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SEEC FORM 20 NEW HAVEN Poe or Itemized Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement cry aeRS OFFICE Revised January 2012, EIVED # m2 4h 10 PH > G2 . COVER PAGE TRADE OF COMMITTEE i z 5 arp 2019 SormeAsuneR Nave Jonathan ° ison Me {TARASTRER AGREE PO Box 3470 ew Hoven er o6s15 ELEC TOW RnRERENDUM bath |® OFICE SOUGIT apa anys SOD 7 owTRcT RNa 7 em On9 Mayor a 1-€ANDDATE NAM op bf Clad Ey a Ton! N Hap EV OF avon ana ovo ‘O January 10 fing Orrin day precesing primary © 7th day receding veferendum nist Conrbuton or Dshuncmem © Apt omng OM dosti my — Ost ays olvigretntin i 1 daly 10 ring Orth day preedingleion OQ Deficit Type of Report ‘O October 10 filing ‘O120h day preceding election Termination April Filing Municipal om ncareeig cls Pedrarg Municpal Otnigeninr gene Ques oe FF rot in ovens creniop coveneD Begining Date Ending Date overs tim 0393119 10. CERTIFICATION Sate under penalties of false statement, that all ofthe information set forth on this Hemized Campaign Finance fement for the period covered is true, accurate and complete, a A sonatnanPeterwiton o4roar9 REASUPER OR DERI TREASURER HONATERE) PRINT NAME OF SIGNER DATE (mavadiyyyy PENLTY FOR FALSE STATEMENTS PUNISIMBLE BY FINE NOT TO EXCEED 8,00 OR IMPRISONMENT FOR NOT MORE TIAN ONE YEAR. OR Boris SEEC FORM 20 pane Mtemized Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement CONNECTICUT STATE ELECTIONS ENFORCEMENT COMMISSION Revised January 2012 SUMMARY PAGE TOTALS [NAME OF cOMMTTES TYPE OF REPORT ‘COLUMN A COLUMN B This Period Aggregate "1 Balance on hand January 1 of current year for ongoing and party committees OR Balance on hand from Jay commmitze was formed forall other commttese '2, Balance on hand at the beginning of Reporting Petiod 13, Contributions Received from Individuals (Sections A and B) 126,042.00 [26,042.00 4, Receipts tom Other Committes (Sections C1 and C2) 350.00 350 15. Other Monetary Receipts (Sections through K) 6a. Total Proceeds from Small Purchases (Section L Subpart + Subpart 3) 6b, Per Public det 11-48, effective January 1, 2012 Seation E2. removed os, Total Purchases of Advertising Program Book or Sign Section L3) Municipal and Town Committees ONLY 17, Total Monetary Receipts (add totals for Lincs 13 through I6e) (26,392.00 2639200 18, Subtotals (add totals in Line (Tin Column A; and in Line 11+ 17 in Column 8) 26,392.00 126,302.00 19, Expenses Paid by Commitee (Section P) (4750.82 4750.82 20, Balance on hand at close of Reporting Period (Stat Lite 19 fom Lin 8a bath Clann 1908.18 21,903.15, 21, In-Kind Donations not Consid rl Contributions Received (Section L4} 726.03 72603 toKind Contributions Received (Section M) 23, Refundable Depesit 1 Telephone Company (Section Np 24. Receipts of Organization Expenditures (Section 0) OPTIONAL 25, Beginning Loan Balance 25a, + Loms Received (Section D) 250. + Interest and Penalties on Loan Se. = Payments on Loan ‘Total Outstanding Loan Amount 26, Campaign Expenses Paid by Candidate (Section Q) 'pensesIncured on Committe Credit Cand (S ion R) 28. Expenses incured by Committee During this Period but Not Paid (Section §) 282. Total Outstanding Expenses Incured by Commite sll Unpaid (Section $) I. MONETARY RECEIPTS (Sections A—K) Pope 30617 NAME OF COMMITTEE” TYPE OF REPORT A. Total Contributions from Small Contributors- Received this Period ONLY. Beata (Se instruction or definition of Smal Corbi) SUBTOTAL SECTION A B. Itemized Contributions from Individuals See Spreadsheet Addendum Ts conibtara labia pow Jor dependent child alti? Ye] ff Seton ces of $900 asad Tora de ccine oliceraT a pA oes contro business hese acid wih have coe! with aid selon aed ator than 85.009 Ove Ove enka camrttion ncn wih s © Yes [iscontibutr a principal oustae coast or prptve sssonmsoor? Car Fanurasimgevetistedin Secon tt? No | pyen inueacatien set ace No Tes at Eve o sf govenmn the comae te Orrceutie Qtegisave ‘Nimount of Cont haton is conbatra hig, spose Ne] Hggrtbuton in sees of 0 1a candi fora ce exertve acer ofa mancpaiys | Amount of Coaiibaion fr derendeactidoretoyis? ©) No | diescontbuor or busnenhoNh W sscated nibarcagenn oak aud mane ‘aed a moe than 5.00 ves Ono is his conbaon acied witha Yes] + cotibutr a principal of a sate cmt w popeetve vale commas? Cer Funtringevene sted Sexton Lt? Go | ayer mune witcher ecbennce i Toes et Eve ogo ume he cone Qe scene Oezisive JOcss Orenonst chack Ores debit Cad OPayeit Deduction Q Money Over r Oc sh Oersonat Check Ocredivde Ts contbatora abby, sponses or {Wonton tin ests of 50 6 x anid rack exccul lice aT a manpaN” | Amount af Conn Baw ecdevendenchlioralobir? — E)No_ | sees contbtr or buiness hese ssaited wih hte seins rind anna \alued at ore than $500" Ove Oxo Ts ihiscontbaton asosiaed wih Yer [tscuntnbwtor a pancpl ofa sate ontactor or prospective wats cmmocor? Wea Fanraing even No | °"ifyes. indicate which ach ot branes No Bye lat Even