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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Áine Delahunt

D.O.B: 9-4-1997

Green Road,
Co. Limerick.

Telephone: 123-456-789


Leaving Certificate (2014)

St. Brendan’s Community School, Cappaneale, Birr. Co. Offaly.
Results: 485/600

Current study: BA New Media and English (University of Limerick) 2015-2019



Dates Company Job Title & Responsibilities

(from - to)

June 2018- Supervalu Shop assistant

Current  Checkout Operator

September- Shamrocks,
January Salzburg  Collecting glasses and some bar work

January AGENT Intern

2017- July  Administrative work
2017  Content creation
 Social media distribution
 Marketing

January College  Wrote various articles that were published on the
2016- Times College Times website.

Summer Sales Assistant

June-July Next  Developed my teamwork skills by completing tasks with

2016 others.
 Improved my communication skills by working with
others to achieve common set goals.
 Responsible for gathering, labelling and hanging up
clothes within a set time limit.

Kitchen Assistant
 Worked under intense circumstances in a fast paced
April- Parkers workplace which developed my ability to take many
September Restaurant instructions at once.
2016  Maintained a high level of hygiene in the kitchen.
 Assisted the kitchen team in any task they assigned me

Personal I am a very avid writer and I have articles published on the website
Interests I also have a blog that I enjoy writing about beauty and
lifestyle. I enjoy watching YouTube videos about makeup, beauty and
everyday vlogs.

Career I would love to pursue a career in the media side of my course as I have a
Plans keen interest in it particularly in the marketing area.
I also would love to teach English as a foreign language, I spent 4 months on
Erasmus in Salzburg, Austria and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Signed: Áine Delahunt Date: 12/04/2019