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S.Y. 2015 - 2016
Matiao National High School
SY 2015-2016


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Secondary School Teacher I
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region XI
Schools Division of the City of Mati


Matiao, City of Mati

SY 2015-2016

I. Introduction
Language and grammar awareness blends the content of grammar and language
skill, attitudinal education and metacognitive opportunities, which allow the student to
reflect on the process of language acquisition and learning to build grammatical and
syntactical language use. A student, if not exposed to activities that involves the process of
language acquisition and grammar learning will deteriorate his chance to acquire
communicative skill. Communication starts at knowing and familiarizing words and their
meanings. Then, structuring follows wherein grammar awareness comes forth. Therefore,
becoming aware of the nuances and meanings of a language is part of language learning.
By increasing students’ language awareness, the students are better able to understand,
appreciate and use the language.

Grammar often deals a big fear to some student for the reason that he is not good
at it. It is one of the factors that force some student to hate English subject. However, if
students will invest positive attitude towards grammar learning it won’t be fearful as they
think. Grammar learning simply indicates proper structuring of words to make a sentence/
paragraph syntactically organized and correct. Moreover, the ways English learners are
instructed depend on their level of English proficiency and the programs provided in their
school or district. In some programs, instructions are taught in both, English and their
home language. In other programs, instructions are only in English, but in a manner that is
comprehensible to the students (Wright, 2010). Yet, there are other programs in which
ELLs are pulled out of the classroom for separate English instruction, or the instruction
can also be given in the classroom itself (Wright, 2010). Therefore, getting high aim in the
instruction of English subject (Language and Grammar Awareness) must be incorporated
with the other subjects.
Teachers, especially English teachers must be more accountable of inculcating
language and grammar learning to students. There should an intervention to be made to
patch up poor language of the student and erroneous grammar usage. It could not be
coped up easily, but it could made right gradually.

II. Problem:

The poor acquisition of English language and grammar usage of students nowadays.

a. Students lack the habit of reading.

b. The result of “Mother Tongue” instruction at primary level.
c. The effect of modern technologies such as; cell phones, social Medias via internet, and
many others.
d. Lack of interest to learn English.
III. Methodology

The desired and suitable research design for this research was an Action Research as the
subject for this research was the language and grammar awareness of grade eight students after
observing that the students’ performance and result was not as expected.

IV. Data and Tabulation

The data collected in four different sections was analyzed through the comparison of pre
assessment and post assessment showing students’ progress in language awareness and
grammar usage.

Table 1. Comparative presentation of the scores of four (4) different grade 8 sections.

Fluency(using Enlish language in

Section No. of Students Grammar and structure Vocabulary
Pre assessment Post assessment Pre assessment Post assessment Pre assessment Post assessment
Perseverance 50 17 30 28 41 15 25
Sincerity 60 34 49 38 59 28 58
Loyalty 50 15 30 24 39 13 21
Hope 49 11 20 13 25 10 18
TOTAL 209 77 129 103 164 66 122

Figure 1. Graphical presentation of the four different sections in language learning component
comparing progress from pre assessment to post assessment.

59 58
38 39
40 34
30 30
28 28
30 24 25 25 Perseverance
20 21
17 18 Sincerity
20 15 15
13 13
11 10 Loyalty
Pre Post Pre Post Pre Post
assessment assessment assessment assessment assessment assessment
Grammar and structure Vocabulary Fluency(using Enlish
language in

As revealed in the data presented above, it stated that 66% of the grade 8 learners are
approximately geared up with language awareness.

V. Intervention Made

a. Intensify the English instruction in the classroom using varied activities that enhances
students, vocabulary and grammar skill.
b. Encourages students to use English language as medium of communication inside the
classroom and even within the school campus.
c. Integration of the four (4) Macro skills, namely; Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing
skill in classroom instruction.
d. Conducting remedial instruction for those students who are very weak in language
acquisition and grammar usage.
e. Programmed activities that trained and sharpened students’ communication skill.

VI. Findings

Doing all these efforts I believe that students may be able to acquire knowledge of using
English language in their everyday communication with the proper observance of grammar
usage. The progress of their acquisition may not be eventually observed but it would be gradual
and successive in which communication skill of each student will prevail competently.

VII. Evaluation

Learning language and grammar is quite easy. But for our learners today, language and
grammar is considered as their burden. With this, how can they attained the need of the
society which is a highly competitive graduates encapsulated with 21st Century skills
(communication skill). Thus, the school and especially English teachers must give importance
in how learners will acquire language and grammar awareness. And, also on how learners will
have positive attitude towards learning English.

VIII. Conclusion and Recommendation

School must then offer learning experiences that involves language awareness and grammar
enhancement. Learners as they enter secondary must be equipped with four (4) Macro skills in
which they were just going to be honed in this level. But, reality prevails that mostly of the
grade 7 – 10 high school students’ language acquisition and grammar usage is very poor. I have
concluded that it has had happened because of poor foundation in primary level not to
generalize but some are really is. Therefore, to avoid redundancy there should be an
intervention to be made to fill in the hole of language and grammar requisites of our learners.
As my recommendation, it could nicer to have workshops on Language awareness and Correct
Grammar usage to help learners improve their English and made them competent enough to
deal with needs of our society.

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