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The Ancients Received Life Force From The Cosmos.

1. Page 1 – Introduction to the history of radionics, By

Dr. James DeMeo, Ph.D.
2. Page 3 – Life force technology, By Physicist Karl Welz

3. Page 11 – Creating a spiritually clean environment for your

device, By Whitneay T. Vanwells

4. Page 13 – Learning to use a pendulum to set rates

5. Page 16 – About distant radionic healing and programming.

6. Page 18 – Setting up the RA 2400 software for your PC

7. Page 19 – Sample Decrees & Symbols used in the sessions

8. Page 29 – The Symbol Packs in the RA 2400 radionics CD

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A Brief History Of Orgone
Dr. Wilhelm Reich, A Man Before His Time...

From The “Orgone Accumulation Handbook”, By Dr. James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Pages 11, 12.

“Orgone energy is cosmic life energy, the fundamental creative force long known
to people in touch with nature, and speculated about by natural scientists, but
now physically objectified and demonstrated. The orgone was discovered by Dr.
Wilhelm Reich, who identified many of its basic properties. For instance, the
orgone energy charges and radiates from all living and non-living substance. It
also can readily penetrate all forms of matter, though with varying rates of speed.
All materials affect the orgone energy, by attracting and absorbing it, or by
repelling or reflecting it. The orgone can be seen, felt, measures and
photographed. It is a real, physical energy, and not just some metaphorical,
hypothetical force.

The orgone also exists in a free form in the atmosphere, and in the vacuum of
space. It is excitable, compressible, and spontaneously pulse, capable of
expanding and contracting. The orgone charge within a given environment, or
within a given substance, will vary over time, usually in a cyclical manner. The
orgone is most strongly attracted to living things, to water, and to itself. Orgone
energy can lawfully stream or flow from one location to another in the
atmosphere, but it generally maintains a west to east flow, moving with, but
slightly faster than the rotation of the Earth. It is a ubiquitous medium, a cosmic
ocean of dynamic, moving energy, which interconnects the whole physical
universe; all living creatures, weather systems, and planets, respond to its
pulsations, and movements.

The orgone is related to, but quite different from other forms of energy. It can, for
instance, impart a magnetic charge to ferromagnetic conductors, but it is not
magnetic itself. It can likewise impart an electrostatic charge to insulators, but
neither is it fully electrostatic in nature. It reacts with great disturbance to the
presence of radioactive materials, or to harsh electromagnetism, much in the
manner of irritated protoplasm. It can be registered on specially adapted Geiger
counters. The orgone also is the medium through which electromagnetic
disturbances are transmitted, much in the manner of the older concept of ether...

In the living world, orgone energy functions underlie major life processes;
pulsation, streaming, and charge of the biological orgone determines the
movements, actions, and behavior of protoplasm and tissues, as well as the
strength of “bioelectrical” phenomena. Emotion is the ebb and flow, -

Page 1.
- the charge and discharge of the orgone within the membrane of an organism,
just as weather is the ebb and flow, the change, and discharge of the orgone in
the atmosphere. Both organism and weather respond to the prevailing character
and state of the life energy. Orgone energy functions appear across the whole of
creation, in microbes, animals, storm clouds, hurricanes, and galaxies. Orgone
energy not only charges and animates the natural world; we are immersed in a
sea of it, much as a fish is immersed in water. More, it is the medium which
communicates emotion and perception, through which we are connected to the
cosmos, and made kin to all that is living.”

Orgone Energy & Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)

Statements From The Medical Profession In 1949:

“We consider the discovery of the orgone energy among the greatest events in
human history.” From a letter to the American Medical Association, signed by 17
medical doctors in 1949.

“...unlike Sir Isaac Newton, Reich was not willing to stand upon the shoulders of
giants. He stood only as high as his own experiences would allow, and from this
low perch imagined himself to be a lone eagle soaring higher than any other man
had ever reached.” -- Roger M. Wilcox.

In 1940, Wilhelm Reich constructed the first device to accumulate orgone [life
force] energy: a six-sided box constructed of alternating layers of organic
materials (to attract the energy) and metallic materials (to radiate the energy
toward the center of the box). Patients would sit inside the accumulator and
absorb orgone energy through their skin and lungs. The accumulator had a
healthy effect on blood and body tissue by improving the flow of life-energy and
by releasing energy-blocks.

Page 2.
Orgone energy is an alleged type of "Primordial Cosmic Energy" discovered by
Freudian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the late 1930s. Reich claimed that
orgone energy is omnipresent and accounts for such things as the color of the
sky, gravity, galaxies, the failure of most political revolutions, and a good orgasm.
In living beings, orgone is called bio-energy or Life Energy. Reich believed that
orgone energy is "demonstrable

visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller

counters."* However, only true believers in orgone energy (i.e., orgonomists
practicing the science of orgonomy) have been able to find success with the

Reich claimed to have created a new science (orgonomy) and to have

discovered other entities, such as bions, which to this day only orgonomists can
detect. Bions are alleged vesicles of orgone energy which are neither living nor
non-living, but transitional beings.

Reich died on November 3, 1957, in the Federal Penitentiary at Lewisburg,

Pennsylvania, where he was sent for criminal contempt. The criminal charge was
levied because Reich refused to obey an injunction against selling quack
medical devices such as the Orgone Accumulator and orgone "shooters,"
devices which allegedly could collect and distribute orgone energy.

Despite having no status in the scientific community, Reich's ideas have been
passed on by a number of devoted followers led by Elsworth F. Baker, M.D.,
founder of the American College of Orgonomy, and Dr. James DeMeo of The
Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, Inc., located in Ashland, Oregon.
Baker's successors (he died in 1985) and DeMeo continue to defend both Reich
the scientist and orgonomy. Reich saw himself as a persecuted genius and
considered the critics who ridiculed him to be ignorant fools.

Life Force Technology After Reich

By Karl Welz

The word "orgone energy" for life force is inseparably connected with the work of
Wilhelm Reich, whose scientific work with life force made him one of the most
outstanding pioneers of a new technology.

Since Wilhelm Reich, several new developments happened that some of the
more "traditional" orgone establishments try to ignore. On the other hand, there
have been much older scientific developments as well as "esoteric" traditions that
used orgone energy.

Page 3.
In fact, some of the followers of ancient traditions made use of life force
thousands of years before the word "orgone" was coined by Wilhelm Reich to
describe life force and its effects. Moreover, these practitioners used life force on
a daily basis in ways of which the more modern scientific pioneers had not the
slightest idea they existed!

As a result of our experimentation and research we found:

(1) Orgone transfers at any distance via structural links. [Symbols, Sigils,
Photos, & or orgonite discs].

(2) Orgone has been used by shamans, magicians, priests, etc., for millennia,
perhaps for as long as humans are roaming this planet, most likely even longer.
They knew all along that orgone energy (life force) can be projected at any
distance and, furthermore, that it can be used to generate specific trends.

(3) Points (1) and (2) are at the root of the technology of radionics, sometimes
also called "psionics". We did demonstrate experimentally that structural
connections can be established to objects, persons, and to expressions of intent
that we may label "trend energy". It remains irrelevant in this context, whether
we view the leaning towards specific actions, or trends, as expressions of an
assumed collective unconscious and conscious factors, or as assumed energy
fields. In fact, the specific explanatory mappings that we may establish for
ourselves as far as the leaning towards specific actions, potential events, or
trends are concerned, seem presently irrelevant in the context of orgone boosted
radionics technology. Fact is that the use of orgone devices and orgone
technology go far beyond the energizing of living organisms.

(4) Orgone can be generated with the new Welz Chi Generators (orgone

(5) Transfer at any distance with the help of structural links (see the test above)
allowed us to send signals across the Atlantic from machine to machine, using
orgone energy only. As expected, no amplifiers were needed for the process.

(6) Orgone energy can be directed by the human brain, which itself is an ideal
tool to establish structural links. The disadvantage of this powerful tool, our
brain, is the fact that images (abstractions that serve as structural links) are
fleeting. Radionics or psionic devices, mnemonic techniques and other methods
can be used to "freeze" such structural links in order to secure a continuous
transfer of energy to an envisioned target.

Page 4.
The natural characteristic of the human brain to establish structural links is the
basis for most of the "paranormal" phenomena that we experience. In fact, these
phenomena appear to be something totally natural, or "normal", occurrences and
human capabilities rather than "paranormal" or "mystical", when examined in the
light of structural linkage and life energy physics!

(7) We developed a new life force (orgone) accumulating material, Orgonite TM,
that is far superior to the traditional layering of steel wool and fiberglass.

(8) Pulsed orgone from the orgone generator transforms DOR (deadly Orgone)
and oranur back into healthy orgone. This became unequivocally clear in
massive experiments that we conducted with DOR generators. Here we have to
do with a process that happens also naturally because of natural orgone pulses
that are the result of the movement of large orgone fields of regional, planetary,
even cosmic, proportions: if it was not this way, our planet would have choked in
DOR long ago.

This shows that the Welz Chi Generator is not only stronger than an orgone
accumulator due to the fact that it generates orgone rather than merely
accumulating it, it is also qualitatively far superior to the, now hopelessly
obsolete, orgone energy accumulators, orgone energy shooters, orgone energy
blankets, layered orgone energy wands, etc.

(9) The picture that is projected by a lens can be used as a structural link in an
advanced "orgone shooter"

(10) Besides the new orgone generator, we also developed DOR generators (see
point 8) that can be switched off at will. These DOR generators allowed us to
test and quantify the fact that pulsed orgone transforms DOR back into orgone.

Wilhelm Reich showed that orgone energy is a primordial cosmic energy. It is

universally present and it can be demonstrated visually, thermically,
electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters. In the living
organism: Chi-energy, Bio-energy, Life Force, or Prana.

Naturally, there is much more to life force, i.e., many more uses, than its recent
scientific pioneers ever could have realized. Operating within the narrow
constraints of their scientific upbringing, they were unable to see the obvious:
namely, uses of life force of which any tai chi master, shaman, magician or priest
of more traditional cultures knows and which he applies on a daily basis. These
traditional workers of life force had practical experience with Life Force and direct
evidence of its effects.

Page 5.
Perhaps these modern day pioneers were too arrogant to look into practices that
they labeled "mystical", perhaps they did not want to lose the illusion of being
"first". The vicious polemics that some of the life force pioneers had against each
other and the habit of ignoring previous achievements in the same field points to
this complex of motivations.

Radionics is the transfer of life force at any distance. This is a basic characteristic
of life force that quite obviously escaped the scientific minds of its more recent
pioneers, but of which traditional life force experts knew for thousands of years!
Now we are going to continue by listing the characteristics of life force that we
can demonstrate and show you how practically all action at a distance can be
explained easily based on these characteristics. From there we will introduce you
to technologies of orgone energy. We will continue to show you how you can
apply orgone energy in your daily life for your benefit and for the benefit of those
around you.

For the person who has read and studied the works of Wilhelm Reich, Franz
Anton Mesmer, Karl von Reichenbach, and others who had pioneered the
scientific approach to life force, the demonstration of an orgone energy transfer
at any distance via structural links and the theories about action at a distance
that follow may be a bit of a surprise, to say the least. In fact, some persons may
be inclined to reject these theories a priori even after performing the test. On the
other hand, many of the methods to which we introduce you on this site are
nothing new. In fact, it's something that humans knew for thousands of years. For
them these methods were not as part of a "science", but part of their work, part of
their daily experience, and direct evidence for which they did not need elaborate
scientific theories. They may have interpreted these phenomena non-
scientifically, based on their religious creeds. Nevertheless, even with these
sometimes inadequate explanations they were well capable of making extensive
and very effective use of life force technologies!

Now Let's Explore A Few Basics Concerning Life Force …

(Chi energy, prana, orgone)

Based on the previous experiment and the research of scientists like Wilhelm
Reich, Franz Anton Mesmer, Karl von Reichenbach and others, we know of
orgone energy that

Page 6.
(1) it flows freely without significant loss of energy between identical structures,
no matter how distant these structures are,
(2) it follows the principle of negative entropy, i.e., from the weaker potential to
the stronger one until the stronger potential is saturated, and
(3) it pulsates.

From this knowledge, we can derive with ease the common functional principle of
nearly all methods, past and present, of

Action At A Distance
Historically speaking, there have been many methods to work at a distance, to
influence people, to effect "changes of luck," and to cause desirable solutions to
the many challenges an individual (especially a ruler) had to meet. Typically,
when referring to such work, humans used many words depending on their
culture and religious belief system. Some of the typical words for such action at a
distance are: shamanic practice, miracle work, spiritual work, prayer, psychic
work, or magick are used.

We also will try to make it very clear that all these methods of work have the
same common functional principle, namely that they are action at a distance that
employs structural links and life force.

Let's summarize: The three basic factors of any successful action at a distance,
including radionics are:

The Trend-Link (representing the planned effect),

The Target-Link (representing the target), and
Life Force (chi energy, orgone energy, prana, mana, etc)!

An operation at a distance that neglects any one of these three basic factors is
doomed to fail, regardless of intent, traditionalist connection, spiritual training,
and what not! That is the reason why some methods do not work, even if the
would-be practitioner followed all instructions meticulously.

(11) It was not Wilhelm Reich who built the first functioning orgone accumulators
of which we know presently, but Franz Anton Mesmer some 150 years earlier.
Mesmer even had attachments to his accumulators of "animal magnetism" (his
term for life force, or orgone) that remind us of orgone shooters. In the German
and French speaking areas, most psychologists and practically all hypnotists are
familiar with Franz Anton Mesmer's name and with his work. The hypnotists see
in Franz Anton Mesmer one of their pioneers and therefore study his work!

Page 7.
They have been even more so at the time of Mr. Wilhelm Reich's studies (he
studied hypnosis under Freud) and subsequent practice in Vienna.
In 1897 Mr. Korschelt, a scientist from Lwow (Wilhelm Reich's birth place) built
an orgone shooter, his "Solar Ether Radiation Apparatus" that he used in the
main for healing purposes. Compared to Reich's orgone shooter, his device was
a "monster" of over 6 ft length. Notwithstanding its size, this orgone shooter (the
one that we built according to Korschelt's plans) had slightly less output than the
average Reichian orgone shooters.

With the new Welz Chi Generators, you can now receive a tool of Power, i.e., a
generator of life force, that can give you the cutting edge in your path to a happy,
meaningful, and fulfilled life in abundance.

Among other things, you can use the new orgone technology of the Welz Chi
Generators in conjunction with new methods of NCP (neuro-Cybernetic
programming) to help you
Get yourself more relaxed and focused, especially when you set your orgone
generator to pulse in Alpha or Theta rhythms. These brain wave frequencies
have been connected with faster learning and improved intelligence.
Add life energy to your workouts, body building, fitness training, aerobics, sports
activities, and weight reduction plans, for more effectiveness. For those who are
involved in competitive sports, the equipment from HSCTI can be used as a
powerful performance enhancer that defies detection! (see also the Performer
Work on your awareness, intuition, cognition, ESP, and meditation
Overcome the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution such as in the
vicinity of power lines, TV, microwave ovens, and cellular telephones.

Energize water and food. Distilled water that has been energized with orgone
tastes like spring water. Help persons who are sensitive to weather changes; or
generate the appropriate energies to change your life for the better. If you set a
Target-Link next to the Filter representing a trend energy (the Trend-Link), you
can use your orgone generator to perform a powerful and fast acting impact at a
distance upon another person or yourself, even upon a group of people! [It is
recommended that you have the persmission of all of the people that you use the
device on, so as to not violate their personal space.]

Remember the most important advantage: The Welz Chi Generator works at any
distance! Because of direct energy transfer at any distance (see the orgone
energy transfer test), there is no need ever to carry this powerful device with you!
You can operate your NCP, trend-management, energizing, etc., from the privacy
of your home!

Page 8.
Carry a transfer-disk on you (such as the PBT 2000) and the orgone energy of
the Welz Chi Generator will transfer to you wherever you are, whether just a few
blocks from your home or half around the globe. You will find out more details
and uses of this exceptional method in the Instruction Manual that you will
receive with your orgone generator or combination device!

Important! Light-Sound devices and other old-type mind machines are not suited
for NCP, trend management, or any other advanced method of neurotechnology!
In fact, the TEST to feel life force at a distance is tangible proof that, with the
introduction of this extraordinary new technology, the use of earphone-goggle
type contraptions is a thing of the past – obsolete!

You will also notice that most orgone devices that are on the market today are
likewise obsolete! This exciting new orgone technology is certainly more
effective, more powerful, and simpler, as compared to the primitive orgone
accumulators, orgone shooters, orgone blankets, orgone pillows, etc., that you
find on the market today. Above all, it’s exciting news for the person who wants
to take advantage of the benefits of brain wave neurotechnology (mind
machines) in situations where the wearing of goggles and earphones would look
from strange to outright ridiculous. Just think of wearing such a contraption when
it may be really needed such as on a date or in an important business meeting!
Even if you think that you know everything about mind machines or about orgone
technology, I suggest that you read the theories concerning action at a distance.
The reason being that you will find information that goes far beyond the concepts
of the run-off-the-mill light sound device or electric-mini-shock contraptions that
you clip on your ear! The Welz Chi Generators are mind machines that supply
you also with life force!

The practical harnessing of life force for your overall success is extremely easy! It
is the same process that happens when gifted human beings use their innate
("psychic") powers or when they generate life force by some other means. There
is a difference, of course: With the new Welz Chi Generator even an untrained
person can get the same results now that otherwise only highly trained psychics,
shamans, or magicians can get. In fact, the Welz Chi Generator generates life
force continuously and even stronger than most magicians and shamans would
ever dare to dream of !!! For this reason, an untrained person who uses this
extraordinary new technology can now have a decisive edge even over the well-
trained practitioner who does not own and operate this technology !!!

All it takes to succeed is the capability to flip a switch and the willingness and
open mind to utilize new technology in your aspirations to improve your life in
every aspect !!!

Page 9
In fact, acquiring your Welz Chi Generator is the best investment that anyone can
make in a lifetime, as Welz Chi Generators already produce spectacular results,
already experienced by scores of proud owners of the Welz Chi Generators !!!

The universal manual that you will receive with your equipment has easy-to-
follow, step by step instructions that will lead you from very simple applications to
increasingly complex uses of this extraordinary equipment. This is backed by our
life time customer service !!!

With simple attachments to the Welz Chi Generator such as the various filter
packs and radionics programs, you can now harness life force even further for
any purpose you desire. The Welz Chi Generator will then project this modulated
life force to any target of your choosing and it will do so continuously !!!

Karl Welz, Physicist,

Inventor of Organite.

Page 10.
Creating A Spiritually Clean Environment For Using Your Device
By Whitneay T. Vanwells Ph.D., C.A.S.

You are now the proud owner of a Welz orgone or radionics device. With its use,
you will enjoy years of good service. But, this is a science of the ethers. There is
much beyond what our eyes and senses know, and when using a radionics or
orgone device you are entering into unseen dimensions, and applying very pure
life force energy. In order to get the best benefit from your equipment, it is
important that you are clear of energies and beings that might block the use of
your device. We have done over 10 years worth of healing, and entity removal
research, and the following is a finely honed method for clearing your psychic &
physical, space so that you can create and apply your radionics sessions:

New Balance Clearing Therapy TM - ENTITY REMOVAL PRAYER:

Many problems are caused by entity contamination. These include: depression,
anxiety, fears, addictions, alcoholism, suicide, phobias, relationship difficulties,
bad health, rage, hyperactivity, crabbiness, gambling, money problems, blocks
on personal growth, and blocks on spiritual development. Entities can be


Feeling suddenly dizzy, or off balance for no apparent reason; depression, rage,
edginess, anger, sadness, anxiety, sleeplessness, a new addiction, weird
thoughts, or strange images that are not normal to you, voice change, and
personality changes. Multiple Personalities is primarily from entity possession.
Chronic health concerns can be caused by entities, and their dysfunctional
energies. Over 90% of manic depression is entity related, as well as; outbursts,
relationship problems, and addictions. If an entity was an alcoholic while in the
physical body, they will still want to "drink" vicariously through a "host" that they
attach to.


Your entities were removed during the Dharma Energy ClearingTM. But more
are easy to attract. It is as though we live in a fishbowl of unseen beings. If you
work with people, go to the restaurant, or go shopping you are "Trolling for
Entities." If you feel that you might have entities around you (they can jump from
one person to the other), find a quiet place, if possible, and do the following. You
do not have to say this out loud for it to work:

Page 11.
Ask inwardly for your own Masters, Guides, and Angels to help you to remove
the entities. Say the following, either silently or out loud:
- "On all levels of my existence, clear me and Shield me, with the shield of the
Holy Spirit.
- Clear any karma that I might have with these beings, in this life or in past lives.
Clear all cause, effect, record, and memory, clear and remove on all levels of my
existence all: entities, Things, Its, gargoyles, mini-entities, cellular entities, lost
Souls, devils, demons, satanics, whisps, creatures, E.T.'s, witches, witches
familiars, warlocks, warlock familiars, sorcerers, imposters, black magicians, or
This will remove regular entities, those that are resistant to leaving, and the very
evil classes of entities, or demons. This method works!


COMPLETE 1 & 2):

*You will still have their dysfunctional thought forms, and energies in your
consciousness, after the entities are removed. To get clear, you need use both 1
& 2. Say the following: "If it is the will of God, Clear, vent, and remove on all
levels of my existence, all: thought forms, dysfunctional energies, hooks, hates,
addictions, fears, diseases, anxieties, curses, spells, incantations, hexes,
summonings, symbols, and evokings, that they might have left. Clear all: calling
cards, black magic, black magic lines, white magic, entity attachment points,
entity energies, entity reproduction programs, eggs, cocoons, sperm, placentas,
entity slag, entity trails, entity diseases, mini entities, entity halters, and all voo
doo. Clear all: European black magic, India black magic, Kahuna, Aztec, Inca,
Myan, Egyptian, Druid, Atlantean, Lemurian, Alien, Satanic, and Wicca black
magic. Clear: black mirror energies, rebound curses, enchancements, death
rays, disease rays, sleep rays, hypnotic rays, psychotronic rays, the evil eye,
incantations, and spells; inter-planetary contamination and implants, black magic
doorways, psychic contamination lines, opposition and contamination from all
sources, black magic control lines, and control seeds. Leave only love energy,
love thought forms, and love lines. Balance the ego and consciousness to
accept these new changes, shield this work with the Holy Spirit, and Seal it with
the Holy Spirit. Bless us in the Name Of God.”
Use the short form below, after you use the above 2 methods, for ONE FULL
Clear yourself and your loved ones, daily. Updated 1/23/03.
Copyright 1997-2006 - All Rights Reserved - Whitneay T. Vanwells

Page 12.
To Get The Best Service From Your Device...
Learn To Use A Pendulum To Set Rates

The more that you use the device, the more your intuitive skills will sharpen. It is
always good to learn to use a pendulum. A pendulum is a telephone that
connects you to Spirit, to your Guides, and to your own subconscious mind. It is
a wonderful free service that you can connect to, and use for life, to help all areas
of your life. If you could dowse for an answer, and receive 100% correct
response, wouldn’t you do it? Most people do not understand the use the
pendulum, and that it is really a spiritual tool, that has been around for thousands
of years. You can use a pendulum, to better use your radionics or orgone
equipment. You can use it to test if you have selected the right rates and
programs on your device, or in your radionics software, if you have it.

Here are easy to use instructions on how to use your pendulum. We recommend
the Super Isis pendulum, from

Programming Your Subconscious To Use A Pendulum


Put your elbow on the table. If you are right handed, use your right hand to
dowse with the pendulum: There is a little flat bead on the black string of the
pendulum. Shorten it to about 2 to 3 inches from the pendulum, as this is where
you will hold the string. Hold it with thumb, index, and middle fingers, or what
feels comfortable for you. The shorter the string, the faster the pendulum moves.
Say: "Clear me. Shield me. I invite the Holy Spirit, and my High Self Committee
of Guides & Angels, to talk to be present and to talk to me through my


Put your elbow on the table, and sit comfortably. Swing the pendulum away from
your body, and back again, (forward & back) while doing that say this: "This is my
Yes. People nod their heads yes, and this is my Yes.

Page 13.
Next, swing the pendulum gently, from left to right side, and say this: "This is my
No. People shake their heads No, and this is my No.

(Left to right)


Start by swinging the pendulum in a clock-wise circle, and say the following:

"This is my Clearing Signal. My pendulum goes in a circle when my High Self

Committee is clearing something, like a block, program, or negative energy
away." Your High Self Committee, your angels and guides will talk to you
through the pendulum. In this way, They can help you more, and give you
accurate universal information. This is a tool that you will have for life. If you are
not sure, if a vitamin is good for you for example, hold the vitamins in your non-
dominant hand, and dowse over it. Ask: "Is this good for me?" They will tell you
Yes, or No. When you ask a question, give the pendulum a twist, in a circle,
clockwise, and that will get it started.

Programming Your Subconscious To Use A Pendulum –

Percentages, Dictionary, Week Days, Testing Accuracy

With this method, you will get free information from your High Self Committee,
your own Guides and Angels. You can also use numbered charts, so that you
can ask percentage type questions. Like this:

"What percentage of good will this new job give me, if I take it?" Then, swing
your pendulum in a circle to get it started. They will search around for the right
percentage on the numbered chart. For example, if the pendulum swings to 7,
that means 70% benefit. Then, you ask if 70% (for example) is right. They will
say, Yes or No.

Page 14.
You can also ask days of the week using the numbers on the chart:
1 - Monday
2 - Tuesday
3 - Wednesday
4 - Thursday
5 - Friday
6 - Saturday
7 - Sunday

Ask what page the word is on that your High Self Committee wants to tell you.
They will say, for example, page 58. Then you go to page 58 in the dictionary,
and ask, if it is the Right or Left column on page 58. Give the pendulum, a
circular twist, and it will go Yes, or No. They will say, for example, that it is the left
column on page 58. Then put your pendulum in No mode (left to right
side)......Then, with your free hand, you go down the list with your index finger,
until you get a Yes, on your pendulum. So, as you go down the list, you want to
start with the pendulum swinging - No. When you hit the right word, it will go
Yes. Ask if this is the right word to confirm.


Clear and Shield. Ask if you have discarnates (Souls that have died, and left
their bodies). If you get a Yes, say: "Clear, and remove. Take them to their
proper place, there is no Sin. God loves them." If the discarnate is still present,
you have a nasty one. Say this then: "Shackle, throw them into the Holy Spirit,
clear, and remove. Take them to their proper place, there is no Sin, God loves
them." No discarnate, can resist the shackle method. It is very important to stay
clear of discarnates (entities, or Souls). Check to make sure that you are clear
each day.


Use a numbered chart, and ask how accurate you are. Say: "How accurate am
I?" It should say 100%. If it does not, ask them to clear and shield you again.
Do this until you get a 100% answer.
It might take some time to learn the pendulum, so practice a little each day. The
Masters say that all High Souls have used a pendulum before. This is not
surprising as pendulums have been around for thousands of years, and some
where even found in Egyptian tombs, from over 6,000 years ago. The Pendulum
is a wonderful tool, and will help you through out your life. It is free, easy to use,
and you can test your accuracy. Anyone can use it. All you have to do is
practice and it will surely bring results. The best pendulum on the Net, the 'Super
Isis' model, - was redesigned by my own Masters. You can purchase it at:

Page 15.
A Basic Number/Alphabet Chart For Pendulum Use:
Use this chart to check for accuracy (10 means can mean, 10 Or
100% - if you are doing percentages) To ask if you have the correct
rate on your radionics device. Or to get further information from your
own Guides & Masters. You can use the numbers above, for page
numbers to your dictionary to get full sentences from Them.

About Distant Healing

This phenomenon was proven by Dr. Sarkar, of Calcutta India, about twenty
years ago. He was a practitioner of Color and Gem therapy, and also, an expert
dowser and healer. His healing abilities were tested, As an experiment, Dr.
Sarkar, while in Calcutta, used a photograph of a patient located in New York,
and radiated red color healing light to the patient. At this same time, two
independent doctors observed the patient through a prism, in New York. During
the fifteen day experiment, the observing doctors recorded significant increase in
the red color energy of the patient, day by day. In this way, Dr. Sarkar had his
distant healing abilities confirmed, as the health of his patient increased. Every
disease or disorder has its Root Cause in the energy force field of the person.
Clearing blocks to healing, and changing the frequency of the disharmonious
organ, or organ systems in the energy force field of the patient gradually
produces positive changes in the organ health, and behavior.

Page 16.
Understanding Distant Clearing & Radionics
The Transmission of healing energies to a person located at a distance from the
healer, or the healing instrument, is called Tele-therapy, Distant Healing, or
Radionics. This healing method has been in existence for many thousands of
years. In the U.S. radionics equipment for healing for others, is banned.


A Swiss priest, the Abbe Mermet, used pendulum dowsing for medical diagnosis
in the 1920's and introduced the term 'radiesthesia' meaning sensitivity to
radiation. All forms of matter exude radiation (vibrations) and Radionics is a way
to apply distant healing based on the diagnosis provided by the initial
Radiesthesia. The practitioner, by the means of using special instruments,
constructs a health 'picture' of the patient and identifies areas of imbalance.
Before this the patient completes a case history form, or a list of their childhood
traumas, and present concerns. In some cases a picture of the recipient, aids
the practitioner in his/her work of coaxing the body and mind to draw on universal
healing properties.

This Distant Healing phenomenon, was propounded by Einstein, although it has
existed for many thousands of years before his time. Einstein made an
interesting discovery. His theory on vibratory resonance, was this. If two
electrons of a single atom are separated, and one of these electrons is placed on
the moon (for example) and the other on Earth, - that by altering the frequency of
the electron on Earth, the frequency of the electron on the moon would also
change simultaneously, and instantaneously. This is how healing energy is
applied in Distant Healing.


This phenomenon was proven by Dr. Sarkar, of Calcutta India, about twenty
years ago. He was a practitioner of Color and Gem therapy, and also, an expert
dowser and healer. His healing abilities were tested, As an experiment, Dr.
Sarkar, while in Calcutta, used a photograph of a patient located in New York,
and radiated red color healing light to the patient.

At this same time, two independent doctors observed the patient through a prism,
in New York. During the fifteen day experiment, the observing doctors recorded
significant increase in the red color energy of the patient, day by day. In this
way, Dr. Sarkar had his distant healing abilities confirmed, as the health of his
patient increased. Every disease or disorder has its Root Cause in the energy
force field of the person.

Page 17.
Clearing blocks to healing, and changing the frequency of the disharmonious
organ, or organ systems in the energy force field of the patient gradually
produces positive changes in the organ health, and behavior.


During the Clearing Sessions at FusionMastersTM Ltd., the Masters and I, apply
Healing and Clearing energies, through a very special form of Distant Healing,
called NEW BALANCE CLEARING THERAPYTM. With this new Therapy, the
subconscious mind of the recipient, and their physical body, are cleared of
blocks, and programs that are damaging their health, relationships, and
prosperity. We also apply various healing energies, through Distant Healing.
NEW BALANCE CLEARING THERAPYTM is at the forefront of the new schools
of alternate therapy, that are now available. Many of the healing energies used
during our sessions are unique to us, and the method, is also a highly advanced
form of Distant Healing, based on Einstein's theories of vibratory resonance. We
also use the Welz radionics equipment to ‘Imprint’ new positive thoughts and
energies into the consciousness of our clients who request a session.

We DO NOT make any healing claims to these devices, however.

*Note: When you use your new radionics equipment, be sure to drink extra water
during the days that you use it.

The Super Isis Pendulum – Order From

Page 18
Setting Up The RAD Software RI 2400 CD

Instructions For Set-up Of The RA 2400 Software,

(RI 2400 CD) On Your Computer (Standard Windows):

Insert the CD into your computer.

Go to ‘Start’, (left bottom of your screen), and click on it.

Go to ‘Find Files’ and click on it.

Go to ‘Browse’, and select the drive that governs your CDs, usually D drive, but it
could be E or F drive also.

Click on Radionic, this is the program that you will install, but you will more
radionics programs on the CD that you can use, later on. You may also install all
of the programs at this time, if you choose. But, you will be trained with the basic
Radionics program.

Click ‘Find Now’, and this will open the Keltic directory, so that you can find
‘Setup.exe’. Find this, and click on it, and this will begin the software

If you have problems with the CD, call me and we will set up a time, to help you.

Phone: 916 489-9407. Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

Whitneay T. Vanwells

FusionMastersTM Ltd.
Phone: 916 489-9407

Note: We will also go over these instructions with you by live phone, or chat
session, as part of your radionics training. Be sure to write down any questions
that you might have about the device.

Page 19.
Sample Decrees & Symbols Used With For Prosperity $

Below are a few of decrees, that are not in the RAD 2400 CD
Software, but that can be used with this program. You can copy and
Past them into your software program, or print the manual and type
them into your new RI 2400 software.

Decree & Prosperity

I have money, wealth, opulence, supply, and abundance of all material things. I
AM wealthy and prosperous with an abundance of money right now.

God Blesses me with an abundance of money, and prosperity. I am worthy to

receive, and I receive large amounts of money now. Money is Spirit, and I am
Blessed with a great abundance of money. I have more money, than I will ever
spend. My bank accounts are full of money, and I have much wealth, real estate,
a prosperous business, and investments. Money is a gift from God.


I AM the Universe, re-creating myself

I AM the Universe flowing
To myself, through myself, from myself,
Creating all I see.
I am the Divine Flow of All That Is.
Abundant is my motion.
I AM the Universe, re-creating myself
To flow abundance, money, wealth, and love.

File Name: !Decree of manifesting

By the Grace of God, I manifest at will
I determine my life, and the material things in it
I create great wealth, success, and material goods at will and
I have the power of creation at my finger tips.
I can manifest by my thoughts, feelings, and desires.
I am loved and respected.
I have control of my life now, I am financially secure, and I am happy.
I can create diamonds, gold, inventions, property, and jewels from the ethers. I
draw great wealth to me now.

Page 20.
Decree on enjoying work, making money

I like working. It is O.K. to work. I do not have to give up my identity by working.

Working is good for my Spirit. I do not need to be supported by others. I am an
adult, and I can support myself. I like making money.

I am prosperous, and wealthy now. I have great amounts of money. I enjoy my

work, and I enjoy being paid for the work that I do. I exceed my own goals. My
income now exceeds expenses, and debts. Money is Spirit, and there is always
more money that comes to me. I invest my wealth wisely, with clear conscious
awareness and the highest golden integrity.

I am in a constant state of gratitude, and joy, and I receive money graciously. I

am worthy to receive. I am successful. I enjoy making more money. I am good
at making money. I like helping my spouse, and making more money. Money
and success comes to me easily.

I know that money is a gift from God. I appreciate all wealth that comes to me

I manifest abundance, money, wealth, and riches from my own higher state of
consciousness. I give to those around me, and my spouse. I am not stingy with
my money.


‘14 Business Success’ in the Business pack
(Welz RI 2400 CD, and Power Radionics 2000 CD)

Page 21.
RAY GreenRayBurstNice.jpg (CD #2)
E-mail file – The green ray is for abundance & prosperity.
When you use this symbol, you are inviting the Green Ray of healing and
prosperity to be applied to the receiver during the session. Be sure to use this
intent, when you use this symbol, as your will and intent are a huge part of the
session programming. There are many more symbols beyond these that can be
used for manifesting and success. These are a sample of what is available.

Invocation to The Green Ray:


I call upon the Elohim

Of the Emerald Green Ray,
Abundance pours into my physical life now.
I call upon the Elohim
Of the Emerald Green Ray,
I AM connected with my Divine Flow now.
As above, so below.

I call upon the Green Ray

To give me love, support, and guidance now.
My heart is strong, and open now.
I call upon the Emerald Ray
I create abundance now.
As above, so below
All is Love, All is Flow.
I manifest great abundance in my life now.

I call upon the Elohim

Of the Emerald Green Ray,
Abundance pours into my physical life now.

Page 22.
I call upon the Elohim (Masters)
Of the Emerald Green Ray, (The Green Ray Of Abundance)
I AM connected with my Divine Flow now.
As above, so below.
I call upon the Green Ray
To give me love, support, and guidance now.
My heart is strong, and open now.
I call upon the Emerald Ray
I create abundance now.
As above, so below
All is Love, All is Flow.
I manifest great abundance in my life now.

Samples Of Decrees Used For Love




From my own I AM-Soul,
The God Flame Lives here
Washing every cell of my heart,
I receive the love of my true love mate now.
I receive true love from them, now.
I am a good partner, and I am devoted to my mate.
I enjoy pleasing them, and I keep my promises to them now.
I am a good mate, and I provide for my loving partner, now.
I put them first above all people, save God, and the Masters.
My heart and Soul resonate with the Light and Sound.
Each of my atoms receives the Divine Current from Above,
From the Heart of God, The Ocean of Mercy and Love.
My love for my mate and sweetheart exists now.

Page 23.
Symbols & Decrees That Have Universal Uses:

Universal Symbols:

RAY Violet Flame Burst White, All Purpose

Decree For The Violet Flame

File Name: !15DecreeVioletFlametransmutesatomsnice
The Violet Flame is the all-time karma buster, and destroys bad energy!
It goes into the atoms and turns the bad tar-like karma, into Divine light.

"Through my I AM consciousness, and by the Amethyst Jewel,

the healing energy is now released, that is most necessary tome.
I receive the aide of the Angels of Light, the power of God's own
healers, the Masters, the healing Saints and angels who use this
healing technology that exist beyond the physical. As the Violet
Flame, the beloved healing vibrations penetrate into the very
heart core of all cells and atoms, and now seals those
cells and atoms in the healing thought forms, and energies of the
Violet Flame energy, into every atom of my being. I receive with
great Joy the linking of the Violet Flame to my body, heart, mind,
and Soul. I release all negativity to the Violet Flame, now and forever."

Decree For The Violet Flame

Decree Violet Flametransmutes atoms nice
I AM God's perfection manifest In body, mind, and soul-
I AM God's direction flowing
I AM whole! All atoms, cells, electrons
Within this form of mine, Enjoy God's perfect blueprint
The spirals of God's wholeness Enfold me, I AM the Master Presence now
I AM God's perfect image: My form is charged by love;
I AM blessed by Comfort's Dove!
Page 24.
Decree Continued:
I AM filled with thy life above, I AM in thy arms of love!

I AM Spirit's healing Presence, All shining like a mercy sun-

I AM that pure perfection, My perfect healing!

I charge and charge, and charge myself With radiant I AM light-

I feel the flow of purity That now makes all things right!

I AM God's perfection manifest In body, mind, and soul-

I AM God's direction flowing I AM whole!
O atoms, cells, electrons Within this form of mine,
Enjoy God's perfect blueprint The spirals of God's wholeness
Enfold me now I AM the Master Presence

I AM God's perfect image: My form is charged by love;

I AM blessed by Comfort's Dove!

I AM filled with thy life above, I AM in thy arms of love!

I AM Spirit's healing Presence, All shining like a mercy sun-

I AM that pure perfection, My perfect healing!

I charge and charge, and charge myself With radiant I AM light-

I feel the flow of purity That now makes all things right!

I AM God's perfection manifest In body, mind, and soul-

I AM God's direction flowing I AM whole!
O atoms, cells, electrons Within this form of mine, Enjoy God's perfect blueprint
The spirals of God's wholeness
Enfold me now I AM the Master Presence

I AM God's perfect image: My form is charged by love;

I AM blessed by Comfort's Dove!

I AM filled with thy life above, I AM in thy arms of love!

I AM Spirit's healing Presence, All shining like a mercy sun-

I AM that pure perfection, My perfect healing!

I charge and charge, and charge myself With radiant I AM light-

I feel the flow of purity That now makes all things right!

Page 25.
Symbols & Decrees That Have Universal Uses:

The Most Useful & Effective Symbol Used With The Software:

RAY White Light Burst N, BEST, All Purpose.jpg (hard to see white image) One
of the best symbols and can be used for almost anything. Very effective For All
Topics! And All Types Of Radionics Sessions.

This is a symbol for divine white light, and the most effective symbol of the e-
mailed symbols, or in the software. It is a white light link, and it can be used for
all areas of positive change.

Decree That Can Be Used With The Above Symbol:


I AM the Amazing Electric White Light

That knows all, and frees all within me
I AM the face, the Form, the Thought of God
I AM The White Energy in my Soul
I AM the Electric White Light Reiki energy
It is the Holy Spirit flowing through me
Every atom and sub atomic particle of my being
Resonates with the Electric White Light

Churn within me, the Light atoms of ALL

I am Free, Clear, and Strong
Churn within me, Amazing Electric White Light
I AM the face, the Form, the Thought of God
I AM The White Energy in my Soul
I AM the Electric White Light Reiki energy
It is the Holy Spirit flowing through me
Every atom and sub atomic particle of my being
Resonates with the Electric White Light

Page 26.
Packs In The RA 2400 CD Software
What is a Trend Link:
Trend links represent the desire effect, and are devices, symbols, radionic
settings, symbolic objects, or other representation, such as oils. They have one
main thing in common; they establish a symbolic connecton with a desired effect,
and can create a solution to a problem. It is very important that when you create
a trend link for change, that your intent is strong. It is your intent, and connection
with the divine, that creates new and positive change. Do not let your mind
wonder, when you program your session. And, when you are done, release it to
Spirit, knowing that the best outcome will happen. An example of a trend link, is
the white light symbol above. If this is placed in your software session, and a
copy is placed on your device, or taken with you in your pocket, this becomes a
link to the program that you have created.

What is a Target Link:

The Target Link, is often called the psychic link, and it is an object, symbol,
radionics setting, a photo of the receiver, or a lock of hair of the receiver. To help
the body to receive life force, and if there are health issues, a single drop of
blood, placed on a 1 inch square piece of paper, placed in a plastic bag, helps to
link to the physical body. The Target Link creates a direct flow of life force
energy to the Target that it represents. The small brown orgonite discs also
serve as a link, if you carry them in your pocket. Do not loose the brown discs if
you have ordered a device that has them. They are a crucial part of your
equipment, and give you the use of the equipment, while away from home. Buy
a small clothe bag from a novelty store to put them in.

Why Use Life Force:

Change cannot be created in the mind without a carrier force, or energy. The
mind must have a way to receive the new information, and the life force energy in
the Welz devices, suite this purpose. In traditional spiritual healing the Force
used is Divine energy. The life force, that is provided through the Radionics and
Orgone devices, is a lower form of this same energy. The symbols in the
software, and that were e-mailed to you, act as connectors to this life force

The Symbol Packs In The RA 2400 CD Software:

The symbols in this directory are all derived from a grimoire called “The Sacred
Magic of Abramelin The Mage. These symbols are all letters arranged in
squares. You will find a description of the symbols in the Abramelin grimoire.
Below is a list of the most important ones:

Page 27.
1.1 01 Past Future
This directory contains symbols that can help you to find out about things past
and future, as long as they are not directly opposed to God’s will:
01 To know all things as past and future in general
02 To know things belonging to the future
03 To know things of the future
04 To know about things that will happen in war
05 To find out about things past and forgotten
06 To find out about tribulations to come
07 To know about propitious things to come
08 To know about the past of enemies
09 To know the signs of tempest
10 To find out the secrets of war
11 To distinguish real from false

1.2 02 Familiar Spirit Shape

To retain free and bound spirits in any desired shape. This has to do with the
astral form that you may give a thought form that you create and how it will
appear astrally to others. Not recommended for beginners on the path with a
new radionics device.
01 Form of a lion
02 Page
03 Flower
04 Horseman
05 Eagle
06 Dog
07 Bear
08 Soldier
09 Old man
10 Moor
11 Serpent
12 Age

1.8 10 Against magick

01 To undo any magic whatsoever
02 To heal the bewitched
03 To make magical storms ease
04 To discover any magic
05 To hinder sorcerers from operating. Can kill them if they have this in
mind for you

1.9 12 Find secrets

To fin out the secrets of any person (using the squares can cause the information
coming to you from whatever source.)

Page 28.
01 To know the secrets of letters (the secrets written)
02 To know the secret of words (the secrets spoken)
03 To find out about secret operations
04 To find out military secrets
05 To find out secrets of love
06 To find out the real riches of a person
07 To find out the secrets of all arts (this refers to the “free arts”, I.e., this
symbol is designed to fin out about the nature of secret magical

1.10. 14 Un-noticability
For the twelve hours of the day and night to render oneself invisible unto every
person. What’s meant here are the twelve sections from sunrise to sunset and
from sunset to sunrise.

1.11. 17 Astral Shapes

To fly in the air anywhere. This obviously refers to astral traveling and the
specific shape taken by the Astral Traveler.
01 In a black cloud
02 In a white cloud
03 In the shape of an eagle
04 In the shape of a vulture
05 In the shape of a crow
06 In the shape of a crane
Note: Most primitive cultures use birds or clouds as magical vehicles for astral
travel, because they are inconspicuous and they travel fast.

1.12. 19 Love (To only be used with the permission of the other person. To use
without their consent is to create a violation of spiritual law, and to create very a
very bad karmic debt.)
01 For the love of the wife or husband
02 For a specific love
03 For the love from a relative
04 For the love from a specific maiden
05 To gain the affection of a judge
06 To gain the affection of a married person (do not use)
07 For the affection of a widow
08 For the affection of an engaged girl (do not use)
09 For the affection of girls in general
10 For the affection of a specific person in power
11 For the affection of a ruler
12 For the friendship of a specified person
13 For the friendship of a famous person
14 For the affection of a woman

Page 29.
15 For the affection of a ecclesiastic
16 For the affection of a male executive or above
17 For the affection of a female executive or manager above
18 For the affection of a person of other faith than yours
19 For the affection of a ruler
20 For adulteries in general
Note: Most of these you cannot use without the permission of the other

1.13 20 Hate Discord

1.14 21 Appearance -
01 To transform oneself to take different faces, and forms. Note: These
symbols can be used to get a specific appearance, perhaps to appear
harmless when dealing in some situation requiring concealment.

1.15 22


1.17 24 Discover Thefts

To find out about thefts that happened.
01 Stolen jewels
02 Stolen money
03 Stolen objects in gold
04 Stolen objects in silver
05 Stolen property, furniture etc.
06 Stolen animals and pets

2. Action
The symbols represent basic actions, and can be used to set the basic action of
your radionic work.
Some symbols that represent basic positive actions are:
Abundance.gif Represents abundance
Blastingglyph.gif For clearing
Lilith.jpg For love and sex
Psychic.jpg For insights, astral traveling, divination, to find
Out things, and to send ideas
Success.gif For success in general

Page 30.
3. Aod new (alphabet of desire) MOST USED SYMBOL PACK
A new alphabet of desire, based on planetary midpoint positions. It has proven
to be very curative. Some useable symbols:
Addictions.gif To counteract addictions of any kind
Calm.gif To calm down
Charisma.gif To develop/or show charisma
Completion.gif To instill the capability to complete things.
Conclude.gif To conclude a matter
Creative.gif Develop creativity and inspiration
Energy.gif To gain strength, energy, vitality
Eroticthoughts.gif To trigger erotic thoughts in oneself
Reverseevil.gif To reverse evil
Fatigue.gif To overcome fatigue
Fertility.gif To increase fertility
Job.gif To help with job search
Destroyplots.gif Destroy plots, or attacks
Regeneration.gif Strengthens regeneration
Resistance.gif Gives power to resist any challenge
Wisdom.gif To gain wisdom and knowledge
Overcomeworry.gif To overcome all kinds of worries

4. Archangeldempl (Archangels, planetary spirits, - remove


5. Faust Grimoire.

6. Grimver.

7. Inftarot – Destructive works.

8. Keysol - If you study astrology these symbols have great use.

01 Against all kinds of danger
02 To increase sensitivity, clairvoyance capability, ESP, inspiration
03 Lawsuits, government, wealth
04 Acquiring luck and riches
05 Glory, fame, honors, and wealth. Also protects with these new

Page 31.
01 Helps prevent repercussion from spells
02 For destructive spells – don’t use
03 For action ruled by Mars
04 Protection against physical danger, also for anything related to Mars
05 Protection in all wars, including psychic wars
06 For victory

01 To increase psychic comprehension and anything under Mercury
02 Increase ESP and psychic capabilities

01 For anything falling under the domain of the Moon and a protection
from ‘dangers of water’, emotional hurt.

01 Protects against any form of obsession and possession
02 Gives the power of the ‘Angels of Saturn’
03 Do not use
04 “
05 “

01 For Astral Travel
02 Gambling, don’t use
03 For all matters under influence by the Sun
04 For Solar matters, and Astral travel
05 To gain success, power success in life.

01 For love
02 For all matters under the domain of Venus

9. Lemegeton - the 72 symbols of the Goetia – need the book.

10. Orgone Transfer. One was made specifically for you by

Whitneay, at FusionMastersTM Ltd., and it is including in your kit.

10. Packs. These symbols come from many sources.

Page 32.
11.1. The AOD – Alphabet of Desire (BEST PACKS!)
The alphabet of Desire is one of the finest and most simple tools to use for
radionic success. The design of each card of this powerful set is a combination
of archetypal symbols. There is a card for most everyday situation that you might
want to get a handle on.

You may use more than one card of the AOD. However, it is not recommended
to send sessions to groups of people unless it is a one goal, such as success to
support the family. You may send to several persons at a time, if they are
partners of the same business, or if they work jointly.

11.2. The Stress-Zapper/Energy-Booster Pack

We live in a time in which we are challenged daily by stress to our body, mind,
and emotions. We are constantly being challenged with change. Sometimes it is
more then we can handle. The results of these daily stress is lack of energy and
fatigue. These symbols can help! Use them from 1 to 2 hours per day to help
you to feel relaxed and invigorated!
1.---Total Stress Relief. This symbol is good to use while working. You may
carry a transfer disk with you while your radioinics device is set on low, either
7.83 Hz or 12.0 Hz is good.
2.---For Centering Yourself. Also good while working or during sports activities.
Best setting on your device: 12.0 Hz.
3.—Total Relaxation Practice. This words well in conjunction with meditation, or
autogenic training (mind training). Set at 3.5 Hz, or the lowest setting possible.
4.—Calm Down When Troubled. Set your rate at either 7.83 Hz, or 12. Hz on
your device.
5.--Gain Restful Sleep. Again the lowest possible setting on any device.
6.--Turn Mental Anguish Into Calm. 7.83 Hz or 12 Hz.
7.--General Energy/Stamina Boost. 12, 14, or higher up to 20 is best.
8.--Energy For Work Outs. Highest settings.
9.--Active Muscles. Good for body builders, and sports enthusiasts.
10.-Keep Routine Going. For Discipline.
11.-Skill In Selecting Right Tools. Or types of sports. Gives insights to find
what’s right for the situation. Not every workout tool delivers what is promoted.
12.-Gain Physical Strength. Aids physical exercise.
13.-Boost Fat Burning. Provides inclination towards physical activity.
14.-Discipline In Exercising.
15.-Discipline In Eating.
16.-Food Selection Skills.
17.-Enjoy Activity.
18.-Make Food Advertising Ineffective. Fights food commercials.

Page 33.
19.-Boost Skills In Sports
20.-Grasp Sport Mentally. A Mental tune-in into the sport of your choice that
makes practice more effective. Faster learning and higher performance.
21.-Increased Sporting Activity.
22.-Improved Co-ordination.
23.-More Aggression In Sports Activity.
24.-Increased Causation In Sports.

12.The Sex-Pack (recommended for existing partner, with their permission

only. Do not violate their space without permission.) Can also be used to attract
a new true love.
1. -To attract a special love.
3. -To attract a man or woman
12.-To attract friendship
17.-Reveal Secrets Of Love. Find out secrets of sensuality in all phases of life,
art, and beauty.
21.-Increase or decrease sexual arousal.
22.-Erotic beauty in a relationship.
23.-Learn the secrets of tantra, Taoism, and other higher powered eroticism.
24.-Inspire love and permanence of relationships.

11.4.Super Learning & Intelligence Pack

The Super Learning and Intelligence Pack is designed to help increase mental
skills! Use with other mind control methods such as Silva Mind Control,
meditation, and Neuro-Cybernetic Programming. This pack makes learning
easier and fun.
1.—Boost Intelligence
2.—Fun in learning
3.—Ability to learn fast
4.—Help develop powerful intuition
5.—Help quick comprehension of new concepts
6.—Boost creative inspiration
7.—Skills in poetry
8.—Improve musical talent, composing skills
9.—Artistic painting skills
10.-Artisti drawing and graphics
11.-Skills in sculpture
12.-For everything related to movies
13.-Literary skills
14.-Public speaking skills
15.-Ease in learning languages
16.-Skills in sales and communications
17.-Basic scientific understanding

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18.-High science comprehension
19.-Mathematical skills
20.-Technology and engineering skills
21.-Boost skills of invention
22.-Ease and help in passing tests
23.-Increase mental energy
24.-Philosophical comprehension

11.5. The Business & Money Pack –

This is an arsenal of tools that help in your dealings with other people: business
partners opponents, associates, employees, professionals and more.
1.—Foresight & Evaluation. It can assist in finding formulas of other filters in this
set. It also assists in finding past business methods that can be a great success
2.—Secrets Of Associates. Useful in firing or hiring.
3.—Potential Areas Of Trouble. Find possible trouble in the future of the
business, and how to solve them. In combination with the first square it can also
lead to the solution of a business dilemma.
4.—Achilles Heel Of Situation. Reveals the Achilles’ heel of a company or
partnership, idea, or investment. Request a solution when using this filter.
5.—Potentials Of Success. Reveals the unlimited possibilities of success in the
future of a company or idea.
6.—Know True From False Friends. This can be valuable help in hiring, or when
deciding on a contract or other important decision.
7.—Intellectual Improvement And Rapid Progress.
8.—Vision, Foresight, And Creativity. Stimulates vision, far sight, creativity,
brainstorming, and creation of successful plans.
9.—Inspire The Workforce. Helps with management or labor.
10.-Work In Inaccessible Places. Helps access to markets, network, or places,
before inaccessible.
11.-For Brainstorming Sessions
12.-To Clear Negativity And Hostility. Clears your mind from these.
13.-Master Any Subject Or Skill Rapidly.
14.-Access To New Motivational Material And Know How Information.
15.-Access To Scientific Fields Related To Business.
16.-Analyze Contracts With Ease.
17.-For Efficient Advertising. Opens your mind to the secrets of the words.
Great for advertising and to understand contracts and legal works.
*18.Learn And Apply The Secrets Of Success – in any field of interest, business,
intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and or recreational.
19.-Help Find Great Investments. Leads to ideas on how to find great
investments and how to acquire them.
20.-Help Find Good Investments On A Large Scale.

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21.-Help Find Valuable Real Estate – with advice on the purchase if interested.

11.6 The Legal Pack

1.—Know Things Past & Forgotten
2.—Know Potential Trends Of A Lawsuit
3.—Know The Secrets Of Enemies
4.—Know The Past Of Enemies
5.—Know The True Riches Of A Person
6.—Know The Secret Communications
7.—Know The Secret Operations
8.—Know The Secrets Of Love
24.-To Know True From False Friends

11.7. Gambling Pack

11.8. The People Skills Pack

2.—To Project Power
3.—For Self-Assertion
4.—To Negotiate A Win-Win Situation
5.—To Get Help From Others
6.—To Attract Friends
7.—For Charismatic Speech
8.—For Logic In Debates
9.—For Powerful Demagogic
10.-For Quick-Witted Non-Sarcastic Responses
11.-To Enjoy Public Speaking
12.-To Develop Excellent Communication Skills
13.-To Know True From False
14.-To Know Secrets
15.-To Learn Love Relationship Secrets
16.-For Powerful Intuition
17.-To Be Street-Wise
18.-To Know The Truth Of Propositions
19.-To Turn Enemies Into Friends
20.-To Generate Friendship
21.-Divide & Rule – Not Recommended
22.-For Leadership In Business
23.-For Political Leadership
24.-For Leadership In General

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12. People
In this directory you put the images of persons whom you are targeting. You
must have permission to do a Radionics sessions on another person, place, or

12. Runes

12. Sagepyr

12. Tarot
After you have installed and selected the topic for your Radionics
session, you will set your rates on your device through the brown
stick pad (for models that have one). After your rates are set, open
up your software program. There is one basic rule when running a
session. The symbols used should match as close as possible the
statements made, & or the decrees used during the Radionics
session. Money decrees need money symbols.
Fatigue, Worry Stress Zapper Pack

Love, Success, Achievement AOD – Alphabet Of Desire

Super Learning/Intelligence Super Learning Pack

Money, Business, Income Business Pack/AOD/

& People Skills Pack

Love Relationships Love/Sex Packs

Sports Stress Zapper/

Energy Packs
*Note: The ‘RAYS’ are symbol patches that represent actual Spiritual healing
energies. This new collection of symbols & energies are brand new research in
the areas of orgone and radionics. Many of our customers are getting good, if
not better, results with the use of the colored RAYS.

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The ability to change the consciousness at a distance has been around for
thousands of years. You are now at a point, where you can change yourself for
the better, through your own choices, and using your own affirmations, symbols,
and desires.

With this new Radionics equipment, you are given the keys to creating new and
positive changes in your life. This safe, tested, equipment that was designed by
physicist Karl Welz, offers you something beyond known reality. You now own a
tool for creating new changes in your life, that you did not have before.

The field of radionics, is a new area of research, and you will find new ways to
use your device that suite your needs. All of what has been given to you here
has been based on the research of others. Yet, this is a wide open field, with
endless possibilities. You will find ways to apply these methods to your own
needs. You might find new pictures, or symbols, and create new decrees of your
own. We whole heartedly encourage you to do so.

If you have any questions regarding your device, or need information on

dowsing, radionics, the equipment, or your software, contact Whitneay T.
Vanwells below:


Whitneay T. Vanwells, Ph.D., C.A.S.

Phone Us At: (360) 332-0999
(West Coast U.S.A., Washington State; Pacific Time).

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