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My name is Imo and my full name is Redemptus Primo Nisel Kahu. I’m currently teaching
English at SMP Unggul Reformasi Bersubsidi Sabu Raijua, a very remote island in NTT province. When
Bupati Sabu Raijua advertized teaching jobs for schools in the island, not many people were
interested but me. I enthusiastically applied for the English teacher position because naturally I
always welcome every challenge. I finally went to Savu Island to take a two-year teaching contract in
this isolated island. I am self-motivated, reliable, responsible, and hard working person. I am able to
work well both in a team environment as well as using my own initiatives. In addition, I am as well
able to work well under pressure in order to meet strict deadlines. In my opinion, there are at least
two main causes why I proudly claim such characters as my strengths which are described below.

Firstly, when I was still a child there was a serial movie on local TVRI called “Hunter” in which
the main actor (What’s his name? Forgot!), in every episode always said this speech: “Trust me; I
know what I’m doing”. Because the expression was repeatedly uttered from one episode to another,
it was well memorized but then I did not understand what it means. Later I asked my father, who is
an English teacher, what it means. To my pleasure, not only I understand the meaning literally, but
most importantly the philosophy behind it which to me sounds ‘beautiful’ and inspiring. Unaware of
it, the saying gradually overtook me ever since and in fact, played an important part in determining
my future achievements.

After I finished my elementary school in 2005, I was determined to take an entrance test in
order to enroll on Seminari Kisol, a private place of education in Flores for training those who want to
become priests in Catholic Church. The school is famous for its academic reputation, disciplines, and
is very demanding for its students. To become a student of the school, candidates have to fight for
enrollment in a highly competitive entrance test. I was not sure if I could pass the test, to be honest.
However, the saying kept lingering on in my unconscious mind and with high confidence I took the
test. Forty out of 255 applicants were selected new students including me.

During the six-year study in Seminari Kisol, I always had strong belief in my ability to acquire
knowledge and skills of the school subjects and therefore had exclusively belonged to top-three
students at every level. Outside class I enjoyed socializing with other students, teachers, and even
with non-academic employees, and so did they to me. I participated actively in all extra-curriculum
activities especially those of my hobbies and interests and somehow had been in some intra-school
and inter-schools competitions both in district (kabupaten) and in provincial levels. Some
competitions where either in person or team became winner or runner-up were basketball (winner
in two successive years in district level), English debate (provincial runner-up), and essay-writing
high-school competition (provincial runner-up).

Secondly, as seminary school leaver, I inherited all the good things of the school including
self-discipline, self-reliance, strong character and now have the benefits of good education such as
good communicator with proven interpersonal skills, ability to work in team, and capability of using
own initiative. These good characters undoubtedly made me excel in every subject in my university
study and therefore allowed me to complete my study within four years, the only one in the class
who was able to do so.

And so to speak, as in the past I was able to demonstrate various kinds of personal
achievements and continue to do so at present, I too will be successful in becoming a Consular,
Passport and Public Diplomacy Officer.