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Re-Flect Mayor Mark 2019 SEC Form 20 April 10 Filing COLUMN A COLUMN B This Period ‘Agereente TI. Balance on hand Janay ¥ of erent yar for ongong and pry commits OR alan on hand rom day commie is ford oral eter commitees 12, Balance on hand a the begining of Reporting Period 00 13, Contibations Rescived fom Individuals (Sections A and 8) 1,290.00 63,2900 14, Receipt rom Other Commies (Setons C1 and C2) Jao 0.00 15, Other Monetary Resi (Section D tough K) Jo.00 000 16a, Total Proceeds from Small Purchases (Section 1.1 Subpart 1 + Subpart 3) joo {9.00 16h Por Pb Act 1-48, efetve January , 2012 Section 12. removed 6c. Total Purchases of Advertising~-Program Book or Sign (Section L3) 15,250.00 5,250.00 17, Toa Monetary Receipts (ad tals or Lins 13 thongh 16) 66,540.00 66,540.00 18, Subtotals (add totals in Line (2+ 17 in Column A; and in Line 11+ 17in Column By [96,540.00 66,540.00 19, xponses Pad by Commits (Seton P) hs1649 Hpr819 20, Baenoe on hand at close of Reporting Paiod (Subst Lie 19 Line 18 nth Colas) {54,921.51 5492151 21. tn-Kind Donations uot Considered Contributions Received (Section LA) 22 Ink Donations not Considered Costritutions — House Party (Seoton LSt 23. la-Kind Contributions Recsived (Seaton M) 24, Refundable Deposit to Telephone Company (Section N) Loan Balance 25a, + Loans Received (Section D) 25b. Interest Penalties on Loan 25e. = Payments on Loan 254, Total Outstanding Lean Amount 26. Campaign Expenses Paid by Candidate (Section Q) 27, Expenses Incurred on Commitee Credit Caed (Section R) 28, Expenses Incurred by Committee During this Period but Not Paid (Sesion 8) 284, Tota Outstanding Expenses Incurred by Comite still Unpaid (Section S) Sennen I. MONETARY RECEIPTS (Sections A—K) , [NAME OF COMMITTEE (Prove Cony Nor os Regier wih Fag Rpt TYPE OF REPORT, | Re-Elect Mayor Mark 2019 'SEEC Form 20 - Api 10Filing ‘A. Total Contributlons from Small Contributors-Recelved this Pertod ONLY | | {Stimson for dfn of So Conte) SUBTOTAL SECTION A : ; ; | B, Itemized Contributions from Individuals Pech John [8 Rose Lane 26-17 Danbury cr fost rl Ocean Faeroe Danbury 80 Teacher scnttwora aii spouse, —C) Ver ] Worthan nex oF S400 a rae era ciel excave ose ofa manicalin, | Amount of Conrion Jordcpenden etd ofalodbyt? No | does ontabur or busines hele asetted wh have aca! With ad ania ‘valid at mone than $5,000" Ores Ovo 50.00 Tsibiscontblion asocted whan QQ Yes | scour a principal ofa sate ontactor or prospective ste aactr? {Yes ‘ren ep in Seton LI? No | Hfyerindcte wich banc obeches, No mieten # O3142019A ‘feveranent the canta is i Oeveeuive Otesidaive ‘Men of Coan bac Reched sees Com tow Geen Oresont creck CciesuneditCaed OParolt Deduction Moors Owe | 03/14/2019 | 50.00 frsanaor wr Frotey Richard enter Sea Ra Sy Tae eco 27 Crows Nest, Unit 4l Danbury ct }oss10 Prince Group Jowner/Consultant is contora ets, spouse, (Ver | Wontibainn tn cei of SOD a cane ora cit exeatve fae oF nisl, | Amount of Conibai focdepndeat cid af alatyin — CQNo | doescontaaua or busines hee 8 asa wis ve a art wih said munity aie more than 85600" Ove." Oro 250.00 isco asain wien Ves | sconibutra principal ofa ae snacor or prospetvesinecooior?” Ves event cepa Sacton LI? No. |" ifser indicate which banch ce branches Ne Wyes et Event 031420190, ‘fgoverumentthecentec swith C)Enceutve C) tegisatne ‘Nendo Cour ac Reet anes Coa JOcesh @rersona Check Oereivbert Cant Pali Ded 250.00 Delon owe | 0371472019 Harding 21 Brookfield Meadows Brookfield Finca or Fans of Ep Stephen Harding Attorney at Law Attorney i centiboar abby spouse, (Von | Weonbouon in sicss of SOD o a anit Tora cueToccteofcw Taman, | Awowat of Contibuion ocdspendon child ofatattyis? — G)No. | dows contr or busines else is soca wh have acacia uniipaly ‘ale more th 85,0002 Ove Ono 75.00 Ts hi contbton aos wth an YYes_[lscontrbutor principal ofa tate ontastocorprospectve stat contacter? (vee tin Sexton LI? No |" ifyes indicate which banch ot braches No Event 031420194, fgovermnenttheconact svi C)Execuive O)Lesislave Watt Conti asthe Regeges Cosco roll Deduction Coney Order | 03/14/2019 75.00 Oecash @revsonal chuck Clcrsiidedi Cad Or SUBTOTAL Section B—This Page | 375.00 ‘TOTAL of additional Section B Pages 60,915.00 "TOTAL OF ALL. CONTRIBUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS (Sections AB) (Ent ietaon Line 13, oli hf Sananry age Tey [O1290.00