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Veritas NetBackup

Unified Data Protection from a Single Console

What You Need to Know About NetBackup 6.5.4 Proven Results
 Faster recovery of Microsoft and Windows-based Consonus offers a unique combination of IT Consulting, IT
environments Infrastructure, Managed Services, and Data Center Hosting
 Improved operational efficiency solutions — including rigorous assessments that can help you
 Platform and application proliferation optimize your IT evolution. Our extensive NetBackup
 More comprehensive backup and recovery for virtual architecture, engineering, and deployment experience
server environments ensures that your backup software is part of a comprehensive
data protection strategy rather than just a tactical event.
Consonus Veritas NetBackup 6.5.4 Offerings We have the capability to draw upon more than a decade of
implementation and support experience with NetBackup to
Veritas NetBackup™ 6.5.4 from Symantec, a key component quickly and efficiently deploy Veritas NetBackup 6.5.4 with
of the NetBackup Platform, delivers high performance data minimal impact to the existing environment so that your
protection that scales to meet the needs of the largest team can focus on core business activities.
Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, and NetWare® environments.  Best practices gleaned from field engineers and the
This fourth update to NetBackup 6.5 brings new features that customer support team help you streamline the
help customers protect more virtual servers and business process and mitigate risk
applications with fewer resources and less hardware.
 Around-the-clock customer support services during
Consonus can tailor a Veritas NetBackup 6.5.4 package
and after the upgrade process ensure a NetBackup
exclusively for your organization with the following benefits:
expert is available as needs dictate
 Allow for quick and efficient upgrade to minimize
 Well-defined game plan (Statement of Work)
downtime and begin leveraging the newest
outlines the project scope, actions, roles and
functionality of NetBackup 6.5.4
 Reduce stress on internal staff by allowing them to
focus on the business’ core functions To ensure your upgrade is seamless, Consonus will:
 Reduce or eliminate any risk to data backup integrity  Provide an overview of the new features and discuss
 Provide for cost-effective ongoing maintenance and how you can take advantage of them to optimize
operational activities your backup and recovery environment
 Increase the skill level of internal resources  Develop an upgrade plan based on your needs
 Provide value to the business by increasing  Help you execute a risk-free, smooth upgrade to
operational efficiency version 6.0 and/or 6.5.4

We Can Help You Put an Upgrade Plan in Place Superior Support

Consonus was named Symantec’s 2008 Partner of the Year Consonus has one of the top NetBackup support organizations
and is one of Symantec’s largest partners and support anywhere. We retain the highest level of certification
services providers. With our have proven deployment and offered through Symantec/Veritas’ TSPP support provider
upgrade experience, you can count on Consonus to help you program, and our Customer Care team resolves more than
plan for and execute a smooth upgrade. Our Symantec 95% of all issues in-house without the need for escalation.
NetBackup experts will help you every step of the way. This translates to faster overall resolution of support issues.
We offer services to assist with implementation, upgrade,
About Us
and knowledge transfer in the operation of Veritas NetBackup
6.5.4 including: Consonus is an IT solutions provider of Data Centers, IT
 NetBackup deployments Consulting and Infrastructure, and Managed Services. Our
 NetBackup upgrades comprehensive suite of IT Infrastructure Services combined
 Business Impact Analysis with our highly secure and reliable data centers, allow us to
 Disaster Recovery Assessments address our customers' critical needs of data protection,
disaster recovery, and virtualization.
 Backup and Recovery Assessments
 Symantec Authorized Technical Support Services

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