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Abdul Quddus Gangohi

Abdul Quddus Hanafi Ghaznavi Chishti Gangohi (1456–1537) bin Shaykh Muhammad Ismail bin Shaykh Safi

al-din, was born in Rudauli,Barabanki India.

He was a Sufi poet and leading Chisti shaykh.[1] He was among the most prominent Sufi Shaykhs of

the Sabiri branch of the Chishti silsila.[2]

In his early youth, ‘Abd al-Quddus wrote a treatise, Rushd-nama (The Book of Piety), that seeks to reconcile the

teachings of Gorakh-nath with Chishti Sufism.[3]

In 1491 he moved to Shahbad in Haryana.[citation needed] Thirty years later, he moved to Gangoh (Saharanpur district),

attracted by the reputation of Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haqq.


One of Abdul Quddus' notable works was his Rushanama, which drew parallels between Sufi practices

and Gorakshanath yogic philosophy.