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4 Friday, April 12, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor

Around Who’s Responsible for What?

Does Anyone Know?
Town... By DARRYL HOLYK the fact that there are some entities in our community
who are not good record keepers when it comes to
By Darryl Holyk
O ver the past few months, it has come to our atten-
tion that there are a number of groups and orga-
nizations in our community who are operating blindly
their finances. On more than one occasion, we have
asked for updates on total amounts raised for a project
or the total amount a certain entity has donated to-
Canada Day… without a mandate, bylaws or constitution. It is not
that these important guidelines do not exist, but more
wards a project and have been told, “We have no way
of knowing”. Pardon me? Of course you do, or at least
Although still a few months away, the Minnedosa
the fact that they have been lost or misplaced with the you should!
and District Recreation Commission is busy working
changing of volunteers or staff members. Where have Whether you are raising money for a certain proj-
on this year’s Canada Day celebration. Another family-
these important documents gone? No one seems to ect or donating towards a project you should have a
friendly event is being planned which will wrap up with
know or in some cases, can’t seem be bothered trying accurate record of those financial transactions. I can
the spectacular fireworks show over Minnedosa Lake. As
to find out. This causes me great concern and I am get- tell you exactly how much my business has donated
a non-profit, Canada Day cannot be successful without
ting tired and frustrated asking a question and being or sponsored throughout the year or in the past years.
the help of volunteers and generous financial donations.
told, “we have no idea”. That is not an acceptable an- When it comes to a local volunteer organization I am
Anyone interested in helping make Minnedosa’s Canada
swer! involved in, I can also tell you exactly how much has
Day 2019 the best it can be should contact Rec Director,
Documents such as guidelines, bylaws, mandates been donated towards that groups general fund or
Laura Cook at 204-867-2250 or by email at minrec@mts.
and constitutions are a must for any group or organi- special projects and who made those donations. This
zation. Often, they state what the groups purpose is, is not rocket science and should be very simple to
what that group should be working towards and focus- keep track of for future reference.
Dutch Elm Dollars… sing on and often state how the board structure is set-
up. Such documents were created by past members as
Hopefully, these misguided groups can get them-
selves back on track and move forward into the future
Riding Mountain MLA, Greg Nesbitt announced
$15,960 to the Town of Minnedosa to assist with the man- a reference point for newcomers and future volunteers with a clear idea of their purpose, and financial situ-
agement of Dutch Elm Disease in our community. This to continue the good work of an organization. From ation. The work of our volunteer groups is extremely
funding, provided through Manitoba Sustainable Devel- time to time, it is important for boards to review these important to our community and without them, we
opment will enhance measures to protect our communi- documents. Not only does this refresh their memory would loose a lot of the things that make our com-
ty through greater awareness and increased tree removal on their purpose but also provides an opportunity for munity great. Communities run on the powerhouse of
for trees affected by Dutch Elm Disease. them to make any required changes or updates. volunteers and those volunteers need proper clarity
Without such documentation, volunteers are and guidance so that they can volunteer to the best of
wandering aimlessly, without structure or purpose. their abilities for the betterment of our community.
Road restrictions… They have no idea what their organization stands for Let’s fix these wrongs before we spiral farther out of
Riding Mountain National Park has implemented its or what their organization is responsible for. This con- control to a point of no return.
spring road restrictions to minimize the impact on high- fusion can lead to miscommunication, uneducated
ways during spring thaw conditions. Highways #10 within decisions which could have a negative result and over-
the boundaries of the park remains closed to heavy truck lapping of volunteer efforts as more than one group
may be working towards the same goal separately
Letters to the Editor
traffic (three axles or more). Delivery vehicles will be al-
lowed access to the townsite, maintenance compound rather than working together. The Minnedosa Tribune welcomes Letters to the
and golf course from the south entrance of the park. Fortunately, a few of these groups who have “mis- Editor. All letters must include the writers full name,
Highway #19 within the park, now has weight restrictions placed” their mandate or bylaws, are now working address, and telephone number. Only the writer’s
of 6,006 pounds or 2,730 kg gross vehicle weight in effect. on finding or re-establishing such guidelines so that name will be published; address and phone number
To give you an idea of this eight limit, the largest vehicle everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. are required for confirmation. Anonymous letters will
allowed would be a loaded half-ton or an empty three- While this is a positive step forward, it is also some- not be published. Letters that are deemed libelous,
quarter ton. what of a waste of our volunteers time and effort. in bad taste, or describe an incident involving other
These volunteers now have to start from scratch and people, will not be published.
re-invent the wheel when previous volunteers have The Minnedosa Tribune reserves the right to
Easter deadline… already spent the time to do that work, but sadly their edit letters based on taste, legality, clarity, and
Remember our early deadline for next week’s edi- work has been misplaced, lost or carelessly thrown length. Letters to the Editor can be submitted in
tion. As we will be closed Good Friday, next week’s Tri- out. person, sent by mail to Box 930, Minnedosa, MB
bune will be distributed in stores and mail boxes on Another issue we, at the newspaper, have run into R0J 1E0, by fax (204) 867-5171, or by email to
Thursday, April 18th. With this, next week’s deadline will on numerous occasions that greatly concerns me is
be 12 noon on Monday, April 15th. We will return to our
regular Tuesday at noon deadline the following week.

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