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Writekraft provides Publication of your work in esteemed National and International Journals
(with Impact Factor more than 3.0) such as Springer, Elsevier, IEEE, Scopus Indexed,
Cambridge University Press, etc. and other UGC Approved Journals. We also provide ISSN
Number, ISBN Number, Publishing Certificate along with a Hard Copy and Online Publication.

According to UGC norms any candidate pursuing PhD course in any UGC approved university
in India needs to publish two research papers, one in International journal and one paper in
National journal. Furthermore, the journals needs to be UGC approved. The University Grants
Commission (UGC) has come out with a comprehensive list of about 38,000 journals that will be
recognized for granting points — under the Academic Performance Indicators (API) system —
to college and university faculty members who get their papers published in them. The journals
span a wide variety of fields, covering areas such as engineering, agriculture, medicine,
humanities and social sciences, environment, business and ecology. Henceforth, articles
appearing in these journals alone will be considered for grant of API scores. However, the list is
dynamic and not static. More journals can be added to it if universities provide us with any
names of good journals left out,” a senior UGC official told The Hindu.

The API system awards points — counted for promotion and also while applying for teaching
jobs — for publications, which are seen as a sign of an academic being actively involved in
research. A person gets 30 points for publishing a book brought out by an international publisher,
20 for a book brought out by a national publisher, 15 points for publishing an article in a refereed
journal and 10 points for an article in other reputed journals. The UGC had decided to compile
the list in view of complaints that academics were publishing in sub-standard, and sometimes
paid for, publications. Whether or not all the listed journals are quality publications, however,
will be known only later, as those in academic circles peruse through lists in their fields. The
committee consulted experts and also sought suggestions from colleges and universities to
prepare the list. The UGC-approved List of Journals includes Journals covered in i) Web of
Science; ii) Scopus; iii) Indian Citation Index (ICI); iv) Journals recommended by the Standing
Committee on Notification on Journal and Language Committee; and v) Journal recommended
by Universities

Publishing years of research as a paper in reputed Journals has always been a must-do for
researchers across the globe. It is a widely known fact that academic publishing is a rigorous
process. For many researchers, especially first timers, the publishing process can be a daunting
task. Non-adherence to journal guidelines and publishing protocols result in outright rejections.
Hence, the crude reality of academic publishing is that there are more manuscript rejections than
acceptances, let alone successful publications.

Top Most Reasons for paper Rejection

 The paper is outside the scope of the journal

 The paper is incomplete; it lacks rudiments such as the title, authors, affiliations,
keywords, main text, references and all tables and figures

 Language and grammar are not up to the mark for the peer review process

 The figures are not complete or are not clear enough to read

 References are incomplete or very old

 Plagiarism has been detected in the paper

Writekraft works with you to determine the most suitable journals, assist in paper editing before
submission, and provide post submission support wherever necessary.

RESEARCH PAPER Topic selection

Nothing can be worse than realizing that you may have chosen the wrong PhD research paper
topic, especially after weeks of planning and meetings with your supervisor.

A bad topic may result in following difficulties

 Not Enough Literature

 Feeling de-motivated,

 Data collection and analysis Difficulties

 Rejection by evaluator

In short success of whole thesis depends upon the topic.

At Writekraft we help in choosing the correct research topic which speaks to an area of current
or future demand. It will be well researched topic that will be in need of development and
verification. Moreover the research topic will be of interest to you, your guide, and the research

Plagiarism check

It is important that PhD scholars to properly attribute and acknowledge the work, data and ideas
of others. Plagiarism is accorded as cheating, malpractice and misconduct in India and scholars
whose research can be shown to contain plagiarism are subject to penalties not only as outlined
by the UGC but also face serious legal penalties that can end their professional and academic
lives completely. As per the latest regulation by UGC any scholar whose Thesis is found to have
plagiarism level more than 10% will be penalized by the UGC. Moreover the guide of the said
student will also be removed from service. Writekraft provides completely non plagiarized
content along with plagiarism reports. Moreover, Writekraft can rewrite your Thesis and
Research Paper through subject experts to remove plagiarism from your work.

Formatting of Research Paper

A scholar has not completed the requirements leading to a Research Publication until the paper
has been formatted as per the guidelines set by the University, UGC or Publisher. Sometimes
scholar realizes after completing the whole paper that the research work is not as per the format
required and risks publication deadlines or be required to register for an additional term if the
paper needs substantial revisions in order to meet the guidelines. This is single most important
aspect of any paper that the same style must be followed throughout.

Writekraft creates a high-quality draft of your research work by editing and correcting your
paper, conduct spell checking, create footnotes and endnotes, page numbers, and tables of
contents and indexes wherever required as well as carefully examine reviewer feedback and
design as per the desired goals. We thoroughly check your Thesis to see it matches with the
guidelines as mentioned in the manual. We then edit the document accordingly.

Writekraft also provide you with the following services, if required:

Quick Review

Scientific critique aimed at improving the technical quality of YOUR paper. Use it before
submission to any peer reviewed journal.

Journal Selection

Information on 3 to 5 journals where YOUR paper might be a good fit. Selected based on scope
and technical quality of your manuscript.

Formatting services

Publication focused editing and formatting of YOUR manuscript. We ensure compliance with
journal guidelines.

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