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Class Engagement Engages in insightful class Engages in class discussion Engages in some discussion Does not engage in class
discussion and encourages and uploads to online and sometimes is active in discussions and ICT online
other classmates to do so. community. Follows along online learning community. community.
Consistently uploads to with website.
Seesaw and Trello.

4 2/3 1 0

Group Work Actively participates and Works well with group Works within a group/ Low participation in group or
communicates with group/ members and organises partnership to complete tasks partner work, unfair
partner. Evenly and fairly tasks between partners. on time. delegation of tasks.
assigns tasks to complete. Deals and responds well to
Effectively deals with issues conflict or issues that arise.
and conflicts as a group.
4 2/3 1 0

Research Poster Uses all CARP design Uses some appropriate Uses colours and other tools Not completed to an
techniques to creatively design features (CARP) to to present resource. Most acceptable standard. Does
present chosen resource. All portray resource. Answers all research questions not present knowledge of
questions are answered research questions answered. resource.
insightfully and includes extra insightfully.
facts. Appropriate colours Includes pictures and
and pictures that match the creativity.
2/3 1 0

Final Project Produces a creative project Appropriately demonstrates Has produced a final project Not completed to an
that appropriately caters to a knowledge and has produced that demonstrates some acceptable standard. Does
specific audience and a sound movie/ Pixton. knowledge of research. not present knowledge of
purpose. Information is Project flows well and some resource or sustainability.
clearly communicated. ICT design features have been
knowledge is used to create applied.
a flowing and entertaining
informative movie.
4 2/3 1 0