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The focus of our food is always

extraordinary freshness and quality.

We use the finest ingredients
and cook with very little oil, dairy
or carbohydrates, ensuring that each
dish is light and full of natural flavour.

starter main course

Fish Meat
Cauliflower Velouté «Gonzales» salmon pig Lamb
(served chilled) Marinated beef, Grilled salmon cooked Crunchy pan-fried Roast marinated
Cauliflower, sardines, chilled ratatouille, in a marmalade of melon, pig lard, Christian fillet of Irish lamb,
crab jelly, serrano ham, pan-fried beefsteak tomatoes, cucumber and tomato Parra’s black pudding, speculaas and celery,
radish, bonito flat leaf parsley salad with lemon balm, quinoa red onions with tamarind jus,
£10.00 £14.00 tabouleh, cherries, cinnamon, potato ewe yoghurt and
julienne of mange-tout mousseline and plum Paimpol coco beans
Salad Nathalia Sea bass
£19.00 chutney £30.00
Beetroot marmalade with Wild sea bass carpaccio,
raspberry, gingerbread, redcurrant and Raifort jelly, Halibut Rib-eye
raspberry sorbet with vinegar, celeriac with curcuma Halibut fillet with Beef tartare Roast rib-eye,
raw vegetable shavings, £16.00 spinach velouté, Diced rib-eye with cabbage and shiitake
lamb’s lettuce salad goat’s cheese with mustard, gherkins, mushrooms with
£11.00 V
pollock «St Tropez»
paprika, salted spring onions, capers, colman’s mustard,
(served chilled)
redcurrant, girolles egg mollet, tarragon marshmallow
Chantilly lace Steamed pollock, £25.00 Espelette pepper, «Nantes» style
Lobster bisque, aubergine caviar with basil, parsley, fondant potato, £32.00

three colour basmati rice, gazpacho jelly REd Mullet Bellino

fresh spicy tomato
horseradish cream £19.00 Red mullet fillet, black foie gras & Truffle
£11.00 olive, anchovies and Duck foie gras
Jumbo Tiger prawn
chestnut flour crust, «Adieu Poulet» mousse with
TOMATO Sliced tiger prawns, grilled mushrooms, Corn-fed chicken Amontillado, spelt,
Tomato concassé, fresh apricot, white peach marmalade, fennel, bouillabaisse supreme in a braised duck leg,
tofu, cucumber jelly. verbena jelly, £28.00 French vinegar sauce, baby leek,
Tomato and strawberry smoothie. french bean and new onion salad roasted grenaille Summer truffles,
Mascarpone, basil sorbet, £21.00 St Gilles Croix de vie
potatoes, lettuce
brioche and roasted tomato. Cod brandade with Paris mushrooms £35.00
Paris mushroom duxelle with lemon, seared squid,
colombo, raisins and pine nuts whiting beignet
£13.00 V £28.00

pasta, risotto, etc. side order

Ravioli Noodles and tofu vegetables & rice potatoes bread & butter
Spinach and ricotta Udon noodles cooked Wild rice Mashed potatoes Assortment of home
with pine nuts and dried in a white miso broth, £4.00 v £4.00 v baked bread with butter
tomatoes, tofu, leeks, Spinach with cream Gratin Dauphinois £5.00 v
egg and béchamel. green apples and £4.50 v £6.00 v
Served with rocket and a coriander Steamed vegetables Pont-Neuf
chicken and gorgonzola £11.00/£16.00 v £5.00 v £6.00 v
broth Round lettuce
£8.50/ £11.00 and anchovies
A discretionary 12.5% service
Rocket salad with charge will be added to your bill
buffalo mozzarella Rob Peter to pay Paul?
Lemon risotto, fresh Not at sketch, every penny of the
£6.00 v service charge and tips are
walnuts, rocket coulis shared amongst our staff on top
£9.00/£12.50 V of the fair pay they get from us.
That is why Rob, Peter and Paul
v : suitable for vegetarians and many others have been with
us such a long lovely time.