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Brayden Evans

Professor Steve Haslam

Comm 1010


Myself as a Communicator Part 1: Self-Assessment

How am I at articulating my needs, opinions, views, or concerns?

After taking the Self-Awareness Assessment I scored in the one that claims I’m highly self-

aware which will help me communicate effectively. I feel like my parents did really well at

teaching me this skill. They always taught me to not judge and to get to know people before

making snap judgements. I think I do really well at articulating my needs, opinions, views,

and concerns with others. Every day at work me and the other guys I work with are

constantly sharing things with one another. The Culture there is really special because we all

have really good face to face conversations.

How am I as a listener?

I feel like I listen really well. I have been married for just about a year now and I feel like I

have improved quite a bit in this area. I have seen it help our relationship out a lot especially

when conflicts arise. When I truly listen and try to see it from her perspective it makes it so

much easier to resolve the issue. At work I have to be a good listener because a lot of my

jobs consist of project managing and if I don’t listen to all of the details I will make errors

and others will be affected by my mistakes. I must not have been a good listener the other
day when you had mentioned when this assignment was due because I had totally blanked on

the due date.

What aspects of my nonverbal behavior are effective? What can be improved?

I’d say smiling and laughing are aspects that are most effective for me. I am also really good

with eye contact. I think I struggle a little bit with my nonverbal behavior because I have had

quite a lot of people ask me if I was mad at them when I definitely wasn’t. I later found out

that I just have RBF… So I don’t really know what the best way is to get rid of that or if

there even is a way.

What are my communication strengths?

I think I do really well at telling personal stories by making them feel like they were actually

there. I love learning about other people’s opinions on a range of different topics. I feel like I

listen really well because I feel like I genuinely care about most of the people that talk with

me. I am I am good at learning what is socially appropriate in new situations. I’m not scared

to put myself in awkward situations to help others. I work really well with others and as a


What are my communication weaknesses?

I could definitely improve my weakness in communication by being more empathetic towards

others. I could also be more patient with others when they go on and on about things I don’t

think are important. Sometimes I can be very blunt when communicating with others. I feel like I

could do better at keeping some things to myself.

What is it like to have a conversation with me?

I always make eye contact with the person I am communicating with, I strive to be friendly and

make people laugh, I enjoy getting to know others and genuinely listen to how they feel. I find

insight in what others say and try to see things from their perspective.