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“Take it to Court” Rubric

Student Names: ___________________, ____________________, ____________________.

Attorney for the US: __________________

Attorney for the People: __________________
Judge: ____________________

1 Needed More
CATEGORY 4 Outstanding 3 Good 2 Okay Effort

Information All information Most information Most information Information had several
presented in the presented in the presented in the inaccuracies OR was
debate was clear, debate was debate was clear usually not clear.
accurate and clear, accurate and accurate, but
thorough. and thorough. was not usually

Rebuttal All Most Most Counter-arguments were

counter-arguments counter-argume counter-argument not accurate and/or
were accurate, nts were s were accurate relevant
relevant and strong. accurate, and relevant, but
relevant, and several were
strong. weak.

Use of Every major point Every major Every major point Every point was not
Facts/Statistics was well supported point was was supported supported.
with several relevant adequately with facts,
facts, statistics supported with statistics and/or
and/or examples. relevant facts, examples, but the
statistics and/or relevance of
examples. some was

Organization All arguments were Most arguments All arguments Arguments were not
clearly tied to an were clearly tied were clearly tied clearly tied to an idea
idea (premise) and to an idea to an idea (premise).
organized in a tight, (premise) and (premise) but the
logical fashion. organized in a organization was
tight, logical sometimes not
fashion. clear or logical.

Understanding The team clearly The team clearly The team The team did not show an
of Topic understood the topic understood the seemed to adequate understanding of
in-depth and topic in-depth understand the the topic.
presented their and presented main points of the
information their information topic and
forcefully and with ease. presented those
convincingly. with ease.
“Take it to Court” Rubric

Extra Credit Opportunity!!!!

1. Dress the part - basically this means you need to dress up as though you were in the
1920s or as close to it as possible
2. Perform the case in character - be prepared enough with the content to be able to give it
color with different characters and personalities other than that of your own

Use of Facts/Statistics:___
Understanding of Topic:___
Extra Credit:___

Total Points:___/20