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Ron DESANTIS GOVERNOR April 10, 2019 Chairman Clint Pate Jackson County Board of County Commissioners 2864 Madison Street Marianna, Florida 32448 Dear Chairman Pate: It has come to my attention that during a ground pollution cleanup of a site located near the former Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, anomalies consistent with possible graves have been discovered. I write to you today to establish a line of communication and provide assurance that my administration is dedicated to collaboratively determining the best course of action. In late 2017, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) contracted with a company, Gyosyntech, to clean up the polluted site as part of DEP’s Petroleum Restoration Program. Given the history of this site, a subcontractor conducted a survey of the land using ground penetrating radar prior to engaging in any cleanup activities. According to a report developed by Gyosyntech, and received by DEP on March 26, 2019, the radar revealed twenty-seven “anomalies” consistent with possible graves, Since the discovery, cleanup efforts have consisted of soil sampling and placing three monitoring wells carefully to avoid the anomalies. The report, which details the circumstances surrounding the discovery, is attached to this letter for your reference. After reviewing the report, I have directed the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Management Services, the Department of State and the Department of Economic Opportunity to work with Jackson County to develop a path forward, Representatives of these agencies will be reaching out to meet with County officials as the first step to understanding and addressing these preliminary findings. THE CAPITOL Tautanassee, Fromoa 32399 + (850) 717-9249 Chairman Clint Pate April 10, 2019 Page Two look forward to working together and offer my full support and partnership to ensure this issue is handled with the utmost sensitivity and care. Sincerely, fae Ron DeSantis Governor ce: Secretary Noah Valenstein, Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Jonathan Satter, Department of Management Services Secretary Laurel Lee, Department of State Executive Director Ken Lawson, Department of Economic Opportunity Mr. Jerry Cooper, White House Boys Dr. Erin Kimmerlee, University of South Florida President Adora Nweze, NAACP Dr. Russell Meyer, Florida Council of Churches Mr. James Dean, City Manager, City of Marianna