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Course Code: ME201
Max. Marks: 100 Duration: 3 Hours
Answer any three full questions, each carries 10marks.
1 a) Draw and briefly explain the stress-strain diagram for i) brittle and ii)ductile ( 5)
b) A steel bar of cross section 500mm2 is acted up on by the forces as shown in ( 5)
Figure Determine the total elongation of the bar. For steel, consider E= 200Gpa

2 The composite bar shown in Figure is rigidly attached to the two supports. The (10)
left portion of the bar is copper, of uniform cross-sectional area 80 cm2 and
length 30 cm. The right portion is aluminum, of uniform cross-sectional area 20
cm2 and length 20 cm. At a temperature of 26°C the entire assembly is stress
free. The temperature of the structure drops and during this process the right
support yields 0.025 mm in the direction of the contracting metal. Determine the
minimum temperature to which the assembly may be subjected in order that the
stress in the aluminum does not exceed 160 MPa. For copper E = 100 GPa,
α= 17 × 10–6/°C, and for aluminum E = 80 GPa, α = 23 × 10–6/°C.

3 a) Derive the relationship between Young’s modulus and bulk modulus (4)
b) A steel cube is subjected to a hydrostatic pressure of 1.5 MPa. Because of this (6)
pressure the volume decreases to give a dilatation of –10–5. The Young’s
modulus of the material is 200 GPa. Determine Poisson’s ratio of the material
and also the bulk modulus.
4 A shaft is subjected to a torque of 16,000 Nm. If the maximum permissible stress (10)
in the material of the shaft is 65 N/mm2, find (i) the diameter of a solid shaft and
(ii) the dimensions of a hollow circular shaft if the thickness is 10% of the
internal diameter.
Answer any three full questions, each carries 10marks.
5 a) What do you mean by point of contra flexure? Explain with an example. ( 4)
b) A simply supported beam AD is loaded as shown in Figure .Write equations of ( 6)
shear force and bending moment at any point in the beam and draw shear force
and bending moment.

6 The overhanging beam OE is subject to uniform normal loadings in the regions (10)
OB and DE, together with a couple acting at the midpoint C as shown in figure.
Plot the shear and moment diagram.

7 a) What do you understand by neutral axis and moment of resistance? How do you (4)
locate neutral axis?
b) A rectangular beam 200mm deep and 300mm wide is simply supported over a (6)
span of 8m. What uniformly distributed load per meter the beam may carry, if
the bending stress is not to exceed 120 KN/m.
8 a) Show that the ratio of maximum shear stress to average shear in a rectangular (5)
section is equal to 1.5 when it is subjected to a shear force F
b) Sketch and explain the shear stress distribution in a symmetrical I-section. (5)
Answer any four full questions, each carries 10marks.
9 A beam of length 6m is simply supported at its ends and carries two point loads (10)
of 48kN and 40kN at a distance of 1m and 3m from the left support. Find:
(i) deflection under each load
(ii) maximum deflection and
(iii) the point at which the maximum deflection occur
Given E = 2x 105 N/mm2 I=85x106mm4
10 Find expression for deflection at mid span of a simply supported beam, carrying (10)
a point load at the centre.
11 A point in a strained material is subjected to stresses shown in Figure. Determine (10)
the normal and tangential stresses across the oblique plane.

12 A plane element is subjected to the stresses shown in Figure. Using Mohr’s (10)
circle, determine (a) the principal stresses and their directions and (b) the
maximum shearing stresses and the directions of the planes on which they occur.

13 Determine the diameter of a solid shaft which will transmit 300kW at 250 r.p.m. (10)
The maximum shear stress should not exceed 30N/mm2 and twist should not be
more than 1o in a shaft of length 2m. Take modulus of rigidity = 1x105 N/mm2
14 A hollow circular column of internal diameter 20 mm and external diameter 40 (10)
mm has a total length of 5m. One end of the column is fixed and the other end is
hinged. Find out the crippling stress of the column if 𝐸=2×105 N/mm2. Also find
out the shortest length of this column for which Euler’s formula is valid taking
the yield stress equal to 250 N/mm2.