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2018 Court Administration ‘APR 10 209 Hic No. 4 8708 8 SUPR OF NOVA SCOTIA BETWEEN: To: And To: And To: And To: SALTWIRE NETWORK INC. Plain, nd GROUPE DES MEDIAS TRANSCONTINENTAL DE LA NOUVELLE-ECOSSE INC/TRANSCONTINENTAL NOVA SCOTIA MEDIA GROUP INC., GROUPE DES MEDIAS TRANSCONTINENTAL DES PROVINCES DE L’ATLANTIQUE SEENC/TRANSCONTINENTAL ATLANTIC MEDIA” GROUP GP, IMPRIMERIES TRANSCONTINENTAL ING TRANSCONTINENTAL PRINTING —INC., IMPRIMERIES TRANSCONTINENTAL 2005 S.ENN.C. / TRANSCONTINENTAL PRINTING 2005 'G.P, and. OPTIPRESS PRINTING GP. IMPRMERIES OPTIPRESS SEN. Defendants NOTICE OF ACTION ‘Transcontinental Nova Scotia Media Group Inc., ‘Transcontinental Atlantic Media Group G.P,, Transcontinental Printing Inc, Transcontinental Printing 2005 G.P., All clo: Charles S, Reagh Stewart MeKelvey Lawyers | Avocats Suite 900, Purdy’s Wharf Tower One 41959 Upper Water Street Halifax, Nova Scotia ‘And To: Optipress Printing G. lo: Douglas Mathews Stewart McKelvey Lawyers |Avocats ‘Suite 900, Purdy’s Wharf Tower One 1050 Upper Water Street Halfax, Nova Scotia ‘Action Has Been Started Against You ‘The Plaintif takes action against you, The Plaintif stared the Action by fling this Notice withthe Court on the date certified by the Prothonotary. The Paint claims the relief described in the attached Statement of Claim, The claim is based on the grounds sisted in the Statement of Claim, Deadline for Defending the Action ‘To defend the action, you or your Counse! must fie @ Notice of Defence withthe Court no mere than the falloning number of days after the day this Notice of Action is delivered to you: ‘+ 18 days if delivery is made in Nova Scotia + 30 days if delivery is made elsewhere in Canada + 45 dayeif delivery is made anywhere else. Judgment Against You If You Do Not Defend ‘The Court may grant an Order for the reli claimed without further notice, unless you file the Notice of Defence before the applicable deadline. ‘You May Demand Notice of Steps in the Action I you do not have a defence to the claim or you do not choose to defend it you may, if you wish to have further notice, fle a Demand for Notice, If you fle 2 Demand for Notice, the Plaintif rust netfy you before obtaining an Order for the relief ciaimed and, unless the Court orders ‘otherwise, you wil be ented to tice of each other step in the Action, Rule $7 - Action for Damages under $100,000 Civil Procedure Rule $7 limits pretrial and tial procedures in a defended Action so it wil be more economical, The Rule applies if the Plaintiff states the Action is within the Rule Otherwise, the Rule does not apply, except as a possible basis for cosis against the Plain. This action isnot within Rule $7. Filing and Delive 19 Documents ‘Any documents you fle withthe Court must be filed atthe office of the Prothonotary, Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, The Law Courts, 1815 Upper Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. When you file @ document you must immediately deliver a copy of it to each other party entitled to otce, unless the Gocument is part of an ex parte motion, the panies agres delivery Is not required, or a Judge orders itis not required Contact Information ‘The Plaintiff designates the folowing address: Augustus MeL. Richardson, QC ‘ADIREM Alternative Dispute Resolution Services 41141 Cartaret Street Halfax, NS B3H 32 Telephone: 902-422-6728 E-Mail; Counsel forthe Plai iff Documents delvered to this address are considered recsived by the Plaintiff on delivery, Further contact information is available from the Prathonatary Proposed Place of Trial ‘The Praintif proposes that, if you defend this Action, the trial wil be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Signature ‘Signed this 10% day of Api, 2019. KO ‘agustus MeL. Richardson, OC AD#REM Alternative Dispute Resolution Services 1141 CataretStect Halifax, NS BSH 3P2 Telephone: 902-422-6729 Esai: — Counsel forthe Plaintit