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Assignment # 1

Name Muhammad Danish Liaqat

Topic Corruption
Class BScs
Section A
Roll no 34
Submitted To Sir Majid khan
Submitted By M Danish Liaqat

Minhaj University Lahore

Corruption is a ten alphabet words but destroys communities as a whole. It is general concept
describing any organized, interdependent system in which Part of system is either not performing
them in an important way, to the detriment of the systems original purpose. Corruption destroy
all major units, brings major changes in the total structure of the political administrative system.
Like a political system or institution in which public official seek illegitimate personal gain
through actions such as bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, and patronage. It is more
common the third world countries. Interruption of the transmission of data from one place to
another to change the original one to have some financial benefit is also a form of corruption.
Corruption is closely associated with an unequal income distribution and concentration of
wealth in the hands of a few. It brings distorted consumption pattern aimed at meeting the
lifestyle of the new and extremely rich urban elite. Minds of youth are the lights of future. No
nation can have better. Corruption is the highly infectious social dieses which has spread its roots
to the mind of the bad people. No one take birth to do such type of bad activities in the society
however some bad condition of their life forced them to do so. Now a days, lot of benefit are
given by the government of the India to the poor people on the basic of various rules and
regulations to bring social awareness among common people as well as equality in the society.
However poor people are not getting benefit of those advantages give by the government as
many officer doing corruption secretly between the channels before reaching to the poor people.
As we all know that corruption is very bad thing it inhibits the individual growth as well as
society and country growth and development. It is social evil which is playing human body and
mind socially, economically and intellectually.
“Corruption is like a ball of snow,
Once it’s set a rolling it must increase.”
Corruption is a multi-dimensional social evil. It is the problem of problems in the world of today.
It has clung to mankind like an incurable disease. It is a widespread moral degradation in the
society. Nepotism, misappropriation of public money and non-accountability have spread the
waves of corruption in almost all the department of life. Even courts of justice and corruption are
no executions. They distinction between right and wrong disappears evolutions and military take
overs become common. In fact corruption. In fact, corruption is one of the main causes of
downfall of nations in the past. Corruption has almost become an integral part of our economic,
social and culture activities. Corruption among the police force and judiciary has serious
consequences for criminals go scot – free endangering society from the bottom to the top the
whole machinery is corrupt. The corrupt people use quite amazing techniques and surprising
tricks to device others. From a peon to the boss almost everyone is involved in corruption
directly or indirectly. Usually the police and income tax department were notorious for
corruption. But now this evil has spread to every department of the government. Corruption is
rampant in India. It is like a cancer that is eating away at the innards of the country. You want to
get a driving license or a ration card or a marriage certificate or a birth or death certificate, most
probably you may have to grease someone’s palm in the concerned office. There is corruption in
every field. Government employees are some of the most corrupt people in India. Of course, not
all of them are corrupt but a good percentage of them take bribes from those who approach them
to get something done. One reason for this is that government employees in most states are not
paid good salaries and wages remain stagnant in public sector companies for years. As the cost
of living increases, people find it hard to make ends meet and they resort to corruption to make
extra income. If Political and electoral institutions are largely responsible for India being
perceived as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. First the people are lack of
contentment because of economic insecurity in the society. The public officials are unable to
maintain their standard of living withing salary. So, they are tempted to accept bribe. Third, lack
of accountability on the part of the people servant and the politicians waters the flowers of
corruption. Four, most of the people have ignored religion and moral traditions. They want to
amass wealth at any cost. They have no sense of right or wrong.
“Conscience is God’s presence in man.”
To root out corruption we shall have to end the corruption culture we should re-establish our link
with religion which can keep us on the right path. All the responsible official and politicians
must be account for their deeds. The anti-corruption department should be empowered to give
exemplary punishment to the corrupt people. Being the Muslim we should keep the saying of the
Holy Prophet in our mind
“Bribe-giver and bribe-taker
Are both boomed for hell?”
Corruption is the academic field means that merit is ignored and mediocrity exalted. Politicians
Embezzle public funds and take kickbacks. Corruptions region even within the hallowed
precincts of religious institution. It make a mockery of medical ethics in hospital. The sat yam
scandal blew the lid off the myth that India IT sectors in immune to such things. In short nothing
is sacrosanct when it common to the evil practice if left unchecked corruption spread rapidly. It
also make people redesign to it and saps their will to fight it they become pessimistic and soon
they also being to ignore the law of corruption causes inefficiencies and diverts resources. The
poor are most affected by corruption even PDS ration mean for the poor find their way into the
open market. It cause great loss to the exchequer creates an unhealthy climate for investment and
increase the cost of government services. It is not very easy to do business in India. Compared to
chine and other purpose Asian nations, the average time taken to secure the clearances for a
startup or to invoke bankruptcy is much greater in India. Recently, the right to information act
was enacted by the UPA government. A UN development report termed it the most progressive
legislation in the development world this act has enable the public to demand accountability from
government institution regarding processes but the power of the acts has not been not been
successfully utilized because of low awareness. One way to diminish corruption would be to
increase pay scales of lower grade government employees also, there should be a carrot and stick
policy to reward efficient people and punish corrupt ones. Increased transparency and vigilance
in the need of hour. Corruption may come in many forms often in political and sport. Politician
on a quite regular basis have been found guilty of corruption as with sports persons politicians
use unethical techniques to gain and advantages in an election to gain more money votes or
acquire ungotten wealth. There is corruption in the police force in law and order and even in the
management of the game corruption being from home. Parents use baits to make children listen
to them. Corruption is found almost everywhere and on everything starting from paying bribes to
civil servant for his favor of work to the leading politician. Corruption has almost become an
integral part of our economic, social and culture activities. From the bottom to the top, the whole
system of moral ethical and religious value of society. Every person wishes to get rich overnight
and therefore tires to feather his nest. Second the inflation rate in unchecked in our society. The
public officials are unable to maintain their standard of living within salary.