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Theresa May Madhuri Dixit

Regrets but no apology Saroj Khan makes
for Jallianwala Bagh women look graceful
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Auckland’s Indian diaspora gave a warm and
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The fact that this was the first time that a public
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2 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

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The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 3

‘Diaspora should be at heart

of all bilateral engagement’
Moving farewell to outgoing High Commissioner HE Sanjiv Kohli
¡¡ DEV NADKARNI New Zealand Indian community at a large

uckland’s Indian diaspora gave a diaspora event in Auckland. I found people
warm and touching farewell to High receptive. There was a perception that the
Commissioner of India to New High Commission kept a distance from
Zealand His Excellency Sanjiv Kohli and his the community. There was a problem of
wife Dr Ruma Kohli. High Commissioner perception,” he said.
Kohli finishes his three-year term in the country Mr Kohli said he felt that there was a strong
next month. desire in the community to work together with
The felicitation was held at the Mahatma the High Commission: “It just needed the right
Gandhi Centre on Sunday 7 April. move and we extended a hand. We moved
The fact that this was the first time that a a foot, you moved a metre – without your
public farewell function was organised for support, we couldn’t have accomplished what
an outgoing Indian envoy is a measure of we have in the past three years,” he said.
MrKohli’s immense popularity in the Indian “As we worked together, so many came to
community across New Zealand. work with us. There were so many, I can’t take
In his usual inimitable style, Mr Kohli spoke names. You are not just an asset to New Zealand
extempore, with no notes – an enviable quality
The fact that this was but also an asset for India. Diaspora should
that he has become known for and which Jordan border for 50 days, sleeping in a teashop Mr Kohli said he started out with a clean slate be centre-stage of any bilateral engagement.
as he awaited the opportunity to evacuate
the first time that a
in the sense that he had no notes from the Diaspora should be the voice for India as much
several speakers at the farewell admiringly
commented upon. 170,000 Indians from the war zone. “The task public“Ifarewell
predecessor, function
had no notes about stakeholders, as it should be for the country they are living
Mr Kohli’s career at the Indian Foreign of getting 170,000 of our own people home roles, people to mingle with and to avoid,” he and working in.
from a crisis-ridden place kept us going,” he
was organised for an
said with the characteristic twinkle in his eye, “As a High Commissioner, though I speak on
Service began with an assignment that has
ended up in the record books and a successful said. to outgoing
muffled laughterIndian
from the audience.
envoy is a behalf of a billion people in India, equally I
film. He recounted how as a 24-year-old he New Zealand was Mr Kohli’s first posting as Within two months, then Indian President speak on behalf of 200,000 of our own people
High Commissioner. Prior to this appointment, a measure
Pranab Mukherjee’sof Mr Kohli’s
official visit to New here, much more than the billion people back
was first posted to Kuwait and, “As destiny
would have it I was there when the Gulf crisis he had stayed in Delhi for a few years to attend Zealand was announced
immense popularity and heinhad to home,” he said drawing lusty applause from the
happened.” to family matters. He had a list of countries he coordinate everything that had to do with the audience. “The diaspora should be at the centre
The young engineering graduate from the could have chosen to go to but New Zealand the Indian
forthcoming community
Presidential visit. “That visit of all bilateral engagement.”
came up trumps, especially as the family was opened new opportunities in the India-New Mr Kohli said Auckland had been a second
Punjab Engineering College was called upon across New Zealand
to be part of one of the biggest humanitarian “very keen.” Zealand relationship like never before,” he said. home “in terms of the number of nights spent
evacuations in history. He stayed on the Iraq- Speaking of his early days in New Zealand, “I started my own journey with the outside Wellington.”

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4 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Moving farewell to outgoing High Commissioner HE Sanjiv Kohli


Recalling the affection and warmth he tasks too, he said. “But we tried our best.” “There was a longstanding demand for He acknowledged the great relationship
had received from Aucklanders, Mr Kohli Disappointments included the high number of an office in Auckland. It took me six-seven he had developed with MPs of Indian origin
became emotional stopping briefly to collect accidents involving young Indian people. “We months for approval from Delhi. First you need as Labour’s Priyanca Radhakrishnan and
his thoughts before continuing: “It has been need to create the right awareness – it’s a work approval to have a consul. Then you suggest National’s Kanwaljit Bakshi shared the dais
a moving experience, I have mixed emotions in progress. There also more that needs to be names. Took a year for it to happen,” he said. with him. Also on the dais were Mrs Kohli,
Honorary Consul Bhav Dhillon, Indian
– I feel humbled, proud, sad, leaving behind done for women.” “I and the community are happy with the
community leaders Bhiku Bhana, Narendra
people who have become friends. I’m grateful One of the highlights of his tenure in New work he’s done. It’s great that despite being a
Bhana, Jeet Suchdev and Harshad Patel, who
to each one of you.” Zealand was the setting up of the Consulate busy industrialist he finds the time, resources, all spoke on the occasion.
Though the High Commission did accomplish of India in Auckland with Bhav Dhillon as the managing competing demands… thank you for Several community association leaders
much in the three years, there were unfinished Honorary Consul General, Mr Kohli said. that.” individually felicitated Mr and Mrs Kohli.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 5

ANZAC services
consolidation: How
terrorism can change
the face of the nation

he decision of cancellation of
58 ANZAC Day celebrations
in Auckland is a stark
reminder of the vicious impact that
terrorism can have on societies, to an
extent to potentially change the face
of the nation.
This is despite Prime Minister
Jacinda Ardern leading the empathetic
response to the crisis of the Christchurch terror
attack to ensure that no permanent scars are left asymmetrical power vis-a-vis their own
on communities and we continue to remain an citizenry.
inclusive and welcoming society. And this is despite Prime Minister Jacinda
However, being an inclusive and welcoming Ardern’s most empathetic response to the
society is just one aspect of our collective unfortunate crisis and wishful thinking that the
national identity. Celebrating the spirit of incident does not change us as a nation.
ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army The fact that this year not only two-thirds
Corps) every year on April 25 is another of Auckland’s Anzac Day services have been
integral part of our national identity. cancelled, but also those that are still on
An unbridled celebration of the spirit of schedule, will only happen under an increased
ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army police presence – a marked aberration from
Corps) every year on April 25 has been the the past - and a sign how our destiny can
very foundation of New Zealand, whereby a potentially change as a nation.
thankful citizenry remembers its fallen soldiers While everyone in New Zealand, including
who have sacrificed their lives in the service of the police and the state authorities, are hopeful
the nation. that this is just a passing phase that will leave
Anzac Day was originally devised to honour no permanent scar on the face of the nation,
the members of the Australian and New it is important reminder to everyone that the
Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who served in threat of violence and communal disharmony,
the Gallipoli Campaign, their first engagement can sometimes be so overpowering for states
in the Great War (1914–1918). to handle.
Subsequently, it became a national day of It might be a good learning curve for the
remembrance in Australia and New Zealand New Zealand polity on how to engage more
that broadly commemorates all Australians and purposefully and compassionately with other
New Zealanders who served and died in all countries on the international stage, including
wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations India, who have been caught up in the vicious
and the contribution and suffering of all those cycle of terrorist and counter-terrorist violence.
who have served. For now, New Zealand can count on its luck,
From ethnic migrants’ perspective, who have that our response to this, hopefully, a single act
come from different parts of the world to settle of terror, did not involve any overwhelming use
in this country, and have found themselves of firepower.
first baffled, and then amused, on seeing how However, the manner in which armed police
celebrations around nationhood can happen was deployed and continued to be deployed
with civic participation without any presence of across vulnerable areas do suggest the state-
law enforcement agencies and state authorities. will to respond to any other act of terror with
Sadly, the incident of Christchurch mosque equal or more firepower.
shooting is threatening to take away that pure International experience has shown that
absolute joy that we New Zealanders were sometimes states are cornered, where acts of
blessed with so far – suggesting how terrorism terrorism are followed by violent crackdowns
can change the faces of the nations, forcing that can fast become a cycle that is difficult to
them to encroach civil liberties and accumulate disrupt.
Welcome to the real world, New Zealand.

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6 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Auckland International Cultural Is lack of

Festival ties stronger community bonds
P from the
rime Minister Jacinda Ardern
has called for more appreciation
of the oft-repeated, and often
under-appreciated word ‘diversity,’ after

the horrors of the recent Christchurch
Speaking at Auckland’s 20th

International Cultural Festival on
Sunday, April 7, Ms Ardern said that
the multicultural multi-faith event was
precisely what made New Zealand the

contributing to
inclusive place it was.
Ever since the Christchurch mosque
attack took place earlier last month,

elder abuse?
the word ‘diversity’ has no longer
just remained any other word in the
dictionary but is suddenly finding
itself redefined. It has garnered a lot of each other. The festival also dedicated a section
emotions and is being used in the context Three elevated music stages located at of the event ground in memory of the
of peace and brotherhood repeatedly. centre and corner of the War Memorial victims and souls lost of the Christchurch
Few would have imagined that the grounds produced live music, dance mosque attack. The part named
shows by different groups and individuals ‘Christchurch Mosque Remembrance’
international cultural festival started
throughout the day. had people writing the message of love
by members of Auckland’s former and brotherhood and laid flowers and
refugee community, and held at the War An information centre and a number
of volunteers guided and directed the candles for the victims.
Memorial Park in Mt Roskill since then, “I have come to this event for the first
would stand witness in its twentieth festivalgoers towards different activities
hosted by different groups of people. time, and I cannot express my happiness
year of existence about the changing the being here- seeing such a huge cultural
resolve of the nation around accepting The event had arrangements for all age
diversity in one place- the music, the food
diversity.   groups, making sure, every toddler to an
and the people, I am simply awestruck”
The annual event on Sunday, April elderly person, individuals or families –
Shafique Ahmed, an Indian resident
7, received an audience of over 20,000 every visitor enjoyed the beauty of the living in Auckland for less than a year
between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Mt cultural festival. said.
Roskill War Memorial Hall, the suburb A corner was set with bouncy castles, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern,
face painting and henna-tattoo for Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and other
with that has the huge diversity in its

residents living there. children and women, two sections members of parliament, community and hanti Niwas Charitable Trust, a community organisation
The festival showcased cultural of the ground dedicated for friendly interfaith leaders expressed their joy working towards prevention of elder abuse in the Kiwi-
representations in food, clothing, art, cultural football tournaments, book seeing the diverse community at one
section sponsored by Auckland Library, place and addressed the crowd with the Indian community says that there is a considerable gap
and music of the people of different of understanding between senior citizens and their children that
ethnicities living in New Zealand. community and interfaith stalls to know message of peace and accepting diversity
more about people of different faiths. for all. leads to the menace of elder abuse in the community.
People of Middle Eastern origin such
Yoga practitioners and promoters, “Over the past three weeks I have felt “We organize elder abuse prevention programmes at different
as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, African
Maori games took one section of the the absolute depths of sadness, but I have intervals of the year and also family fun days to interact with
nations such as Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan,
event that shared the space with Muay also felt the depths of pride,” PM Jacinda children or guardians of senior citizens so that we can have a
South American countries Brazil, Chile, Ardern told an audience of hundreds.
Columbia, Hungary, Mediterranean Thai teachers who too showcased the dialogue and make them aware as to what constitutes to elder
south Asian combat technique to the “Pride to have been in the privileged
countries like France, Spain, Italy, Asian position of leading a country that has abuse- but very few turn up to such events,” Nilima Venkat,
countries such as Japan, India, Sri Lanka, audience.
chosen to respond to a dark tragedy in the General Manager of Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust, told The
A notable fact about this event was
Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia and way that it has. Indian Weekender.
the involvement of the youngsters in the
representatives of Maori community “If I have been reminded of anything Shanti Niwas on Monday, April 9, hosted an elder abuse
games and activities at the festival.
acting as envoys of their nations presented “These youngsters are the carriers these past three weeks, it is that we are an prevention seminar in collaboration with the Age Concern,
their cultural richness at the event through of the cultural batons, and their active incredibly lucky country. Counties Manukau. Elder Abuse prevention educator Lynn
their food, music and artifacts. participation and involvement shows a “Lucky to have the diversity we have,
Cicero conducted the session which was attended by 10-15
There were several stalls that not lot of encouragement for us that we will 200 ethnicities, 160 languages. We are
only sold their ethnic clothing but also lucky to be an inclusive, empathetic representatives from different Indian and South East Asian
be the future in their hands,” a senior
welcomed the people providing free tea and compassionate place,” PM Jacinda communities.
performer at the event told The Indian
and food tasting, and taking pictures with Weekender. Ardern added. The concept behind the seminar was to outline some of the
critical points as to what constitutes as elder abuse- emotional,
physical, financial and mental- both perpetuated by oneself or
any other member of the family.
3.6548ha Development Site Opportunity The idea to involve the community leaders was to get their
attention into the subject of elder abuse and relay the same
message to the elders as well as the younger members of the
APARTMENT BUILDINGS families of their communities.
76-78 Fred Taylor Drive, Red Hills, “The goal at the end of the seminar is to create and spread
Westgate more awareness about elder abuse which is very prevalent in the
community, and it is often unreported.
Fast developing location opportunity to secure “Other gaps are that people do not report abuse due to cultural
very desirable land approximately 19 kms from
stigma, and sometimes there’s lack of resources to address the

Auckland CBD, and 31 kms from Auckland
Airport. issue like funding, staffing etc.,” Ms Venkat added.
At the meeting, the community leaders expressed their
This rare opportunity is offered to the market, concerns about how to convey the message forward to the elders,
develop a community just minutes away from the
North Westgate Mall and Westgate Town Centre. what can they do to prevent the same and easiest way to report
any such incidents of abuse so that concerned authorities can
Nearby housing development all but sold out. mediate and help elders and their families.
Situated in a prime position near the corner of
Dunlop Road, comprising 3.6548 ha of flat land
During the meeting, Ms Venkat stressed on the fact that there
with a wide frontage to Fred Taylor Drive is a is an acute problem of little to no contribution from the family
must to view. members or children of the senior citizens when it comes to
participating in awareness events or programmes for elder abuse
Easy Access to North Western Motorway and
State Highway 18. prevention.
Shanti Niwas provides different programs for older people
Tender: 4:00pm 15 Apr 2019 (unless sold prior) of the community with special needs in the wider Auckland
L3, 50 Kitchener Street, City region. The programs are designed to engage the seniors in doing
activities that include Exercise, health and safety workshops,
outings, movie shows, entertainment activities, English classes,
Marie-Anne Molloy
and more. The seniors at different intervals of the year also
p. 027 357 8477 venture out for outdoor picnics and even participate at various
cultural events.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 7

“Our job is to ensure

that people not only
feel safe, but is safe In light of this we will not hesitate from
Chartered Accountants
taking the steps we need – including the advice
we have provided regarding ANZAC Day We provide the right solutions at very reasonable price!
services – to keep our communities safe.
Police Commissioner While we understand the advice to consolidate
Mike Bush ANZAC Day events is disappointing for some Accounting and Taxes
people, our priority is public safety and we will
• End of year Accounts

ew Zealand Police would like to thank not compromise on this.
the RSA and community leaders for In the current environment it is important that • Income Tax & GST Returns
their support and understanding in people feel safe to carry on their daily business, • Book–keeping & Financial Accounts
regard to the consolidation of ANZAC Day including attendance at ANZAC services.
Our job is to ensure that people not only feel • Small Business / Rental Property Accounts
services for this year.
safe, but is safe. • LTC & Trust Accounts
The decision to provide advice that some
We fully recognise the importance of
services should be consolidated was not taken • Tax Advisory
ANZAC Day events.
lightly, and was made for the safety of everyone Police staff will be in attendance at services
• Business Valuations Due Diligence
to pay their respects this year, just as they are
We have clearly stated that there is no every year. • MYOB & Xero Software Accounting
information of a specific threat to ANZAC Day. Our message to anyone attending ANZAC
However the national threat level in New services remains one of vigilance -  if you see
Zealand remains at high at this time. anything suspicious then call police on 111.  
Call me
for a
FonRsuE E
C ltation
Mukesh Arora FCCA (UK) CA (NZ)
Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors Limited

Mobile: 021 129 0810 116B, Cavendish Drive,

Office Ph: 09 263 00 00 Manukau, Auckland 2104,
Free Ph: 0800 82 55 99 New Zealand
Email: Website:

Padava; Samsara Padavo; Samvatsaradi;

Ugadi; Yugadi; Vishu; Bisu;  Puthandu; and
many more.
Simon Bridges These festivals known by various names
Leader of the Opposition across India celebrate the traditional new year

as well as the arrival of the spring season and
take this opportunity to wish the Kiwi
reaping of rabi crops.
Indian community all the best for the
New Zealand has a vibrant, highly skilled
many festivals of harvest celebrated across
and contributing Indian community who I
many Indian cultures.
convey my best wishes to as you celebrate
Festivals celebrated across our Kiwi
your new year.”
Indian community include  Vaisakhi; Gudhi
8 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Free turban-tying training events ANZ announces

3.95 per cent p.a.
to raise awareness about Sikhism special one-year

A fixed home loan rate

number of free turban
and dastar-tying training
sessions in four cities
in New Zealand are aiming to
spread teachings and message of
Organised by the Supreme
Sikh Society of New Zealand
that governs two gurudwaras in Two

Auckland, Otahuhu and Takanini renowned NZ Bank on Tuesday, April 9 announced it would
and Radio Sadeaala, the turban- Indian turban tying drop its one-year fixed home loan rate to 3.95 per
tying sessions will be held professionals are cent per annum.
between Friday, April 12 and flying to New Zealand to places so that our Antonia Watson, ANZ Managing Director Retail and
Thursday, May 2. and cultural day celebrations
conduct the turban tying younger Business Banking, said the special rate would be available
Two renowned Indian turban tying at Gurudwaras inviting the generation
and training sessions from 9 April and would match the lowest one-year rate
professionals are flying to New Zealand extended non-Sikh community can learn more about offered by ANZ last November.
to participate. especially for the Sikh tying the turban in
to conduct the turban tying and training “As New Zealand’s largest home lender, we’re
“The idea behind the event is children living different styles and
sessions especially for the Sikh children committed to helping as many Kiwis into their own homes
also to get our youth to learn more in NZ spend some quality time as possible.”
living in New Zealand.
“We are getting Gurjeet Singh and about Sikhism, the significance of wearing learning about the history of Ms Watson said the Reserve Bank was expected to lower
Sahib Singh, both international turbans turbans and the pride carries,” Mr Singh turbans and values attached to it,” Mr the Official Cash Rate, and the new rate would enable
added. Singh said. home loan customers to benefit from lower interest rates
tying professionals carrying ten years of
The first event will be held at Otahuhu The first 50 boys and girls enrolled for ahead of that change. The new rate also reflects a decline
experience each who will teach more than
and Takanini Gurudwara Sahib between 12- the session will be receiving a free turban/ in wholesale rates which can be passed on to customers.
50 ways or styles of tying a turban to our “The current low-interest rate environment not only
children and youth,” Sharan Singh, from the 21 April. Radio Sadeaala will host turban dastar, and participants between five and 12
presents an opportunity for new home buyers but for
organising team, told The Indian Weekender. tying sessions at their studio between 22 and will also be receiving free turbans.
existing home loan customers to pay off as much of their
The poster of the event was launched at an 26 April, followed by Tauranga Gurudwara The Supreme Sikh Society is also hosting debt as possible,” Ms Watson said.
event in South Auckland on Tuesday, April Sahib on 27 and 28 April. Hastings a competition on Sunday, May 5 at Takanini No decision had been made on how long the rate would
9 in the presence of Gurudwara members, Gurudwara Sahib will host the training on Gurudwara and boys and girls with the be available, but it would largely depend on market
radio presenters and sponsors. 29 & 30 April followed by the last leg of best turbans will receive a prize from the conditions.
To promote and create more awareness the event at Christchurch Gurudwara Sahib organisers. ANZ also announced changes to special rate conditions,
about Sikhism and its teaching a number on May 1 and 2. All the events held across different removing the need for “plus-one” of an ANZ product.
“We encourage parents to bring their regions are open to families and people of Customers will now only need a minimum 20 per cent
of events are held across New Zealand,
children to these sessions at different all ages and genders to participate in the equity, as well as an ANZ transaction account with salary
including Turban Day events, Nagar kirtan training sessions. direct credited.

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fitness business today.


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The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 9

Gun law reform

passes the final hurdle

arliament on Wednesday passed the
gun reform bill, banning all types
of semi-automatic weapons and  
assault rifles, less than a month after the
Christchurch carnage in which 50 people
died. t h e Simplifying  your  business  info  is  our  business.  
The gun reform bill, which passed 119-1 victims and
after its final reading in Parliament, is expected families” and that when Database  Solutions
Database Solutions  
to become law on Friday after it receives royal she visited the injured in hospital              
assent from the Governor General. none of them had just one gunshot wound. ü  DDesign
esign  &&  ddevelop
evelop  ddatabase
atabase  bbased
ased  oonn  yyour
our  bbusiness
usiness  rrequirements.
The new curbs bar the circulation and use “They will carry disabilities for a lifetime and ü  Convert  your  Excel  or  paper-­‐based  data  into  a  centralised  ddatabase.
Convert your Excel or paper-based data into a centralised atabase.  
of most semi-automatic firearms, parts that that’s before you consider the psychological
convert firearms into semi-automatic firearms, impact. These weapons were designed to kill
ü  DDatabase
atabase  ccan an  bbe
e  ddeveloped
eveloped  eeither
ither  ffor
or  a  ssingle
ingle  uuser
ser  oorr  m
ultiple  users.
magazines over a certain capacity and some and they were designed to maim and that is
shotguns. what they did on the 15th of March.” Reporting  Solutions
Reporting Solutions  
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Brenton Tarrant, an Australian, faces 50  
changes to the law after the deadly mosque murder charges and 39 attempted murder ü  RReports
eports  tto
o  ggive insights of your business.
ive  insights  of  your  business.        
shootings by self-proclaimed white supremacist charges. ü  KPI  dashboards  aand
KPI dashboards nd  bbusiness scorecard.  
usiness  scorecard.      
Brenton Tarrant in Christchurch on March 15. Ardern, who won praise for her compassion Team and individual performance and trend analysis.
ü  Team  and  individual  performance  and  trend  analysis.  
“I could not fathom how weapons that and leadership since the massacre, was able
could cause such destruction and large-scale ü  PProduct/Services
roduct/Services  pperformance
erformance  rreports.
to win rare bi-partisan support for a bill that Reports automation.
death could have been obtained legally in this ü  Reports  automation.        
makes it illegal to own a military-style semi-
country. I could not fathom that,” PM Janida  
automatic rifle.
Ardern said in Parliament on Wednesday. Transform  data  into  wisdom  to  make  better  business  decisions.  
According to reports, the law includes a buy-
“I could not hand-on-heart go down and                
face not just the media, not just the public, but back scheme under which owners of outlawed
weapons can surrender them to the police by Call  us  on  09  357  5000  
the victims that had been left behind from this
terror attack and tell them hand-on-heart that September 30 in return for compensation based Email:  
our system and our laws allow these guns to be on the weapon’s age and condition.                

available and that was okay. Because it was not. More than 300 weapons have
“I made a decision after that briefing that I already been handed in.
would go down that day and, without having Anyone who retains a banned weapon after
the chance to question the Parliament, know the law formally passes on Friday faces a
that Parliament would be with me- and they penalty of up to five years in prison.
were,” she was cited as reported by NZ Herald. The Prime Minister had called the
Holding back tears while addressing Christchurch attacker a terrorist and said she  
Parliament, she said they were there “because will not utter his name.

N G *
I 19
This award-winning development is looking for food outlets to open
in Sugartree Lane, a convenient pedestrian lane linking Union and
Nelson Streets in Auckland’s central city.
Surrounded by outdoor garden areas with courtyard or city views,
Sugartree Lane has a range of spaces to perfectly fit the size of your
restaurant or takeaway business.
By the end of 2019 over 10,000 people will live or work close to
Sugartree Lane so come in and discuss the possibilities your new food
business today.
Julie Warbrick
022 639 3028 |



10 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Manurewa children inspire Scam warning for

new look of Randwick Park business owners/
payroll operators

outhern District Police are warning
business owners and payroll operators
to be wary, after several reports of
scammers attempting to fraudulently gain
access to employees’ bank accounts. 
The scammers, who are usually operating
from an overseas IP address, create a false
email address in the name of an employee,
and then email that employee’s employer/
¡¡ IWK BUREAU payroll department requesting a change of bank
“This playground has been designed the way

account - and, to make it more realistic, this is
hildren from Randwick Park School kids wanted it to be. It is so good to see the
very often another New Zealand bank account
are the creative designers behind the community’s involvement in this project.
and part of another scam.   
new playground at Randwick Park. “This is just a start. There are more such
If successful, the scammer then gets paid the
The children designed 3D models of what they developments underway that the local board is  To protect yourself from this type of scam,
employee’s salary. 
want their playground to look like, including a backing, and we hope to provide our community ask your customers to check with you first
  To protect yourself and your employees
‘Kuzebo’ structure. with ample outdoor spaces where whānau and by phone or in person if they ever receive an
from this type of scam, ensure that you verify
These designs along with the feedback from tamariki can come together and have fun.” invoice with a new payment bank account
by phone or in person any request to change an
the community centre and local schools were Manurewa Local board Chair Angela number. 
captured by our designers who delivered this employee’s bank account details. 
Dalton (right) and Manurewa-Papakura If a customer has made payment to a
modern playground.   Southern District Police have also seen
ward Councillor Daniel Newman (left) at the fraudulent bank account, advise them to contact
The playground features a rocktopus, flying recent instances of another scam where the
official opening ceremony of Randwick Park their bank immediately and report it, making
fox, double seesaws, basket swing, stepping scammers intercept customer invoices sent by
playground sure the matter is escalated to the bank’s fraud
logs, sandpit, large module unit with monkey businesses via email.
The colour scheme has been chosen to match team. 
bars and a slide, and a big shaded seating area The scammers create a false business email  For more information on how to recognise,
existing colours around the centre and reserve.
for all. account - very similar to the genuine one - then avoid and take action against scams, have
A few trees will be planted soon to provide
Manurewa Local Board Chair Angela Dalton advise the customer that bank account details a look at Consumer Protection’s Consumer
more shade for those who just want to relax.
said the board is investing more in developing for payment have changed, thereby pocketing Protection’s Scamwatch webpages . 
Upcoming projects include Totara park
playgrounds in the area and the ones that our renewals and a playspace in Keith Park. the customer’s payment. 
kids want.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 11

the Kiwi Indian
Best wishes to you and your
family as you celebrate this
year’s Baisakhi Harvest Festival.

“As National Party Leader,

I value the contribution
our New Zealand Indian
communities make to
our country and am
Simon Bridges Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi Dr Parmjeet Parmar
committed to ensuring
National Party Leader National List MP based National List MP your voice is heard.”
Leader of the Opposition in Manukau East based in Mt Roskill
simonjbridges bakshikanwaljit DrParmjeetParmarMP Simon Bridges

Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised

by Simon Bridges MP, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.
12 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

The Royal Easter Show returns with

more entertainment and attractions
¡¡ SUPPLIED CONTENT for the faint-hearted. Some of the events are

oinciding with school holidays, this from classic old-time strength tests like the
year’s Royal Easter Show brings a farmers walk, stone lifting and the Apollon
massive line-up of entertainment; circus axle lift, however, others like the truck pull and
acts, FMX shows, Looney Tunes, carnival 300kg tyre flip are from the modern
rides, sideshows, exhibits, plus an A&P Show era. The biggest and strongest athletes from
that has been running for more than 175 years. all around New Zealand attend this event with
The Royal Easter Show has a special place in the tallest contestant being 2.0m, the heaviest
the hearts and minds of many New Zealanders. being 215kg.
The Royal Easter Show is New Zealand’s

largest and most beloved family show, an
annual must-see for everyone. It starts on
Thursday. April 18 till Monday, April 22 from

10 a.m. till 10 p.m at ASB Showgrounds in
Greenlane West, Epsom.
The main stage will be jam-packed with all
types of exciting free entertainment, for the

entire family, with world-class acts from Tiki
Taane, Jason Kerrison and Laughaton Kora. display, lighting up the sky above the ASB away with their gravity-defying performances.
Mahons Amusements will be returning and Showgrounds Friday, Saturday and Sunday Their ability to entertain goes far beyond

bringing their exhilarating rides to the Royal evening’s blasting off at 9 p.m. anything you have ever seen before, leaving the
Easter Show, including rides for the whole entire family amazed.
family and the little ones. About the Entertainment: Some of the other unique acts include hoop
An essential feature of the Royal Easter diving, human pyramids, the teeterboard and
Looney Tunes: Laugh along and dance ¡¡ IWK BUREAU
Show, the celebrated Zirka Circus returns with much, much more. The 2-hour international
along with the LOONEY TUNES gang - Bugs
a brand new, never before seen in New Zealand performance is a whole lot of fun and
Bunny, Tweety and Sylvester - as they sing up
act that will have the audience at the edge of entertainment for ALL AGES, from 2 to 102.
a whack of wacky chaos in a show packed with
their seats. Their death-defying feats of skill Looney surprises!
and strength must be seen to be believed. Strong Man: New Zealand’s strongest Man
Zirka Circus presents ‘Cirque Grande’ a
Freestyle New Zealand returns with a show Competition has been held annually for over 20
brand-new circus on its very first tour in New
that is sure to astound, demonstrating some of years, and it’s the toughest strength competition
Zealand. The all-new circus show presents
the most dangerous and difficult tricks in FMX in the country. With eight events over two days
world-class acts from around the globe bringing
sport, bringing high adrenaline and edge of testing all aspects of strength and stamina from
a fresh and exciting new experience.
your seat experience. pulling 14-tonne trucks to carrying a 160kg
The circus features special guests such as
And stick around for the free fireworks anvil for maximum distance, this event is not
African acrobats, who will take your breath

Muslim community to T
he Walking Samoans is a fitness
FEMALE FLATMATE REQUIRED initiative spreading across the
Working or non working Female Flatmate required as a moral
support person for a Fiji Indian lady in a neat Papatoetoe brick Auckland region with aims to

observe Shab-e-baraat
house. Must be able to speak Hindi and able to cook own food and help improve the health and wellbeing of
keep neat and tidy. Driving ability would be useful but not Samoan communities.
essential. A double room and kitchen will be provided with Local boards are supporting these groups

on Sunday, April 21
discounted rent and bill share to the right person. as needed, often in the form of grants
Note this is NOT an Ad for an Elderly Carer Person as that respec- towards uniforms and sports shoes.  
tive support such as cooking etc for her is provided separately. Initiated by Radio Samoa in 2013, the
station encourages listeners to sign up to

For details, call at 0226 482 120
he Muslim community their local walking group, as a good way
across the globe will for Samoan families to take control of their
observe the mid of the
own health as a family unit. The groups
Trust Saffron Finance for Islamic month Sha’baan, also
known as Shab-e-baraat on have now spread across the region as far
expert Mortgage/ Insurance Sunday, April 21. south Clendon, through to Avondale in the
The night of mid-Shabaan or North.
advice backed by years Shab-e-baraat is regarded as a “The Walking Samoans is a successful
holy night by Muslims in Asian
of experience countries or the Indian subcontinent visit the graves of the friends, family
community initiative of Radio Samoa with
and a few middle-eastern countries, members and ancestors and pray for the support of the Auckland Council,”
Mortgages: Risk Insurances: however, there are no particular them. People also make special food explains Teleiai Edwin Puni, Director of
hadiths to refer to this night being and sweets on this night and serve it Walking Samoans.
• Home loans • Life & Trauma
holy, like Shab-e-qadr that falls in the to the poor and the needy. “A number of our walking clubs have the
• Commercial Property loans • Key Person Cover
month of Ramadan. Shab-e-baraat is also a reminder use of council facilities for their health and
• Business Loans • Medical / Health
Muslims who observe this special that the ninth and holiest month of
• Top up & Debt consolidation • TPD and Income Protection community developments.”
night recite the Holy Quran, make Islamic calendar Ramadan is just
• Re-Finance and Refixing • Mortgage Repayment cover In 2018, Maungakiekie Tāmaki Local
special prayers in solitude and 15 days away. Ramadan is a special
• Investment Property loans • New to Business & Board awarded their local Walking Samoan
congression and ask for forgiveness month for the Muslim community
• Restructuring of loan • Business Continuity Cover
for their past sins. Observers stay across the globe that starts with the Tamaki Group with a $5000 grant which
• Construction & Renovation • Redundancy Cover
awake all night with family, either at sighting of the crescent moon and went towards group uniforms.
home or at Masjid and pray for the end after 30 days with the celebration “We get a lot of feedback about how
prosperity of their family, and the of Eid-ul Fitr.
community. In Ramadan Muslims fast from seeing this group around the community
They end the prayers or worship dawn to dusk, that is, remain without helps everyone feel safer and more
at the call of Adhaan and making the a morsel of food or water from connected,” says Chris Makoare, Chair of
Fajr prayer just before the sunrise. sunrise and at sunset open their fast Maungakiekie Tāmaki Local Board.
Many also fast during the day with fruits, water etc. “It’s a good example of how the local
following Shab-e-baraat. During Ramadan people also offer
board is able to support our diverse
Some masjids in New Zealand will special Salah besides the five-time
Nimish Parikh also host special recital programmes, Salah called ‘Taraweeh’ and observe communities to be empowered to deliver
Registered Financial Adviser 18B Kirby Street, Glendene, namaz evening and late night prayer five special nights of prayers called what it is that they know will work for their
M. 021 236 7070 Auckland 0602 sessions for the community members. communities.”
Lailat-ul-Qadr that falls in the last P O Box - 69263 , Glendene, A popular belief and tradition
Auckland 0645 five odd nights of the Ramadan For more information on the Walking
associated with Shab-e-baraat is to month. Samoans visit their Facebook page.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 13

Consulate of India Visit Sydney with Eco Travels

in Auckland can now ¡¡ SPONSORED CONTENT

reaming about Australia

issue Liquor Permits

is no more expensive
now. Australia has many
unique and interesting places for

to Gujarat
anyone to visit and have a great
experience with all the animals,
historical sites, restaurants,
forests, deserts, and oceans that
¡¡ IWK BUREAU they have. Anyone can have a

he High Commission good time there with friends
of India in New and you can even enjoy it with
Zealand on your family.
This summer let’s visit Sydney,
Wednesday, April 10
the Harbour City. Sydney is
announced that its Consulate considered as one of the world's
Office in Auckland can now most beautiful and liveable
issue Liquor Permits to cities. Sydney is comfortable
Gujarat. for travellers to visit any time of
Liquor Permits are issued year. The city enjoys over 300
sunny days each year, though it
to foreigners intending to
has 104 days of clear skies. Take a
visit Gujarat so that they can kayak ride underneath the Sydney
purchase liquor from authorised shops there. Liquor Permits are issued Harbour Bridge after passing
The permits are granted to those who hold the beautiful and unique Opera
to foreigners intending to House, or a ferry ride along the
valid Regular Indian Visa or OCI Card and are visit Gujarat so that they river. Discover Australia’s most
above 25 years of age. famous Bondi Beach. Sydney also
can purchase liquor from
The procedure for obtaining the Liquor has more than seventy beaches to visit. Relax
authorised shops there. yourself on a sun drench beach and enjoy sea hospitality services, travels insurance, cruise
Permit for Gujarat is that the applicants need
to complete the Liquor Permit form that can
The permits are granted to foods at pleasant and top notch live restaurant. and accommodations around the world. Our
Take some time to get a glimpse of Opera knowledge over a decade makes it easy to
be downloaded from the High Commission of
those who hold valid Regular create tailor-made packages for our valued
House and then climb onto Australia’s greatest
India website (mentioned at the bottom) and Indian Visa or OCI Card and engineering marvel, the Harbour Bridge. Spend
clients in New Zealand. We have more than two
are above 25 years of age. dozens of outlets to better serve our clients and
submit it to either High Commission of India the night in a cosy camp at Cockatoo Island.
twenty four hours call centre operations to help
office in Wellington or Consulate of India office The natural rock formation ‘three sisters’-
you when it needs most.
People having E-visa will need to apply for waiting for you at Blue Mountain National
in Auckland along with the original passport
‘e-liquor permit’ by going to the link here. Park, just two hours’ drive from Sydney.

having Regular Indian Visa or original OCI. co Travels- Most experienced and one
Issuance of Liquor Permit is a free service Liquor Permit Form Download: https:// of the biggest Travels agents in New
provided by the High Commission of India, Zealand. Eco Travels is a house hold names as a Call 24x7 0272 16 17 18
and no fee is required to be paid for it. Permit.pdf full service travel agents who provides bespoke
land packages, flight tickets and transfers,

Revolution | Each office independently owned and operated ADDRESS 328 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, AUCKLAND 2025
Top One Real Estate 2015 Limited | Licensed REAA 2008 OFFICE 09 261 2555
14 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Air NZ to build world’s largest focus on more equity and property investments,
members can expect moderate to high levels of
spearheading industry change and challenging
tourism businesses to improve their operations.

single arch timber hangar movement up and down in value and to receive
longer-term returns that are higher than those of
“It’s been exciting talking about
sustainability with tourism operators and we’ve

the Summer Balanced Selection. been heartened by the huge amount of interest
ir New Zealand will begin
Summer (launched in September 2016), and enthusiasm from the industry,” says Lynn
construction on the largest
offers members the opportunity to design Robinson.
single span timber arch
their own customised KiwiSaver accounts, Megan Williams says, “We’re excited about
aircraft hangar in the world at its
known as My Plan. Alternatively, they can working with regional and sector groups
engineering base in Auckland later
this year. choose the Summer Conservative, Balanced to assist businesses in making meaningful
‘Hangar 4’ will be large enough or Growth Selection which are funds made changes. These can be at an individual business
to house a wide body aircraft such up of a mix of cash, fixed interest, equity and level or within a group where working together
as the airline’s 777-300 or 787- property investment. The Summer Investment can create other opportunities for change.”
9 Dreamliner, and two narrow Committee provides a general investment view The TSC asks supporters to join the effort
body aircraft such as the A320 or to support asset allocation decisions. to achieve ambitious economic goals for the
A321neo, at the same time. As of 31 March 2019, Summer has over industry while sharing the overwhelming
The 10,000 square metre hangar will be The two-year construction programme is 3600 active members and approximately $125 benefits with their host communities and
located on the airline’s Auckland engineering expected to start towards the end of this year. million funds under management. contributing to restoring, protecting and
base at Geoffrey Roberts Road in Mangere. The enhancing our natural environment. This
Two new funds for the Tourism’s sustainability ensures that New Zealand continues to be a
structure will sit adjacent to the existing Hangar
3, while new workshops and tools stores will Summer KiwiSaver scheme journey gets industry high quality destination of choice for domestic

connect the two hangars, providing increased and international travellers.
iwiSaver provider, Summer has backing
maintenance programme efficiencies. TIA Chief Executive Chris Roberts says

launched two new funds to complement reaching 1,000 TSC supporters is a sign that
Air New Zealand Chief Ground Operations he vision for New Zealand to have
its successful Summer Investment the tourism industry is serious about making
Officer Carrie Hurihanganui says the hangar the world’s most sustainable tourism
Selection and My Plan offers. sustainability a priority.
has been designed with input from the airline’s industry has reached a significant
Summer Investment Committee Chair, “Our national vision and goals for
Engineering & Maintenance employees to milestone.
Martin Hawes says the new funds will be known sustainability are important, but without the
ensure it is fit for purpose. The Tourism Sustainability Commitment
as the Summer Conservative Selection and
“It was really important to us the team that challenges individual businesses to operate support of individual business owners and
the Summer Growth Selection. The Summer
will work in this space day-to-day be involved more sustainably, and now over 1000 tourism operators we can achieve nothing.
Investment Selection has also been renamed the
in the design process. businesses have made the pledge. “A huge thank you to our tourism community
“Our existing hangars were built in the 1960s Summer Balanced Selection.
Tourism Industry Aotearoa launched the TSC for saying ‘yes’ to making industry-wide
and 1980s and while they have served us well, “The new funds will provide a broader range
at the end of 2017, with the aim of seeing every change. Together we can create a truly
our fleet has grown both in number and in of Summer KiwiSaver scheme multi asset
New Zealand tourism business committed to sustainable industry making a positive long-
physical size over the past decades. We now class options, at different risk levels, for those
sustainability by 2025. term contribution to New Zealand.”
have a need for a more modern, innovative who prefer to leave the investment selection to
To get some real impetus behind the The Tourism Sustainability Commitment
structure that takes energy use and other us rather than choose their own combination
initiative, an aspirational goal was set to sign has 8 industry goals and 14 business-
sustainability factors into account. through My Plan,” Martin Hawes says.
up 1000 businesses by the end of March 2019. level commitments, across four elements
“At one and a half times the size of our The Summer Conservative Selection will
TIA is proud to announce the TSC community of sustainability – economic, visitor, host
current largest hangar, Hangar 4 will provide include more cash and fixed interest investments
has now exceeded that target. community and environment. It is guided by
us with a state-of-the-art facility to continue to with fewer equity and property investments.
TIA Sustainability Advocates Megan the values of Kaitiakitanga, Manaakitanga and
maintain our modern fleet to a high standard. Members can expect a fund with low to
Williams and Lynn Robinson have been Whanaungatanga, with a vision of ‘Leading the
We’re really excited to see it become a reality moderate levels of movement up and down
promoting the Commitment across the industry, World in Sustainable Tourism’.
over the next couple of years.” in value. The Summer Growth Selection will

Kiosk at Hayman Park Supreme Court judge to

playground available lead Christchurch terror
for lease attack Royal Commission
¡¡ IWK BUREAU ¡¡ IWK BUREAU What relevant state sector agencies knew

about this individual and his activities before
he destination playground is expected rime Minister Jacinda Ardern today this attack; what actions (if any) they took in
to open in June this year. released the terms of reference for the light of that knowledge; and whether there were
Hayman Park’s playground in the Royal Commission of Inquiry into any additional measures that the agencies could
heart of Manukau will be the first of its kind in the Christchurch terror attack and announced
have taken to prevent the attack;
South Auckland. Supreme Court Justice Sir William Young as
Whether there were any impediments to
The destination playground is a part of the As part of the new playground, the 4.4m x its chair.
3.6m building will be located under a covered relevant state sector agencies gathering or
first phase of a massive redevelopment of the “The Government will ensure no stone is left
area to make it an attraction for people of all seating area, with accessible male and female sharing information relevant to the attack,
unturned as we examine as quickly as possible or acting upon such information, including
ages and to improve the connection between toilets attached and water and power supplied
to the building. how the March 15 attack happened, what could legislative impediments, and
Hayman Park and Manukau CBD.
The playground will occupy the north-east The board wishes the successful have been done to stop it and how we can keep Whether there was any inappropriate
corner of Hayman Park, next to the existing organisation or group to provide services New Zealanders safe,” Jacinda Ardern said. concentration or priority setting of counter
skate park and will be built in stages. that will attract visitors to the park, such as: “The Royal Commission plays a critical role terrorism resources by relevant state sector
The construction of the first phase • Education classes in our ongoing response to fully understand agencies prior to this attack.
commenced in September 2018 and is due • Exercise and well-being classes “Justice Young, who is a sitting Judge of
what happened in the lead up to the attack and
to be completed in June this year. This phase • Food and drink vending the Supreme Court of New Zealand – New
will include the creation of new playground • Artistic performance (e.g. music, art to ensure such an attack never happens again.
Zealand’s highest court – has the extensive
areas, a half basketball court, a plaza, feature displays and workshops)
architectural canopy, and a kiosk and toilet • Community events The Commission will look at: experience and skills required to lead the
• Consultation events. The individual’s activities before the attack, Inquiry.
amenity building.
The second phase will include a bespoke play Please note that the council reserves the including: “The Commission has been tasked to engage
tower, four separate age-group playgrounds right to seek proposals and applications from • Relevant information from his time in with New Zealand’s Muslim community,
with assorted mounds, a flying fox and BMX other parties in addition to those who respond Australia; including appointing qualified people to help
bike track. to this invitation, and to accept or reject any • His arrival and residence in New Zealand; with effective consultation.
applications. • His travel within New Zealand, and “It is scheduled to start considering evidence
Inviting expression of interest for For more information and details, contact: internationally; from May 13 and is expected to report back
Hayman Park kiosk Jenny Young, Community Lease Specialist • How he obtained a gun licence, weapons to the Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy

on 09-262 5798 or 021 524 915 or by email to and ammunition; within eight months – by December 10,”
tara-Papatoetoe Local Board is inviting • His use of social media and other online Jacinda Ardern said.
expressions of interest from commercial The deadline for applications is 5pm Friday media; The Commission will have a budget of
operators or community groups to lease the 3 May 2019. Late applications will not be • His connections with others, whether in $8.2 million and one further members will be
soon to be completed kiosk on Hayman Park. considered. New Zealand or internationally; appointed by the end of April.
Stylish new

Selling now!
Low maintenance
modern homes
in a fantastic
Waiata Shores is in the heart of your pefect Homes are sold upon completion, so you have
lifestyle. This fantastic, new, Fletcher Living the opportunity to walk through before you
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modern living: a playground, reserve, cafe, costs that can come with buying brand new.
pocket parks, childcare centre (coming soon)
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quality appliances. Email:
Thought of the week
"Do the difficult things while they are easy
and do the great things while they are small.
A journey of a thousand miles must begin
with a single step."
–Lao Tzu
Editorial Auckland Weather forecast for the week

Rather than NYAY, April 12 – April 18, 2019

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu
strengthen public
services landscape A p.m. A passing A couple Clouds Mostly Sun and Mostly

shower in morning of morning and sun, sunny, some clouds sunny
he idea of launching Nyuntam Aay Yojana, a cash transfer scheme that intends place shower showers pleasant
to provide Rs 72,000 per year to the poorest 20 per cent Indian families, by the pleasant
Congress Party if it comes to power, has stirred a debate among the policymakers 27° 25° 24° 25° 28° 25° 222°
about whether the move is economically viable or is just a tactic by the Congress Party to 18° 18° 17° 18° 18° 19° 19°
garner votes in the upcoming general elections.
The discussions are foreseeable, provided that this intervention to ensure basic income to
the poor households will cost the country somewhere between 1.5 per cent to 3.4 per cent of This week in New Zealand’s history
GDP, a number higher than the government’s expenditure on healthcare and education. The
implementation of NYAY means an additional cost between Rs 3.6 lakh crore to Rs 7.2 lakh 11 April 1869
crore per year.
New Zealand's first royal visit
To put things in perspective, the expenditure of the proposed scheme is 2.2 times the he Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Alfred Ernest Albert, arrived in Wellington as captain of the
budget of all centrally sponsored schemes. The party claims that they have worked out all the frigate HMS Galatea.
fiscal calculations before launching the scheme.
11 April 1916
However, this will be a major dent in India’s budget expenditure and will explode the fiscal
deficit from the current 3.4 per cent to 6.8 per cent. Arrival of the NZ Division in France
Apart from fiscal prudence, the other immediate concern surrounding the scheme is the
identification of beneficiaries and the database that will be used for this.
T he Minnewaska, a troopship carrying the headquarters of the recently formed New Zealand
Division, arrived in Marseilles, France. Thirteen more ships followed over the next fortnight,
bringing the whole of the Division across a calm Mediterranean Sea from Alexandria, Egypt.
There is no official income database available with the government at the individual level,
and since most of the poor work in unorganised rural areas, there is no direct way of verifying 12 April 1902
their incomes such as through a payroll or income tax. Railway accident in South Africa kills 16 New Zealand
The proponents of the approach state that a good starting point could be Socio-Economic soldiers
Caste Census of 2011 if one goes by the multi-dimensional aspect of poverty. However, one
can’t ignore the fact that even if the scheme defines poverty by assets and not income for
quick exclusion rules, the data is outdated.
S ixteen members of the Eighth New Zealand Contingent were killed when their train collided
with a goods train at Machavie (Machavierug), near Potchefstroom in Transvaal. The Eighth
Contingent had only been in South Africa for a few weeks when the accident occurred.
A scheme targeted at reducing poverty can’t use data that is seven-eight years old. Even 12 April 1913
if one ignores that, it should be noted that there are major methodological issues with how
HMS New Zealand begins tour of nation’s ports
data was collected. The Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS New Zealand arrived in Wellington as part of a 10-week
This is reflected in the discrepancies that exist in the data collected through SECC and tour during which an estimated 500,000 New Zealanders inspected the vessel.
other governmental data.
16 April 1912
A fresh survey for the identification process will lead to possibilities of corruption as in
other targeted schemes. For instance, various studies have shown that many people who are News of Titanic sinking reaches NZ
not below the poverty line have BPL cards.
One should also keep in mind that there exist significant disparities across Indian states
A century after it sank on its maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg, our fascination with the
Titanic continues. In April 2012 the cruise ship Braemar sailed from Southampton on a
sold-out ‘Titanic Memorial Cruise’. Closer to home, Wellingtonians enjoyed a Titanic-themed
and districts in terms of income levels and affordability of basic needs such as education,
dinner. Across the ditch, Melburnians were promised ‘the most fun you will have in one night’ at
healthcare etc. Therefore, the same amount that means a lot to a person living in a low-income the Titanic Theatre Restaurant.
state or a state that has good access to public facilities such as public hospitals, schools etc.
would not be enough for a person trying to make a living in a high-income region. Indian Weekender : Volume 11 Issue 4
As a result, a prerequisite for such a scheme is a detailed regional level survey on income
characteristics of Indian states and districts. Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited
Another major concern surrounding the scheme is its inflationary implications. It is argued Content Editor: Sandeep Singh |
that the act of transferring cash to the target population will boost their purchasing power, Chief Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad |
which would lead to an increase in demand for goods and services and, thus, push prices Chief Technical Officer: Rohan Desouza |
upwards. Advocates of the approach have tried to argue that studies around the world present Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar |
a lot of evidence to the contrary.
Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand |
An impact evaluation study by UNICEF in Sub-Saharan Africa showed that with the
Accounts and Admin.: 09-2173623 |
exception of temporary price rise during the payment period, cash transfers have no impact
on the prices. However, these evidence should be considered with a pinch of salt. They rest Media Sale Manager.: Leena Pal |
on the assumption that the money will be spent on useful goods, that will help the local Sales and Distribution: 021 952218 |
economy in becoming more productive.
Though this will not be the case always. Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher

The concerns about funds being used for harmful purposes cannot be ruled out. It is due is not responsible for advertisers’ claims as appearing in the publication
to these challenges many policymakers suggest that instead of making welfare payments
Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
to poor households in the form of unrestricted cash transfers the government should focus
the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
on in-kind transfers. This idea is supported by the claim that in-kind transfers will help by
encouraging the consumption of right things, such as healthy food. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited - 133A, Level 1, Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland.

Given India’s concerns about rising unemployment rates, jobless growth and the fact that
Printed at Horton Media, Auckland
we need to have effective utilization of our young population to gain a competitive edge
over other economies, the promoters are trying to project that NYAY can prove to be a game Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
changer. However, for the Indian economy, a better alternative would be to strengthen the
existing public services landscape by removing social, political and personal barriers, along
with carrying out structural reforms that lead to the creation of more productive jobs.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 OPINION/EDITORIAL 17

Technology for security

D. C. PATHAK replacement of humans in certain

sectors of ‘services’. Defence
he tsunami of technology
Technology is making striking
witnessed today can do
contributions to the task of
two things - it can help
neutralising the ‘visible’ enemy
development and a global advance
more effective but in security which
on a positive note or add to the threat
deals with the ‘unseen’ adversary
spectrum for vulnerable national
technology tools have to play closely
with the human controllers in an
It is necessary that we do not see
ongoing fashion.
ghosts in a new technology, do not
A technology man has to grasp the
look upon the speed of technology
essence of security to act successfully
advancement as a threat by itself as Technology Advisor in that realm.
and have the ability to visualise and At the strategic level, the US
assess if something was adding up to and India have, apart from defence
a danger potential from both national cooperation, a lot of conversion on
and global angles. the global issues of security - the
Security is a ‘science’ in the sense new threat of global terror where
that it rests on concepts, precision motivation was rooted in notions of
and detection of fault lines. It works have a good understanding confirmation of the identity of the to be guided by a human mind. A faith and indoctrination was strong
on clarity - the bedrock of science - of this in today’s world. person seeking to gain entrance. worker at the assembly line alone can enough to turn a young man into a
that admits of no compromise on this All advisors - technical or non- In the cyber domain, Log in and notice any process flaw that needed suicide bomber, is clearly on top of
count. technical - who are on the security Application layer controls served the to be rectified for better productivity. the chart.
A nation and an individual have
turf should know what a ‘secure purpose. Change of Passwords, level of The appearance of ‘lone wolf’
two basic needs, economic well perimeter’ around the identified Security of information in transit encryption and points of surprise on the terror front is facilitated by
being and security. subject of protection has to be, or storage is maintained through checks are all decided by the the new communication devices,
For development, technology varying from a brick and mortar encryption. ‘Inner Access Controls’ concerned leaders. miniaturisation of weapons of attack
seeks the ‘end’ in terms of product fence to a firewall, what ‘intrusion regulate entry into sensitive inner Data Integration and Data and explosive devices and use of
creation and product delivery but in detection’ systems needed to be put segments like Process areas, Analytics is done in the frame work cyber space for online radicalisation.
the domain of security technology in place, what would be the nature of Command & Control Centre and the set by the human masters. Hacking is another challenge to
has to provide at best a rolling ‘Access Controls’ and ‘Inner Access location of sensitive information.  Technology has achieved a great security technology and so is the
improvement of ‘means’ in a situation Controls’ required in that specific Today, technology is used in a deal here by doing something that rise of malware injection into both
where the goal post was never static situation and what was to be done huge way in all security measures. was earlier done only by human hardware entities and software
- dependent as it was on the changing for the ‘Insider Threat Management’. In all situations however, human analysis producing ‘triggers’ for programmes.
scenario set by the adversary. In cyber security, ‘hacking’ is an intervention and deduction are action. Security cooperation amongst
What does not change in security is intrusion - though it is more like to be constantly associated with This is the much talked about turf friendly countries is now focused
the basic framework of requirements sabotage - that is detected only after it technology there. of Artificial Intelligence that now on technology for preventing cyber
that held good in all contexts - had happened so the prime response CCTV network cannot do without even handles the preliminary part of attacks or neutralising a terrorist on
national security, enterprise security of the attacked entity has to be to human monitoring of the feed ‘action’ that was needed in response one hand and the up gradation of the
or cyber security. safeguard what was left undamaged. constantly or at least periodically. to a ‘trigger’. war machine on the other.
All technology experts should ‘Access Controls’ begin with the Response to a detected intrusion has Robots do this precisely as
18 FIJI Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Three specialists from Apollo Fiji PM receives

2019 sustainable
will conduct medical consultation development
leadership award
Some of their patients will be sharing their experience on

how their life has changed after their treatment in India rime Minister Voreqe

Bainimarama received
hree medical specialists from sharing their experience on how their
the 2019 Sustainable
India will be in Fiji next life has changed after their treatment
Development Leadership Award
week for consultations. in India.
Dr Kausik Bhattacharya, a Business executive for Apollo from the Director General of The
Radiation Oncologist, Dr Sanjeev Hospitals in Fiji, Yogendra Sharma, Energy & Resources Institute Ajay
Kumar Khulbey, a Cardio Thoracic said since the establishment of Mathur.
and Vascular Surgeon and Dr Rahul their office in Fiji last year, their While receiving the award,
Lath, a Neurosurgeon, from Apollo service had increased and extended Bainimarama welcomed the Indian
Hospitals will arrive on April 2. to neighbouring countries Samoa delegation to Fiji and thanked Mathur
They will be accompanied by and Tonga. for giving him the award in person.
the International Business Head “We are here to provide services Bainimarama told Mathur that
for Apollo Hospitals Group’s vice for Fijian people and the Pacific organizations like theirs, and leaders
president, Dr Harinder Singh, Sidhu which is more important to "We like him, are exactly who they need
for a five-day visit. us than anything else,” Mr are here to in their “grand coalition” in order to
They will be visiting Lautoka Sharma said. provide services really move the needle and make a
for Fijian people and
Hospital, CWM Hospital and also difference for the sake of the planet’s
About Apollo the Pacific which is
have an interactive session with 70 hospitals, more than 2016-17. future.
Apollo Hospitals was more important to
the elderly patients, Fijian doctors 3021 pharmacies and This is the second consecutive People like former Prime
launched in Chennai, us than anything
and specialists. more than 100 diagnostic year and overall fifth time, Apollo Minister of India Manmohan
India in 1983. Apollo else."
The team will be conducting clinics. Health City has been bestowed with Singh, top Hollywood actor and
Hospitals Group has grown
a session at the Holiday Inn on Its Hyderabad, Apollo Health the prestigious honor. former California Governor Arnold
to become one of Asia’s largest
Wednesday at 4.30pm under its City was awarded the coveted Prior to this Apollo Health City, Schwarzenegger and United Nations
integrated healthcare organisations
‘Celebrating Life’ programme. National Tourism Award for ‘Best Hyderabad, was conferred the rare Secretary General Ban ki Moon have
with more than 9,844 beds across
Some of their patients will be Medical Tourism Facility’ for the year honor for the years 2009 to 2016. won the award.

United Kingdom, European Union looks to Fiji ‘again’ for sugar

Higher premiums are being Fairtrade accreditation.
Fijian PM invited to
offered for Fiji’s sugar from
traditional markets in the European
"The first shipment is expected to
depart in late July this year.” Sustainable Summit
in India next year
Union, the United Kingdom and the Proceeds from sugar sold under
United States. Fair Trade is directed to the cane

This followed the sales and farmers and Mr Clark said this was rime Minister
marketing efforts carried out by the expected to be around USD$1.2 V o r e q e
Fiji Sugar Corporation and the good million. Bainimarama
news has come at a time when the “Further sales will be made as has been invited to be
world sugar price is not good. production forecasts materialise. part of the Sustainable
The demand for Fiji’s sugar from “There has been an encouraging Development Summit in
the UK and EU markets comes response to new packaging for 1kg, India next January.
after receiving a 30 percent drop in 2kg and 4kg – sugar distributed Energy and Resources
supplies from other suppliers. within the local market. Institute of India,
Fiji Sugar Corporation chief “Our local sales in this category Director-General, Dr
executive officer, Graham Clark are up by 17 per cent from the same Ajay Mathur while
said it was pleasing to note that the Fiji Sugar Corporation’s chief executive
period to last year. FSC has also seen extending an invitation,
company’s sales and marketing officer Graham Clarke a return of demand from the Pacific also made a request “Initiatives such as zero carbon,
efforts this year were well advanced. Islands and new orders are being for Bainimarama to present the sovereign green bond and the
premiums from our traditional
He said FSC was expected to processed. Sustainable Development Leadership environment and climate adaptation
markets namely, the European
produce around 180,000 tonnes of “In July, we will launch our retail award to the next winner during the levy are long term strategies that the
Union, United Kingdom and the
sugar this season and has already packs in the New Zealand market”, summit. world can learn from.”
United States of America, which is
contracted 140,000 tonnes of sugar Clark adds further. Dr Mathur also praises the policies The invitation was made
fantastic news for FSC.
for 2019. “Hopefully this will further put in place by the government in after Bainimarama received the
"Already 20,000 tonnes of sugar
“We have started to receive increase exports to these markets in an effort to combat environmental Sustainable Development Leadership
has so far been earmarked for global
resuscitated interest with higher 2019,” Mr Clark said. damage in the country. award from the institute.

World-renowned rugby legends named Local councils to get

assistance from NZ govt

as ambassadors for HSBC Singapore 7s T

he Ministry of Local
Government will work
with development partners

orldrenowned rugby focusing on strengthening
legends, Waisale governance frameworks. This is in
“The Wizard” Serevi, addition to the review and reform of
Australia’s highest capped player the Local Government Act 1972.
George Gregan, New Zealand Sevens Minister responsible, Premila
former captain DJ Forbes and Black Kumar says an overseas mission will
Ferns captain Huriana Manuel have be in the country next week to assess
been named as the ambassadors for the current regulations.
the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens. “A team from New Zealand will
The four athletes will be involved be in the country from 17th April for
in a number of community events an exploratory study to identify areas
with international and local Waisale Serevi, George Gregan, DJ Forbes and Black Ferns captain Huriana Manuel where they can assist in improving
organizations to promote the sport of the governance of municipal
rugby sevens and engage and inspire Sevens. tackle life’s challenges. Africa at 11.28pm Saturday in their council and I think the New Zealand
the next generation of rugby talents. He says that it takes plenty of Fiji will face South Africa, final pool match. government and in particular the
Director of SportCares, Kerk Kim character, discipline and resilience to Scotland and Canada in this The Cup quarters will start at New Zealand High Commissioner
Por says they are grateful for the get to where they are and he believes weekend’s Singapore 7s. 3.30pm Sunday, the Cup semifinals for this assistance. Mr. Speaker
opportunity to work with the four they are going to be tremendous role Fiji face Canada at 4.36pm kick off at 7.50pm Sunday and the Sir, UN Women is also funding my
Rugby Sevens legends in conjunction models for their SportCares youths Saturday, they take on Scotland at Cup final will start at 11pm Sunday. Ministry to develop single legislation
with the HSBC Singapore Rugby not just for rugby but also on how to 8.02pm Saturday and face South for municipal markets.”
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 INDIA 19


Key Candidates 2019
Constituencies Nagpur (Maharashtra)
Ghaziabad (UP) Union minister and sitting MP
Ghaziabad constituency has from Nagpur Nitin Gadkari is
always been considered a safe facing a party rebel Nana Patole
seat for the BJP. this time.
Key Fight: Key Fight:
General (retired) VK Singh (BJP) Nitin Gadkari (BJP) vs Nana
vs Suresh Bansal (SP-BSP- Patole (Congess)
RLD alliance) vs Dolly Sharma Did you know?
(Congress) Nitin Gadkari, who has been in
Did you know? politics more than four decades,
More than 50 per cent voters in contested his first Lok Sabha Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi Sonia Gandhi
Varanasi – BJP Amethi and Wayanad – Cong Rae Bareli – Cong
this constituency are urban. election in 2014.

Amit Shah Rajnath Singh Nitin Gadkari Smriti Irani Mallikarjun Kharge Shivpal Yadav
Gandhinagar –BJP Lucknow – BJP Nagpur – BJP Amethi – BJP Gulbarga – Cong Firozabad – PSPL

Mulayam Singh Yadav Akhilesh Yadav Digvijaya Singh Babul Supriyo Kiren Rijiju Hema Malini
Mainpuri – SP Azamgarh – SP Bhopal – Cong Asansol – BJP Arunachal West – BJP Mathura– BJP

Harish Rawat Shashi Tharoor Rajyavardhan Singh Milind Deora Mukul Sangma Raj Babbar
Nainital – Cong Thiruvananthapuram – Cong Rathore Mumbai South – Cong Tura – Cong Fatehpur Sikri – Cong
Jaipur Rural – BJP

Jaya Prada Poonam Mahajan Priya Dutt Varun Gandhi Farooq Abdullah Mehbooba Mufti
Mumbai North Central –
Rampur – BJP Mumbai – BJP Pilibhit – BJP Srinagar – NC Anantnag – PDP

Dimple Yadav Sambit Patra Baijayant Jay Panda Maneka Gandhi VK Singh Salman Khursheed
Kannauj – SP Puri - BJP Kendrapara – BJP Sultanpur – BJP Ghaziabad – BJP Farrukhabad – Cong
20 WORLD Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Theresa May expresses regret

over Jallianwala Bagh massacre
head of the 100th anniversary of the The Jallianwala Bagh houses the martyrs'
Jallianwala Bagh massacre, UK Prime memorial which was established in 1951 to
Minister Theresa May expressed commemorate the massacre.
regret over the worst bloodbath committed by It is managed by the Jallianwala Bagh
the British Army during the colonial period, National Memorial Trust.
terming it as a "shameful scar" on British In February this year, the Punjab Assembly
Indian history. unanimously passed a resolution to mount
"The tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh of 1919 pressure on the Centre to seek a formal apology
is a shameful scar on British Indian history. from the British government "for one of the
As Her Majesty the Queen (Elizabeth II) said worst ever bloodbaths in the world".
before visiting Jallianwala Bagh in 1997, it is The Assembly resolution stated that "an
a distressing example of our past history with apology for the massacre would be a befitting
India," said the British leader while replying to tribute to the martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh
questions in the House of Commons. during its centenary year".
"The United Kingdom deeply regrets "It was a dastardly act perpetrated upon the
what happened and the suffering caused in innocent people who had converged at the
Jallianwala Bagh tragedy." Jallianwala Bagh on the fateful day of Baisakhi
Former British Prime Minister David on April 13, 1919, to protest against Rowlatt "The United
Cameron had described the tragedy as "a deeply Act of the Imperial rulers," the resolution said. Kingdom
shameful event in British history" during a visit A recently released researched book deeply regrets what
to India in 2013. "Jallianwala Bagh, 1919 - The Real Story" by happened and the
On April 13, 1919, British forces led by author and columnist Kishwar Desai indicated suffering caused in
Brigadier General Reginald Dyer opened fire that the British rulers of that time were unnerved Jallianwala Bagh
in Jallianwala Bagh on thousands of unarmed by the unrest in Punjab in general, and Amritsar tragedy"
and peaceful protesters, including women and in particular, which led them to do something
children, killing hundreds of them. which could "teach a lesson" to the citizens.

Historic first images of a Black Hole Half a million children

show Einstein was right (again) at risk in Libya: Unicef
on't bet against Einstein.
early half a million children "Unicef reminds all parties to
Albert Einstein's towering
are at "direct risk" in Libya refrain from committing grave
genius is on display
as rogue general Khalifa violations against children, including
yet again.
Haftar's forces advance on the UN- the recruitment and use of children in
The first-ever images of a black
recognized government in the capital fighting.
hole, which the Event Horizon
of Tripoli, according to Unicef. The agency said it would remain
Telescope (EHT) project unveiled
In a statement on Tuesday, the UN on the ground during the conflict to
today (April 10), further bolster
agency said: "Violence has escalated provide support to children and their
Einstein's century-old theory of
over the past few days in and around families.
general relativity, researchers said.
the Libyan capital of Tripoli. Nearly The violence began when Haftar,
"Today, general relativity has
half a million children in Tripoli who leads the Libyan National
passed another crucial test, this
and tens of thousands more in the Army from a stronghold in the east,
one spanning from horizons to the
western areas are at direct risk due to declared an offensive to take control
stars," EHT team member Avery The first ever picture of a black hole: It's surrounded by a halo of bright gas the intensification of fighting. of Tripoli from Libya's UN-backed
Broderick, of the University of
a giant elliptical galaxy that lies 55 "Unicef calls on all parties to government last week.
Waterloo and the Perimeter Institute
million light-years from Earth. the conflict to protect every child Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj,
for Theoretical Physics in Canada,
"The shadow exists, is nearly at all times and keep them out of the head of the Government of
said during a news conference
circular and the inferred mass harm's way in line with International National Accord, accused Haftar of
today at the National Press Club in
matches estimates due to the Humanitarian Law. attempting to carry out a coup.
Washington, D.C.
dynamics of stars 100,000 times
General relativity describes
gravity as a consequence of the farther
Broderick said.
by the way, is 6.5
Talks only way forward for India,
warping of space-time. Massive
billion times that of Earth's sun. Pakistan: Qureshi
objects create a sort of dent or well
in the cosmic fabric, which passing That's huge even by akistan's Foreign Minister
bodies fall into because they're supermassive-black-hole standards; Shah Mehmood Qureshi on
following curved contours (not as for comparison, the behemoth at Wednesday said that the only
a result of some mysterious force the heart of our Milky Way galaxy way for Islamabad and New Delhi to
at a distance, which had been the weighs in at a mere 4.3 million move forward was through dialogue.
prevailing view before Einstein solar masses. Addressing a National Conference
came along). As Broderick noted, this is not on Strategic Stability in South
General relativity makes the first test that general relativity Asia here, he said Pakistan needs a
specific predictions about how this has passed; the theory has survived holes weren't the supermassive type; "willing and constructive partner
warping works. many challenges over the past 100 combined, they contained just a few to tackle the myriad daunting
For example, the theory posits years. dozen solar masses.) challenges" that the region is facing,
that black holes exist, and that each For example, general relativity So, it's not exactly a surprise Dawn online reported. responsibility" that they have to bear
of these gravitational monsters has predicts that massive, accelerating that Einstein was right about event "A peaceful neighbourhood is the in working towards addressing the
an event horizon — a point of no objects generate ripples in space- horizons as well. But confirming that sine qua non (an essential condition) "underlying challenges" to strategic
return beyond which nothing, not time called gravitational waves. general relativity holds in a hitherto to build prosperous societies," the stability in the region.
even light, can escape. In 2015, gravitational waves were unstudied realm has great value, Minister said. "Pakistan has shown it is prepared
Further, the event horizon should be confirmed directly by the Laser EHT team members said. Simmering tensions between New to take concrete steps to ease tension
roughly circular and of a predictable Interferometer Gravitational Wave EHT's work "has verified Delhi and Islamabad triggered in and work for friendly relations with
size, which depends on the black Observatory (LIGO), Einstein's theories of gravity in February after a suicide bombing India with Kartarpur Corridor like
hole's mass. "Today, which detected the this most extreme laboratory," in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama initiatives. Our neighbour (India)
And that's just what we see general ripples created EHT director Sheperd Doeleman, killed 40 CRPF personnel and was also needs to understand that the only
in the newly unveiled EHT relativity has by a merger of Harvard University and the claimed by Pakistan-based terror way forward is dialogue," he added.
images, which show the passed another crucial between two Harvard-Smithsonian Center for outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed. The Kartarpur corridor will
silhouette of the supermassive test, this one spanning black holes. Astrophysics, said during today's Qureshi said that recent events connect Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in
from horizons to the (These black press conference. between the two countries Pakistan's Narowal district with Dera
black hole at the heart of M87,
stars." were a reminder of the "heavy Baba Nanak in India's Gurdaspur.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 12, 2019 SPORTS 21

Dhoni fans ensure CSK has NEWS in BRIEF
support in away ties: Bravo Kohli named Wisden's leading cricketer in the world

ahendra Singh Dhoni ndia captain Virat Kohli was on Wednesday
is a legend in his own named the Leading Cricketer in the World
right and Chennai and featured in Wisden's Five Cricketers
Super Kings all-rounder Dwayne of the Year, by the Wisden Cricketers'
Bravo feels while people talk about Almanack.
passionate fans that Chennai have, It was a double delight for Kohli, who will
there are some who are exclusively lead India's World Cup campaign in England
Dhoni fans. later this year, as he was named the best
The beauty of it, the former cricketer in the world for an unprecedented
West Indies all-rounder said was third year in a row.
that people coming out to cheer Kohli was also among Jos Buttler and
for Dhoni invariably support CSK, Sam Curran to be listed in Wisden's Five Cricketers of the Year, a rare
who get crowd support even away accolade which has been eluding him in his career until now. The India
from home. skipper had a fantastic 2018 in which he racked up 2,735 international runs
"We are led by the best in the world at 68.37 across all formats, more than 700 more than his nearest challenger,
and that attracts everyone. You don't England's Joe Root.
have to be just CSK fans, a lot of against Kolkata Knight Riders. the sport and about Chennai Super Kohli scored a remarkable 11 centuries in 37 innings, seven of which
them are just Dhoni fans. That is the Chennai fans are known to be one Kings. Every game is a full house came on India's tours of South Africa, England and Australia.
beauty of being led by him because of the most passionate in the world and even before the start of the IPL, Smriti Mandhana was named the Leading Cricketer in women's cricket,
when we play in different stadium, and Bravo feels that it always helps whenever we practice, one stand is after the opening batsman amassed 1,291 runs across limited-overs formats,
say at the Wankhede or in Hyderabad, to have the backing of the crowd as always full. including 13 half-centuries.
there is a lot of yellow in the stands. that also brings out the best in the Feels good to have that support. India eves bow out of Olympic Qualifiers

This shows the support and fan base players. When you have a team that is
he Indian women's football team bowed out of the Olympic Qualifiers
he has individually," he said while "It is good, the people in Chennai doing well, it attracts everyone," he
after being held 3-3 by hosts Myanmar at the Mandalar Thiri Stadium
interacting during Chennai's match are very passionate about the game, explained.
on Tuesday. Despite finishing on level points with Myanmar (7 points

Pollard heroics help Mumbai beat Punjab in thriller from 3 matches) in Group A, India failed to progress to an inferior goal

difference of +4, in comparison to Myanmar's +8.
eiron Pollard poured cold
Sandhiya had given the Indian women an early lead in the 10th minute
water on KL Rahul's maiden
but a hat-trick from Win Tun for Myanmar (17th, 21th, 72th) held India as
hundred with a whirlwind
Sanju's 32nd minute strike and Ratanbala Devi's 64th minute goal couldn't
knock as Mumbai Indians scripted
help gather the visitors three points.
a last-ball three-wicket victory over
Kings XI Punjab in a thrilling Indian Sanju came close to giving India the lead as early as the 2nd minute
Premier League (IPL) encounter on when her shot from close range, off a Dangmei Grace cross, went out for a
Wednesday. corner. The women had to wait eight minutes more before surging into the
World Cup hopeful Rahul lead. In the 10th minute, Ratanbala burst out on the right flank, and released
slammed an unbeaten 100 off 64 a low cross for Sandhiya Ranganathan, who made no mistake to finish from
balls (6x4; 6x6) along with Chris inside the box giving India the lead.
Gayle's 63 off 36 balls to help Punjab FIFA to study Chelsea’s appeal against transfer ban

post a challenging 197/4 after Pollard
-- captaining the team in the absence orld football’s governing body FIFA will on Thursday study
of Rohit Sharma who is injured -- an appeal by Chelsea against a ban that currently means the
asked them bat first. Premier League giants will be unable to recruit new players this
Chasing 198 for a win, Mumbai summer or in the January 2020 transfer window. The Blues were banned
were stuttering at 56/2 when Pollard from signing players for the next two transfer windows after being found
(83 off 31 balls) pushed himself up at wickets respectively to then associate came in the last two. guilty in February of breaching regulations relating to the recruitment
No 4 and took the game away from with Joseph for a seventh wicket 54- Gayle, typically, took time to get of minors. Chelsea denied any wrongdoing and subsequently lodged an
Punjab by hitting 10 sixes and three run partnership. going and it was only in the fifth appeal with FIFA, which will be examined Thursday, although a decision
fours. Earlier, Rahul and with Gayle over that the legendary West Indian could take weeks. Chelsea were left “astonished” by the FIFA Appeal
With 15 needed in the last over, combined for a 116-run opening changed gears by hitting Jason Committee’s decision not to suspend its sanction pending completion of the
Pollard dismissed after smashing a wicket partnership to give the visitors Behrendorff for three sixes and one appeal process. The goal, according to a source, is to deliver the decision
six off a no ball and a four by Ankit a blistering start. four as the Aussue leaked 23 runs. “before the opening of the summer transfer window” to allow the club
Rajpoot. While Rahul hit six fours and Kings XI were 50/0 at the end possible recourse to the Court of Arbitration for Sport should the appeal
But Alzarri Joseph (15 not out) six sixes, Gayle bludgeoned seven of Powerplay with both batsmen go against it.
kept his cool to take his team over maximums and three fours. looking in ominous form.
the line with two needed from the last Gayle was dismissed in the 13th Rahul hit Joseph for a delectable Liverpool can win dream double, says Virgil Van Dijk

ball. Mumbai posted 198/7. over after which Kings XI slowed six and a four in the seventh over to irgil van Dijk says Liverpool can win
Mumbai were 56/2 when Pollard down a bit. But Rahul ensured they continue his good form. a Premier League and Champions
came to the crease. The veteran West get to a above par score by smashing There was no stopping Gayle as League double after they took charge
Indies all-rounder then joined hands Hardik Pandya 6-4-6-6 in the first he plundered a six and two fours off of their European quarter-final against Porto.
with Ishan Kishan (7) and Hardik four deliveries of the 19th over and Hardik in the ninth over which costed Naby Keita and Roberto Firmino struck
Pandya 19) to stitch together 32 and then hitting Jasprit Bumrah for a four the home team 17 runs as Kings XI inside the first 26 minutes at Anfield on
41 run stands for the fourth and fifth and six in the final over, as 38 runs raced to 93/0 at the halfway stage. Tuesday to give Jurgen Klopp’s men a 2-0
victory. Unlike their last-16 clash just over
Points Table a year ago, when Liverpool won the first leg
LOSS TIED POINTS NRR in Portugal 5-0 to render the return fixture a
Chennai Super Kings 6 5 1 0 10 +0.310 formality, Tuesday’s victory at Anfield still
Kolkata Knight Riders 6 4 2 0 8 +0.614 leaves some work to do. Van Dijk knows they will have to put in an
Mumbai Indians 6 4 2 0 8 +0.290 improved performance next Wednesday as their opponents have shown
Kings XI Punjab 7 4 3 0 8 -0.057 they can cause them the occasional scare.
Sunrisers Hyderabad 6 3 3 0 8 +0.810 “Obviously we know it’s going to be a tough game and to score two good
Delhi Capitals 6 3 3 0 8 +0.131 goals was very important but the clean sheet was the most important thing,”
Rajasthan Royals 5 1 4 0 2 -0.848 said the Dutch player. We have something to build on. We kept pressing, we
Royal Challengers Bangalore 6 0 6 0 0 -1.453 kept going - we played very well I think.”
22 FEATURES Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

The Jallianwala Bagh massacre –

The day not to be forgotten

aisakhi is one of the most significant
festivals on the Sikh calendar and falls
on April 13. On this day thousands of
people come to Amritsar from the surrounding
villages to pay their respect at the Golden
Temple, the most sacred place in the Sikh
religion, and also to attend the city’s traditional
cattle fair which is held around at the same
Since the beginning of the First World
War, there had been increasing resentment
against the British, throughout India. Punjab
had provided the most soldiers to fight for
the allies in the First World War. During the
war, the British treatment of Indian soldiers
was painful in many ways. They were
treated as slaves, paid less than their white
counterparts and segregated in camps and
ships. The few Indian soldiers, who survived
the war came back and saw how the British
people impoverished India. This aroused deep
resentment in them. Heavy taxes were also
imposed on Indians to cover the war losses.
All these actions immensely contributed to
further uniting the nation against the British
In 1919, the Indian Government passed the August 1919. How many Indians died were
draconian “Rowlatt Act”. This Act authorised neither counted or mentioned by name or
the Government to imprison any person profession. An official British investigation
without a trial and conviction in a court of at that time put the figure at 379 people dead
law. In response, Mahatma Gandhi started at Jallianwala Bagh and more than 1,500
‘Satyagraha’ protesting against the Act. In wounded, but Indians insisted that the figure
April 1919, Gandhi called for a general one was closer to thousands of people dead,
day strike throughout India, which attracted including small children and young men.
widespread participation throughout India. Before firing at the innocent crowd, Dyer
The Rowlatt Act resulted in furious protests had taken no step to send any notice to
throughout the country. The people of Punjab Jallianwala Bagh or to send anyone there to
also protested. warn them against gathering there.
The protesters resorted to violence, and the Nor were the Kotwali policemen sent to
unrest became worst; such as the burning of prevent a crowd from gathering at Jallianwala
banks and in one instance the bank manager Bagh in the evening. The prevention could
was burnt alive along with the furniture. A have also been done by placing a single guard
British woman missionary was also brutally dead bodies of men, women and children. at the single corridor which led in and out of
assaulted. This violence led to the imposition an announcement was made by the freedom After this incident, the administration the Bagh. It was clear that the British Raj had
of the “crawling order” by Dyer, in which fighters that there will be a meeting at 4:30 pm immediately imposed a curfew in Amritsar, wanted him to execute a powerful punishment
respectable people were also expected to crawl in Jallianwala Bagh, a private property owned resulting in further tragedy and deaths as so that Indians would not rebel again.
on their bellies to reach their homes. If anyone in common by several people. It was a ground the wounded could not be moved and were The British wanted to avenge the humiliation
dared to lift their heads while crawling, they where young boys went to play during the day left to die. No arrangements were made by of the Britishers during the violent protests
were bashed up. time. The people who had come to Amritsar the authorities to look after the dead or the against the Rowlatt Act, and Dyer executed
Dr Saifuddin Kitchlu and Dr Satyapal, from the villages, to partake of the Baisakhi wounded. People were forced to stay home this revenge by initiating this barbaric attack
the two prominent leaders of Punjab and the celebrations at the Golden Temple, were because of the curfew, while their loved ones on simple, peaceful, unarmed people from
followers of Mahatma Gandhi, also supported unaware of the Dyer’s recent ban on public lay dying a few streets away. the villages. Later on in the investigation;
the Satyagraha movement. During that time assemblies. As Kishwar Desai describes in her book Dyer’s action under the given circumstances
Miles Irving was the Deputy Commissioner Innocent unarmed villagers who had come called ‘Jallianwala Bagh 1919’; ‘The victims wasapproved, not just by the army, but by the
of Amritsar. On April 10, 1919, Miles Irving with their families to visit Golden Temple received no help from the authorities. Some civil authorities as well.
invited both these Indian leaders to his started gathering at the Bagh, which is next assistance from the neighbourhood might The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre was a
residence for a meeting and treacherously door to the Golden Temple. By about 5pm, have been available between 6pm to 8pm dark tragedy and a major, heinous, political
arrested them. some 20,000 people gathered at Jallianwala asthe orders given by General Dyer; no one crime committed by the oppressive British
The people waiting outside the Bagh to listen to their leaders. The Bagh, could stir outdoor after 8pm. It was difficult rule. However brutal the incident might have
Commissioners house for their leaders completely enclosed by walls had only one for women to remove the dead or wounded by been, it had strengthened the Indians to fight
demanded to know the reason about their entry and exit. themselves. for freedom and made revolutionaries more
arrest which they faced with bullets. In that When Dyer received the information that Some just sat by their husbands and sons determined to drive the Britishers out of India.
firing, many Indians died and were wounded. people had gathered at the Jallianwala Bagh, and fathers, watching them die. Many of the Revolutionaries like Sardar Udham Singh
This arrest of the leaders in Punjab led to he arrived there accompanied by armed wounded were left to cry in pain the whole wereimpacted by this incident and had vowed
widespread anger and triggered further personnel and armoured cars and blocked night- several simply bled to death’. to avenge the death of so many people, which
unstoppable discontent. in the nearly 20000 people and ordered Many died on the spot, and the wounded he subsequently did by killing O’Dwyer in
Brigadier General Reginald Dyer, an indiscriminate firing of shots on the gathered who were taken to the Civil Hospital for London.
Irishman born in Shimla was given the control unarmed innocent civilians. treatment were called ‘rabid dogs’ by The Massacre also had a profound effect on
of Amritsar by the Lieutenant Governor of The shooting continued for 10 minutes and Lieutenant Colonel Smith and turned away. Shaheed Bhagat Singh and led him to the path
Punjab, Sir Michael O’Dwyer. Martial law ended when the troops ran out of ammunition. Some died after a month or six months as they of being a revolutionary. The massacre also
was placed in Amritsar by Dyer, who had In total about 1650 bullets had been fired, were left untreated. influenced Mahatma Gandhi, who before the
banned all meetings and gatherings in the city. thereby killing hundreds of innocent people It is said that 120 corpses were recovered massacre was fighting for the partial autonomy
Electric supplies and water supplies were cut trapped in this Bagh. Some innocent Indians from the well. Many bodies had also been of India, but after the massacre saw how brutal
off. Citizens of Amritsar were indiscriminately died while climbing the high walls to save recovered from the canal running through the the British could be and decided to campaign
arrested, flogged, whipped and their properties their lives and others fell into the well, which Bagh in late April - though there is no official for full independence.
were also confiscated. unfortunately had no protection wall around it record of it. This was a turning point in the struggle for
On the morning of the 13th of April 1919, in those days. In the aftermath of this horrific Figures were never cleared as there was no Indian Independence and set the wheels in
massacre, the ground was littered with the attempt made to do a proper body count till motion for a free India.
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Malai kofta curry

alai Kofta Curry recipe
is a popular North Indian
dish and is prepared
with various variations in every
vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian
restaurant in India. This dish goes
well with both chapatis and steamed
rice and makes for one perfect
sumptuous lunch or dinner meal.
These koftas are a part of every
celebration or any other weekend
party and is a hit among all the other
main and side dishes.
• 100 gm paneer
• red chilli powder as required
• 3 tablespoon ginger paste

Sabudana • 100 gm cashews

• 200 gm onion
khichdi • 3 green chilli
• tablespoon ghee

asy Sabudana Khichdi is a sabudana along with coarsely • 100 gm potato
delicious dish that you can powdered peanuts, sendha namak, • 2 teaspoon garam masala powder
make for your loved ones green chilli, red chilli powder. • 3 tablespoon garlic paste
on any occasion, however it is best • Put a pan and melt ghee in it over • 3 tomato
suited when people are fasting. low flame, add cumin seeds in it • 3 tablespoon corn flour
A healthy khichdi that you can and let them crackle. Now, add • tablespoon vegetable oil
enjoy in breakfast as well as in lunch, crumbled boiled potatoes in the • salt as required
it would be loved by people of age pan and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.
For Garnishing
groups. • Then, add the sabudana mixture
• handful coriander leaves
Ingredients in the pan and cook for another 2
• 100 ml fresh cream
• 1 cup sago minutes.
• 2 tablespoon ghee • When done, switch off the burner Method
• 1 tablespoon chopped green chilli and garnish the sabudana khichdi • In a large bowl, combine chopped
potatoes, paneer, coriander leaves towels in order to soak up the same pan used to fry the balls.
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice with lemon juice and chopped
and red chili powder along with extra oil. Now, transfer to a large Pour ghee in it and heat it over
• 1 teaspoon red chilli powder coriander leaves. Serve hot!
salt. Mix well and make lemon bowl. medium flame. Once hot, add
• 1/4 cup powdered roasted peanuts
sized balls out of this mixture. • Boil water in a separate medium the ginger garlic paste and the
• 1 tablespoon cumin seeds
• Now, place a large pan over sized pan over medium flame. onion tomato paste as well. After
• 1/2 cup boiled potato
medium flame and heat oil. Once it starts boiling, add chopped a minute, add water in it along
• water as required
Meanwhile, loosen the rice flour onions, cashews and green chilies with garam masala powder, fresh
• 1 tablespoon sendha namak
in a large bowl and roll the balls to it . Drain well and transfer to cream and salt. Mix well.
prepared in the first step in it. a grinder along with the chopped • Pour this over the koftas and
• Wash sabudana in water and then tomatoes in order to have a paste garnish with fresh cream and
Once the oil is hot, drop these
soak for 1 1/2 hour in a bowl. made out of it. coriander leaves. Serve hot and
balls in it and deep fry them till
Then, drain water properly and • Grind the ginger and garlic to a enjoy.
they turn golden brown from all
spread in a cloth. paste in a grinder. Now use the
sides and place on a stalk of paper
• Take a bowl, add the soaked dried

Keto paneer tikka Khoya paneer roll

hoya Paneer Roll is a quick

t's the latest diet trend these days, North Indian recipe that can
but quite difficult to adopt. Yes, be served as a snack and
we are talking about Keto Diet also as a main course. It is loaded
that's gaining a lot of popularity these with veggies and hence is filling and
days across the world and includes scrumptious. This non messy easy-
eating 'high protein, high fat and low to-make roll is a perfect dish to pack
carb dishes'! and conveniently carry to work, road
This is one of the reasons, why trips and picnics.
many people opt for paneer and eggs Ingredients
when they go for Keto Diet. Many minutes. Now, take a pan and put
• 1 cup cashews
people assume that there are only a it over the medium flame. Heat it
• 2 tablespoon ghee
few paneer dishes that they can eat. and add ghee, green chillies and
• 1/4 cup yoghurt (curd)
Here is a delicious version of paneer green cardamom to it, let them
• 5 green chilli
that you would love to eat. sizzle for a few minutes. Keep the
• 4 tablespoon coriander leaves
flame low.
Ingredients • 1/4 shredded ice berg lettuce
• Now, add cashew nut paste,
• 200 gm paneer • 1 medium chopped onion
beaten curd and salt to it. You
• 30 gm onion • 1 small chopped cucumber
must keep the flame low as the
• 1/2 tablespoon virgin olive oil • salt as required
the onion cubes. Afterwards, cut paneer and veggies from the curd will curdle. Stir well and
• 1/2 tablespoon coriander powder • 500 gm paneer
the paneer into cubes as well. refrigerator. Insert the veggies in cook for at least 10 minutes. Then
• 1/2 tablespoon red chilli powder • 1/2 cup grated khoya
• Next, prepare the marination for skewers one by one alternately add, grated khoya, paneer cubes
• 50 gm red bell pepper • 1 tablespoon ginger
the paneer and the veggies. and keep aside. Then, heat a and chaat masala, stir again. Don't
• 1 tablespoon garlic paste • 5 green cardamom
• For the same, take a large mixing large pan over medium flame and stir too vigorously or the paneer
• 100 gm capsicum (green pepper) • 5 roomali rotis
bowl and mix together Greek grease it with a little olive oil. pieces will break.
• salt as required • 1 medium chopped capsicum
yogurt in it along with ginger- • Place the paneer tikka skewers on • Take a roomali roti and watm it
• 120 gm plain greek yogurt (green pepper)
garlic paste and all the spices. the pan and let them cook till the with a little butter. Stuff it with
• 1/2 tablespoon powdered turmeric • 1 medium chopped tomato
Once done, add all the chopped base side of the paneer is golden shredded ice beg lettuce, chopped
• 1 tablespoon ginger paste • 5 gm chaat masala
veggies and paneer in it, and let or slightly charred. onion, tomato, cucumber and
• 50 gm yellow bell pepper
them marinate for an hour in the • Turn the skewers and let them Method capsicum along with the prepared
Method refrigerator. cook from remaining sides as • It is a super easy snack recipe mixture. Add some more chaat
• To prepare this easy recipe, wash • Make sure you cover the bowl well. Serve hot with onion rings that you can make in minutes. masala for taste. Garnish with
the bell peppers and dice them in with the lid. and green chutney. First wash the cashews and boil mint leaves if you like and make
2-inch pieces. Also, peel and cut • Finally, take out the marinated them with a little water for a few it into a roll.
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Hitori – a logic puzzle with very simple rules and challenging solutions. Can you eliminate 1. What is the unit measurement for the activity of a 16. If I kept walking in a straight line on a flat surface
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column? Objective / Rules. Eliminate
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column. Eliminate numbers radioactive source? The Becqueral (Bq). 1 Bq = 1 with no visible features, is it possible to walk in circles
by marking them in Black. You are not allowed to have two Black squares touching disintegration per second eventually? People often favor one leg over the
horizontally or vertically (diagonally is ok). Any White square can be reached from any 2. If you mix all light colours, do you get black, white or other. It is possible that over time the discrepancy
other (i.e. they are connected).
a rainbow? White. Technically adding all colours of between the two leg strides may indeed cause you
light together is called colour addition. to walk in circles.
3. How many separate patents did Thomas Edison file? 17. Why do bubbles pop? They get too dry from the
1093! surrounding air.
4. Is a white gold ring pure gold? White gold is usually 18. What is the Law of Conservation of Energy? The
an alloy of gold and a white metal such as silver energy of the Universe is constant; it can neither
and palladium. Nickel is no longer used due to skin be created or destroyed but only transferred and
allergies. transformed.
5. What is ‘fools gold’? Iron pyrite crystals.
19. True or false – there are 206 bones in an adult human
6. What is the symbol for Silver? Ag
body and 300 bones in an infants body? True. Some
7. What does ATP stand for? Adenosine triphosphate,
bones in infants skulls have not yet fused together.
the molecule that is used for energy by all cells
20. True or false- most of the dust in your home is made of
8. What survives impacting Earth’s surface; a meteor, a
human skin? True – up to 70%!
meteorite or an asteroid? Meteorite.
9. What is the strongest known magnet in the Universe? 21. Can you lick your elbow? No. Now be honest, did
See how many differences you can find in the right or left photo. A Neutron Star
10. Which is the hottest planet in the solar system? Venus, 22. If you go into space, do you get taller? Yes, the
surface temperature 460oC cartilage disks in your spine expand under zero
11. How far is the moon away from Earth? Around 376 gravity.
600 km away. 23. What does a manometer measure? The pressure of a
12. Where does sound travel faster; water or air? Water. closed system.
13. What is opposite to matter? Antimatter. 24. What type of organism makes up the oldest known
14. Do have the same number of neck vertebrae as fossil?Blue-green algae from South Africa at 3.2
giraffe’s? Yes. billion years old.
15. How much salt does the average human body contain? 25. What does the Scoville Heat Unit Scale measure? The
Around 250 grams. heat of chilies

Send us stories, drawings, poems and other contributions by your little ones along
with their photographs for this page. E-mail us at
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Fashion & Beauty

12 April – 18 April | By Manisha Koushik
Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui
consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is available for
consultations online as well. E-mail her at or contact
at +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9716145644 •
ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)
Clarify what has been promised to you in order not to get disappointed at a later date.
Your focus is likely to help you achieve what you have set out for. Spouse will be
most supportive, especially when you need him or her most. Common interests and
matching ideology may bring you close to a likeminded person. Those freelancing
will earn enough to save for the rainy week. A chance to take up a popular sport may
be yours. Lucky Number:15 / Lucky Colour: Forest Green
TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)
Put your plans into action on the professional front, as stars foretell success. Planning
for a project may take time, but your thoroughness will see it through without any
glitches. Spouse may seem distant and may require to be given space. Those travelling
long distance must carry along all essentials to avoid hassles. Money donated for a
good cause may help you earn a lot of goodwill. Happy memories will keep you in a
cheerful mood. Lucky Number: 22 / Lucky Colour: Cream

Pout away with these 5

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)
You will enjoy all the attention that is being bestowed upon you. It will not be difficult
to find your rhythm and concentration on the academic front. Someone’s absence

hacks to make your lips may force you to change plans. An elder will turn out to be your friend, guide and
philosopher, due to his or her understanding nature. Maintaining a healthy diet and
adhering to routine will keep you fit and energetic. Plan a thoughtful gift for lover to

look fuller and perfect keep the relationship ticking. Lucky Number: 6 / Lucky Colour: Chocolate
CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 20)

here is nothing hotter than a full plump Contour You are likely to find your work being lauded on the professional front. A raise
pout! Stunners like Angelina Jolie, or promotion is on the cards for some. Marital life is likely to give you immense
fulfillment. Someone’s support is set to make things easier on the academic front. An
Janhvi Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha flaunt
invitation to a party or function is on the cards and will get you into the limelight. You
their full and perfect lips in style. But some may go in for a new vehicle or a major household item. Lucky Number: 8 / Lucky
of us are either not blessed with a naturally Colour: Violet
voluptuous pout or are not keen on getting a lip
LEO (JuL21-Aug 20)
job done, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t
Get your facts correct, before you even think of putting someone on the mat. A
work our magic with makeup. problem persisting for long is likely to simply fade away. At work, you will be able
With a couple of quick DIYs, you too can to achieve much more than you had expected to. A profitable deal is on the business
ace the illusion of a fuller pout! All you need front is in the offing, so don’t let it slip away. Your immature ways may annoy partner.
to do is read on to find out the tips and tricks Those wanting to study abroad or out of town will find the family supportive. Lucky
to achieve it! Number: 11 / Lucky Colour: Peach

Prep time VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 23)

C ontouring is an actual work of art. You can

effortlessly manipulate the dimensions of
any area of your body jawline, forehead, bust
Trust your instincts and go ahead with what you have in mind, you will succeed. Your
judicious spending will help in saving for the rainy week. You take positive strides on
the professional front and master the ropes in record time. Students may find their old
focus returning. It is important to design your fitness plan according to your lifestyle,
and of course the lips. By adding a cream-
so that it retains your interest. A person you are angry with may offer you an olive
based light contour underneath the center of branch. Lucky Number: 3 / Lucky Colour: Light Brown
your bottom lip and above the tops of your
LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23)
lips, you’ll create a subtle shadow. Always
Your reputation is on the rise, as you manage to play your cards well. Don’t let anyone
remember to blend it well. Adding this create any problems by keeping a tab on mischief mongers. You are likely to be
dimension will instantly make your lips look praised by a superior for your good work. Spending time with family will prove
bigger and plumper. a perfect foil to counter stress. A newly employed family member may take away
some financial burden. A perfect understanding with partner promises to make the

relationship tick. Health remains satisfactory. Lucky Number:1 / Lucky Colour:
ighlighter isn’t just to accentuate your Baby Pink

T o start with, use a gentle exfoliating scrub,

the easiest DIY combo to exfoliate your
lips is to use a toothbrush and sugar.
cheekbones, a tinge of light or shimmer
on your cupid’s bow will make a huge
difference. Opt for a champagne or nude-blush
SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)
You may regret some of the decisions you have taken in the past. There is much you
can still do to right the wrong. Keep disturbing elements at bay on the academic front,
All you have to do is wet the toothbrush highlighter as it is the most natural match. Just if you want to maintain your focus. Those awaiting an important result can expect
(try using a baby toothbrush as it cannot get dab in a little with your finger or dust with a it to be positive. Adventurous types are certain to experience an adrenalin rush in a
gentler) and dip it in sugar. Brush your lips in fluffy brush over your cupid’s bow. You can thrilling outdoor activity. Saying it with flowers or gift promises to brighten up the
slow circular motions and wash them off with even add a tinge of it on the centre of your romantic front! Lucky Number:2 / Lucky Colour: Maroon
warm water. lower lip to make it look more voluptuous and SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)
Then, follow it up with a super hydrating lip sexier. You appear gullible enough to be misled by someone, who is posing as your well
balm. The smoother and moisturised your lips wisher. Don’t get sweet-talked into anything. Those studying abroad or thinking of
Over line your lips
are, the better your products will look. settling there may face obstacles, but not insurmountable ones. Fine cuisine, soft
music and candle light are certain to bring lover closer. Celebrating a marriage
Conceal anniversary is on the cards for some. You will need to get rid of a depressing thought
that had been bugging you lately. Lucky Number:18 / Lucky Colour:Lemon
CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)
Hunt for new deals to get a wider choice. At work, things are yet to take a favourable
turn, so sit tight! Those in the creative field may find some good clients. You manage
to stabilise expenses and bring yourself into the saving mode. Those looking for
romance will need to tread a bit carefully. Health of a family member may cause a bit
of a concern, but will be nothing serious. Pay back a friendly loan the soonest.
Lucky Number: 1 / Lucky Colour: Light Red
AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)
Something that you have done is set to win praise. You may find your workload being
delegated to someone else at work, just because the senior likes you. Good grades
will encourage you to delve deeper into a subject of your liking on the academic front.

lways prime your lips with a concealer Business promises to get you solid returns. Your initiative on the fitness front is set
his is the most common hacks to make
to earn you great rewards. Your romantic aspirations will be realised, as you begin to
or light foundation before applying any your lips look bigger. But you need to be like someone. Lucky Number: 6 / Lucky Colour: Chocolate
lip colour as it will serve as a best and smooth careful that you don’t over do it because that
base. can turn out to be pretty nasty! Start off with PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)
Give chance to a subordinate to improve, before taking any strict action. This way
Moreover, it will give your lipstick an even finding a colour that compliments your skin
you will manage to not only get the work done, but also win their goodwill. You may
finish and will allow the true tint to show and tone. Follow it up with outlining the lips and get a bit disillusioned in a present relationship. The key is to get to the bottom of the
make it last longer. You can even carefully line drawing just slightly over the natural line. problem. Family responsibilities will give little time for enjoyment, so it is for you to
your lips with concealer to neaten the lines and Once you have achieved the desired shape, fill find time. An unexpected expenditure will need to be absorbed through your savings.
to make your lips pop. in with a matching lip colour. Lucky Number: 4 / Lucky Colour: Off White
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Humayun's Tomb, Delhi Taj Mahal, Agra

I ndia’s Golden Triangle is aptly named so, for the sights

that lie on this stretch are nothing less than fascinating. The
triangle covers the cities of Delhi and NCR, Agra, and Jaipur;
also covering the other stunning sights of Rajasthan. Try
spotting the three cities on a map of India, and you will have
the shape of a triangle; thus, the name.
You can pretty well start your tour of Golden Triangle
attractions from Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi. A favourite with
Instagrammers, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and
defines the capital as one great love of the Mughals.
Lotus Temple, Delhi

W ell, this one needs no introduction or description.

India’s claim in the Seven Wonders of the World, it
is a mammoth structure that will take your heart away. You
need to see it to believe us.
Fathepur Sikri, Agra

W hile Taj Mahal basks in the glory of all attention

in Agra, you really cannot skip Fatehpur Sikri as
well. It sees lesser tourists and thus makes for a perfect and more from Jaipur’s golden age. What adds more lure to the
photographers’ muse. Extremely well-crafted, it is an awe- place is the fact that it was once home to the royals of Rajasthan.
inducing piece of architecture. Do not skip.
Jal Mahal, Jaipur

City Palace, Jaipur
D elhi’s Lotus Temple is one of the most beautiful sights
in the city, especially if you have an eye for architecture.
The temple is shaped like a lotus temple, is a Bahá’í House of
his place looks more like a painting, set between the
shimmering waters of Man Sagar Lake. It is spread over
five floors, with four of those underwater! It lies on the road to
Worship, and makes for sensational Instagram photos. Amber from the city centre, and you can visit it enroute. While
you cannot get across the lake to reach it, a look at it in the
India Gate, Delhi evening under a full moon is the stuff that dreams are made of.

I ndia Gate can be rightly called as Delhi’s Arc-de-Triomphe,

and is a war memorial in the heart of the Indian capital. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur
The surrounding area has landscaped gardens and is a bustling
picnic spot as well. A late evening stroll here is a good option,
for you will get a chance to hobnob with the locals as well.
T his is probably the most photographed of all the sites of
Jaipur. It is a very interestingly made structure, carved out
of red and pink sandstone, and justifying Jaipur’s name as the
Pink City. It is quite close to the City Palace, and both can be
Jama Masjid, Delhi visited in one go. Much like the rest of Rajasthan, this one also

A s you touch Jaipur in your Golden Triangle route,

it is imperative that you visit the City Palace as well. It
is an essential for those into history and stories, for it houses a
deserves to be captured on camera.
Amber Fort, Jaipur
very impressive collection of curios, photographers, paintings
I t would not be incorrect to write of Amber Fort as one of the
grandest forts in Rajasthan. A mammoth structure, it is very
well-kept and sees throngs of visitors all day. It is set in the
Aravallis, and was built by Raja Man Singh in 1592. Once in,
you can bask in the glory and experience the opulence that the
royal family must have lived in during its ruling days.
Akshardham Temple Complex, Delhi

T his gigantic structure is one of the more recent additions

to the landscape of Delhi, built in 2005. The complex
ne of the largest mosques in India, Jama Masjid will
comprises of the temple as well, which rises to an impressive 43
take you to the much famous lanes of Old Delhi. A
m; photographers have a definite opportunity here, especially
photographer’s fantasy, this mosque was built by the Mughal
around late evening when a fountain show takes place in the
emperor, Shah Jahan, in 1644
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ctress Sonakshi Sinha says her equation with superstar Salman
Khan, with whom she starred in her debut film Dabangg, will never
change no matter where she goes in her career.
Sonakshi, who is currently gearing up for her upcoming release Kalank,
has started shooting for Salman-starrer Dabangg 3.
"I joined the team of Dabangg 3 and shot for a couple of days in
Maheshwar. Now I have come back (to Mumbai) as Kalank is releasing
and I am promoting the film. I will go back to shooting again.
"Every time I enter the set of Dabangg, it is a special feeling. I started
my journey 10 years ago with that film. It was
Every time I my debut film opposite Salman Khan. My
enter the set of equation will never change with him no matter
Dabangg, it is a how many films I sign and what I achieve as an
special feeling. I actress. He helped me to find my calling, I did
started my journey not even know that I can act and I am an
10 years ago with actress now," Sonakshi Said.
that film. It was She said it is heartening to work
my debut film on the project as the Director
opposite Salman of Photography, producer
Khan. and most of the crew
members are the same.
"Only the story has evolved. One of the
reasons I am excited about the film is also that
I will be working with Prabhudheva again,"
she added.
The Dabangg franchise started in 2010. The
second film of the franchise released in 2012
and the third installment of the film Dabangg 3
is slated to release in December this year.
It is a story of a young man who becomes a

police officer, played by Salman. Sonakshi plays his
wife Rajjo.

Saroj Khan makes

Vidya 'trying to do' web
series on Indira Gandhi Aamir runs into Chiranjeevi,
calls him inspiration
ctress Vidya Balan has said
women look graceful
she is trying to do a web ctor-filmmaker Aamir Khan
series based on the life of

says that southern megastar
adhuri Dixit Nene, who cemented her space as a skilled India's first and only woman Prime Chiranjeevi, whom he
has joined creative Minister Indira Gandhi. accidentally ran into at an airport in
forces with veteran Vidya was Japan, will always be an inspiration
choreographer Saroj Khan for a interacting with for him.
dance number Tabha ho gaye in the media at the "Ran into one of my favourite
Kalank, says the dance director announcement of actors, superstar Chiranjeevi at
knows how to make women look nominations for the
graceful on-screen. Kyoto airport. What a pleasant
first edition of the surprise. Discussed his new project
In the past, the two artistes have Critics Choice Film Awards,
worked on memorable songs like Ek about freedom fighter Uyyalawada
initiated by the Film Critics Guild Narasimha Reddy. You are always
do teen, Choli ke peeche, Dhak dhak
and Motion Content Group. The web such an inspiration Sir. Love," Aamir
karne laga and Maar daala.
series will reportedly be produced by tweeted on Sunday.
"Sarojji is one of the
her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur. Aamir also shared a candid picture
choreographers I have collaborated dancer.
with who goes beyond the surface With the changing times, is the "I am trying to do a web series with Chiranjeevi
of lyrics of a song when she appreciation of classical dance in which will be based on the life of Chiranjeevi was on a holiday with
choreographs. In cinema, we Indian cinema fading away? Indira Gandhiji. As of now, we are his wife in Japan. Over the course comeback film "Khaidi No
tend to create steps keeping the "No, I do not agree with that at all. trying to do it, but let's see how it of last week, his daughter Sushmita 150", Chiranjeevi will be seen
camera angle in mind. But Sarojji The audience is always intelligent. takes shape," Vidya said. Konidela has been sharing pictures playing widely popular Kurnool-
doesn't limit the dance in physical It is a wrong notion that youngsters "I feel doing a web series involves a of their trip on her Instagram page. based revolutionary Uyyalawada
movements. only like hip-hop and western lot of work. While doing a web series, Chiranjeevi will return to the sets Narasimha Reddy.
"She finds a spiritual aspect and dance. After a long time, we have a lot of people associate themselves of his upcoming Telugu magnum Being directed by Surender
works on expressions. She knows seen a dance like Ghar more (from with it as compared to making a film. opus "Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy" Reddy, the film also stars Amitabh
how to make a woman look graceful Kalank) and the audience has really So, it takes a lot of time. But when from next week. Bachchan, Nayanthara, Tamannaah
and beautiful through a dance," loved the dance. It is a classical I will do it, I will make sure that it Last seen on-screen in his Bhatia, Sudeep and Jagapathi Babu.
Madhuri said. dance form that we have presented turns out really well," she added.
"Perhaps that is why every song to the audience and they have
we did together, holds a recall value enjoyed it. Himalayas inspired 'Brahmastra': Ayan Mukerji
even today. If the youngsters are still "It only shows that if the
he idea for fantasy trilogy "Brahmastra" is inspired
dancing to those numbers, I think dance is well-choreographed, no
by the Himalayas, says director Ayan Mukerji.
we did something right," she smiled. matter which form (of dance) it
"I would never have written 'Brahmastra', if not
The song Tabah ho gaye, a is, people will like it... people of
for the Himalayas. It was where the idea for the movie -
solo dance number picturised on all generations. I think that is the
the entire trilogy - came to me, and no other place on earth
Madhuri, will release on Tuesday. It power of good dancing. I am quite
could have inspired it," Mukerji said\.
is choreographed by Saroj Khan and confident about Tabah... also,
He shared this with a photograph in which he is
Remo D'Souza. because again it is a very emotional,
seen atop a peak with the snow-capped Himalayan
"The song comes at a very poised, nicely choreographed song,"
mountains serving as the perfect backdrop, as well as
poignant time in the narration when she said.
the context for his post.
the back stories of each character Directed by Abhishek Verman,
"How do I describe what the Himalayas make
are unfolding. The song is a Kalank also features Alia "Brahmastra", produced by Dharma
"The me feel? I just can't, because words fall short. Their
quite defining moment in the Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Productions, is releasing this Christmas.
song comes at magnificence and spirituality is something I constantly
story," the actress said. Sanjay Dutt and Also backed by Fox Star Studios, the movie
a very poignant time keep going to, because it makes my soul better. Amongst
Since Madhuri is a Sonakshi Sinha. It stars Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan and
in the narration when all my travels in this world, I rate my time in the Himalayas
trained Kathak dancer, is releasing on April Nagarjuna in key roles.The mountains have a special
the highest, and amongst all the things I love about India,
from the beginning of the back stories of each 17. place in Mukerji's heart. He had shot parts of his "Yeh
I feel proudest that we have the Himalayas," Mukerji
her career she has also character are unfolding" Jawaani Hai Deewani" partly in Manali, and Kashmir.
added. He described it as the "home of the Gods".
28 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Intense roles take a toll

on me, says Jackie Shroff
laying an intense role exhausts Jackie Shroff at times three toilets for one person.
, but the Bollywood veteran says that is the fun of "As an actor, knowing every aspect of reality only makes
living life as an actor. The actor essays Mustafa Bhai, a me relatable to the audience when I perform," the father of
prisoner in Hotstar's Criminal Justice, which is a remake of the Bollywood heartthrob Tiger Shroff said.
eponymous British drama. Which is his favourite film of his career?
On playing a complex character like this, Jackie said: "Choosing one is so tough - whether it is Devdas, Mission
"Intense roles take a toll on me emotionally. It is exhilarating Kashmir or Gardish. I loved them all because every film has
at times for any performer because what you see on-screen is a some memory. But I want to say that I did a film called King
series of emotions in our performance in a sequence. But in a Uncle, the core thought of that story, adopting a girl child
film, we do not shoot them like that. touched my heart. So I did that. I don't know if people liked
"The difference between a stage performer and ours is that it but at that time back in 1993 I thought it is futuristic.
on stage, you are in one flow with the character. But when we "As a kid, I wanted to be a pilot and that is why Border is
shoot a film, we are not shooting all the scenes in the sequence a special film because I played a Wing Commander. And of
we watch it in. So, much back and forth happens and we have course, Criminal Justice is special for me," he said.
to mould ourselves to those emotional graphs. I, therefore, try
to control my breathing, try to take control of my body, so that "As
I can emote, project and perform." an actor,
Criminal Justice is helmed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Vishal knowing every
Furia and produced by BBC India and Applause Entertainment. aspect of reality only
It is a part of Hotstar specials. makes me relatable to
Jackie, who has been working in the film industry since 1982, the audience when I
earned popularity with films like Gardish, Khalnayak, 1942: A perform."
Love Story and Rangeela among many others. He still remains
rooted to reality – to his childhood life in the Teen Batti Chawl.
"I think I know both extremes of life. I know how does it feel
to live in a chawl where rats bit my fingers and my mother was
trying to protect me when I was a baby, 10 people were using
one toilet and stood in a queue, to the present time where I have

Big B calls Abhishek his 'dearest friend' From Deepika to Anushka, these Bollywood

egastar Amitabh Bachchan penned a heartfelt celebs fought depression like a boss
post on social media for his son and actor epression, anxiety and stress attacks. And sought the help of
Abhishek Bachchan, saying he is his are one of the biggest battles therapy to overcome his depression.
"dearest friend". these celebrities from all over Karan also realised that he had not
"When he not just wears your shoes, but also shares the globe fight. It is a starry starry dealt with his father's loss in the
the same number of chairs to sit on, then he is not "When life. From red carpets to photoshoot's correct manner. "I felt the pain and
just a son but your dearest friend," Amitabh wrote he not just to thousands of fans swooning over hurt of certain relationships that had
wears your shoes, the actor or actress, being a celebrity dwindled from my life and I was
on Instagram along with a photograph in which
but also shares the same comes with own share of cons. The carrying all that baggage. And the
the father and son are seen seated on three
number of chairs to sit super glamorous life exists on camera, fear of future, the fear that I was not
stacked chairs each and engaged in a serious
on, then he is not just a but there is a lot that goes behind being able to find a life partner. At
son but your dearest closed doors of their mansions. one point the lack of love in my life
Abhishek too has often expressed his love friend." Depression, anxiety and stress are one was really bothering me," Karan had
towards his father on social media.
of the biggest battles these celebrities said.
Earlier this year, when Amitabh completed his 50 sure it was on the first day."
from all over the globe fight. While Varun Dhawan: The actor who is
years in Indian cinema, Abhishek wrote an emotional note They have even shared screen space with each other.
in India, there is still some stigma
for him, calling him his "icon". They both featured together in movies like Kabhi Alvida attached to opening up about mental
"Icon! To me, he is so much more. My father, best Naa kehna, Sarkar and Paa. illness and depression. Here is a list
friend, guide, best critic, greatest support, idol - hero! 50 Currently, Amitabh is gearing up for the Tamil film and of Bollywood celebs who opened up
years today he started his journey in films. Even today, his a fantasy film "Brahmastra", while Abhishek will be next about struggling with depression:
passion and love for his craft and work is the same as I'm seen in the second season of a web show Breathe. Deepika Padukone: In most

Ayushmann proud of
recent times, Deepika Padukone lead
the way for people suffering from
depression to talk about it. By sharing
AndhaDhun success in China her own story, the Padmaavat actress

unknowingly encouraged many
ctor Ayushmann Khurrana is cinema making it's mark globally," people to speak openly about how known for portraying some fun roles
ecstatic about the golden run Ayushmann said. they felt. In a TV interview, Deepika on screen, faced a bout of depression
of his film AndhaDhun in He credited the film's director for the said, "I thought it was stress, so I tried when he was shooting for his film
China. He says it proves how cinema success and acclaim for the movie. to distract myself by focusing on Badlapur. Though the actor was not
goes beyond language and borders. "It is a humbling moment for me work, and surrounding myself with clinically depressed, he knew he was
"Cinema has always had universal and the entire team of AndhaDhun that people, which helped for a while. But heading down that path. "I was very
appeal and it has cut across languages after becoming a blockbuster in India, the nagging feeling didn’t go away. sad to a certain degree. I don't want
and borders. It's overwhelming to see the film is also a blockbuster in China. My breath was shallow, I suffered to use the term 'depression' loosely
Andhadhun among such great cinema Sriram Raghavan is a visionary director from lack of concentration and I because it's a serious illness. It
that has made our country proud," and I'm thrilled to see the love his film broke down often." definitely effected my mental health.
Ayushmann said. has been getting. He deserves all the I was prescribed and did see a doctor
Sriram Raghavan's AndhaDhun, success and more," he said. for it as well," revealed Varun.
featuring Ayushmann as a blind man, Also starring Tabu and Radhika Anushka Sharma: Back in 2015,
was widely appreciated in India. Now it Apte, the thriller comedy became the Anushka Sharma's crusade against
is making waves in China, where films highest rated Indian film of 2018. anxiety won her love from the fans.
of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan have Ajit Andhare, COO, Viacom18 Anushka had revealed how members
done well. It released as the "Piano Studios, said: "I'm happy to announce in her family had suffered from
Player" in China last week. that our maiden China release, similar instances. She said,"I have
The film is said to have raced past 'AndhaDhun' has fared very well in the anxiety. And I'm treating my anxiety.
the Rs 100 crore mark in China. market. The Chinese audiences have I'm on medication for my anxiety.
"For me, personally, shown immense love and appreciation Why am I saying this? Because it’s
"It AndhaDhun doing Rs 100 for the film and it continues to grow a completely normal thing. It's a
is a humbling crore in China is an leaps and bounds. biological problem. In my family
moment for me incredible moment of "It is a film I am extremely proud Karan Johar: The film-maker there have been cases of depression.
and the entire team of pride. I'm delighted of and we are doing everything with confessed to being depressed spoke More and more people should talk
AndhaDhun that after that as an artiste, I our partners Tang Media to ensure it
becoming a blockbuster in about his battle with depression in an openly about it.
have contributed continues to score at the Chinese box interview with NDTV. He revealed "There is nothing shameful about it
India, the film is also a
to Indian office." that he often used to get anxiety or something to hide."
blockbuster in China."
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 29, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 11

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Ph: 09 846 9938
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Mt. Eden Auckland 1041
30 FEATURES Friday, April 12, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Cup 2019 and Vaisakhi Mela.

CPSC is back for the second time with a
bigger and better Kabaddi event with over 60
players participating countrywide including
Auckland Anzac Day International players, along with live cultural
performances, business stalls, food stalls and
events finalised plenty of engaging activities for children.
Date: Thursday, April 25 Kabaddi is a contact team sport played
Venue: Confirmed Anzac Day services are: between two teams of seven players.
Dawn Services at Wellsford, Warkworth, Originated in Tamil Naidu (India) is an
Browns Bay, Waikumete Cemetery, Waiheke, international sport played in various countries
Auckland Domain, Pukekohe, Howick, – India, Bangladesh, Japan, Maldives, Iran,
Papakura, Manukau Memorial Gardens. Canada, Thailand and England to name a few.
Civic Services at Warkworth, Browns Bay, The object of the game is for a single player on
Silverdale, Waikumete Cemetery, Onehunga, offence to run into the opposing team’s court,
Waiheke, Point Chevalier, Auckland Domain, tag as many defenders as possible, and return
Ōrākei, Great Barrier Island, Mt Wellington, to their own court—all without being tackled
Pukekohe, Waiuku, Howick, Ōtāhuhu, by the defenders. Pretty much like Rugby
Papakura. but without the ball! Vaisakhi, also spelled
Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Baisakhi, is the Sikh New Year festival and it
Paenga Hira will also light up on 12 April for also commemorates 1699, the year Sikhism
Poppy Day and on 23, 24 and 25 April for was born as a collective faith. Vaisakhi is also a
Anzac Day. long established harvest festival in Punjab.
Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge will
shine poppy-red for Poppy Day on 10, 11 and
12 April and display a moving Anzac Day light
140 Girmit Remembrance
show with soundtrack on 23, 24 and 25 April; Day
brought to Auckland from 6pm until midnight Date: Friday, May 10
each evening. Time: 7:15 p.m. 9:15 p.m.
Venue: 53 Skipton St, Mangere East,
Canterbury Kabaddi Cup Auckland 2024
Fiji Girmit Foundation NZ.
2019 & Vaisakhi Mela The Fiji Girmit Foundation of New Zealand is
Date: Saturday, April 13 preparing to mark the 140th Anniversary of the
Time: 10 a.m. 6 p.m. arrival of Indian indentured labourers in Fiji (14
Venue: Gloucester Green, 221 Gloucester May 1879). It will be a day to commemorate
Street, Christchurch the suffering and sacrifices of the Girmitiyas
Hosted by Canterbury Punjabi Social, Sports and celebrate triumph of the human spirit
and Cultural Group over formidable adversities. Everyone Invite.
Canterbury Punjabi Social Sports and Cultural Networking from 6.45 to 7.15. Snacks, tea,
Group (CPSC) in association with NZ Kabaddi dinner and kava provided.
Federation Inc. present Canterbury Kabaddi
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email at
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The guidelines, which need to be adhered to, for
nominations, are as follows:

1. The nominee needs to have an undisputable

The Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame Honours 2019 2. Should be nominated by a person of repute. Further,

the nominee.
3. The nominator has to provide their full contact
details. No anonymous applications will
be accepted.
business, sports, art, culture, or any other

Indian origin, from any part of the world, who has

settled here in New Zealand. To be of Indian origin,
at least one of the parents of the nominee have to
be Indian, by blood, thereby making the nominee
of Indian lineage.
6. The nominee must have either a Permanent
‘The Indian Weekender Honours’ recognises individuals who have built a road to Residency (PR), or Citizenship of New Zealand to
be eligible for consideration.
glory for themselves and left a path for the coming generations to tread on; who
7. The nominee should have no prior convictions.
have touched the lives of thousands and enriched the society with their being; 8. For minors, under the age of 18, parental consent
who have brought fame and respect to New Zealand and the Kiwi-Indian community. will be required.
The Indian Weekender invites nominations for such personalities from the 9. The successful candidate will be required to attend
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