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=£D S Analytical, Inc. Leaders in Sample Introduetion for Over 30 Years ACEM Model 900 Operating Manual Table of Contents Introduction Specifications ‘Theory of Operation Controller Module Rear Panel Components Installation Operation Maintenance Notes Appendix CDS Analytical, Ine ACEM 900 Introduction Document Information Safety Information Safety Instructions Warnings. Specifications. Warranty CE Declaration of Conformity Flow Paths — os ‘i e 31 Flow Diagrams. - enantio 33 Sorbent Tubes and Materials... : ; 314 ‘Material Comparison Adsorbent Packing Length Specifications... 318 Front Panel Description... Rear Panel Description... Pneumatic Lower Rear Panel. HP $890 Mobile Mount... Gas Connections. “Tube and Trap Installation / Removal. Flow Rate Settings a ‘Transfer Line Installation. Connecting tothe GC Column, Electrical Connections . Single-Tube Desorber ‘Continuous Monitor wih the Model 225 Interface Module Multiple-Tube Desorber with the Model 910 /916 MTDU_ 13 Using the Sample Saver Option oo ee 7) Cleaning... Troubleshooting. Flow Checks renovnn Ferrule Replacement. a Fast-Flow Sample Tub Standard Sample Tube, Sample Saver, and Focusing Trap, Replacement Parts List... NOt@8 re Operating Parameters Log nn ACEM 900 RS-232 Serial Interface Documentation ss 10.1 Ll