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Throw Your Coat in the Road!

Luke 19:28 - 40

What would your parents do if you took your

coat off and threw it in the road? Did you know,
that a long, long time ago, if you wanted to be
very kind or very polite, and someone was
walking by and you wanted to help them keep
their feet out of the mud or the dirt, you would
take off your cloak (that’s like a combination of a
cape and a coat), throw it on the ground, and let
the person walk on it.
One day, when Jesus was coming into the city
of Jerusalem, people gathered to welcome him.
They wanted to honor him and they didn’t want
Jesus to ride without a saddle, so some of them put their cloaks on a donkey’s
colt. Other people took off their cloaks and threw them in the road, so Jesus and
his colt could pass on the path the people had made. Other people waved palm
branches to show it was a special, happy occasion.
The people were so happy that Jesus was in their city that they cheered,
The Pharisees told Jesus to make the people be quiet. Remember, they lived in a
time and place when there were foreign soldiers living in their land and they had
to be very careful about the things they did. And the Pharisees did NOT want to
cause any problems that would get the attention of those soldiers or the Roman
government that had sent them there in the first place.
Do you think Jesus told the people to be quiet? Do you think he was worried
about the Roman soldiers?
Jesus knew about the soldiers. But, he also knew that it was important to teach
people about God’s love. He knew it was important to let people be happy about
God’s love. So, can you guess what he told the Pharisees?
Jesus said, “Even if the people were quiet, the rocks would shout!”
Now, WHY do you think Jesus said something like that?
May you be so happy about God’s love, this Sunday, that your faces smile, your
hearts sing, and everything around you feels so good that it seems that even
rocks might start singing about God’s goodness.

Click here for a full size coloring page of Jesus entering Jerusalem.

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