Hire Purchase A/C • Wooden Furniture • Paper Plant (With Wood Chips &
• Artificial Flowers (Paper & • Leather Finishing Unit • Wooden Furniture with Mediocre Pulp)
Cloth) • Leather Tanning (Process Wet Automation • Paper Plant by Hemp Processing
• Artificial Marble Tiles Blue) • Wooden Furniture with • Paper Plate with Silver
• Asphaltic Roofing Sheet • Local Area Bank Seasoning Plant Lamination
• Auto Workshop/Garage & • Low Ash Metallurgical Coke • Wooden Needles for Tooth & • Paper Plates
Service Station Plant Wooden Spoon for Ice Cream • Paper Shopping Bag
• Automatic Book Binding Unit • LPG Bottling Plant • Wooden Tooth Pick • Particle Board from Saw Dust
• Automatic Match Box with Match • LPG Cylinder Bottling Plant • Wooden Tooth Picks • Poly Coated Paper
Stick Wooden & Waxed Strips • LPG Storage (Tank Farm) • Work Shop for Telco Truck • Printed Paper Shopping Bags
• Bamboo Furniture • Marketing Arrangement and PAPER & PAPER PRODUCTS • Pulp from Bamboo & Wood
• Bamboo Sticks used for Agarbatti Distribution Strategy of Wd-40 • A4 Size Paper from Jamboo • Pulp from Wood, Bamboo and
• Bamboo Tooth Picks • Marketing of Gram Shilpa Rolls Grass
• Bank (Private Sector) • Match Box (Manual Process) • Absorbent Kraft Paper • Self-Sealing Paper Envelopes
• Bentonite • Match Box Plant (Automatic) • Amonia Paper • Silicon Release Paper
• Bentonite (Quarrying, • Mechanized Laundry • Baby Wet Wipes & Facial Wet • Silicone Coated Paper
Processing & Exporting) • Medium Density Fiber Board Tissue • Straw Board (Automatic Plant)
• Bidi Manufacturing Unit (MDF) Production with • Bamboo Chips for Paper Mill from Rice Husk & Bagasse
• Bone Crushing Plant Lamination • Carbonless Paper • Sundried Board from Waste
• Buttons from Cattle Hoves • Melamine Crockery • Card Board Boxes & Cartons of Paper & Pulp
• Buttons from Hoves & Horns • Metallurgical Coke Plant Coking Paper • Tissue Paper
• Car-Leasing & Finance Coal • Card Board from Waste Paper • Tissue Paper, Toilet Paper & Air
• Cenosphere Processing • Manufacturing of Coloured Joint • Card/Gray Board from Pulp & Mail Paper Roll
• China Clay Washing/Purification Filler used for Jointing Tiles Waste Paper • Tracing Paper
• Chip Block (Compressed Wood) • Mineral Fillers for Application in • Carton Boxes (Using Duplex • Wall Paper
• Cigarettes Unit Paint, Paper, Rubber, Plastic Paper Board) • Wood Pulp
• Coal Mining • Mineral Wool • Coated Paper & Board Art & • Writing & Printing Paper
• Coal Washing Unit • Old Age Home, Orphan Children Chrom PAINTS, THINNERS, NC
• Cold Chain Hall & Dharamshala • Corrugated Board Box Plant THINNER, PRIMER, WALL
• Cold Storage • Paint Brush (Printed & Laminated) PUTTY
• Cold Storage & Ice Plant • Particle Board & Block Board • Corrugated Boxes • CaCo3 Filled Master Batches
• Cold Storage for Fruits & with Sanding and Laminating • Corrugated Sheet Board & Boxes • High Temperature Thinner
Vegetables • Petrol Pump • Craft Paper & Special Paper • Industrial Paints
• Cold Storage for Potato & • Photo Lab. Cum Studio (100% • Craft Paper from Waste Paper • N.C. Thinner
Mahuwa Computerized) • Disposable Paper Plate • Oil Based Paint
• Combine Coke • Plaster of Paris Bandages • Emery Sand Paper • Paint Industry
• Community Hall • Plywood • Exercise Note Book & Register • Paints and Allied Products
• Composite Carbon Fiber • Plywood & Plyboard • Flexible Cartons, Sticker, Labels • Resins for Nail Polish
• Cricket Ball, Bat Culinary • Plywood (Phenol Bonded) & Printing with Aluminium Foil (Polycondensation
Institute • Power Laundry • Flute Paper from Waste Paper Resin (Polyster, Alkyds) Epoxy
• Daily Need Stores • Pre Laminated Particle Board • Hand Made Paper Toyslamide Resin, Solvent Based
• Decorative Laminated Sheet • Puzzles • Hand Made Paper using Acrylic Resin
(Sunmica) • PVC Joint Fillings Recycled Hand Made Paper • Wall Putty
• Departmental Stores • Q.S.S. Colour Lab • Hard Board from Baggase • Water Based Cement Primer
• Diamond & Gem Cutting & • Quering of Lime Stone • Kraft Paper & Mill Board from • Water Based Lacquers
Processing Unit • Rehabilitation Centre for Aged & Waste Cartoon Boxes PESTICIDES, INSECTICIDES,
• Diamond Cutting & Export Needy • Kraft Paper from Waste Cartoon MOSQUITO REPELLENTS,
• Disposable Cigarette Gas • Rock Wool Based on Slag Boxes PHENYL, FUNGICIDES,
Lighter • Rubber Wood Processing Plant • Manufacturing of Recycled HERBICIDES, BIO
• Dry Cleaners • Saw Mill Paper Products PESTICIDES, DISINFECTANTS
• Dry Cleaning and Laundry Unit • Senior Citizen’s Home • Mini Paper Plant • Aerosol Insecticide Spray
• Dry Dock • Shellac Manufacturing • Mini Paper Plant By Waste Paper • Ayurvedic Gamaxane (Using Red
• Dry Flowers • Shoe Uppers • Mini Paper Plant from Eucalyptus Moong)
• Expansion Joint Filler • Slaughter House & Beef Wood • Bagon Aerosol Spray for
• Fast Food Corner Processing • Mini Paper Plant from Jute Mosquito, Insects
• Fire Fighting Equipment, • Slimming Centre & Health Club Sticks, Wheat Husk & Rice Husk • Bagon Spray
Chemicals & • Snake Park • Newsprint Paper from Rice • Biopesticide - Trichoderma,
Refilling • Sport Shoe (Automatic Imported Straw & Bagasse Pseudomonas, Fluorescens &
• Fire Works Plant) • Paper & Paper Products Beauveria Bassiana
• Flush Door, Chip Board, Hard • Sterilize Bone Meal • Paper (E.C.G. & E.E.G.) • Black Phenyl (RWC 5-6)
Board, • Straw Board • Paper and Paper Board from Jute • Copper Oxychloride
Insulating Board • Stuff Toys Sticks • Cypermethrin from CMAC
• Flush Door, Clip Board & • Sunmica • Paper Bags for General Use • D.D.T. Powder
Hardboard • Synthetic Floating to Fishing • Paper Bags for White Cement • Lysol Ip Grade (for Hospital use)
• Games Parlour Industry • Paper Bags from Waste • Mosquito Coil (Automatic Plant)
• Gas Filling of L.P.G. Cylinder • Synthetic Ruby and Sapphire • Paper Board • Mosquito Coil and Mats
• Gelatin Sponge • Teak W ood & Meranti Doors– • Paper Board Cartons • Mosquito Coils
• Gems Manufacturing (Original) Solid & Semi-Solid Doors • Paper Cones & Tubes • Mosquito Mats and Liquids
• Golf Course • Tennis Ball • Paper Cones & Tubes • Mosquito Repellant Agarbatti
• Graphite Mining & Processing • Tennis Ball (Used In Playing (Automatic Plant) • Mosquito Repellant Candle

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
30 Visit us at : ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019
• Mosquito Repellant Liquidator • Paraffin Charcoal Cubs from • IV. Fluid (FFS Technology) POWER PROJECT &
• Mosquito Repellant Mats Paraffin Wax • L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) RENEWABLE ENERGY
• Mosquito Repellant Oil • Paraffin Wax from Lemons • Bio Gas Power Plant from Cow
• Pesticide Formulation • Poly Ethylene Wax • Liquid Glucose from Maize and Dung
• Pesticides • Polyester Polyol Air Foam Mfg. Maize Oil • Bio Mass Power Generation
• Pesticides/Insecticides By Using Petroleum Base as Raw • Liquid Glucose from Potatoes Plant
(Technical Grade) Material • Medical X-Ray Film Slitting & • Biogas Power Plant
• Phenyl (Black & White) • Reclamation of Transformer Oil Repacking • Captive Power Plant
• Phenyl Pine Oil Disinfectants • Reclamation of used Engine Oil • Medicinal Plant Extract • Captive Thermal Power Plant for
• Surfactants (Hand Wash, Floor • Reclamation of used Engine Oil • Metrodiazole Glass Industry
Cleaner, Dish Wash Liquid, Toilet By Alkali Refining • Mother Tincture & Bio Chemic • Coal Based Power Plant
Cleaner, PhenylBlack & White, • Reclamation of Wax Sludge for Medicines • Co-Generation Plant Bagasse
Glass Cleaner, Air Freshener) Mfg. of Microcrystalline Wax • Paracetamol Based (Power Plant)
• White Phenyl • Refining of used Engine Oil for • Pentaerythritol • Co-Generation Power Plant 10
PETROLEUM AND Making Base Oil • Pharmaceutical Grade Sugar MW
PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, • Refining of used Lubricating Oil • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing • Gas Based Power Plant
REFINING, GREASES, LUBE • Re-Refining of Engine Oil, Unit • Gas Based Power Project (600
OIL, BRAKE FLUID, Transformer Oil & Hydraulic Oil • Pharmaceutical Pellets & MV)
AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRIAL By Thin Film Distillation Granules • Hydro Based Power Plant
LUBRICANTS, GEAR OILS, • Re-Refining of used Lubricating • Pharmaceutical Unit (Tablet & (15MW)
WAX & WAX PRODUCTS, Oils Capsules) • Power Generating Unit from
PARAFFIN WAX, POLISHES, • Road Emulsion Bitumen or • Pharmaceutical Unit (Tablet, Agricultural Waste Heat Energy
BITUMEN, LUBRICATING Modified Bitumen Syrup, Capsules) • Power Generation from
OILS • Shoe Polish • Pharmaceutical Unit (Tablets, Agriculture Waste
• Anti-Static Lubricating Oil used • Shoe Polish in Aerosol Filling Capsules, Liquid Oral, Ointment, • Power Generation from Garbage
for Polyester Fibre Spinning • Silicon Grease & Lubricants Powder and Injection) • Power Plant (5 MW/Hr) By Agro
• Batching Plant for Asphalt • Sugar Cane Wax • Pharmaceutical Unit (Tablets, Waste
• Bees Wax • Transformer Oil Syrup, Capsules, & Ointment) • Power Plant (Hydro Based)
• Bitumen • Turkey Red Oil • Pharmaceuticals (Biotech, • Solar Cell (Photovoltaic
• Bitumen Emulsion Cationic Type • Vacuum Distillation of Crude Traditional & Generic) Systems)
• Bituminous Felts for Water Coal Tar (Specifically Creosote • Salicylic Acid/Aspirin • Solar Cooker
Proofing and Damp Proofing Oil) • Saline and Dextrose Fluid (IV) • Solar Electrical Cell & Heating
• Brake Fluid (Dot 3 & 4) • Washable Knitting Lubricating • Saline and Injection Water Panel
• Brake Fluids [Dot-3 Type) Oil • Sanitary Napkins & Baby Diaper • Solar Energy Water Heater
• Brake Oil, Coolant & Packaging • Wax Floor Polish • Sorbitol, Maltitol & Dextrose • Solar Photo Voltaic System
of Lubricant Oil & Grease • Wetting Oil (Textile Yarn Wetting Anhydrous & Vitamin C • Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant
• Break Oil Agent) • Starch, Liquid Glucose, • Solar Power Plant
• Calcined Petroleum Coke • White Oil from Kerosene Oil Dextrose, Sorbitol • Solar Pump
• Candle Making Plant (Semi • White Phenyl • Sulfameth-oxazoline • Solar Thermal Power Plant
Automatic) • Wire Drawing Lubricants • Surgical Adhesive Tape on Cloth • Solar Water Heaters
• Candle Making Unit (Automatic) • Wood Polish Surface • Thermal Power Plant 5 MW
• Carbon Black Oil of Tar • Zero Q & Pitch for Graphite • Surgical Cotton & Bandage • Wind Energy Power Project
• Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW) PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS & • Surgical Suture PRINTING & PUBLISHING
• Coal Tar Pitch FINE CHEMICALS • Tablet, Capsules, Syrup & Lotion • Aluminium Printing Plates for
• Coal Tar Pitch Distillation • 16 DPA (16-Dehydropreyneolone • Tooth Brush & Tooth Powder/ Offset Printing Machine
• Coaltar Distillation Acitate) Paste • Aluminium PS (Pre-Sensitised)
• Coloured Flamed & Perfumed • Active Pharma Ingredient (API) • Tooth Paste & Tooth Powder Plates
Candles • Adhesive Tape for Hospital Use • Trimethoprime • Automatic Book Binding Unit
• Coloured Flamed Candles (Red, • Amoxycillin • Veterinary Injectable • Ceramic Transfers (for Printing
Blue & Green) • Ampicillin Pharmaceutical Products (Liquid on Ceramics)
• Compound Wax from Residual • Ascorbic Acid & Powder as per G.M.P.) • Computer Farms & Security
Oil • Aspirin • Veterinary Medicines (Powder, Printing Press
• Coolant & Brake Oil • Baby Health Care Food & Milk Tablets & Capsules) • Daily News Paper Press
• Coolant (Automotive) & Grease • Blood Collection Bags • Vitamin E • Desktop Publishing (DTP)
(CT 3/Axle) • Bulk Drugs PLANTATION & CULTIVATION • DTP Cum Offset Printing
• Crude Oil Refinery (Like • Camphor Tablets • Amla Plantation • DTP, E-Mail, Internet & Leased
Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, LPG, • Ciprofloxacin • Aromatic Plants Cultivation & Access for Commercial Purpose
Kerosene & Bitumen) • Ciprofloxacin HCL Processing • Exercise Note Book & Offset
• Cutting Oil • Cloxacillin • Asparagus Cultivation & Printing Press
• Dearomatization of Kerosene Oil • Cotton Buds/Swab Processing (100% EOU) • Flexographic & Rotogravure
• Feldspar • Cough Syrup • Banana Plantation & Its By Printing
• Furnace Oil • Dettol Like Antiseptic Lotion Products • Flexographic Printing on
• Grease & Lube Oil from used • Dextrose (Monohydrous) • Cardamom Cultivation Polyethylene
Engine Oil • Dextrose 5% • Coconut Plantation • Graphic Art Conversion &
• Grease Manufacturing • Dextrose Anhydrous, Sorbitol, • Coffee Plantation Packing
• Grease Manufacturing (Calcium, Vitamin C • Eucalyptus Tree Plantation • Gravure Printing Cylinders
Lithium & Sodium) • Dextrose Injection • Ginger Cultivation & Storage • Heat Transfer Label for Rubber
• Grease used for Chasis • Dextrose Powder • Herbal Medicinal Plant • Letter Press Printing Unit
• Heavy Liquid Paraffin • Dextrose Powder from Potatoes Cultivation & Processing • Metro News Paper
• Jute Batching Oil • Dextrose Saline 5% 10% 25% • Herbal Plantation (Medicinal) • Modern Advertisement Agency
• Liquid Shoe Polish Solution • Maize Cultivation & Its By with DTP & Film Studio
• Lube Oil Blending Based on • Dextrose Saline Solution in Products • Multi Colour 8 Page Offset
Imported Base Oil Plastic Bottles • Mango Plantation Printing Unit
• Lube Oil Blending from Mineral • Disposable Baby Diaper • Mustard Seed Cultivation • News Paper Publishing Unit
Base Oil • Disposable Medical Syringes • Neem Plantation • Newspaper Printing
• Lube Oil Blending Plant (Engine • Disposable Needles for Syringes • Palm Tree Plantation • Offset Printing [Mini]
Oil, Gear Oil & Grease) • Disposable Plastic Syringes & • Papaya Cultivation • Offset Printing Press
• Lube Oil from CNSL Reduce Needles Tube Plant • Papaya Cultivation & Papain • Offset Printing Press (2 Colour)
Friction • Distilled Water Manufacturing • Offset Printing Press Single
• Lubricants Blending Plant • Empty Gelatin Capsules • Plantation of Medicinal Plant & Colour
(Lubricants/ Grease/ Break Fluid/ • Gelatin from Bones Herbs • Offset Printing Press-4 Colour
Coolant) • Glucose Saline • Poplar Plantation • Photo Polymer Coating for Plate
• Lubricating Oil & Greases • Homeopathic Sugar Globules • Rose Plantation & Rose Oil & Block Making
• Lubricating Oils & Grease • Homoeopathic Medicines Extraction (Rose Essential Oil) • Photo-Emulsion for Rotary
(Blending of Lubricating Oil & • I.V. Bottle (F.F.S. Technology) • Rubber Plantation Screen Printing
Manufacture of • I.V. Fluid in Plastic Bottles • Saffron Cultivation • Printing on Carton
Greases • I.V. Fluids • Shisham Plantation • Roto Gravure Printing
• Microcrystaline Wax from Sludge • I.V. Set • Tea Plantation • Screen Printing
of Petroleum • Ibuprofen • Teak Plantation • Treated Cloth for Abrasive
• Microcrystalline Wax from • Implantable Surgical Suture (Bio • Teak Plantation By Tissue • Textile Printing (Pigment Binder)
Sludge of Petrochemical Refinery Medical Textile) Culture RUBBER & PLASTIC
• Mobile Oil (Lube) & Grease • Injectables for Pharmaceutical • Turmeric Plantation INDUSTRIES, FRP PRODUCTS,
• Mosquito Coil (Automatic Plant) • Isabgol Husk

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019 Visit us at : 31
POLYMERS, PET, PVC, LDPE, • Fibre Reinforced Plastics • Plastic Card (Smart Card, Credit Caps
HDPE, POLYPROPYLENE, • Field Rubber Converted to the % Card, Discount Card) • PVC Pipe & Fitting
ACRYLIC AND Latex Rubber • Plastic Cards (Smart Cards) • PVC Pipes
POLYURETHANE • Flexible Office Furniture Systems Utilised as Credit Cards • PVC Profiles (Door, Window and
• 100% Polyester Wadding • Flexible Packaging with Gravure • Plastic Collapsible Tube for Chairs) Decorative Accessories
• ABS Granules and Flexo Printing with Extrusion Tooth Paste & Cream • PVC Rexene Cloth
• Acrylic Latex in 3/5/7 Layers • Plastic Collapsible Tubes & • PVC Rigid Film for Pharma &
• Acrylic Mirror • Flexible Polyurethane Foam Printing Thermo Forming Packaging
• Acrylic Resin (Emulsion Type) • Floral Foam (Phenelic Foam) • Plastic Corrugated Sheet & Box • PVC Section Hoses
• Acrylic Sheet • Floral Foam (Phenolic Foam) • Plastic Fan Guard (Automatic • PVC Section Pipe
• Acrylic Sheet & Moulded with Resin Manufacturing Plant) • PVC Sheet
Products • Foam & its Products • Plastic Felt • PVC Soles
• Acrylic Sheet from Acrylic Waste • FRP Auto Scooter Roofs/Ceiling • Plastic Films & Sheet with • PVC Tube
• Acrylic Teeth Manufacturing • FRP Doors Printing (Flexo & Roto) • PVC Water Storage Tanks
• Acrylic Tiles (Extruded) • FRP Sheet & Product • Plastic Granules from Scraps/ • PVC Wires and Cables
• Acrylic Yarn • H.D.P.E. Bags (Stitching) Waste (Flexible)
• Air Bubble Packaging • H.D.P.E. Film & Sheets • Plastic I. V. Bottles • Reclaim Rubber
• Auto Tubes • H.D.P.E. Pipes • Plastic Mats Extruding & • Recycling of P.E.T.
• Auto Tubes & Tyres for Scooter • H.D.P.E. Tarpaulins Weaving • Rubber (Floor Mat) for
• Automobile Tyres for Bus, Truck, • H.D.P.E. Woven Sacks/Stitching • Plastic Moulded Furniture Automobile
Trolley • Hard Rubber Battery Container • Plastic Moulded Furniture • Rubber Auto Parts
• Automobile Tyres, Tubes & Flaps • Hawai Chappal (Chairs) • Rubber Ball for Children
• Automotive Radial Tyre Plant for • Hawai Chappal & Micro Cellular • Plastic Moulded Products • Rubber Band
Car & Trucks Sheet Manufacturing • Plastic Moulded Toys • Rubber Band (Disco Type)
• Automotive Tyre Plant • HD and PP Woven Sacks By • Plastic Office Products • Rubber Baskets
• Bakelite Electrical Accessories Circular & Plain Looms with • Plastic Plant (Blow Moulding & • Rubber Belting (V - Belt)
• Bakelite Moulded Products Lamination & Printing Injection Moulding) • Rubber Compound for
• Bakelite Powder for Electric • HD/PP Woven Sacks for Cement • Plastic Processing Moulds Automobiles
Goods & Pressure Cooker • HDPE Container (All Purpose) • Plastic Sequence • Rubber Compound Toys (using
• Bakelite Sheet (Fabric & Paper • HDPE Pipe & Fitting • Plastic Spectacle Frame Plaster of Paris)
Base) • HDPE Pipes • Plastic Sutli • Rubber Floor Mat
• Bakelite Sheet (Phenolic Sheet) • HDPE/PP Bags • Plastic Tooth Picks • Rubber Hose Pipe & Rubber
• Bare Polyester Film with • HDPE/PP Box Strapping • Plastic Toys Glazing
Metalising & Coating Process • HDPE/PP Woven Sacks Using • Plastic Water Storage Tank • Rubber Hose Pipe Braided
• Bicycle & Motor Cycle Tube Circular L oo m s (H.D.P.E.) (Syntax Type) • Rubber Hoses for Automobiles
• Bicycle Tube & Motor Cycle • HM-HDPE Blow Moulded • Poly Propylene Measuring Cup • Rubber Linning & F.R.P. Linning
Tube • Hoses (Air-Based-Welding • Polyester Film • Rubber Peptizing Agents
• Bicycle Tubes Hoses & Pesticides Spray Pipe) • Polyester Polyol Air Foam By • Rubber Powder from Waste
• Bicycle Tyres 4000 Pcs./8 Hr. • Hydraulic Hoses and Clamping Using Petroleum Base as Raw Tyres
• Biodegradable Plastic Products • I.V. Cannula Material • Rubber Process Oil
(Bags, Plates & Glasses) • Industrial Gloves • Polyester Resin • Rubber Reclamation from Tyre
• Bio-Plastic Products • Injection Moulded Plastic • Polyethylene Tarpaulin (PE and other Products
• Blood Bags Products Tarpauline) • Rubber Reclamation Industry
• Blood Collection Bags • Injection Moulded Plastic Goods • Polythene Bags • Rubber Roller & Ebonite Roller
• Blow Moulded Plastic Products with PVC Chappals • Polythene Bags and Automatic • Rubber Roller for Printing
• Blow Moulding (Plastic • Intra Venous (I.V.) Sets Printing Machine
Containers) • L.P.G. Gas Pipe • Polythene Pouches for Ghee, • Rubber Roller for Rice Mill
• BOPP Films • L.P.G. Valves Butter, Milk and Oil • Rubber Rollers
• BOPP Pressure Sensitive Self • Latex Foam Rubber (Sponge • Polythene Printed Bags • Rubber Sheet
Adhesive Tape Rubber) • Polyurethane Foam & Its • Rubber Sheet for Automobile
• Butyl Reclaim Rubber • Latex Rubber Condoms Products • Rubber Sheet for Shoe Soles
• Butyl Rubber (Polyisobutylene • Latex Rubber Thread • Polyurethane Foam (Flexible) • Rubber Solution
Rubber) • Liquid Storage Tank • Polyurethane Pipe Section, Slab • Rubber Wood Processing Plant
• Carbon Black from Waste Tyre • LPG Rubber Tube (Pipe) Panels, Rigid Foam, Moulding • Rubberised Coir Mattresses
Pyrolysis Flexible • Polyurethane Product (Rigid & • Rubberised Cork Sheet
• Centrifugal Rubber Latex Plant • Manufacturing of HDPE & LDPE Moulded) • Silicon Rubber
• Closed Cell Nitrile (Silicones Pipes & Fittings • Polyurethane Sheet and Pipes • Soft Luggage
Rubber Insulation) • Mattresses, Cushion, Pillows • Polyvinyl Alcohol Film (Cold • Surgical Disposable
• Coating of Titanium Dioxide on • Medical Disposable Business Water Soluble) Manufacturing Unit
Plastic Surface like Disposable Syringes & • Pouch Making Automatic Plant • Surgical Examination Gloves
• Coir Foam (Rubberised Coir) Needles (Preferably Self (for Namkeen, Spices, Mehandi, • Surgical Suture Materials
• Colour Master Batches for Destruction Type, Catheters, Milk, Ghee, Agarbatti and Zipped (Surgical Gut, Polyglactin,
Various Plastic Mask) Pouches) Polyglycolic Acid,
• Complex Unit (PET Preform from • Medical X-Ray Film Slitting and • PP Bottle Poliglecaprone, Polydioxanone,
Pet Resin & Plastic Crates) Repacking • PPR Pipes & Fitting Nylon, Polypropylene Polyester)
• Containers • Micro Cellular Sheets (Rubber • Processing of Crude Rubber • Synthetic Pearl Coating on
• Conveyor Belting Sheets for Shoe Soles) • PU Foam (Polyurethane Foams) Polystyrene Beads
• Cross-Linked Polyurethane Foam • Moulded Luggage • P.V.C. Conduit Pipe • Synthetic Pollen
• Cycle Tyres & Tubes • Moulded Shoe & Hawai Chappal • PVC (HDPE) Water Storage • Teflon Coating
• Deck Wood (Wood & Plastic • Muffler & Silencer Pipes for Four Tank • Teflon Tape
Composite used In Floor) Wheeler • PVC / HDPE Pipes • Thermocol Moulded Products
• Disposable Dishes, Knife, Fork & • Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion, 3- • PVC Bottles • Thermocol Sheet
Cutlery) Layer Film with Lamination & • PVC Coating on G.I. Wire • Thermocol Sheet & Moulded
• Disposable Examination Plastic Printing • PVC Compounding Products
Gloves • Neon Sign Board Nylon Fish Net • PVC Compounds from PVC • Thermocole Moulding for
• Disposable Plastic Cup, Glasses • Nylon, Polyester & Polypropylene Resin Television Set
• Disposable Plastic Glass, Plates Rope Making • PVC Conduit Pipe (Electrical) • Thermoforming Plant Disposable
& Cups • Nylone Zip Fasteners • PVC Extrusion Profile (Wiring Glass, Bowles & Plates
• Disposable Plastic Syringes • Optical Fibre Channel) (Polystyrene as Raw Material)
• Epoxy Resin • P VC Doors • PVC Film • Tooth Brush
• EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate • Patches Tube Repairing • PVC Flex Banner • Transparent PVC Blown Film
Sheet & Sole) Material • PVC Flex Banner (Frontlit, (PVC Rolls) Used for Industry
• Expanded Polystyrene Board • PET Bottle Backlit & Vinyl) • Treade Rubber Used for Cold
• Expanded Polyurethane Foam • PET Bottle from Pet Resin • PVC Flexible Pipe Process
• F.R.P. Boat Bui lding • PET Bottles from Pre-Form PET • PVC Footwear • Tube Valves
• F.R.P. Products (Fiber • PET Bottles/Containers • PVC from Ethanols • Tyre Retreading By Hot Process
Reinforced Plastic Products) • PET Preform for Water and • PVC Granules & Rigid Pipes • Tyres & Tubes for Bicycle &
• Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Carbonated Soft Drink with • PVC Granules, Film & Bag Rickshaw
• Fibre Glass Closures (Caps for the Bottles) (Printed) • Tyres & Tubes for Scooter &
• Fibre Glass Industries – • PET Pre-Form from PET Resin • PVC Hand Gloves Motorcycle
Chopped, Stand, Mats & Woven • Plastic Buckets, Bottles & Doll • PVC Hoses (For Irrigation • Tyres Retreading By Cold
Roving • Plastic Buttons from Polyester Purposes) Process
• Fibre Reinforced Plastic Pipes Sheet & R od • PVC Lining for Metal Crown • Tyres Tubes for 2/3 Wheelers,

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
32 Visit us at : ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019
Motor Cycle, Rickshaw • Denim Cloth • Tags for Readymade Garments Refining)
• Unsaturated Polyester Resin • Denim Cloth (Integrated Unit • Terry Towels • Manufacturing of Recycling
• UPVC Pipes with Printing, Bleaching, Dyeing) • Textile Bleaching, Dyeing and Paper Products
• Waste Tyre Pyrolysis • Disposable Baby Diaper Finishing • Mini Paper Plant from Waste
• Water Proofing System • Dying of Hank Yarn for Power • Textile Carpet Woollen Dyeing Paper
(Polyurethane and Acrylic Based Loom • Textile Dyeing & Printing Mill • Municipal Garbage Treatment
• Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) • Fiber from Banana Plant & Mfg. • Textile Dyeing Auxiliaries Plant
• X-Ray Film of Bags Like Jute Bags • Textile Fabric Coating By LDPE • Municipal Solid Waste
SOAP, DETERGENTS, LEANING • Furnishing Fabrics on Power in One Side with Embossing Management
POWDER, LAUNDRY CARE, Loom Textile Fabric with Sides Coating • Nickel Catalyst of Vanaspati
FABRIC CARE AND WASH, • Geotextiles for Road & By LDPE Industries
HOUSEHOLD Construction • Textile Printing (Pigment Binder) • Nicotine from Tobacco Waste
ANDINDUSTRIAL • Handker-Chief • Textile Weaving Plant • Ossein from Bones
DETERGENTS, WASHING AND • Handloom Products (Khes, • T-Shirts & Baniyans • Oxalic Acid from Paddy Husk
TOILET, LIQUID SOAPS, LIQUID Bedsheet, Bedcovers, Furnishing • Undergarments (Men & Women) • Oxalic Acid from Saw Dust
DETERGENTS, ACID SLURRY Cloth) • Underwear Garment Ganji, • Oxalic Acid from Vegetable
• Acid Slurry By Manual Process • Hosiery & Textiles Cloth Jangia Waste
• Blue Detergent Powder Processing & Hosiery Garments • Viscose Filament Yarn • Paper from Waste Paper
• Cleaning Powder (Vim Type) Manufacturing (Composite Mill) • Viscose Rayon • Particle Board from Agro Waste
• Detergent Cake & Powder • Hosiery and Tailor Lables • Viscose Rayon Yarn from Cotton & Sugarcane Bagasse
• Detergent Cake & Powder (Rin- • Hosiery Cloth (Cotton Cloth Linters • Particle Board from Jute Waste
Type) Processing Bleaching, Dyeing, • Woollen Dyeing • Particle Board from Rice Husk
• Detergent Cake, Detergent Finishing) • Woollen Hosiery • Particle Board from Saw Dust
Powder, Dish Washing Detergent • Hosiery Cloth Processing • Woollen Sweaters • Pectin from Orange/Lime Peels
Cake and Powder (Cotton) • Zari Yarn • PET Bottles Recycling (PET
• Detergent Powder & Cake (Fena • Hosiery Fabric Cloth from Cotton WASTE MANAGEMENT AND Bottles from PET Scrap)
Type) Yarn RECYCLING, INDUSTRIAL • Plastic Granules from Plastic
• Detergent Powder & Detergent • Hosiery Industries (Banian & WASTE MANAGEMENT, AGRO Waste
Cake Underwear) WASTE, MUNICIPAL • Polyester Yarn from Waste
• Detergent Powder (Fena Type) • Hosiery Industry GARBAGE, PLASTIC, PAPER,
• Pre-Laminated Particle Board from
• Detergent Powder (Nirma Type) • Hosiery Industry (Ganji, Baniyan, METAL, IRON, GLASS,
Rice Husk
• Detergent Washing Powder Underwears) RUBBER, E-WASTE
• Reclamation of Automobile
(Ariel Type) • Hosiery Products (Like T-Shirt, RECYCLING, MEDICAL WASTE
• Floor Cleaner Knitwear and Acrylic Yarn) RECYCLING
• Glass Cleaner, Floor Cleaner • Hosiery Products Like Vests, • Acrylic Sheets from Acrylic • Reclamation of Nickel from Spent
and Toilet Cleaner Briefs, TShirts & Nylon Cotton Scraps • Reclamation of Rubber
• Glycerin Bath Soap (Pears Type) Knitting • Activated Carbon from Rice • Reclamation of Transformer Oil
• Hard Oil Soap • Integrated & Composite Textile Husk, Saw Dust • Reclamation of used Bleaching
• Liquid Detergent Unit 1. Cotton Ginning & • Basic Chromium Sulphate from Earth
• Liquid Detergent for Wool Processing Plant 2. 19000 Waste Sulfur Dioxide • Reclamation of used Engine Oil
• Metal Polish Soap Spindles Spinning Mill to Feed • Bio Coal Briquettes from • Reclamation of Wax Sludge for
• Soap Coated Paper Composite Weaving Mill To Mfg. Agriculture Manufacturing of Micro-
• Soap Noodles Grey Cotton Fabric (Including • Bio Fertilizer from Cow Dung & Crystalline Wax
• Softener (Cationic, Anionic, & Carding & Combing) other Waste • Reconditioning of Empty Cement
Non Ionic) • Integrated Unit of Textile Mill and • Biomass Briquettes from Bio Jute Bags
• Toilet & Herbal Soap Readymade Garments Waste • Reconditioning of Fluorescent
• Toilet Closet Cleaner • Jacquard Fabrics • Bricks from Fly Ash Tubes
• Toilet Soap • Jeans and Jackets (Denim) • Bricks from Stone Dust • Reconditioning of Oil Drill Rods
• Toilet Soaps (Alcohol & Animal • Jeans Cotton’s Casual & Shirts • Caffeine from Tea Waste • Reconditioning of Picture Tube
Fat Free) • Jeans, Shirts & Trousers • Carbon Black from Fertilizer • Recovery of Nylon from Nylon
• Utensil Cleaning Bar • Jute Yarn, Sutli & Hessian Cloth Waste Waste
• Washing and Laundry Soap Weaving (Integrated Unit) • Cellulose Powder from Cotton • Recovery of Silver from Waste
• Washing Powder & Soap (Nirma • Knitted Fabric Linter (Waste of Cotton) fixer Bleach Obtained from Photo-
Type) • Ladies Under Garment (Bra & • Cement from Rice Husk Colour Lab & XRay Film, Cinema
TEXTILE & TEXTILE Panty) • Charcoal Powder from Rice Husk Film & Waste Hypo Solution By
AUXILIARIES, HOSIERY, • Mattress/Bedding (Automatic • Coir Pith Sulphide Process
SPINNING, JEANS, Machine) • Copper Ash/Copper Ingot from • Recovery of Silver Nitrate from
READYMADE GARMENTS, • Mfg. of Jeans, Trousers, T- Copper Waste Photographic Waste Fixer
UNDER GARMENTS Shirts, & Kids Garments • Cotton from Waste Yarn • Recovery of Zinc Metal from Zinc
• Acrylic Blanket • Neck Tie • Depolymerisation of Waste PET Ash
• Acrylic Blanket for Warming for • Non-Woven Carpets Cladded Scrap • Recycling of Cellulose Acetate
Human Coverage Purpose with Polyester Fibre • E-Waste Recycling Plant • Recycling of Computer Waste
• Acrylic Garments • Open End Spinning Mill • Extraction of Lead from Lead • Recycling of Polythene and other
• Acrylic Yarn • Polyester Yarn from Waste Waste Products
• Acrylic Yarn Dyeing • Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn • Flute Paper from Waste Paper
• Recycling of PVC Scrap
• Angora Rabbit Farming, Feed, • Printed Shopping Bags • Fly Ash Beneficiation
• Refining of Used Lube Oil
Yarn from Wool, Mfg. of Shawls, • Ready Made Garment (EOU) • Gelatin from Bones
Sweaters, Caps, Muflers with • Readymade Garment (Trousers) • Hard Board from Bagasse • Rubber Powder from Waste Tyres
Dying & • Readymade Garments & Hosiery • Kraft Paper from Bagasse • Silicone from Rice Husk
• Angora Rabbit Wool • Readymade Garments for • Kraft Paper from Waste Carton • Silver Extraction from Waste
• Baby & Adult Diaper & Sanitary Children & Teenage Sigments Boxes Hypo Solution
Pads • Readymade Salwar, Suit (Ladies) • Lead Battery Recycling • Sodium Hydrochloride from
• Baby Diaper • Sanitary Napkin (Low Investment) • Lead Recovery from Scrap Waste Chlorine Gas
• Black Braided Silk (Non- • Sanitary Napkins Battery • Sundrid Board from Waste Paper
Absorbable Surgical Suture) • Sanitary Napkins & Baby Diaper • Lead Recycling (Smelting & & Pulp
• Blanket from Wool or Woollen • Sanitary Napkins (Imported
Waste or Woollen Rags Automatic Plant)
• Bleaching (EOU) • Sanitary Pads/Napkins
• Brassieres & Panties
• Canvas Shoes
• Carding Cloth
• Sewing Thread Reels and Balls
Making Industry
• Shirts (Woven) & Jeans Unit
• Carpet Weaving
• Chemically Water Proofing
• Shoe Laces
• Silk Realing Unit DETAILED PROJECT
Process on Cotton Cloth • Socks Knitting [EOU]
• Children Knit Wear T- Shirt
• Spinning & Carding of Wool in to
• Cotton Buds/Swab
• Cotton Fiber from Waste Cloth
• Cotton from Waste Yarn
• Spinning Mill
• Surgical Absorbent Cotton (P P
• Cotton Ginning & Pressing
• Cotton Yarn Dyeing
• Surgical Bandages
• Surgical Cotton PROJECT
• Count Cotton Spinning Mill • Surgical Cotton & Bandage

Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on All Above Projects are Available. Contact :
NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-7, Ph.:91-11-23843955, 23845886, 23845654, Mob. : 9811043595
AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Fax : 91-11-23845886, E-mail :, Web. :
ENTREPRENEUR INDIA APRIL 2019 Visit us at : 33
4.3% and 4.4% from 2014 to 2019, in terms of volume and value respectively. U(DN) 154/2018-20
PMMA beads form is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 7.6%, from
2013 to 2019.The paint sector in India is estimated at Rs 2,910,000mn and has
been witnessing robust growth to the tune of 17% CAGR over the past seven
years. As a whole there is a good scope for new entrepreneur to invest in this
An Industrial Monthly Journal
on Industrial Development
Copper Cathode from Copper Scrap Technologies & Project
opper cathode is a form of copper that has a purity of 99.95%. In
order to remove impurities from copper ore, it undergoes two
processes, smelting and electro reining. The resulting, nearly pure
copper is an excellent conductor and is often used
in electrical wiring. The pliable nature of copper SUBSCRIPTION RATES
makes it an excellent choice FOR INDIA
for electrical and audio
wires, which must be thin Single copy ` 20.00
and flexible. Aside from COST ESTIMATION One year ` 720.00
wire, copper cathode is CAPACITY (With Registered Post Charges)
also used to make copper
Copper Cathode : 1800 MT/Annum Three Years ` 2100.00
cake, which ranges in (With Registered Post Charges)
thickness from thin foils to Copper Slag, Residue : 180 MT/Annum
thick plates. Plant & Machinery : `136 Lakhs DD/Cheques to be drawn in
The electrical indus- Cost of Project : ` 1348 Lakhs favour of Entrepreneur India.
try claims a share of about Rate of Return : 26%
26%. The electronics and Break Even Point : 39% Project Reports included in this
communications take an- issue were prepared on the basis of
other 30% share. With data available at the time of
building construction (9%) and transportation (8%) added, the cumulative rises preparing these reports. With the
to about three-fourths. The other consuming sectors are engineering process passage of time there might be
and general (9%) and consumer durables (6%). Defence is also a substantial
variations in data. Entrepreneurs
user. Another important consumer is handicrafts which is reported to consume
close to 12% of copper in India. Which facilitates the development of new
are requested to update the data
technologies and ensure a high quality product. before venturing into any project
discussed herein. However efforts
has been made to give correct
information even then no guarantee
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