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Last MidFirst SufAddress City State/Pr TotalEmployer Name Occupation

Kreiss-TomkiJonathan 700 Etolin St Sitka AK 30State of Alaska Legislator
Edel Charles 51 UNIT 4150 Dpo AP 100The University of Sydn Professor
Koppell Jonathan 5223 N 41st Pl Phoenix AZ 100Arizona State UniversitProfessor
Bernard Ethan 1102 1/2 Curtis Albany CA 10University of CaliforniaProject Scientist
Poon Lydia 1421 Walnut St Berkeley CA 50Thruline Marketing Marketing Manager
Mashhadi Marjan 26 El Camino Re Berkeley CA 300TaskRabbit Attorney
Elicker RichJoan 2209 Via TabaraLa Jolla CA 370Retired Former School Psychologist
Elicker Brett 24 Tara Ln Novato CA 370University of CaliforniaDoctor
Webb Emily 24 Tara Ln Novato CA 370University of CaliforniaDoctor
Richards-BlaKristen 3580 Carmel Mo San DiegoCA 370Torrey Pines Dermatolo Dermatologist
Coren Michael 4210 Balboa St San FranciCA 30Atlantic Media media
Smuts Robert 109 Duncan St San FranciCA 100City and County of SanManager
Sesko Michael 1671 Golden GaSan FranciCA 370Frontier Farmland Investor
Jacobs Heather PO Box 1171 Three RiveCA 25UN Food and AgriculturConsultant
McCallum Bailey 2953 6th St Boulder CO 370Paragon Energy AdvisorRenewable Energy
Penner Anne 2380 Fairfax St Denver CO 50University of Denver Professor
Hobman Dirk 416 S Grant AveFort CollinCO 200DH Photography Photographer
Aldrich Sarah 24 Limewood ABranford CT 25Self Freelance teacher and writer
Hebrank Kelly 142 Watch Hill Branford CT 30IRIS Database Specialist
Venema Doss 20 Hill St Branford CT 50NA retired
Inorio Ralph 97 Cherry Hill RBranford CT 100LiUNA 455 Business Manager
Richard Heidi 19 B Harbour VlBranford CT 200Yale School of Public HeChief of Staf
Petrakis Ismene 9 MacLean Pl Branford CT 370Yale university Professor
Steinhardt David 125 Village Ln Branford CT 370D.S. Sewing Inc President
Frank Gage 258 PennsylvanBridgeportCT 10Self Consultant
Cajigas Heriberto 86 Dell Dr East HaveCT 25State of Connecticut Manager
Aery Morgan 116 George St East HaveCT 70Liberty Mutual Sales
Hodges Peter 30 Whalers Pt East HaveCT 250Self Playwright
Luckey Spencer 14 Vernon St East HaveCT 370Luckey LLC Artist
Kneerim Will 78 State St Guilford CT 20IRIS- Integrated Refug Director
Barbery Kendall 100 Spencer AvGuilford CT 30GreenWave Non-Profit Program Director
Maguire L Walter Jr 160 Uncas PointGuilford CT 100Madison Polymeric Business owner
Meyer Spencer 88 Dromara RdGuilford CT 200Highstead Ecologist
Eder Andrew 167 Uncas PointGuilford CT 370Eder Bros., Inc Executive
Fleming P Bradley 47 Old Quarry RGuilford CT 370New Haven Land Trust Farmer
Clarke Laura 179 Old Quarry Guilford CT 370Self Arts advocate
Beeman Ken 1739 Great Hill Guilford CT 370National Roofing Co., InSales
Mayer Rick 78 Hart Rd Guilford CT 370M Fund, Inc. investor
Barocas MayMelanie 78 Hart Rd Guilford CT 370Borocas Photography LPrincipal
Snow Judith 286 Lake Dr Guilford CT 370Retired Retired
Kramer Richard 286 Lake Dr Guilford CT 370Retired Retired
Fleming Norman 47 Old Quarry RGuilford CT 370Retired Retired
Hadelman Allen 38 Vineyard AveGuilford CT 370Hadley Inc Real Estate
Rosenthal Judy 70 Brookside DrHamden CT 10Self Photographer
Pope Jennifer 19 King St Hamden CT 10Yale University clinical trials team manager
Fiore Kimberly 74 Sky View CirHamden CT 10Yale University Proposal Manager
Baez Dominique56 Burke St Hamden CT 10Construction WorkforceGrant
I manager
Botta Katherine 92 Spring GardeHamden CT 10Seedlings Educators Coeducator
Sloane Dave 4 Edgehill Ter Hamden CT 10University of New HaveTeacher
Garrett Daniel 47 Andover Rd Hamden CT 10self property manager
Bruce Jamie 146 Filbert St Hamden CT 25Choate Higher ed
Bruce Benjamin 146 Filbert St Hamden CT 30Yale Sr. Analyst
Harwood Alice-Anne75 Hobson Ave Hamden CT 30Self-employed Consultant
Gersick Connie 15 Autumn RdgHamden CT 35Yale Research Associate
Baez Joseph 56 Burke St Hamden CT 35CWI2 Program Manager
Bruce Lori 34 Deepwood DHamden CT 45Yale University Associate Director
Bettigole Charles 51 Ingram St Hamden CT 50Yale University Scientist
Matheson Suzanne 1412 Whitney AHamden CT 50NA unemployed
Ebersole Garrett 113 Central AveHamden CT 50Medtronic Engineer
Williams Robert 90 Ardmore St Hamden CT 50Yale Law School Attorney
Williams Elizabeth 90 Ardmore St Hamden CT 50Yale University Manager
Quintman Analis 113 Woodlawn S Hamden CT 50Collins Aerospace Program Manager
Heiser David 81 Mather St Hamden CT 50Yale Peabody Museum of Museum Educator
Bishop Christine PO Box 6189 Hamden CT 60UHG Project Manager
CunninghamAlison 19 Wilkins St Hamden CT 100Columbus House CEO
Skakle Clif 185 Eramo Ter Hamden CT 100New Haven Lawn Club Director of Tennis
Breland Debbie 128 Kaye Vue DHamden CT 100Retired Retired
Smith Patrick 227 Corbin Rd Hamden CT 100Yale University Manager
Ravich Madeline 145 Blake Rd Hamden CT 100CT Coalition to End Ho Development Advisor
Ibbotson Roger 75 Hartford TpkHamden CT 150Yale University Professor
Oricchio David 365 Ridge Rd Hamden CT 150East Rock cofee Managing parter
Spitzer Harold 1016 Ridge Rd Hamden CT 200Self Employed Architect
Totman Lisa 44 Laurel Rd Hamden CT 200retired teacher
Horsley Valerie 136 Mill Pond RHamden CT 370Yale Professor
Pepe Gregory 157 Santa Fe AvHamden CT 370Neubert, Pepe & Monteit Lawyer
Sauerteig Robin 21 Wilton Rd Hamden CT 370Retired Retired
Fahey Meredith 19 Wilkins St Hamden CT 370Yale University Consultant
Dembinski Thomas 94 Jackson Rd Hamden CT 250Dembinski Law Office Lawyer
Bermudez Wildaliz 6 A Atwood St Hartford CT 20City of Hartford City Council
Krayeske Kenneth 6 A Atwood St Hartford CT 50KB Law, LLC Attorney at law
Mattei Christopher176 N Beacon SHartford CT 200Koskof Attorney
Fielstra Tyler 89 Roast Meat H KillingworCT 150self employed building restoration
Bettigole Robert 60 Long Pond R Lakeville CT 100Elm Street Ventures Investor
Bettigole Barbara 60 Long Pond R Lakeville CT 100N/A retired teacher
Freiberg Justin 604 Opening HilM adison CT 50Yale University Teacher
Kahn Gerald 138 Garnet ParkMadison CT 150Retired Retired
CameronR David 15 Longview TerMadison CT 250Yale University Educator
Candelora David 277 Bartlett DrMadison CT 370Prime Management LL Maintenance Manager
Gardner CanVictoria 277 Bartlett DrMadison CT 370David Creek TechnologIT
Farina Mike 54 Robert Rd Mancheste CT 100Yale University Professor
Stewart Arthur 158 Paddock AvMeriden CT 100Sunrise Supportive CarSocial Worker
Vaccarelli Susan 164 Woodfield DMiddleburCT 30Naugatuck Valley Comm Registered Nurse
Grant Dominick 50 Miller Rd MiddlefielCT 50WLIP LLC Investment Advisor
May Al 56 Rogers Ave AMilford CT 10Retired retired
Pureka Judy 90 Hickok Rd New CanaCT 300Retired Retired
Elicker Gordon 121 Thayer PonNew CanaCT 370NA Retired
Hobman Gisela 97 Forest St New CanaCT 370Retired Retired
Elicker Joan 121 Thayer PonNew CanaCT 370NA NA
Doss-Gollin James 62 Anderson St New HaveCT 5Columbia University PhD Candidate
Siedlarz Lisa 53 Pearl St New HaveCT 10SCSU Financial Aid Administrator
Moeller Bonnie 87 Pearl St New HaveCT 10Yale University Service Assistant
Nardini Carol 135 Fountain StNew HaveCT 10Retired Retired
Bednar Edward 142 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 10Retired social worker
Marcarelli Margaret 1050 State St ANew HaveCT 10MaxCyte Account Manager
Vitale Liz 30 Westwood RNew HaveCT 10Yale University Operations Manager
Stark Fortney 68 Yale JonathaNew HaveCT 10Peace First Manager
Strickler Michael 809 Orange St New HaveCT 10Howard Hughes Medical Research Specialist
Heath Allyna 467 Whalley AvNew HaveCT 10Serrato Corporation/NeHR Managers
Marottoli Vincent 1211 QuinnipiaNew HaveCT 10retired teacher
Campion Paul 82 Morris Cove New HaveCT 10Adecco Group USA Vice President
Merk Julia 29 Cove St New HaveCT 10Yale University Manager
Samsel Andrew 308 Humphrey S New HaveCT 10State of Ct Correctional Officer
Opperman Hilary 145 E Rock Rd ANew HaveCT 10Site Projects Art Nonprofit
Karpel John 1416 State St FlNew HaveCT 10Plants a la Carte Interior Landscaper
Papa Susan 999 Forest Rd New HaveCT 10self writer, editor
Galo Kathleen 51 Downing St New HaveCT 10Yale Graduate School ofAdministrator
Johnson Dawn 856 Townsend ANew HaveCT 10COPE Health Solutions EVP
OppenheimeMark 155 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 10Yale University writer
Riera Timothy 91 Kneeland RdNew HaveCT 10State of ct Social worker
Paugh Rebecca (B245 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 10 385016609547development
Wilson Dennis 91 Clark St Apt New HaveCT 10Integrated Refugee andEducation and Advocacy Coordinator
Benoit Cordalie 19 Court St AptNew HaveCT 10City of New Haven Comm. BAA
Lewis Adrienne 32 Huntington SNew HaveCT 15Self Violinist
May Cyril 128 Nicoll St New HaveCT 18City of Waterbury Recycling Coordinator
Lifset Reid 228 Everit St New HaveCT 20Yale Editor
Kearney Patrick 51 Rock Creek New HaveCT 20KGI Bridgeport Plumber
Vance Julie 31 Eld St New HaveCT 20yale adjunct faculty
Arrell Stephanie 176 Linden St New HaveCT 20Retired Retired
Barthel William 425 Fort Hale RNew HaveCT 20Retired Retired
Brennan Matt 738 Townsend ANew HaveCT 20Yale University Social Worker
Randall Chris 315 Lenox St New HaveCT 20Self Employed Photographer
SaundersT William 512 George St New HaveCT 20n/a n/a
Burger Eugene 374 Central AveNew HaveCT 20Ctr for Special LearningOffice Mgr
Spillane Margaret 634 Orange St New HaveCT 20Yale University Instructor
Monaco Mary Ann 140 Canner St New HaveCT 20Cold Spring School Office Manager
Mathews Lindsay 265 College St New HaveCT 20Thyme & Season Retail
ChegwiddenCynthia 152 Ocean ViewNew HaveCT 20IKEA Retail
Rocke P. Robert 3 N Bank St New HaveCT 25Yale University information technology
LedovskyH. Greg 71 William St #New HaveCT 25The Devil's Gear LLC Manager
Allen Anthony 61 Mechanic StNew HaveCT 25A Tipping Point, LLC President
Maltese Diane 325 Stevenson New HaveCT 25Milford Board of educatRetired teacher
Sachs June 396 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 25Retired Retired
Topitzer Patricia 569 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 25Retired Retired
Nickerson Sean 50 Concord St New HaveCT 25Unemployed Unemployed
Criscuolo Christine 356 Humphrey S New HaveCT 25Retired Nurse
Anderson Marjo 507 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 25Salem Lutheran Church,Clergy
Miller Ronald 98 Woodbridge New HaveCT 25Retired Physician
Ezra Kate 96 Colony Rd New HaveCT 25none retired
Abraham Elizabeth 259 Alden Ave New HaveCT 25Ansonia High School Teacher
Sapadin Helene 68 Perkins St New HaveCT 28Congregation Beth El-Ke retired teacher
Faulkner Mary 183 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 30Elm Campus Partners Property Manager
Harper Annie 58 Anderson St New HaveCT 30yale university instructor
Elicker Natalie 821 Orange St New HaveCT 30US Department of JustiLaywer
Hadari Netta 15 Roydon Rd New HaveCT 30Mount Holyoke CollegeEducator
Cohn Richard 63 Ogden St New HaveCT 30Yale University professor
Tureck Marlene 76 Winchester New HaveCT 30Self n/a
Congdon Diana 443 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 30Greater New Haven Cou APRN
Miller Cathie 98 Woodbridge New HaveCT 30Scott VanderVennet Nurse midwife
Horning Emily 276 Alden Ave New HaveCT 30Yale University Librarian
Bonnett Lynne 625 Townsend ANew HaveCT 30NA NA
Derosia-BanKristin 94 Parker Pl New HaveCT 30State of Connecticut Environmental analyst
Merkel Jane 257 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 30Yale University Scientist
Kim Christine 406 Humphrey S New HaveCT 30Unemployed Unemployed
Shea Kathleen 182 Front St New HaveCT 30Self Dog Trainer
Reed Shawna 238 Alden Ave New HaveCT 30Yale University School Postdoctoral research associate
SanseverinoJoyce 176 Kneeland RNew HaveCT 30State of CT Teacher
Dicks Renate 37 Florence AveNew HaveCT 30Innovation Roundtable Event Manager
Schulman Betsy 75 Stevenson RNew HaveCT 30Yale University Editor
Schulman Glenn 75 Stevenson RNew HaveCT 30self consultant
Kavanagh Mickey 727 Orange St New HaveCT 30Retired Retired
Perna James 25 Eld St New HaveCT 30Retired Engineer
MittelholzerMonika 32 Lilac St New HaveCT 30Yale University Administrator
Rohner Jonathan 145 Mckinley ANew HaveCT 30Yale, Peabody Museum Director of Finance
DonohueT William 24 Cottage St New HaveCT 30NA Retired
Bruce Lucille 54 Anderson St New HaveCT 30Yale Communications
Tureck Jerome 76 Winchester New HaveCT 30Self Retired
Wiener Marjorie 35 Lawncrest RNew HaveCT 30n/a n/a
Austin James 37 Pleasant St New HaveCT 30Connecticut College professor
SanseverinoEmilio 176 Kneeland RNew HaveCT 30_x0000_ _x0000_
Clark Patricia 47 Stuyvesant New HaveCT 30City of New Haven HR
Rosthowski Carolyn 405 Fort Hale RNew HaveCT 30ASML Communications
Case Madelon 81 Avon St New HaveCT 30Yale University Student
Donohue Marguerite24 Cottage St New HaveCT 30City of New Haven Teacher
Mangini J Louis 1 Front St # U1 New HaveCT 30US House of RepresentaCongressional Aide
Crews Andrew 286 Livingston New HaveCT 30Student Student
Mercier Michael 22 Robertson StNew HaveCT 30City of New Haven Legislative Aide
Underwood Janis 73 Woodside TerNew HaveCT 30retired retired
Levy Arthur 50 Alston Ave New HaveCT 30retired Doctor
Roberts Susanne 166 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 30Retired Retired
Holahan Erica 182 Willard St New HaveCT 30Integrated Wellness GrSocial worker
Murphy Charlotte 42 Academy St New HaveCT 30Self employed Nonprofit Communications
Kaplan Ed 904 State St New HaveCT 30Bristol-Myers Squibb Clinical Researcher
Gulliver Polly 256 Yale Ave New HaveCT 30Self Employed Consultant
Robinson Justin 35 Richmond ANew HaveCT 30SmartEquip Manager
Donius Elizabeth 99 Woodbridge New HaveCT 30Westville Village Renai Executive Director
Engel Tagan 376 Central AveNew HaveCT 30Self Employed Self Employed
Snow RobinsLaura 35 Richmond ANew HaveCT 33Jewish Senior Services Director
Zalesch Steven 60 Curtis Dr New HaveCT 36Retired Engineeer
Weinreb David 100 Cold SpringNew HaveCT 36Fair Haven School Teacher
Brown Laura 262 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 40_x0000_ _x0000_
Thomas Jamaal 178 Linden St ANew HaveCT 40Yale University EEO Representative
Slanski Kathryn 97 Livingston SNew HaveCT 40Yale University Educator
Consiglio Salvatore 188 Monroe St New HaveCT 40New Haven Fire DepartFirefighter
Bloom Jeanne 179 Linden St New HaveCT 49retired Retired
Booz-Klein Linda 107 Autumn St New HaveCT 50Yale University Press Retired publishing attorney
States Randall 306 Humphrey S New HaveCT 50Michael Baker InternatiCivil Engineer
Stuart Joanna 106 Livingston New HaveCT 50self artist/retired
Feinleib Jessica 72 Barnett St New HaveCT 50U.S.Dept. of Veterans Afanesthesiologist
Nystrup Stephen 869 Orange St New HaveCT 50State of CT Professor
Behrendt Thomas 869 Orange St New HaveCT 50n/a retired
Lawhorn Clara 38 Ridge St New HaveCT 50Retired Retired
Kaplan William 43 Autumn St New HaveCT 50retired retired
Lindley Arthur 389 Central AveNew HaveCT 50Self Project Manager
Fluhr Nicole 257 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 50SCSU Professor
Cochran Frank 433 Edgewood New HaveCT 50retired attorney
Stone Mary 500 Prospect StNew HaveCT 50Yale Psychiatrist
Zito Joanne 725 Orange St New HaveCT 50Yale University Financial Assistant
Lucibello Hope 193 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 50Stop and Shop Superm Clerk
Goodbaum Joshua 75 Autumn St New HaveCT 50Garrison Lawyer
Hopkins Jonathan 426 Norton PkwNew HaveCT 50Student Student
Cohen Lawrence 633 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 50Yale University Physician
Ankuda Megan 124 Court St ApNew HaveCT 50New Haven Public SchoTeacher - Worthington Hooker School
Goldfield Carl 25 Roydon Rd New HaveCT 50Self Employed Attorney
Radclife Leslie 20 King Pl New HaveCT 50Yale University Admin. Asst.
Ranelli Kendra 265 Willow St New HaveCT 50Shipman & Goodwin Lawyer
Fairty Patricia 610 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 50Norm Bloom & Son Shellfish Boat Captain
Tucker C Michael 64 Bishop St New HaveCT 50Self Employed Architect
Miller Andrea 221 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 50Yale University Research assistant
Sackheim Donald 80 Hemlock RdNew HaveCT 50retired retired
Geismar Daphne 159 Bradley St New HaveCT 50Self Employed Designer
Nixon John 238 Alden Ave New HaveCT 50Self Employed Consultant
Baccei Anna 1275 Chapel St New HaveCT 50Yale University Graduate Student Researcher
Schmidt Rachel 146 Bradley St New HaveCT 50Law Offices of Carlos Legal Assistant
Carrigan Joy 92 Morris Ave New HaveCT 50Yale School of Medicine
Urban Trinity 869 Orange St ANew HaveCT 50Mass General Hospital Program Manager
Arotsky Marvin 50 Concord St New HaveCT 50Self CPA
Christmann Ian 475 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 50Self Photographer
Boomer Cy 44 Whittlesey ANew HaveCT 50Centralized Logistics Owner
Brodie Janet 97 Harrison St New HaveCT 50Yale New Haven Hospita Psychotherapist
Ranelli Gian-Matt 265 Willow St New HaveCT 50Saipman & Goodwin LLAttorney
Hart James 31 Ley St New HaveCT 50Holt-Elwell Memorial FNon-Profit Development
Holevoet Donald 415 Orange St New HaveCT 50Self Graphic Designer
Rozen Janet 97 Everit St New HaveCT 50Retired Retired
Saddler Joan 13 Nash St New HaveCT 50Jaci Carroll Staffing Mortgage Underwriter
Slattery Michael 72 Barnett St New HaveCT 50Yale University Programmer
Kaylin Jennifer 49 Autumn St New HaveCT 50self writer
Holahan Dana 95 Anita St New HaveCT 50All Our Kin, Inc. Director of PD
Miller Julia 99 Marvel Rd New HaveCT 50NHPS Teacher
Piraino-HoleElaine 415 Orange St New HaveCT 50Self Graphic Designer
Kaston Lisa 869 Orange St ANew HaveCT 50ACES Soc Svc Administrator
Fitzgerald Stephanie 433 Edgewood New HaveCT 50retired educatior
Dunn Margaret 224 Front St New HaveCT 50State of Connecticut College Teacher
Buterbaugh Kevin 8 Townsend AveNew HaveCT 50Southern Connecticut SProfessor
Briggs Linda 821 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 50Retired Retired
Bjornson Robert 159 Bradley St New HaveCT 50yale university scientist
Hadari Tina 15 Roydon Rd New HaveCT 50Brass City Charter SchoDirector of Arts
Blackwood Izabela 70 Canner St New HaveCT 50Stony Brook University University professor
Giering Andrew 43 Harbour CloNew HaveCT 50Federal Defender Offic Attorney
Cruz Elio 389 Winthrop A New HaveCT 50Laydon industries Truck driver
Grant Hilary 400 Fountain StNew HaveCT 50RWS Sciences Project Planner
Sookdeo Tabitha 110 Dwight St New HaveCT 50IRIS-Integrated Refuge Development Specialist
PendergrassTyra 44 Whittlesey ANew HaveCT 50Yale University Research Associate
Victor Stephen 166 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 50none Program Planner/Archaeologist
Lachance Joel 17 Hine Pl New HaveCT 50Self Bicycle Repairman
Klingher Beth 228 Everit St New HaveCT 50Self Employed Artist
Dobras Andrea 896 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 50NERSC Executive Director
Brackeen Darryl 98 Fowler St ApNew HaveCT 50Educators For Excellen Director
Hutchings Stewart 130 Park St New HaveCT 50Self Business Owner
Strom Steve 151 Livingston New HaveCT 50State of CT Asst Attorney General
Manning Christel 333 Front St New HaveCT 50Sacred Heart Universit Professor
Kafoglis Chris 20 Autumn St New HaveCT 50New Haven Board of EdTeacher
Markham Maria 307 Lawrence SNew HaveCT 50Lifebox Development
Ashton Mark 500 Prospect StNew HaveCT 50Yale University Teacher
Qureshi Claire 173 Livingston New HaveCT 50Rockefeller Philanthro Consultant
Kane Patricia 731 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 50Law Office of Patricia semi-retired
Dipaola Mark 825 Orange St New HaveCT 50Cafe Bravo Restaurant Manager
Clark Cristiana 825 Orange St New HaveCT 50Hartford Health Nurse Practitioner
Tupper Maria 101 Harrison StNew HaveCT 50Self Social Worker
Silberman Julia 373 Central AveNew HaveCT 50Americorps Americorps
Lentini Nina 46 Tilton St New HaveCT 55MediaPost CommunicatEditor
Stone Leslie 39 Linden St New HaveCT 60Yale University - Yale-C Dir Education
Gacek Paul 83 Pearl St New HaveCT 60Retired Retired
Cruz Eliezer 29 Clinton Ave New HaveCT 68Community FoundationAdministrator
Miller Sarah 29 Clinton Ave New HaveCT 72Yale University Press Editor
Suzuki Ken 95 Cottage St New HaveCT 75Local 34 Fed. of UniverUnion Representative

Doyon Leon 1570 QuinnipiaNew HaveCT 75Yale Managing Editor
Hadler Peter 44 Beechwood New HaveCT 75State of Connecticut De Attorney/Program Administration Manager
Epperson Johanna 37 S Water St New HaveCT 75D&B Data Quality
Paine Abigail 44 Beechwood New HaveCT 75Fair Haven CommunityVice President
Abreu Daisy 19 Court St New HaveCT 75 1972Administrator
Keene Danya 817 Orange St New HaveCT 80Yale Research
Bloom Lary 850 Orange St New HaveCT 80Self Writer
Little ScoWilliam 90 Bishop St Fl New HaveCT 80ESPN Software Engineer
Moran Mary Ann 50 Downing St New HaveCT 90Self Employed Designer
Farrell William 310 Upson Ter New HaveCT 100State of Ct Medical Legal Investigator
Napor Tricia 53 Livingston SNew HaveCT 100Yale HR
Berger Ethel 50 Autumn St New HaveCT 100Ethel Berger Book illustrator
Burke Maureen 194 Lawrence SNew HaveCT 100Yale University University Lecturer
Ruddle Nancy 341 Willow St New HaveCT 100Yale University Professor
Kovel Carolyn 97 Everit St New HaveCT 100Self Psychiatrist
Langdon Philip 178 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 100Self Writer
Whitney James 125 Linden St New HaveCT 100Cooper, Whitney, CochrAttorney
Rios Christina 449 Central AveNew HaveCT 100Yale University Grants Administrator
Fernandez Lisa 148 Cold SpringNew HaveCT 100Yale University Educational Administrator
Sikand EdelsJane 238 Lawrence SNew HaveCT 100The WorkPlace Career Counselor
Brewster Riley 65 Canner St New HaveCT 100W CT State University Educator/Artist
Coleman Kieran 12 Alden Ave New HaveCT 100Coleman DFM LLC Engineer
Nugent Judith 68 Clark St New HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Rosenbaum Stanley 144 Westwood New HaveCT 100Yale Physician
Higbee Matthew 257 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 100Comm Fdn for Greater Communications Officer
Baron James 118 Avon St New HaveCT 100Yale University Professor
Knight George 210 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 100Knight Architecture LL Architect
Gould Karin 65 Laurel Rd New HaveCT 100Elm City College Prep Director of School Operations
Roth Abigail 42 Lincoln St New HaveCT 100Yale Higher education
Plass Christina 114 Front St New HaveCT 100City of New Haven retired legislative aide
Schultz Linda 45 Mumford RdNew HaveCT 100Land O'Lakes Sales
Gollin Douglas 62 Anderson St New HaveCT 100Oxford University, Depa Professor
Bekhrad Fereshteh 776 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 100Self Architect
Berkowitz David 25 Avon St New HaveCT 100Self Investor
Gurvich Daniel 95 Audubon St New HaveCT 100Neighborhood Music ScNon Profit Director
Shea Patricia 65 E Pearl St New HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Bradley Kathleen 21 W Rock Ave New HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Quinn Thomas 589 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 100City Of New Haven Retired
Schwartz Diane 854 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 100self employed contractor
Dore Brian 161 McKinley ANew HaveCT 100Concierge in Umbria, L Travel Specialist
Landers Maria 161 McKinley ANew HaveCT 100Concierge in Umbria Travel Specialist
Festa Anna Marie117 Canner St New HaveCT 100NA NA
Elicker Justin 821 Orange St New HaveCT 100Self Environmental Consultant
Gralla Howard 45 Mumford RdNew HaveCT 100Self Graphic Designer
Kaplan Michael 280 Livingston New HaveCT 100Self Employed Doctor
Clampitt Cynthia 94 Cottage St New HaveCT 100NHBOE Teacher
Werlin Steve 24 Alden Ave New HaveCT 100Downtown Evening Soup Executive Director
Gabrielle Ellen 188 Central AveNew HaveCT 100n/a n/a
Kerr Jeanne 184 Lawrence SNew HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Miller Danny 86 Everit St New HaveCT 100Self Employed Self Employed
Kyle Robert 75 Elmwood RdNew HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Muehleisen Andrew 81 Avon St New HaveCT 100Yale University Student
Maruyama Reina 224 Everit St New HaveCT 100Yale University Professor
Dashevsky Meir 88 Curtis Dr New HaveCT 100Yale Medical Group physician
Mund Melanie 88 Curtis Dr New HaveCT 100Yale University physician
Lin Sharon 419 Blake St New HaveCT 100Yale University Analyst
Van Tassel Paul 222 Everit St New HaveCT 100Yale University Professor
Warner Carol 311 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 100Yale Professor
Da Silva Inger 334 Yale Ave New HaveCT 100The Frame Shop Owner
Hindenlang Jane 17 Hine Pl New HaveCT 100Southern Connecticut SSpeech Language Pathology instructor
Palm Noah 22 Brown St New HaveCT 100Yale University Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Baldwin Sherill 261 Lenox St New HaveCT 100CT DEEP Environmental Analyst
Rakic Pasko 253 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 100Yale University MD/PhD
Anderson Britt 32 Eld St New HaveCT 100Envision Pharma GroupSr Scientific Director
Shiller Barbara 21 Burton St New HaveCT 100SCSU Retired
Schwartz Edward 854 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 100n/a n/a
McDermott Drew 68 Clark St New HaveCT 100n/a n/a
Elferdink Claudia 929 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Filomena Augustine 13 Nash St New HaveCT 100Spring Glen remodelingCarpenter
Sabin Paul 104 Linden St New HaveCT 100Yale University Academic
EmmerthT Michael 246 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 100Kuehne + Nagel, Inc. Info Techn Proj Mgr
Schafer Debra 275 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Sasso David 105 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 100Self Physician
Oster Sharon 233 Everit St New HaveCT 100Yale Yale School of Management professor
Cohen Gloria 84 Mckinley AvNew HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Resnik Judith 403 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 100Yale Law School Law Professor
Marseille Anne 84 Linden St New HaveCT 100Betsy Grauer Realty Real Estate Broker
Rigsby Michael 234 Everit St New HaveCT 100yale Doctor
Tyler Sara 45 Lincoln St New HaveCT 100Sacred Heart AcademyTeacher
Lovett-GrafSharon 352 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 100City of New Haven Librarian
Binder Henry 60 Ogden St New HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Keeshan Britton 300 Livingston New HaveCT 100Yale university Physician
Carter Michael 143 Fountain StNew HaveCT 100Self employed Consultant
Decker Mary Beth 177 Livingston New HaveCT 100Mary Beth Decker Biologist
Turner Paul 177 Livingston New HaveCT 100Yale Professor
Heller Gary 401 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 100Self Self
Fitzpatrick John 1631 Chapel St New HaveCT 100Self Employed Entrepreneur
Lowe Alexander 46 Emily Rd New HaveCT 100 1978Engineer
Ozyck ChrPaul 603 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 100Yale Assoc Dir
Wessel Paul 142 Nicoll St New HaveCT 100U.S. Green Building CouDirector
Caplan Robert 558 Ellsworth ANew HaveCT 100Self IT Consultant
Sacks Katharine 165 Bishop St New HaveCT 100Katharine B. Sacks, Att Attorney
Sherwin-GarPatricia 40 Autumn St New HaveCT 100Yale Art Gallery Conservator of Paintings
Cox Katha 235 Townsend ANew HaveCT 100NA retired/volunteer
Budries David 207 Foster St New HaveCT 100Yale University Sound Designer Teacher
Cox Bernard 235 Townsend ANew HaveCT 100Retired Retired
Berger Eric 50 Autumn St New HaveCT 100Self Employed Physician
Bleich Phil 2098 Chapel St New HaveCT 100Retired retired
Roberts Susanne 166 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 100Yale retired
Diadamo Kevin 360 Fountain StNew HaveCT 100CT Judicial Assistant Clerk
Davis Rob 134 Everit St New HaveCT 100East Bay Nursery Nurseryman
Berry Steven 50 Clif St New HaveCT 100Yale University Professor
Rathbun Elizabeth 820 Orange St ANew HaveCT 100Self Clinician Therapist
Esselstyn Caldwell 6 Saint Ronan TNew HaveCT 100Self Employed furniture maker
Sandman Mordechai 195 Colony Rd New HaveCT 100Deitsch Plastic Co., Inc.M anager
Knight Meghan 210 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 100home home
Orefice Andrew 138 Lawncrest New HaveCT 100Yale New Haven HealthProgram Coordinator
Anderson Edward 123 York St Ste New HaveCT 100Self-Employed Real Estate
Heimer Noel 56 Cold Spring New HaveCT 100Madison Public SchoolsLibrarian
Festa Gene 255 Ogden St New HaveCT 110Retired Retired
Zorzanello Mary 869 Orange St # New HaveCT 110Yale University Nurse Practicioner
Attianese Mary Ann 111 Linden St #New HaveCT 110Retired Retired
Tagliarini Joseph 265 Bradley St New HaveCT 115Comprehensive Dental Dentist
Barnes James 54 Lincoln St New HaveCT 125retired Retired
Barnes Mary 54 Lincoln St New HaveCT 125Retired Retired
Lin Catherine 146 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 125retired lawyer
Silverman Pierrette 35 Elmwood RdNew HaveCT 125Planned Parenthood FedHealth Care Administration
Carter Jayuan 106 Poplar St New HaveCT 130Self Employed Self Employed
Stanton Pam 35 Pelham Ln New HaveCT 130None retired
Sawyer John 35 Pelham Ln New HaveCT 130Retired Retired
Stovall Marcy 86 Cottage St New HaveCT 150Pullman Lawyer
Schenck Anne 171 Everit St New HaveCT 150NA Retired
Dutta Manmita 470 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 150Sandy Hook Promise Fundraising Research
Jermyn M Roland III 80 Alston Ave New HaveCT 150Yale University Physician
Thapa Suvadin 95 Howard Ave New HaveCT 150Hopkins School Maintenance
Ford Joy 411 Temple St New HaveCT 150Retired Retired
Levine Suzanne 850 Orange St New HaveCT 150Retired Retired
Lipnick Sylvia 470 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 150Retired Retired
Lipnick Martin 470 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 150Retired Retired
Bartow Anna 40 Ellsworth AvNew HaveCT 150na retired
Westover Louise 21 Colonial Pl New HaveCT 150retired RN
Musto Jeanne 120 Ogden St New HaveCT 150NA Retired
Bontly D. Thomas 239 W Rock AveNew HaveCT 150UConn Professor
Zarrow SchrSherry 140 Laurel Rd New HaveCT 150Retired Retired
Griffin BoyWilliam 134 Everit St ApNew HaveCT 160Retired Retired
Shansky Marjorie 61 E Grand AveNew HaveCT 168self attorney
Di Capua Paul 68 Anderson St New HaveCT 180caremore physician
Holahan Tim 404 Yale Ave New HaveCT 180Broadstripes LLC Software developer
Torres Berenice PO Box 2986 New HaveCT 190Retired Retired
Perry Sydney 360 Fountain StNew HaveCT 198Jewish family services Educator
Narracci Robert 678 Orange St New HaveCT 200Pelli Clarke Pelli Archit Senior Associate
Strong Thomas 100 York St Apt New HaveCT 200Self Graphic Designer
Priest Kathy 350 Livingston New HaveCT 200self - davis o'sullivan PrAttorney
Simeone Louise 694 Townsend ANew HaveCT 200Retired Retired
Lindroth Linda 219 Livingston New HaveCT 200Quinnipiac University Teacher
Murphy Grayson 31 Highland St New HaveCT 200Retired Retired
Munoz Sergio 107 Court St # New HaveCT 200mActivity Fitness Fitness Trainer
Cirello M Michelle 752 Townsend ANew HaveCT 200Yale University n/a
Jessen Heather 63 Ogden St New HaveCT 200self writer
Chou R Jenny 104 Ogden St New HaveCT 200Wiggin and Dana, LLP Attorney
Mitchell F William 924 Quinnipiac New HaveCT 200Amistad Center arts manager
Lefell Cindy 460 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 200Self Self
SchonbergerRobert 290 Knollwood New HaveCT 200Yale Doctor
Dufy Sean 827 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 200Quinnipiac University Professor
Peaper David 60 Canner St New HaveCT 200Yale University Physician
Medina Domingo 496 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 200Self Employed Self Employed
Wiedeking Tanya 151 Linden St New HaveCT 200Yale University Operations Manager
Pinzka Lauren 50 Clif St New HaveCT 200Yale University lecturer
Garcia Mario 400 Fountain StNew HaveCT 210TriCom Public Health
Desiato Laurie 123 Canner St New HaveCT 250Self Employed Homemaker
Clayton Nancy 109 Livingston New HaveCT 250Pickard Chilton Architect
Filer Donald 200 College St New HaveCT 250Yale Univ Academic administrator
Lalli Richard 234 Everit St N New HaveCT 250Yale Department of Mus M usic Professor
Gilbertson Terry 61 E Grand AveNew HaveCT 250Town of Woodbridge Building Official
Chan Belinda 35 Everit St New HaveCT 250CT Medical Group Physician
Schott Peter 35 Everit St New HaveCT 250Yale Professor
Angof Ronald 123 Everit St New HaveCT 250Pediatric and Medical Aphysician
SummervilleMartha 63 Canner St New HaveCT 250Summerville ConsultinOwner
Borowski Wojtek 199 Livingston New HaveCT 250Pearce real estate realtor
SummervilleJefrey 63 Canner St New HaveCT 250Summerville ConsultinOwner
Silverman Ina 25 Woodside TerNew HaveCT 250Congregation Beth El Ke principal
Bailey Joanne 14 Lincoln St New HaveCT 250Choate Rosemary Hall Admissions Officer
Martinez Michael 187 Lexington ANew HaveCT 250Ramax Realtor
Carter Howard 100 Edgehill RdNew HaveCT 250Self Self employed
Sokolow Jay 25 Woodside TerNew HaveCT 250Radiology Group PC physician
Smith HunDavid 38 Crown St AptNew HaveCT 250Robbins, Russell Lawyer
Nyhart Andrew 234 Lawrence SNew HaveCT 250Pelli Clarke Pelli Archit Architect
Pierce Patricia 556 Chapel St ANew HaveCT 250Century 21 Shutters & S real estate sales person
Irvine Frances 76 Pearl St New HaveCT 250Retired Retired
Champion John 22 W Elm St New HaveCT 250Retired Retired
Schafer Ted 275 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 300Self Real Estate
Goldblum Laura 136 Canner St New HaveCT 300YNHH Social Worker
Suatoni Elizabeth 206 Livingston New HaveCT 300NRDC Scientist
Heiat Asefeh 390 Livingston New HaveCT 300Self Employed Physician
Feinberg Susan 189 Westwood New HaveCT 300Retired Teacher
Feinberg Harvey 189 Westwood New HaveCT 300Retired Retired
Callaway Shannon 21 Everit St New HaveCT 300self employed health care technology
Holahan Susanna 184 Willard St New HaveCT 300New Haven Board of EdTeacher
Rouwenho G. Klazinus 71 Edgehill Rd New HaveCT 350Yale University Professor
Baldelli Raymond 269 Ogden St New HaveCT 350pearce real estate realtor
Kingsley Gretchen 420 Humphrey S New HaveCT 350Retired Retired
Benoit Gaboury 206 Livingston New HaveCT 350Yale University Professor
Suggs Tara Celest103 Everit St New HaveCT 350Retired Retired
Derrico Gina 81 Howard Ave New HaveCT 350TOTAL FENCE LLC MANAGING MEMBER
Levy Betty 50 Alston Ave New HaveCT 360Retired Attorney
Pellegrino Beth 40 Perkins St New HaveCT 370United Way of Greater Director
McKenzie Katherine 286 Livingston New HaveCT 370Yale University Physician
Perry Alice 247 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 370self-employed Pastoral Counselor
Margulies Donald 142 HuntingtonNew HaveCT 370Yale University Playwright
Hathaway Oona 266 Livingston New HaveCT 370Yale Law School Professor
Goodall Melissa 79 Bishop St New HaveCT 370Yale Sustainability Professional
Kingsley Charles 420 Humphrey S New HaveCT 370Wiggin and Dana Attorney
Kleppner Caleb 175 Linden St New HaveCT 370MK Elections Business Owner
Ladd David 210 Edwards St New HaveCT 370Ladd Capital ManagemInvestment Advisor
Remnick Richard 148 Cold SpringNew HaveCT 370Self MD
Annunziata Maria 45 Huntington SNew HaveCT 370Self Employed Esthetician
Metrick Susan 340 Ogden St New HaveCT 370none homemaker
Crews Craig 286 Livingston New HaveCT 370Yale Doctor
Illick Christopher4 Edgehill Rd New HaveCT 370Digestive Disease AssoPhysician
Illick Alison 4 Edgehill Rd New HaveCT 370Digestive Disease AssoProject Manager
Wilson Elizabeth 77 Livingston SNew HaveCT 370Self Physician
Petrelli AntEglio 157 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 370Self Ophthalmologist
Milikowsky Sharon 3 Edgehill Rd New HaveCT 370Norwalk Public Library librarian
Howie Lisa 91 Clark St New HaveCT 370Yale University Director of Investments
Doolittle Michael 119 Everit St New HaveCT 370Self Photographer
Festa Christian 117 Canner St New HaveCT 370Ripley Tools President and CEO
Messer Thomas 110 Livingston New HaveCT 370Self Actuary
Mark Steve 60 Mumford RdNew HaveCT 370Housatonic CommunityProfessor
Clark William 337 Humphrey S New HaveCT 370New Haven Board of EdCOO
Haiken Matthew 145 Everit St New HaveCT 370New York Harbor Founda M anager
Ruggieri Thomas 248 Ogden St New HaveCT 370XPT specialty Executive
Milikowsky Daniel 3 Edgehill Rd New HaveCT 370Jordan International Business owner
Jensen Kyle 72 Cottage St New HaveCT 370Yale University Faculty
Knight Tara 666 Orange St New HaveCT 370Knight & Cerritelli LLC Attorney
Novemsky Nathan 116 Everit St New HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Kaufman Rachel 116 Everit St New HaveCT 370Veterinary Associates oVeterinarian
Latham Stephen 299 Lawrence SNew HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Haiken Cynthia 145 Everit St New HaveCT 370wallingford public libralibrarian
Schneider Karen 222 Canner St New HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Alexander Morel 618 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 370Self Psychotherapist
Dennett Nancy 189 E Rock Rd New HaveCT 370retired Retired
Scierka Anthony 98 S Water St #New HaveCT 370Scierka & Assoc. Health Care Consultant
Tobias Lauren 215 Livingston New HaveCT 370Yale University School Physician
Snyder Kerala 204 Canner St New HaveCT 370NA Retired
King Robert 165 Everit St New HaveCT 370Yale Physician
Pellegrino Anthony 40 Perkins St New HaveCT 370Dept of Veterans AfairRN
Pettigrew David 403 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 370Southern Connecticut SProfessor
Pillsbury Charles 247 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 370Quinnipiac University Law Professor
Hurt Dorothy 176 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 370William Reese Co. Antiquarian Book Dealer
Sullivan Bonnie 40 Clif St New HaveCT 370None None
Decew Amanda 24 Linden St New HaveCT 370Fair Haven CommunityNurse Practitioner
Clark Djuna 337 Humphrey S New HaveCT 370None Stay at Home Mother
Haiken Samantha 145 Everit St New HaveCT 370College Possible College Admissions Advisor
Haiken Charlotte 145 Everit St New HaveCT 370Student Student
Alderman Rachel 255 Mckinley ANew HaveCT 370Hartford Stage Theater Director
Rossi Patricia 165 Everit St New HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Derrico Dan 81 Howard Ave New HaveCT 370TOTAL FENCE LLC Operations Manager
Sabbatino Joseph 600 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Locklear Heather 10 Howard St New HaveCT 370PartnerRe Investment Ops
Bruno S Thomas 107 Canner St New HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Remnick Will 148 Cold SpringNew HaveCT 370College College student
Krishnan-SarSuchitra 87 Cottage St New HaveCT 370Yale Professor
Bernstein Phillip 226 Mckinley ANew HaveCT 370Yale University School oArchitect
Bernheim Susannah 175 Linden St New HaveCT 370Yale New Haven HealthResearcher
Chauncey JrHenry 100 York St Apt New HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Grifel Frank 151 Linden St New HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Brett-Smith Helena 8 Reservoir St New HaveCT 370Trevi Therapeutics Chief Development Officer
Harvey Donald 29 Grand Ave New HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Chapnick Randall 129 Church St SNew HaveCT 370Self Lawyer
Snyder Richard 204 Canner St New HaveCT 370NA Retired
Massaro Bruno 783 Orange St New HaveCT 370Bruno Massaro & Son, IConstruction
Halac Elias 48 Livingston SNew HaveCT 370Retired Doctor
Massaro Maria 783 Orange St New HaveCT 370Artistic Touch Manicurist
Pickett Anna 144 Foster St New HaveCT 370Yale University Administrator
Street Lynn 142 HuntingtonNew HaveCT 370Self Physician
Gobel Albert Jr 70 Ogden St New HaveCT 3703GTMS, Inc. Software Engineer
Holmes WalCatherine 240 Lawrence SNew HaveCT 370The Trust for Public LanState Director
Lasater Ike 798 Orange St New HaveCT 370self Trainer and mediator
Sullivan Shaun 40 Clif St New HaveCT 370Wiggin & Dana Retired
Curran William 401 Temple St New HaveCT 370Halsey Associates Retired
Diamond Ann 596 Prospect StNew HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Stone Ann 25 Eld St New HaveCT 370Self Employed magistrate/attorney
Rizzo Judith 487 Fort Hale RNew HaveCT 370n/a disabled
Rizzo Andrew 487 Fort Hale RNew HaveCT 370Self Consultant
Pothin Timothy 59 Elm St New HaveCT 370Faxon Law Group Lawyer
Ambach Lucy 274 Ogden St New HaveCT 370n/a n/a
Appelquist Thomas 400 Livingston New HaveCT 370Yale Universty Physicist
Schafer Michael 50 Edgehill Rd New HaveCT 370C.A. White, Inc Real estate
Miller-Jense Kathryn 72 Cottage St New HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Orr Robert 839 Chapel St New HaveCT 370Self Architect
Kissin Cindy 389 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 370Cindy Kissin Consultant
White James 910 State St New HaveCT 370AECOM Manager
Dooley Tadhg 55 Elmwood RdNew HaveCT 370Wiggin and Dana Lawyer
Alexander Nancy 226 Mckinley ANew HaveCT 370Self: Lumenance ConsulConsultant
Billings III Van Dyke 239 Everit St New HaveCT 370Freudigman & Billings, CoFounder
Vandebroek Emilia 13 Anderson St New HaveCT 370CT Veterans Legal CentLawyer
Alexander James 123 Edgehill RdNew HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Alexander Martha 123 Edgehill RdNew HaveCT 370Retired Retired

Joyner Shirley 130 Judwin AveNew HaveCT 370retired retired
Joyner T Edward 130 Judwin AveNew HaveCT 370Retired Retired
CunninghamJan 8 Reservoir St New HaveCT 370Self Artist
Brantley Jessica 209 Livingston New HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Metrick Andrew 340 Ogden St New HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Alexander Jefrey 618 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Chevalier Judith 236 Edwards St New HaveCT 370Yale School of Manage Professor
Milikowsky Jennifer 3 Edgehill Rd New HaveCT 370Student Student
Zehner Andrew 93 Livingston SNew HaveCT 370University of PennsylvaAttorney
Mordecai Chris 780 Orange St New HaveCT 370Cafe Romeo Owner
Bright Grace 180 Livingston New HaveCT 370Yale University Library Asst
Law Anthony 132 Canner St New HaveCT 370Self Parent
Decew Stuart 24 Linden St New HaveCT 370Yale Program Manager
Ebrecht Ronald 254 Everit St New HaveCT 370wesleyan Professor
Wilson Juliana 248 Ogden St New HaveCT 370None None
Nalebuf Barry 421 Humphrey S New HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Gaab Gerald 391 Temple St New HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Gaab Barbara 391 Temple St New HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Coady Roxanne 362 Whitney AvNew HaveCT 370RJ Julia Booksellers Bookseller
Johnson Bruce 173 Lawrence SNew HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Bach David 175 HuntingtonNew HaveCT 370Yale School of Manage Professor
Watkins Anne 25 Avon St New HaveCT 370Watkins Strategy GroupConsultant
Drabkin Andrew 232 Bradley St New HaveCT 370Self Employed Self Employed
Walsh Brooks 215 Livingston New HaveCT 370Bridgeport Hospital Physician
Pickett Casey 144 Foster St New HaveCT 370Yale University Director of the carbon charge
Trachten Ben 80 Woodside TerNew HaveCT 370Trachten Law Firm, LLCAttorney
Annunziata Albert 360 Humphrey S New HaveCT 370Self Employed Attorney
Goodall Duncan 79 Bishop St. New HaveCT 370Self Entrepreneur
Lord Henry 313 Audubon CtNew HaveCT 370Self Investor
May Seashore 128 Nicoll St New HaveCT 370Self Employed. Seashovaried
Gobel Susan 70 Ogden St New HaveCT 370Eastern CT Pathology CPhysician
Kauder Helen 421 Humphrey S New HaveCT 370Artspace Arts Administration (ArtSpace)
Goetzmann William 324 Livingston New HaveCT 370Yale University Professor
Ginter Melanie 217 Saint RonanNew HaveCT 370retired Home maker
Audette Louis 24 Everit St New HaveCT 370Retired Retired
Moore Russell 13 Granite Rd New MilfoCT 100Self-Employed Nonprofit Organizational Consultant
Lefell David 349 Wheeler RdNorfolk CT 200Yale University Dean
Alderman Nancy 1191 Ridge Rd North HavCT 50Environment & Humanit Environmentalist
Yaro Jennifer 29 Mowry St North HavCT 50Fair Haven CommunityNurse Practitioner
DiPaola John 31 Westview RdNorth HavCT 100Cafe Bravo Owner
DiPaola Mary Lou 31 Westview RdNorth HavCT 100BOE, New Haven retired teacher
Talbot Thomas 108 Wayland StNorth HavCT 100Retired retired
Merriman John 12 Ridgewood TNorth HavCT 100Transystems Architect
Russek Jefrey 41 Ridgewood TNorth HavCT 100Self Employed Self Employed
Clark Anthony 280 Bayard AveNorth HavCT 150CT Green Bank Clean Energy Finance
Joiner Megan 280 Bayard AveNorth HavCT 250Unitarian Society of N Minister
Harrity Robert 55 Knollwood RNorth HavCT 370Sacred Heart Universit Professor
Hofman Joseph 47 Windsor Rd North HavCT 370yale university physiologist
Casella Edward 3 Linda Ct Northford CT 50U.S. Post Office Postal worker
Casella Diane 3 Linda Ct Northford CT 50Yale University Teacher
Fitch Lisa 77 Glenmeadow Northford CT 370Quinnipiac River MarinOwner
Salomon Suzanne 9 Rocky Point RNorwalk CT 350None Homemaker
Browning Samuel 671 Scotland R Norwich CT 50Self Attorney
Hill John 404 Main St Old SaybrCT 370Seabury HIll Realtors Realtor
Urbano Anthony PaPO Box 973 Orange CT 97.5Self Consultant & R&D
Smith Eric 491 Racebrook Orange CT 370Faxon Law Group LLC trial lawyer
Mraz Jerrold 8 Aspen Ln Oxford CT 150Retired Retired
Incorvaia Joseph 271 Riverside ARiverside CT 250Retired Retired
Barker Michael 26 George St Trumbull CT 50Westport Country Play theater manager
Liu Jared 59 Curtis Ave WallingforCT 50Yale University Education
Greenspan Carolyn 10 N Branford RWallingforCT 370Blue State Cofee LLC Owner
Ruben Marshall 10 N Branford RWallingforCT 370Ruben/Horan PC Attorney
Inglese Steven 59 Horse HeaveWashingtoCT 370New Haven Group, Inc.Real estate
Grabauskas Linda 15 Horseshoe DWaterburyCT 50retired Retired
Marra Robert 109 Anderson AWest Have CT 50Connecticut Agriculturresearch scientist
Kovel Jane 633 RosemountWest Have CT 75none retired
Digioia Enrico 814 Savin Ave West Have CT 100SKF automotive Owner
Fox Dorothy 11 Berkeley RdWestport CT 25
Levinson Dan 42 Owenoke ParWestport CT 370Main Street Resources Non-Profit/Community Work
Rozen Kate 1087 Johnson RWoodbridgCT 10Yale University Executive Assistant
Johannesen Jason 54 Richard Swee WoodbridgCT 50VA Connecticut HealthPsychologist
Pels Andrew 34 Richard Swee WoodbridgCT 100Yale University Finance
Grim John 29 Spoke Dr WoodbridgCT 150Yale University Professor
Hurwitz Scott 19 Robin Rd WoodbridgCT 370self-Robin Companies Real Estate
Schafer Anthony 999 Racebrook WoodbridgCT 370C.A. White, Inc. Real Estate
Goldman Max 1520 O St NW AWashingtoDC 30American Osteopathic Grassroots Coordinator
Duer-Balkin Marshall 1411 Monroe StWashingtoDC 100Integral Group Sustainability Consultant
Tracz Kristin 626 IndependenWashingtoDC 100Walton Family FoundatiProgram officer
Tufts Frederick PO Box 112918Naples FL 370Retired Retired
Tufts Julie PO Box 112918Naples FL 370Retired Retired
MacArthur Samuel 623 BrackenwoPalm BeacFL 150Golf Retired
Farbman Max 3223 N Volz Dr Arlington IL 20Unemployed Unemployed
Smetana Lara 651 W Buckingh Chicago IL 80Loyola University Chic Professor
O'Brien Barbara 3314 N Lake ShChicago IL 100CARPLS Attorney
Swirsky Charles 850 W Aldine AvChicago IL 100Chicago Public SchoolsOffice of Public Policy
Chase Phoebe 42 Riverview DrAshland MA 30Sanofi Social worker Case Manager
Cox Robert 142 Clinton Rd Brookline MA 200Capitol for change Lender
Miller Rachel 1600 Massachus CambridgMA 10Student Student
Howard Molly 15 Clinton St CambridgMA 100Ovia Health Manager
Wolf-SorokinJacob 216 Harvard St CambridgMA 185Cove Hill Partners Investor
Nilsson Peter 12 Academy LnDeerfield MA 50Deerfield Academy Educator
Taylor Chris 100 Paul Gore SJamaica PlM A 370Cybereason Director
Anisfeld Shimon 48 Cypress St Newton Ce MA 30Yale University Teacher
Famely Joseph 35 Althea Rd North Fal MA 200Woods Hole Group Consultant
Martinez Robert 20 Main St Rockport MA 50none retired
Bain Ariana 15 Hall St Somervill MA 25Self employed Consultant
MukhopadhyRosemary 739 Regester A BaltimoreMD 50Retired Babysitter
Dildine Greg 907 Old Oak RdBaltimoreMD 100None None
Denbo James 6006 Overlea RBethesda MD 100James R. Denbo, Esq. self
Warren Tyler 8203 Lilly Ston Bethesda MD 370Self employed Male Mdoel
Morrison Bruce 6004 OnondagaBethesda MD 370self Consultant
Bonanno Christine 4521 Cumberlan Chevy Cha MD 200Self Freelance
McAleer Edward PO Box 793 Kennebunk ME 100retired retired
Alfiero Rian 41 Highland Av ScarborouME 100Self Producer
Buda Kyle 420 James St Bay City MI 35Self Consultant
McGuire Audrey 3725 Lyndale AvMinneapolM N 100SALA Architects Architect
Morris Viveca 2642 Wild RoseRochesterMN 15Yale University Student
McCurdy Brian 624 Kermodi St Bozeman MT 100Greyclif Advisors, LLC Consultant
Kopac Matthew 1613 Peace St Durham NC 100Burt's Bees Sustainable Business & Innovation Manager
Piekarz Lynn PO Box 1166 WolfeboroNH 50City of New Haven Executitive Administrative Assistant
Hossenlopp John 16 Devonshire AmaganseNY 50Retired Spousal Asst
Elkin-GinnetDavid 1335 Bergen St Brooklyn NY 10Student Student
Lo Sherr 166 Vernon AveBrooklyn NY 30NFF Consultant
Eisenstat David 1138 Ocean Ave Brooklyn NY 50Google Engineer
Tai Alice 509 Throop AveBrooklyn NY 100Rockwell Group Architect
Ibbotson-SinTimothy 70 Green St AptBrooklyn NY 100FreshDirect Analyst
Tufts Christopher96 Pierrepont StBrooklyn NY 150JPMorgan Chase & Co Portfolio Manager
Cumiskey Kelli 96 Pierrepont StBrooklyn NY 370Federal Reserve Bank oPolicy Analyst
Buckholz Robert 91 Columbia HtBrooklyn NY 370Sullivan & Cromwell LLLawyer
Besunder Harvey 40 Caleb BrewstEast SetauNY 100Bracken Margolin BesuAttorney
Nosenzo Michael 61 Park Ave EastchestNY 100Retired Retired
Lally Rachel 26 Prospect AveEastchestNY 100Self Medical Editor
Nosenzo Elida 61 Park Ave EastchestNY 370TransRe Underwriter
Murfin Melissa 615 Highland RIthaca NY 250N/A None
Penner Catherine 121 Kelvin Pl Ithaca NY 370Retired Retired
Saunders Errol 614 W 157th StNew York NY 50Student Student
Halliday David 231 W 19th St New York NY 100George Washington Univ Professor
Merson Jonathan 630 1st Ave AptNew York NY 100Northwell Physician
Ruben Andrew 55 W 25th St ApNew York NY 370Davis Polk & Wardwell Attorney
Lefler Mark 134 Milford St ARochesterNY 10nci connections IT tech
Paparella Chris 10 Ridgewood DRye NY 370Hughes Hubbard & ReeLawyer
Ye Jin 6 Murray Hill R ScarsdaleNY 100NYPH Medical
Ryan Albert 5200 Spencer RClevelandOH 100Retired Retired
Lynam William 5072 Calais Dr ColumbusOH 10Student Student
Gray Liz 366 SW ClevelaBend OR 50Self Veterinarian
Spence Kevin 1038 E 21st AveEugene OR 100DionyMed Manufacturing
Johnson Jessica 10375 SW RiverTigard OR 40Tessitura Network Conference Planner
Torres Miguel 2728 N Hope StPhiladelphPA 160Beacon Point RecoveryAssessment Therapist
Kozuma Hikaru 1002 Spruce St PhiladelphPA 370Amherst College Higher Education Administrator
WrzesniewskAmy 816 Addison St PhiladelphPA 370Yale University Professor
Bozzi Laura 34 Benefit St ApProvidenc RI 20RI Department of HealtProgram manager
Coleman Cleveland 18910 E Josey OCypress TX 370Columbia Student
Haynes Anne 1910 Ridgewood H ouston TX 50Houston Land Bank Architect
Johnson Wesley 12122 Oak ParkHouston TX 100Noble Energy Asset Manager
Glisson DJ 2515 Oberlin DrAlexandriaVA 100Firefly Imageworks Business Owner
Deveny Adrian 1708 S Pollard SArlington VA 50Senate Govt
Bierman Howard 702 N Irving St Arlington VA 370BWW Law Group,LLC Attorney
Shonka David 7390 Clifton RdClifton VA 250Redgrave LLP Attorney
Clayton William 9302 Pretoria PlDulles VA 100US Department of Stat Diplomat
Virostko Barbara 12000 Market StReston VA 10Perfectly Female WomeOperations Manager
Shrum Trisha 62 Fairmount StBurlingtonVT 25University of Vermont Professor
Elicker Ashley 400 Quarry Rd Chester VT 370Self Business owner
Vallone Jef 7 Giles Dr Essex JuncVT 50The Grift, LLC Musician
Dorwart CraJoey 205 Main St MontpelieVT 30Suncommon Solar