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(ERICE - 2019) | February 2019

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Developing an Innovative Approach for

Enhancing Employability Skills of Civil Engineers
G. Vashi 2Neerajkumar D. Sharma
Research Scholar 2Principal
Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 2GIDC Degree Engineering College,
Navsari, Gujarat, India


Present times approve supplemented universal industrial segment request for Civil Engineers; following expansion of Civil
Engineering stages, producing extra talented ex-students. Countless establishments have regularly selected that companies are
unsatisfied with abilities arrays present by alumni; an investigation of trained and anew employed Civil Engineers’ understandings
of their distinct work abilities elected highest exuberant for total transferable abilities, with operational evidence categorized
significantly worse. Due to this author has examined whether Civil Engineers, both involved and in teaching, have similar
capabilities sympathies, by evaluating Civil Engineering students in last years of teaching, and Civil Engineers ex-students hired
in Civil Engineers characters; all from the South Gujarat region. Courtesy bunches demonstrated that male scholars cherished
‘operational evidence’ and ‘communicating capably’; by variance, female ex-students accentuated ‘inventiveness’ and ‘commerce
abilities’. Consequently, leadership meetings were mature; focused on alterable abilities known as dangerous by all masses, to be
taken during instructive time trainings, bring into line abilities to time prospectuses.
Keyword- Exchangeable Abilities, Employability Syllabi, Configuration Abilities, Peculiar Progress Expert Results

Civil Engineering is a yielding division, composed in instruction and profession. The conveyed prospectus is miscellaneous, impact
hindrance determining, purpose, regulator, supervision, constituent’s castigation, sanctuary, assets and eco-friendly
encouragement, in cycle with Civil Engineering prerequisites, which all formulate intellectuals for a hodgepodge of charms in
industrialized and exploration. This upsurge of evidence, in itself, is only share of the instructive practice, which sooner also tells
students movement vigorous alterable utilities mandatory in Civil and manufacturing productions. Recurrently, these abilities are
secreted private the prospectus with the connotation that donors may not unswervingly advertisement the score of civilization or
of incident to discover. Hence, pupils are heartened to absorb with specialized growth doings to reproduce on their private
development. However, it is too essential for instructors, as educators, to similarly know when and how such alterable capabilities
are survival recognized [1].

– To pinpoint and investigate the sensitivity of final year Civil Engineering students concerning employability.
– To recognize and examine the pre and post-graduation sensitivity of graduated Civil Engineers concerning employability.
– Advise processes to augment employability of Civil Engineering students studying in South Gujarat region.

Assessments of abilities and aptitudes have been investigated through designed questionnaire:
A questionnaire on employability was established to gain measurable image into the vanities of funders, allowing a vast
sample size for statistical discussion, hence, image of the understandings of the complete squadron [2].
The inspection rituals were publicized over Google link to raise user easiness for providers, proposing a database of
actualities and returns on execution. To refuse unreasonableness in the comprised consequences measurements was achieved from
all manageable demographics, including last year scholars, new ex-students or ex-students this disappointingly carries a depiction
of the shifting tactics that acquaintance deliveries to a Civil Engineer’s sentiments practically their work and education. The
questionnaire requested:
Demographic evidence: existing educational/employment prestige, way of conveyance, gender, age, year of study.
Specialized thoughtfulness and/or considerations: type of proficiency (summer project, contemporary assignation etc.),
region of knowledge, area of goods and proposal for graduate service.

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Developing an Innovative Approach for Enhancing Employability Skills of Civil Engineers
(GRDJE / CONFERENCE / ERICE - 2019 / 014)

Contrast of apparent talents in occupation with excellence of tutoring and instruction approaches: developing the standard
endowments/abilities recognized by the World Civil Engineering Council as shown in Table No. 1, omitting ‘familiarity of
methodologies for overall excellence organization’ and ‘associate of raise philosophies’, which were measured fewer applicable
to Civil Engineers [3].
Abundant with Mean of Response Abundant wit respect
Common Talents/ Capability Deviation
regard to work Work Education to divergence
Capability to effort meritoriously as a fellow of a crew
1 4.364 3.850 -0.514 13 +12
2 Capability to investigate info 4.323 4.053 -0.270 20 +18
3 Capability to converse excellently 4.279 3.482 -0.797 5 +2
4 Aptitude to collect material 4.232 3.966 -0.266 21 +17
5 Self-learning capability 4.232 3.937 -0.295 19 +14
6 Capability to resolve difficulties 4.222 3.884 -0.338 18 +12
7 Indebtedness of an interdisciplinary tactic 4.028 3.524 -0.504 14 +7
8 Acute rational 3.978 3.578 -0.400 16 +8
9 Aptitude to detect and frame complications 3.972 3.564 -0.408 15 +6
10 Significance of a wide-ranging and over-all tutoring 3.958 3.803 -0.155 24 +14
11 Probability of the necessity for life-long knowledge 3.950 3.433 -0.517 12 +1
12 Considerate of decent and specialized duties 3.924 3.208 -0.716 7 -5
13 Capability to be a front-runner 3.834 3.155 -0.679 8 -5
Capability to pertain awareness of elementary
14 3.754 4.063 +0.309 25 +11
knowledge and Civil engineering essentials
15 Administration abilities 3.696 2.726 -0.970 2 -13
Capability to practice a orderly tactic to procedure and
16 3.614 3.367 -0.247 23 +7
artifact design
17 Proficiency in material expertise 3.596 3.339 -0.257 22 +5
18 Understanding of techniques for venture administration 3.365 2.401 -0.964 3 -15
19 Compassionate of social assortment 3.332 2.812 -0.520 11 -8
20 Occupational leaning functional/business tactic 3.332 2.275 -1.057 1 -19
21 Indebtedness of the latent of exploration 3.242 3.576 +0.334 26 +5
22 Sympathetic philosophies of maintainable expansion 3.196 2.671 -0.525 10 -12
Considerate of essential philosophies of monetary
23 3.141 2.604 -0.537 9 -14
Familiarity of procedures for overall excellence
24 3.063 2.186 -0.877 4 -20
25 Transcontinental tongues 2.887 2.488 -0.399 17 -8
26 Familiarity of promotion ideologies 2.730 1.998 -0.732 6 -20
Table 1
For the abilities contrast, contributors valued ability on a 5-point Likert scale, initially with regard to how healthy their
instruction qualified progress of the abilities and, furthermore, with regard to how significant the abilities were in their recent or
forthcoming engagement. It is vital to note that all evaluations are founded on distinctive views; in the occasion of those with no
employment practice, they revealed on what they anticipated effort lifecycle would demand [4].
Finally, contributors were requested to level several approaches of training, and to classify components that remained
principally advantageous in evolving the abilities revealed in the form. Insecure response textbox tolerable defendants to report on
how fortified they were/are for amenity and how their willingness could have been/can be boosted by the Civil Engineering
department [5].
The cross-examinations appealing a Likert scale were observed by expressing the math mean from a public of certain
In this, an unwanted abilities divergence entitles an under-taught skilfulness, whereas a cheerful dexterity deviance
campaigns it is over-taught. This divergence can also be assumed of as a quantifiable symbol of the professed mark of knowledge.


A. Demographic Analysis
The demographic arrangement of the total of 94 contributors signifies strong gender inequity. The common of the members had
manufacturing practice, authenticating the statistics with references to the objectives of this analysis, and stipulating a connotation
between the aptitudes of Civil Engineers pre and post-industrial understanding, and privileged ex-student service. ‘Practiced’
defendants comprised those in Civil Engineering profession, as well as scholars who had begun assignments or summer break
projects in an engineering site. The involvement students and ex-students indicated 79% and 12% of their consistent panel
inhabitants. The age flow was focused around 22 years of age, enlightening of those imminent achievement and fresh alumni;
respondents above the age of 30 categorized the normal of other students.

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Developing an Innovative Approach for Enhancing Employability Skills of Civil Engineers
(GRDJE / CONFERENCE / ERICE - 2019 / 014)

The conventional of the defendants’ involvement respite in the Geology, Civil process, and Infrastructure and Allied Civil
sectors; therefore, the results from knowledgeable contributors are exceptionally germane to these engineering meadows.

B. Students’ Abilities Investigation

The outcomes gained from the survey revealed pupils graded an gratitude of the impending of explore most favorably in relations
of acknowledged amount of instruction, which was also the most recurring talent to be ostensible as over-taught.
This may possibly be an indicator of over-exposure to the looming of examine, as a result of the appropriate of the
instruction fellow difficult, it is also feasible that junctures for students to thoughtful research via summer break investigation
assignments and final-year exploration residencies increases students’ openness of research.
The comparatively weakest educated dexterity for students was transcontinental linguistic familiarity

C. Ex-Students' Assistances Investigation

Ex-students voted that associate of essential Civil Engineering is over-taught, a foreseeable import as the widespread of the degree
weights on nitty-gritties of Civil Engineering such as up-front canons.
Remarkably, students graded this capability inadequately with a divergence of −0.469, presenting a vision of deficient
Civil Engineering knowledge feasible for authorized employment. There is a pure and discrete modification in arrogance as
graduates benefit more involvement representative that the Civil Engineering acquaintance is more than plenty for ex-students to
grow in their imminent eccentrics. Similarly, orderly style to procedure enterprise is near the professed superlative for service,
along with self-learning capabilities. Responsiveness, provision and determining of complications are considered tremendously as
ultimate reliefs for employment and this is a zone that enterprises have accredited as heartbreaking with ex-students; Civil
Engineering alumni rate this with an insignificant departure of −0.182, indicating a hypothetical shutting of this cavity.

D. Practiced and fresher’s Comparison

Mechanically trained and newer defendants had similar sentiments on maximum abilities weighed in the investigation but there
were some remarkable contrasts. Acknowledgement of the conceivable of research was blatant to be extensively over- qualified
by those with practice, whereas fresher defendants dignified it an ability marginally under-taught; this may be a connotation of
fresh individuals who do have research practice but lack practice to engineering understanding.
This is a problematic question for instructors to report, as there are much diverse software used by establishments. It
conceivably denotes the need for precise IT preparation led by establishments that figures on core IT proficiency expanded at

E. Instruction Methodologies Exploration

Students and ex-students intimated proclamations with colloquium endowment as an instruction performance, comprehensively
measured by zone-based expansions, the weight of which is accentuated in the Civil Engineering design project, which permits
student to advance a sum of talents and deliver familiarity of self-governing investigation.

F. Experience and Occupation Exploration

At the time of distribution of the form, 18 student contestants (51%) with prior experience had received graduate job agreements,
associated with only two fresh participants (7%). This significant consequence postulates the worth that firms domestic on former

Proprietors have documented numerous defects in ex-students. In this investigation, the explanations of Civil Engineers with
reverences to employability skills were industrialized by proceeds of an inspection; translatable skills were deliberated supreme
fundamental for occupation. In enlargement to this, executive and replaceable proficiencies was accredited be under taught by the
defendants, accordingly, the enlargement of these talents was strenuous by the primer of stimulation aids modules.

[1] Andreas Bloom, H. S. (2011). “Employability and Skill Set of recently pass out technical students in India”. World Bank
[2] Atif Anis Rao, (August 2011). Ability to become employable in Multinational Companies: Undefeatable Wall for Graduates.
IJCRB, Vol 3, No. 4.
[3] Amelink, C.T., Creamer, E.G., 2010. Masculinity modifications in fundamentals of the student practice that impact
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[4] Bandiera, O., Larcinese, V., Rasul, I., 2010. Heterogeneous class size effects: new evidence from a panel of university
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[5] Barker, A., 2011. In: Dawsonera, P.D.A. (Ed.), How to Manage Meetings. Kogan Page, London.

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