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Teaching Material Using Socrative App


The app that we are going to use to test students understanding toward the material based from
autonomous learning is Socrative. Socrative is formative assessment tool which allows a teacher
to check understanding of all students during a lesson, rather than just those they nominate or
who put up their hand. It’s designed for use in class, in real time.

There are four key features:

1. Quiz – this allows teachers to create multiple-choice, true/false or short-answer question

quizzes that they can save and use again. In class, the teacher launches the quiz and
students complete it in real time on their devices.

2. Space Race – students complete a quiz, but this time they compete against each other to
get a spaceship from one side of the screen to the other.

3. Quick Question – the teacher asks a multiple-choice, true/false or short-answer question

orally or writes it on the board. Students use Socrative to choose the correct answer.

4. Exit Ticket – students reflect at the end of a lesson. There are two inbuilt questions (How
well did you understand today’s material? and What did you learn in today’s class?). The
teacher sets the third question orally or on the board, which could be a question such
as What three new words have you learned today? or What did you find difficult about
today’s lesson?

After explaining the four features, our group choose Quiz feature for the test.

Our group will test the student based from:

Level education : English Education Student in third semester

English proficiency : Intermediate

Size : 30 students (individual work)

Brainstorming (pre-teaching):

1. The teacher asks the students about what autonomous learning is

2. The teacher asks the students what are the app that included in autonomous learning

3. The teacher explain about the application that included in autonomous learning

4. The teacher introduces the application as the next application that will be learnt for today
class, the applications are Quizlet, Socrative, and Grammarly.

While teaching :

1. This learning method happens in lab computer which already provided application and
internet connection.
2. Teacher asks the students to explore and learn the application that mentioned before.
3. After that, the teacher tells every group to explore the application. The student can ask
the teacher if there any difficult understanding from the application.

Post Teaching

1. After the teacher make sure that every student understand the materials, the teacher asks
the student to open Socrative application in the application in computer to do the quiz.
2. Students do the quiz so the teacher can measure the student understanding toward the
material in autonomous learning. This quiz is done individually and the result shows
about how far the student understand with the application.