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Xü: Waiting (Needing)

I Ching 5

The Tao indicates that we need food

to nourish the body and spirit.
Peasants did not worry about the
sunshine, the air and the soil. These
were always abundant. Their major
concern was water, largely
depending on the rainfall. Xü shows
this need for rain.

When one needs something and

cannot acquire it immediately, waiting is necessary. In this way, the
meaning of needing extends to waiting.

Water over Heaven: danger over strength. When strength is

obstructed, then patience is demanded.
Requiring faith and confidence to wait;
Danger lies ahead.

Needing, being sincere and

There will be brilliant success.
Be steadfast and upright.
Good fortune

Clouds ascending in the sky.

An image of needing.
In correspondence with this,
the superior person eats and
drinks, feasting with joy.

(From Alfred Huang: The

Complete I Ching)

Irma Walter 2010