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Voice controlled wireless AC motor speed control system

In our project we control the devices using the voice recognition method. Here HM2007
software recognizes the voice and it converts into binary format and transmits to the main
control device by using cc2500 transceiver. The hardware implementations can be achieved by
sensors, saving machine motor controller device, Voice recognition device. With the help of this
process is used to control the fan speed and light intensity by using the voice commands.

The Wireless Home Automation System is an integrated system to facilitate elderly and disabled
people with an easy-to-use home automation system that can be fully operated based on speech
commands. The system is portable and constructed in a way that is easy to install, configure, run,
and maintain. A typical wireless home automation system allows one to control house hold
appliances from a centralized control unit which is wireless. These appliances usually have to be
specially designed to be compatible with each other and with the control unit for most
commercially available home automation systems. In this method the television, fan motor and
light intensity control using voice commands in wireless systems. The voice recognition system
is directly connected to a microcontroller. The temperature sensor and light sensor are also
connected to a micro controller. The voice commands given to the system through the
microphone and this voice signals are processed in HM2007 and converted into a binary signal
and transmits it to the microcontroller. The microcontroller processes the data and the voice
commands either to on or off the circuit. The microcontroller controls the fan speed to maximum
or minimum based on the requirement.

Block Diagram
Voice recognition unit
The speech recognition system is a completely assembled and easy to use programmable speech
recognition circuit. Programmable, in the sense that we can train the words that we want the
circuit to recognize. This circuit board allows us to experiment with many facets of speech
recognition technology. It has 8 bit data out which can be interfaced with any microcontroller
for further development.