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‘STATE OF MAINE, UNIFIED CRIMINAL COURT ANDROSCOGGIN, 35. ‘CRIMINAL ACTION DOCKET NO. CR- STATE OF MAINE, ) ) we ) PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT IN ) SUPPORT OF ARREST OF PIERRE MUSAFIRI PIERRE MUSAFIRI ) [MR.U, CRIMP 4A (6)2) initial determination of probable cause] TO: Any Judge of the Unified Criminal Docket 1, John L. Kyle, I being duly sworn, depose and says as follow: Iam a Detective forthe Maine State Police, Major Crimes Unit (South, with twenty years of cumulative service with the Mane State Police a a Trooper and Detective. My primary responsibility asa Detective with the ‘Maine State Police isthe investigation of homicides, suspicious deaths and other serous cries. 1 Based upon the following facts, circumstances and information fiom my owa pera knowledge or relayed to me by other law enforcement persoanel involved in the investigation ino the death of DONALD GIUSTI, Jon or abou Jane 12, 2018 in the City of Tewiston, Andsoscogein ‘Maine, Thave probable exis fo believe that PIERRE MUSAFIRI id committe offense of Ase, Class D in violation of 17-4 MARS. §207, (IXB). The basis of my probable cause is as follows On June 12, 2018 at approximately 10:45 pm. the LEWISTON POLICE DEPARTMENT received a call of a large fight in progress in the area of KNOX St. ‘and SPRUCE St. When Lewiston Police Deparment OFF. THOMAS CURRY, JAMES AVERY, WAYNE CLIFFORD, ANDREW JAMES, CARLEY CONLY, DARREN JACQUES and KEVIN GAGNE arived on scene they found several people involved in a steet fight. Most of the subjects involved fled the scene as soon at ey arived, OFF. THOMAS CURRY was one of the fist officer to ave on scene of theses Sek. When heaved, he stared down Kao Stes and late se see ag isthe sret with blood coming fom ts hea OFF. CURRY ieslaed te pets DONALD CIUST. AMID wc he ioew fer preteens cefoctet encounters An Undeniet ety n the are sted GUST had beg struck in he head witha rook: According o OFF CURRY the rock as og eg GUSTT'S lee. 3. OFF. TRAVYS FECTEAU reported that when he arrived on scene people were fkeing in all directions and he observed several people with injuries, OFF. FECTEAU had contact with reported that he had contact with ‘old OFF, FECTEAU that she saw the Nght taking place and saw a"male Hcing GTUSTI while he was on the ground. 4 OnJune 1S, 2018 DONALD GIUSTI was pronounced dead at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston. 5. DET, MICHAEL CHAVEZ attended the autopsy of DONALD GIUSTI on Ju 18, 2018 at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Dr. LISA FUNTE Deputy Chie Medical Examiner, performed the autopsy. Dr. FUNTE noted two areas of signicant ttauma to DONALD GUIST’s head/brain and advised DET. CHAVEZ thatthe use of death was blunt force trauma. DR. FUNTE also observed a patterned injuy on DONALD GUISTI's let shoulder and a broken clavicle. Dr. FUNTE also obneved finctue to his left rear 12* ri, 6. ‘On June 18", 2018, DET. COREY JACQUES of Lewis D.and DET HE} LEIGHTON interviewe ka “Sal He provided te fMfowing information to them dung er inerewe AQ QRMRBpeeted that he watked tothe area ofthe disturtiance on Knox Stet and was uot eats the ight Was going to take place. BMRB ate nest he “wit gy” ha a ick toe a which struck te white guy” inthe head eausing hima ofl tthe round. (MMMM lsined thatthe incident happened approximately 2- S0fet in rot of him C. Hestated thatthe “white guy” was running backwards and stumbled backwards almost falling over. According to the white male ‘caught himself from falling with his hands and appeared to get back on his feet wien he was struck in the head with the “brick” which eaused him to fall othe saa ‘When be fell tothe ground after being hit with the “brick ated that they (referring to the Somali / Congo group) “stomped” him for about ten (10) seconds before everyone took off running. i Mhout 30 Somalia and Congo people were fighting egiast 15 white people E, He resalled several ofthe partes involved had sticks, b-b guns and even a sed his cellular phone video camera to record part ofthe 2 10. fight. He also used the social media “app” Snapchat to save the video to cloud based storage. isang OREYIACOUES ws on had bce provided vido oe Dott resulted in the death of DONALD GIUST. MIM stated that ‘he did not know who had nso media, The dean {taken the video originally but tat it had been shared aa laken using the Snapchat social media “app” and had the Snapchat tece ono MRD i he corer ofthe video, The video shows a potin ofthe ston fee Kao jeget anda young man canbe seen towing arock. The rock appear ose se, eugetiedas DONALD GIUSTL. This vdeo vas later shown to witnesses to hip identify subjects involved inthe fight Bi June 198, 2018 your affiant and DET. ROLAND GODBOUT of Lewiston Police Department interviewed EMMANUEL KNURUNZIZA. KNURUNZIZA wi trate {as on Knox Street and involved inthe fight on June 124, 2018, He said that he et mmm 52 8"? of ponte during the fight. He Iter esned Fog tthe rock he had thrown struck DONALD GIUSTT in the hea On June 26°, 2018 DET. JENNIFER KING was granted warrant for the Snapehat account o As aresult of tht Scatch warrant Snapchat Ine. provided video ofthe fight on Knox Stret, This vides shows a portion ofthe stret fight on Knox Street, DONALD GIUSTI ean be secs athe rag tn i Kicked by several people. This video was ater shown to witnesses tn in ‘entify subjects involved tate fight On December 7, 2018 your affant interviewed as atthe fight on Knox Street on June 12°, He stated he az EMMANUEL KNURUNZIZA throw a rock and bit DONALD GIUSTI int “head vas show the video that was taken by He identified ‘the person that kieked DONALD GIUSTI Sting him inthe same area that he suffered a broken clavicle, He also identified Traini; MUSAFIRI in the video asthe person that kicked DONALD GIUSTI sting tim in the lower lft side of his ibeage inthe same area he suffered a broken rio whit he ‘was lying on Knox Stree. is Desembct 7, 2018 Detective len King interviewed PIERRE MUSAFIR DET. Kin shoved MUSAFIRI the vida that had been obese Shapeat search waren served acount. He identified EMMANUEL NKURUNZIZA in the video and sated KNURUS ed {hxow arock tht hit GIUSTI while GIUSTI as sanding. MUSATIRE ose og KNURUNZIZA tow fckatGIUSTIa second me Wile GRIST! ws rage ae found. MUSAFIRI told Deteciv King tate ad Kicked DONALD Cateer ot identified himself onthe video. MUSAFIRI als ideatied aoncnig es sth ov ta Kicked GUST inthe aea ofthe clavicle MUSALIRoon es oe ‘cov MMMM: name bt that he isa stidentat te middle school wd eee his hers name

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