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Candidate: Hannah Reese (Reeves) Unit Title: Finding Area and Distributive Property

Content Area: 3rd grade math Cooperating teacher: Kristin Thackston

Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10

SCCCR 3.MDA.5 Understand 3.MDA.5 Understand 3.MDA.5 Understand 3.ATO.5 Apply 3.MDA.5 Understand the
standards the concept of area the concept of area the concept of area properties of operations concept of area
measurement measurement measurement (i.e., Commutative measurement
c. ​Determine the area c.​ Determine the area of c. ​Determine the area Property of c. Determine the area of a
of a rectilinear polygon a rectilinear polygon and of a rectilinear polygon Multiplication, rectilinear polygon and
and relate to relate to multiplication and relate to Associative Property of relate to multiplication and
multiplication and and addition. multiplication and Multiplication, addition.
addition. 3.ATO.5 Apply addition. Distributive Property) as 3.ATO.5 Apply properties
3.ATO.5 Apply properties of operations 3.ATO.5 Apply strategies to multiply​ and of operations (i.e.,
properties of operations (i.e., Commutative properties of operations divide and explain the Commutative Property of
(i.e., Commutative Property of (i.e., Commutative reasoning Multiplication, Associative
Property of Multiplication, Property of Property of Multiplication,
Multiplication, Associative Property of Multiplication, Distributive Property) as
Associative Property of Multiplication, Associative Property of strategies to multiply​ and
Multiplication, Distributive Property) as Multiplication, divide and explain the
Distributive Property) strategies to multiply​ and Distributive Property) reasoning
as strategies to multiply divide and explain the as strategies to multiply
and divide and explain reasoning and divide and explain
the reasoning the reasoning

Essential How do I ​find the area How do I ​find the area of How do I ​find the area How can I ​use the How do I use my
Questions of a rectilinear an irregular shape using of an irregular or distributive property to knowledge of the
polygon? the distributive property? rectilinear shape using break apart a distributive property and
the distributive multiplication problem? finding area to figure out
property? problems?
Objective Student will be able to Student will be able to Student will be able to Student will​ break a Student will use quizlet to
find the area of find the area of an find the area of a multiplication problem review​ area and distributive
rectilinear polygons by irregular shape by using rectilinear shape and down using the property​ to prepare for post
finding area ​of known multiplication and the break down distributive property, test.
shapes and adding them distributive property. multiplication problems using the visual tools
together to find total by using the distributive given.
area. property.

Introduction Watch Kahn Academy Review how to find the Pose various -Tell students that today -​Review how to find the
video on the area of area of an irregular shape multiplication problems they are going to be area of rectilinear and
irregular shapes. that show the properties doctors. They will be irregular shapes Do a couple of examples of multiplication. TSW performing an operation
m/watch?v=JTg8gyQ37 whole group. identify which ones on a multiplication
pM show the distributive problem. Show example
-Discuss points from property problem
the video

Learning *​Teacher will M: ​Area of 2 Shapes (pg M: ​Area of Rectilinear ​ istributive Doctor-
D -The student will use the
activities differentiate instruction 2) Shapes Mini Room quizlet made to study before
based on the Quiz from Enrichment-​ ​Area of Enrichment-​ ​Area of Transformation playing Quizlet live.
last week. Irregular Shapes (pg 4) Rectilinear Figures *You will need gloves & -Play Quizlet with students
A:​ ​Distributive Property (Missing side) a doctor mask for each to ​review the distributive
equations A: ​Distributive Property student**
M: ​(High Group)​ ​area property, area of irregular
T: FF.10 equations
of rectilinear figures shapes, and word problems.
Students will play Geo T: FF.14 Distributive Doctor
(Medium Groups)​ A​rea -Students will use
Tombs when finished H: ​Area and distributive 1. Student will complete
word problem pg. 3
with IXL property​ activities from whiteboards to work out the
(Low Group)​ Review page 15. This page has
H: Students will ​find area last week multiple problems where Quizlet questions.
quiz from Tuesday
of rectilinear shapes on students will have to
A: Work on
grid paper​. When they break apart the
multiplication facts
finish they will work on multiplication sentence
area and distributive and use the distributive
property review from last property.
flash cards
T: IXL FF.14
H: Multiplication Print page 37 for each
games (slides and student
ladders, etc.) Print page 36 for girls and
35 for boys

2. Student will color their

array and cut it out. Then,
they will use the
distributive property to
break apart the next array
into two smaller arrays.
3. They will glue the
pieces together to make
the example on page 33.

Assessments Teacher observation of Teacher observation of Create an anchor chart Teacher observation of Teacher observation of ​area,
area of ​rectilinear student mastery of​ area for ​finding the area of page 15 where students distributive property and
polygons in teacher of irregular shapes​, IXL rectilinear shapes break apart multiplication word problems​ quizlet
group, Area Word scores problems using the
problems, ​and IXL distributive property. ​Use
scores as an assessment before
they can continue to the
array part.

Technology IXL on chromebooks Geo Tombs, IXL on IXL on chromebooks This activity will take up Quizlet live
during a rotation chromebooks during a during a rotation the math period and will
rotation be done by hand, no
technology is needed
Accommodat -​Students are placed in -Students are placed in -Students are placed in ​-Students needing extra ​-Students are randomly
ions guided math groups. guided math groups. guided math groups. support sit at the front of placed in quizlet live groups
Lowest group receives Lowest group receives Lowest group receives the classroom. so that students needing
individualized individualized instruction individualized more support are helped by
instruction in teacher in teacher group. Highest instruction in teacher others
group. Highest group group receives group. Highest group
receives enrichment enrichment activities receives enrichment
activities after after completion of activities after
completion of activities activities in the teacher completion of activities
in the teacher group. group. in the teacher group.

Closure -Reiterate how to find -Turn and talk with a -Do a couple of -Let students share their -Review questions that
the area of a rectilinear partner about how we problems (whole group) Distributive Doctor with were most missed, whole
shape find the area of a to end the lesson their table group group
rectilinear figure (call on -Allow a couple of
a couple of groups to students to come up and
share to check for share theirs with the class

Higher order What is a rectilinear Why is the distributive Why is it important to Why do you think this
thinking or shape? property important? break down activity was called the
real Where can we find -Explain the importance multiplication “Distributive Doctor?”
contexts/appl those shapes in our of using the distributive problems? -Make the connection:
ication everyday lives? property for finding area -Connect the breaking Like a doctor performs an
of irregular shapes. down of the operation, you are going
multiplication problem to perform an operation
to finding the area of a on a multiplication
plane figure. sentence.