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August 12, 2009

"What a Civil Engineer can do and what a Middle Technical Construction can not" ???

This question left in the "message board" by friend Ussene is relevant and, depending on the angle in
which we want to analyze, one might classify it as either "excellent" to "absurd" !! "Every head, a
sentence" !! It is as they say ?? But let's go by parts !!

First of all, and the "heartbeat" I have noticed, I would like to assure "to whom it may concern" that this
blog is not against Medium Technical and "Technical Engineers" as some like to call himself! This is an
important business segment for the development of this sector (construction), in which the country still
has some way to go !!

This apparent "conflict" between "ordinary skill" and "senior technical", is not restricted to the
construction! My doctor friends, lawyers, agronomists, etc., I have heard almost constantly, barbs with
shades to ostracism, addressed to those of ordinary skill sectors! Sometimes gives the feeling of having a
kind of "attempted usurpation of powers", of either party, there arise questions like that Ussene friend
here did! Come on then, the essentials !!

After the training, the individual with a degree in hand, is "average technician" or "senior technical"
know (or should know) that "responsibilities" contained its curriculum and what percentage of them
have acquired the fully! In an old post here on this blog, I spoke of the development of projects here in
Mozambique and mentioned that, who controls this market are the "average technical construction". I
was never a student of a school or Industrial Institute, hence can not speak on behalf of this professional
class! All that talk is based on my findings in the field and the type of work I see done by these

The question that would make all "Mid-Range Technical" that eventually go through here is, "Does the
Middle Technical construction is able to draw up architectural and structural building projects? What
kind of work? With that size? What assures you possess these skills and competences "??

Speaking of me and looking at my college days, I remember having had several design chairs from
"Descriptive Geometry", "Technical Drawing", "Building Design", "Project Buildings" (in its various
components), etc., but does that give me skills appear here to say that "I can prepare architectural
plans" ?? Certainly not!! Regardless of design programs domain computer aided as the "Autocad",
"Arquicad", etc, and particularly like to draw and design things, prepare building plans is not my thing !!
At least, that's how I think !! As previously said and I repeat: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar" !!

I speak here specifically of the "architects": This class professional studies 6-7 years things related to the
development of architectural projects! Make a plan is not to draw these "matchboxes" aggressively hurt
us looking in every corner of our cities and suburbs associated! very important elements such as
aesthetics, architectural integration of buildings, natural lighting, building functionality today
increasingly important: environmental issues and rationality in energy consumption of buildings,
maintenance costs on the building's life cycle, etc. are aspects that we need to have proper training to
be able to insert conveniently in projects !! Architects are formed to such and it is necessary for each
designer has the decency not want to stretch his leg,

If I speak of "ordinary skill" and "civil engineers" armed with "designers" also speak of "architects" who,
under the influence of greed and exacerbated profit want to arm in "structural engineers" that is to be
with the whole cake the project! I have seen many architects flocking sometimes to me, to have notions
of use of structural analysis programs such as "Cype" which was to be themselves to calculate the works
conceived !!! "Dangerous!! Very dangerous!!"

It is this kind of greed that produces these professionals "know it all" that, after all, know nothing !!

As physicians, it is important that all the "designer" keep in mind that above the easy profit, its business
involves "human life" and "investment" of various kinds, always very high !! There is an added
responsibility to society with this we propose to serve !! One must realize this clearly !! We need to
know that what we conceive should serve your purposes, the most possible time !! It is no coincidence
that once, at the opening of bridges and other impressive infrastructure, the designer had to be down
there, so that in the event that the work from collapsing, he was the first to suffer the
consequences ...... !!

But it is true that we have to be pragmatic and realistic! In Mozambique, there is not enough senior staff
to cover the market! This market will continue to be controlled by "ordinary skill" for many years,
regardless of all that if you want to speak or regulatory !! One can not say that "you can do this" or "you
can not do this," especially when the existing demand can not be satisfied, according to the conditions
and limitations on the ground !! The driver of the CFM that want to build your house with the five
hundred that saves hard, continue to not have money to hire the services of an "architect" or
"engineer" !! It will inevitably resort to an 'average technical "!!

Hence, the challenge imposed this professional class is the "responsibility" !! It is necessary that each
"average technical" know their skills and their limitations !! It is necessary that, rather than resorting to
an "architect" or "engineer", only to ask him to sign the "Statement of Responsibility" project that had
developed (because otherwise does not pass the Municipality), to consult and advise as will developing
this project !! There is no fear or fear to learn and improve their knowledge !! This is how the skills of
this class, it is said, has had serious problems in their training, they will increase and the country that has
served of his services, you can go out to win !!!

Each one, in the most superficial part of your consciousness and, as the diploma you have, you know
how far you can stretch your leg !! However, the intrinsic potential of learning and self-study that we
humans possess and often is asleep, it is something that can not be limited by any law or regulation !!
It's something that people should be encouraged to cultivate (In this regard the self-study, read the
story of Hamilton Naki) !! But always remember: "Responsibility" !!!

And, as said, there Municipalities that even a "engineer" or "architect" have !! But there are others who
are enrobustecer your machine human resources! There are still others that are already implementing
strict rules on the preparation and approval of projects! There are municipalities that do not accept a
project that does not have the handle of the signing of an architect or an engineer !!!

These practices in the long run is going to dictate what can or can not do, from what one understands to
be the skills acquired during the training !! "The wheat is separated from the chaff will" !! Because,
above all, and regardless of "hunger" that each have or bring, what you want is the harmonious growth
of our cities and building lasting infrastructure, because only then will we be effectively contributing to
the economic development of our nation !! This is an extremely important sector for the thrust chain
and stimulation that triggers other areas as materials, transport, trade, forestry, hotels, prostitution
(why not?), Etc.

I think, in general terms, it is what I would like to share with the Ussene friend and the others !!

Hug and hope to hear your sensibilities !!!

Jonathan McCharty at 9:20 AM


Anônimo11: 50 PM

Oy Enio I call me, I'm still a simple student secondary education, 12¤ class and attend the section of
sciences to design, my big dream is to become a renowned mi engineer .... And after reading the
comment of dr. N mi remember the name n 1 pay, I gained more strength and intendi kn we delude
ourselves only beautiful money, but have love for k do, be aware of nosos limits and enable them to me
the posivel maximum for the development of each and all ..... greetings to all those who contribute to
the development of Noso parents, especially to ENGINEERS


ussezaina3: 38 PM


The colleague, friend Jonathan, reflects a total lack of knowledge in relation to the curriculum of
teaching civil average technician in Mozambique, in particular, give what you are doing and comments
purely demagogic assertions. And serious Eng.

To come to your question "if the average technician can design and scale a project and on what basis",
the answer is - YES LORD CAN. "On what basis?" - and there where is your greatest ignorancia.So a taste
of the seats in teaching civil average technician - Drawing technical, architectural design, technical
Mechanics, Mechanics Soil, Building Materials, Concrete Structures, etc. What tools and that my friend
uses to scale otherwise REBA or REBAP currently RESEAP the Marcos tables, knowledge of architectural
design? So, who told you that the Tecnico Medio not doptado this knowledge?

Look, talk to other areas, and not civil construction. In this area, you guys, the engineers are more
lacunosos. Voces, has no absolutely nothing to say to medios. Some of your classmates, even on stage, I
would have sinker. You know not what you know? - quantify blocks.

useful advice, talk to your colleagues who passed the institute and the university were dpois before
making crude comments ...

The Mozambican state signing the average technician. What is that you think he signs? - a complete
project as well as you do. So, what a Eng. Can do and can not do Tecnico Medio?



Jonathan McCharty5: 12 PM

Dear friend Ussezaina !!

I do not know if and 'the same Ussene, that inspired me to make a post that vehemently and courage
very exalted now attacks.

Before interpela' it, I would like to clarify that "demagogue," the genesis of teaching have been
exclusively facing the elites, was the one who taught the masses, disadvantaged, unable to pay an
instructor !! It is therefore a term cool !!

Ussezaina friend !! Who can read and le my text from beginning to end, realize without much effort,
the points I raise the questions that phaco and suggestions to present !!

I must stress again and again, that somehow, whether to attack the technical medios, this particular
post or the blog in general !! What I present here, I was not seen on TV !! It is a realistic picture, found in
day-to-day work with these professionals.

Employment many technical medios, are consulted by many technical medios !! The formation of
these tables goes mediocre else or we would not be talking today persistently the revitalization of
technical and vocational education !!

I raised issues relevant to the conception of an architectural project, but did not see the Ussezaina
touch them.

I asked, what kind of work the average technician this' able to scale, and no word on !!
Everything you say and 'that the average technical Mozambican this' qualified to do arquitectonicos
and structural projects because it has this or that chair ... !!

So, we terminate this conversation, convinced terms "technical engineers" (is the best, do not you
think ??) wonks and handyman-right in the country !!

A hug and many successes in profession !!


ussezaina4: 33 PM

His friend "Jonathan"

I would like to congratulate you for the title of your blog that "DEVELOP MOZAMBIQUE."

Friend Jonathan, has not questioned the quality of the average technician as Mr. Eng.pretende to
pass. Questina if so, the quality of Mozambican technical and mr. It is not out of it. When you talk about
adequacy of our curriculum to the region, not to mention the teaching medium technician. Tell me mr.
Better than anyone, Mr.. should should follow essaes event and if you want to continue to defend the
title of your blog. Cuidaddo with demagoguery. I would ask Mr. Eng. Back to consult the true synonym
for "demagoguery" according to our context. That says Mr. if your university is not this at this time to go
through curriculum reform.

Returning to the question "What ENG. CIVIL CAN DO AND WHAT A ENG. TECHNICAL NO CAN DO." In
my last intervention, Mr. recommended. Eng. Spend a view looking to the curriculum of teaching civil
average technician in particular because consisted me that Mr. patavia not had knowledge of the
subject trying to defend there I call him "demagogue". Doing so will conclude that authenticates and a
photocopy of the Institute. A bit of "deepening" yes sir. you guys do, but you guys do not have nothing
to say to the average civil technician. I can still help you a little. Talk dam sizing, talk of estrututas sizing
having enconta the seismic agent, etc. But I wonder if dimensiono having enconta the sobregargas that
Fantasta will make me the earthquake? Trifles. In one of their activities Mr.. says "job technical medios,
are consulted for technical medios", natural and technical consultation between the same area. In one
of my tickets I told her colleagues her they know not to do "Measurements and budgets;? How are you
going to know if do not know quantify how and who will know quantify when not know the blocks are
qunticados in area A colleague of yours in phase the stage was me quantify the blocks using the area of
bloco.Mas why? I ask. do not know how to use income tables. I could ilucidar you even more absurdism
of the genre, but let me do intender I'm not generalizing the issue because I do not know what the
curriculum and accounting or other areas in order. As for Eng. civil, forget my brother. Proof of this, tell
me as colleague and appearing employment ads? "LOOKING FOR A ENG. CIVIL OR ENG. ENGINEER",
why? because these two switch up.

In his first intervention, it was very blunt. I believe that our colleague would have taken away the
chore "Project".

A hug, the title of your blog, forces him to read more to talk knowingly under penalty of being a


Jonathan McCharty2: 07 PM

Mr. ussezaina,

If you had been careful in reading, would have realized that no one is' against 'technical medios ", and
this post and' evidence that !! You got suggestions varies order to improve the performance of our
technical medios, without a shadow of doubt and 'mediocre! The report that comes here on this blog
and 'real, based on issues of day-to-day!

In my vast experience of work, I have not yet found a "Civil Eng." He was worried about being "Tecnico
Medio" !! The reverse, you can respond to your buttons !!

I see very interested tas q thou be treated as "Technical Engineer" !! Mr. ussezaina, goal in your head
you will not have q 'an academic title, "because the ads job, write this or" !! If you in fact was graduated
in some institution, so well read the certificate / diploma received !!

In the Republic of Mozambique, graduates of the institutes are "Tecnicos Medios", ie has a level
comparable to the graduate of the 12th class !! If you want to be "Engineer", you know well that doors
and 'you should go clubbing, do tests admission, heat the buttocks in banks and toasting the neurons for
another 5 years (at least, and if the head help you) after receive your certificate "Medio Tecnico Civil
Construcao" !!

I speak with much authority "block count" !! You must add to that your list, also "iron count" and
"carry the Engineer folder" !! Because you, better than anyone, know that your competence vain until
'there and this and' that and 'your work !! Now, not meddle talking about "seismic design of buildings"
because there is no 'best opportunity for someone to keep quiet !!
Because you are 'formed to assist in the construction, and' logical that you need "basic notions" of
how things work !! "Understanding" and "what you have !! Not worth the pen with you stressares this
your "singing rooster" !! Tu es that an 'average technical very competent, "should go shouting the door
of the Municipal Council of Maputo, by not accepting projects that do not lead to signing of an Engineer
or Architect !! You should go there 'claim not to take thy "competence" as "basic notions" !!

Other municipalities who are the purge is "technical medios" of questionable competence, will follow
the same principle and there may be late to get back to school ...

I am writing for those who want to learn, learn something. The quality of the projects prepared by
"technical medios" has been one regrets !! Copy a pillar or a beam from one project to another, saying
with "similar structures are" !! I have had the table "projects" (if one can give that name), already
'adopted by some irresponsible municipalities in which the project owners want a budget to present to
banks for crediting !! An individual looking for those so-called "projects" and asks where this' structural
calculation and their designed pieces !! 20x20 is a pillar, a beam 30x20 and 60x60 shoe. No matter what
are the spans, loads not matter if the building has got roof trusses or slabs. The 'project' and 'this
sequence "

And this our discussion completely empty, when you, in an attempt to create a blog (two blogs, to
see), you assign them exactly the name of my blog "DEVELOP MOZAMBIQUE" !!! You are 'so
"competent", which have to copy the name of someone else's blog, including your URL, with small
alterations !!

Be whatever the your intentions, of your fist, you you reduce your own insignificance !!



Jonathan McCharty2: 38 PM

Dear Enio,
I want to give you a warm welcome to this space which is also 'your !! Feel free to you to question
everything you think is relevant !!

I wish you every success in your school and academic formation, and that you should become an
Engineer "hand-full", not only 'concerned to raise money, but aware of its role in society and
responsibility to the parents !!

A hug, young !! And force !! Never let anyone tell you that "You can not .." !! Anything you want to be,
so 'up to you !!


ussezaina4: 30 PM

His friend and colleague "Jonathan"

I want to believe that his friend and colleague jonas "Jonathan" and engenuo and insignificate same.
And when now appears naive to hide his head with his tail off, the mouse type when you say "no one is
against the technical medios" forgetting is the cause of this embrogrio. It is reduced to insignificia when
you think to be eng. In Mozambique and something from another world and others come to him naked
and slender like a pillar. Especially when not know the ulltimos scrutineer of such projects which states
are signed by your incompetent colleagues portfolio, de la EMU. I believe would already cumbando one
colgega viewing in full stage simply because of not knowing to "quantify" blocks is not "count" as co
Jonas mentions; "QUANTIFY" and for budgetary purposes and "COUNT" and what your colleague
possibly been doing. Learn sr. jonas and you will not be the first of that teaching in this area.

Returning to the subject in question, "WHAT A ENG. TRUTH CAN DO AND WHAT A ENG. TECHNICIAN
CAN NOT DO", Mr. still I did not say anything. Mr. eng. when he speaks, you have to have supporters,
and so speak educated people I met;

See my whole apparition, and try to answer your questions from the generator text of this chat, but in
your case, all disbanded, inspired by the greatness of deception.

Speaking of experiences, the ussezaina concerned, until account in its curriculum with internationals
besides works of references in Mozambique.

Eng, speak knowingly.

The creation of blogs, it will not be crucified because Seber not create a blog for that after all not a
certificate bearing "COMPUTADR OF PROGRAMCAO," that much of you spend a lot of time to

I hope the NEWS of the announcement will not really create it "HBP".



Jonathan McCharty11: 53 PM

Start with personal attacks and then wants to make the victim?

If you do not know something, it does not cost anything to ask !! It is what I have been suggesting
here to technical medios !!

I spoke of "projects" prepared by your colleagues who are not anything other than "copy and paste" !!
You want to do a blog, and the first thing that come to mind and ' "copy and paste" !! If you know not,
you know that you can assign any name to your blogs !! No need to do the same as the staff of your
professional group walks out there to do !! "Copy, copy, copy ..."


ussezaina10: 57 AM

His friend Jonas

There has never been any attacks my brother. No one can do the "copy & paste" as you said, if we
consider that these technical you do mention are endowed with knowledge to do so, they are conferred
by the STATE signature in the same institution "MOPH" that maybe Mr. jonas e. If the No. of Mr. Jonas
inscription for 0020, the ussezaina possibly be because 0010 graduated first. Not all Eng. Technicians are
good so not the are the Eng. Truth. Until the Jonas friend may be good but your portfolio colleague
doing the "copy & paste" of your project. How many of his colleagues do not "copy & paste" of others
defense projects? How many ? Eng care so ...! Speak for those know nothing of this gruesome world.
The acquisition of knowledge so vast and currently; ha technicians who use and teach the CIP, and
ARCHICAD company but have never been there in his university. The important and the base, the
abecedario of thing. Moreover and wisdom and intelligence of each.

Do not make confusion - not to investigate and re-solve the whole "DEMIDOVITCH". Eng, want to see
your project, designed and run by you; I am waiting.

GOOD job Eng. There is no stress, will come up to her.


Jonathan McCharty12: 07 PM

Ussezaina friend,

I see that, I do not know why water loads, proceeded to call me Jonas !!

The approach you bring to this debate has been problematic, since the first time !!

We could have had a civilized discussion and constructive, to improve the q goes wrong in this
construction sector in Mozambique !!

Unlike this, and despite my initial calm, continued to throw stones !!

Show up here every peacock, boasting that "Tecnicos medios" do this and do it !! I think we can not be
talking about the same country !! As elsewhere, there are 'exceptions and no one can deny that there is
"Tecnicos medios" competent, who have accumulated experience and learned over time !! If you read
the text as you say I wrote "because some of your colleagues tore me a biscato" has-to see that I
mention this restricted segment !! For its nr. reduced, finds them not merely looking for a needle in a
haystack !!
Want to sell a generalized image of competence "Tecnicos medios" totally unrealistic and

Even fits in your head, a Civil Engineer ha of envy or want to be a Tecnico Medio?

On the contrary, shows a tremendous hatred by engineers !! I see you talk with disdain kids q say go
for you on stage !! Sera for knowledge q sooner, or later, will be your bosses?

Eng. This' ready to learn! So and 'q, before beginning to calculate, open your head with mathematical
and physical concepts advanced, to understand the dynamics of the structures that will deal for the rest
of your life.

These I will strive to equip "micro" to "TERA", not realizing or pretending q magnitudes are different !!
Be it 'work q do, to see the q es those "technical means" requiring q all the world around them "must"
treat "So' engineer ', hehe.

I'm not worried about you, my brother !! When you despires of your ego and want to discuss frankly
the problem of your sector, I'll be here with open doors !!

And it makes me a favor: "Get yourself another name for your blog" !!

A hug


ussezaina5: 21 PM

His friend Jonas

And so even though we are treated "Eng. Tecnico". I believe in your company and of great dimension
like mine too so my colleague are treated and you know very well. This designation already existed
when I had in years. Now I have 38 for your information. To your satisfaction, go and buy a speaker and
go screaming to the world outside "not accept projects these guys because they are incompetent ..... I
jonas and so eng. Of truth ...." oh yes sir will get.

Enveja types the difference of salary and 5%, no way. And if you have ...!

I do not envy my brother .... in the capitalist world gains by what one does, the production and the
know ....

But tell me, you who toasted tail, 5 or 6 years to do what you now do not know and others who do
this in two years and a distance "PENN FOSTER colleage" for example who and good?

Let that one day you will fall back ... there are people who defend just causes, not because they are
not what vce and ....

Look eng. Tell me a little ANET, I not understand a subject and so do I ...

In relation to the name of your Blog "DEVELOP MOZAMBIQUE", again I give you score 20/20.
Comenteu the one of my apparitions ...

Hug Eng.


Jonathan McCharty5: 56 PM

Ussezaina friend,

I told you repeatedly that I have nothing against the technical medios! This and 'those cases classic in
which you use the phrase "not heated or cooled."

My concern was to emphasize, based on my experience working as improve competencies in this

sector, for the good of the country and citizens q benefit from their services!

Who secretes professionals of this sector I am not. Are the municipalities, and 'own MOPH. If, as
referes your business and 'large, in the case of contractor, I believe q teras superior 3rd class Alvara. If
so, you have no possibility to sign for your business. Q Teras use an engineer or architect.
The term "Technical Engineer" and "a euphemism that some people walked to adopt to enhance their
egos and spirit, and improve their social prestige, but the reality and 'that no academic / educational
institution attributes this" title "!! It is the q I have been simply to mention !! There is not any interest in
starting the bone to anyone !!

A hug and good work !!


ussezaina1: 25 PM

His friend Jonathan

Well, I do not know what and that jonathan friend calls experience. In my optica, experience and do a
lot of diverse thing in short or long term. I do not know if fellow think experience and make 25 years
overseeing the settlement blocs. Until it can be, but so have experience in settlement blocs. Now, I do
not know what you want and colleague here to entender.Mas leave that aside. Eng. Not yet said "WHAT
A ENG. TRUTH CAN DO AND WHAT A ENG. TECHNICIAN CAN NOT." Eng, and here where is the truth
material. I do not want to say it categorically that the technical medios are comparable to superiors, in
any way, but also that convicts. On the ground, they do not even know deploy a work to not talk about
serious gaps in constructive dispositions. And as you know size but not know the essentials -.
Construtivas.Isso dispositions and serious and Eng Jonathan knows that. Eng, have to tell the truth for
the sake of what and your ego. "DEVELOP MOZAMBIQUE."

Eng. South African or even the Portuguese know operating a dumper, teaches you to use the
hammer ..... eng, where vc practice had to learn to use the hammer or think that you are about to
"investigate". Investigate what? In my wanderings under construction in mocambique I never used a
drawing designed by a Mozambican. If it was a box of phosphorus but so unenforceable. This and Eng.O
your abecedario truth and the hammer, pa ..... more than anyone should know you guys better use a
hammer in order to teach people and avoid accidents.

In my long experience, I found pathetic inefficiency of eng.

Mozambican ...

Hug Eng.

Jonathan McCharty7: 05 AM

Ussezaina friend,

Votes that're going one optima Holy Week!

As this debate extends, I get the impression that this friend 'get in redundancy or forgot completely
that this' at the origin of this article and here under discussion.

To avoid further misunderstandings, I will return to elucida' it, but advising him to reread the text:

If you see what this 'written without much effort understood' I, despite having Design chairs Technical
and Descriptive Geometry at Secondary school (3 years), the same subjects including, Machine Design,
Construction Design, Project buildings, etc, in university education (5 years), I consider the "Elaboration
of Arquitectonicos Projects" and "work for" Architects "!! The argumentation for it, is reflected in the
text !!

My work and 'structural calculation, hydraulic, hydrologic, economic evaluation, execution and
supervision of projects varies order !!

It is for this that I was made and and 'it where I have worked.

Adam Smith already 'advocated in 1776 the "Division of Labor" as a means to the
"professionalization" !! The way of the future and 'one in which, with the increase of competent cadres,
Eng. Is restrained' or the structural calculation of buildings or bridges, or roads, etc, ie areas of action is
to Go tapering !!
With all this list of work, the engineer worth his salt, do not have time to walk the draw
"matchboxes" !! The time it takes even pays to compensation of the Engineer, or nobody would be the
time to pay !!

Now the friend Ussezaina have been coming here to defend the "Tecnico Medio" does it all !!

The question I asked, quoting the text, and who has to answer es you and not me, and 'the following:

"Does the Middle Technical construction is able to draw up architectural and structural building
projects? What kind of work? How dimension? What assures you possess these skills and
competences" ??

Have a optima Easter, my brother !!


Jonathan McCharty8: 21 AM

We live in a country where people are more concerned with titles (which often do not even teem),
rather than the work itself!

In an organized society, "Labor Division 'and' fundamental to achieve" efficiency "and increase the"
productivity "!! Our education must evolve to the stage where the competencies of each sector are
clearly defined!

The job of an engineer, in any country, developed or not, is not 'operate machines! What it does and
'allocating these devices to perform certain tasks! Who operates these ha-be machines an individual
formed a technical or industrial school!

If Ussezaina friend paid / pay attention, ha-to repair the Portuguese or South Africans who says
operating one dumper, are even engineers. These generally are mere technicians, trained to be
operational, "foreman" in the works. I say this knowingly, by countless studies performed with
multinationals. But here, any white in the work, and 'engineer ... especially the eyes of those who are
not the !!

Already with this same individual do not have any idea of the dimensions of a bituminous concrete or
interpretation of the results of laboratory tests. It is there where it appears the Engineer, and 'ai which
materializes the "division of labor" !!

Not teem all to do the same things !! Teem and 'to know their competencies and run them hard and
perfection !!

renovated wishes for a Happy Easter !!


ussezaina8: 55 AM

His friend jonathan

I want to realize that the colleague or friend jonathan, makes comments in a disorderly and
incoherent way or make a fifia but good, and so

same - the caravan passes and the dogs barking. The title Eng. Technical and legal and universally
recognized. In the United States called it "eng. Technician" in Portugal, see "anet".

According to some statistics, up to arrive to earn more than own "real eng" because of their
productivity, profitability and versatility. The eng war. Technical and "real eng" is not today and it is not
mocambique of so. Already in South Africa, the types with "Technikon" are the most preferred for
reasons which I have just quoted above.

Now if white charge ha are considered eng, this and his schism. The eng by the will and knowledge
operate machines and were re-trained to supervise or teach the workers to do the formwork in my
company are "real eng".

Eng hug.


Jonathan McCharty9: 43 AM
Ussezaina friend,

I see this this' to become the battle of your life, hehe !!

But none of these to add to the crux of the issue here under discussion !! These simply to want to
prove your credentials and ensure your "pitchfork status" engineer!

I say I respond in a disorderly way, but beginning to see that, for reasons beyond my person, not
patavina understand what I have been saying !!

If I and 'I have been making comments incoherently then I would elucidasses where this' your answer
the question posed in my penultimate comment, which I repeat:

"Does the Middle Technical construction is able to draw up architectural and structural building
projects? What kind of work? How dimension? What assures you possess these skills and
competences" ??

Hug and have a good Easter !!

PS- I like this your new concept "eng. Of truth", hehe !! I've been asking myself, who would be the
"eng. Lie", hehe !!

If these your "eng. Of truth" are Tugas as Ussezaina seems to be grateful to indicate a higher
education institution (University of Aveiro, Porto, Instituto Superior Tecnico, etc.) from which they
graduated, and that academic year contained "operation dumpers "!! Already now, tell me what it and
'the name of your "big company" ai in Nampula !!


ussezaina6: 13 PM
His friend jonathan

Questions such as "what and university teaching to operate dumper" own are of naive types and

When debate issues of national dimension as I want and realize that your ego, not discriminate
against people, let alone the Portuguese.

I believe that your questions were answered exhaustively when I mentioned the subjects that are
"given" in the institute; I spoke of photocopies of what you give her the ho ..... But good, and yet - if
intende evil and writes it wrong.

Nampula, hehehe let spinefeet alone.

jonathan hug

s people and much less Portuguese


Jonathan McCharty9: 59 PM

Ussezaina friend,

It will not disappear so quietly, not responding to anything and evoking weak arguments like these

Who brought Portuguese and South Africans to this debate I was not! It was his friend, so now can not
respond to small details and prefer to bring these subterfuges all!

ingenuity of speech on my part, what the 'to realize that even you understood the scope of my
If your mention of disciplines, so 'this, answer my questions and qualifies the "average manager" to do
projects, so definitely our languages are different and we can end this debate !!

Hug and good work !!

PS- If "intendo" and write badly, who come by, ha-realizing that you have own definitions for the word
"ego" !!


ussezaina9: 03 AM

His friend jonathan

Good morning Good afternoon Good night

So how are you brother, I believe that is the right to spend the day of the Mozambican woman.

I write to say that I exist and our discussions are very important for both academic society
Mozambican well as international because after all this question of "eng. Technician and eng" is not only
of national interest.

I'm bags dispensed on a journey; when you have a little breath we turn our our sessions.

Not usually disappear once so "mancinho".

We all have ideas, replicas, criticisms, but only in the two and we wrote .......

Hug. Eng


ussezaina4: 15 PM

His friend Jonathan


Here I wish to once again emphasize that no one and "Eng. Tecnico" and wants to be called

The title "Eng. Tecnico" ingles "Eng. Technician" There is, yes sir, there is e daddo to individuals with
average professional education completed. Not the average secondary school. Essses are yes, pre -

There's no equiparidade; and how that one has made science and the other letters.

The Eng. Tecnicos use principles and theories of science, engineering and mathematics to solve
technical problems in research, civil construction and others. Assist ENGINEERS, all right, but also
conceive and scale. And why they are called "Eng. Technician" and not "ENGINEER"

They are conceived and scale, yes sir. conceive and scale. "But what kind of work?", This was the
question of his friend Jonathan. Well, I was unaware of, but anyway, until the 4th floor if memory serves
me correctly.

Therefore and ess.

Many emblematic figures of our country are so called. See in "WHO AND WHO IN OUR NEW
GOVERNMENT". See also the Eng. Socrate.

Hug Eng.


Jonathan McCharty6: 33 PM

Ussezaina friend!

Q I hope you had a productive day's work and, like me, have spent a good holiday "Mozambican

A former school classmate who had paddado by the Institute, knew the technical-average could scale
a building of up 'to the third floor (the friend says 4th floor).
But all are irrelevant details!

What I find relevant and 'know, because of, as have been mentioned, municipalities such as Maputo
refuse flatly to accept projects signed by technical-medios, what steps will eventually be to be taken by
this professional class, to demand recognition of their competence and safeguard their professional
rights? The friend can tell if there is some action in progress?

Perhaps, colonial heritage, the question of academic titles and 'overvalued in these parts! The
Brazilian took the thing 'to another dimension: you need money, to be called "Doctor this" and "doctor
it" !! I use my title only in correspondence. Who works with me, has the prerogative to treat me just by
my name! This in no way diminishes my work and my competences !!

If your friend wants the deal by engineer, all right! It is so mean if you want to uppercase or lowercase
can be! And a good thing and 'also use this title in all its correspondence, do not go someone wants to
treat it inappropriately!

A hug and best wishes for good work !! The parents need to hand all !!!


ussezaina10: 54 AM

His friend Jonathan ...

So how is "ENG".

I want to believe that we are now "have a chat" a somewhat intelligent, but still continue to sin
because of not being consistent. But good, and anyway; and own human - selfishness, etc.

When issues of international or national debate indole and good highlight real facts to sustain our
bases, and very good.
When I say that the guys who have made the "TECNIKON" in south africa are legally called "ENG
techinician." And a reality; when I say that in Portugal hesitate "ANET" - association of eng. technicians,
and a reality, etc.

I wish the friend came here to say "a lie .... not true ...". Otherwise, we are here to do "wind chimes"

I here, ussezaina in person, worked and work with your colleagues much of it from the EMU as
"RESIDENT ENGINEERS". I have done a road without design because the types do not know the design of
a road and wanted our experience as CONTRACTORS. The types have no technical solution as eng. What
do you know yes, and do report the progress of the work. That's what they know.

Friend, let us stop with these rotten ....

I know very well what a eng. EMU may or may not do a work. Your big gap, this in your practice on the
ground. Voces not have patavina of practice not work as engineers, do not have. Go to macaretana dam
once in 5 years you guys start to toast the tail in the EMU portfolio, no way you can make a quality
engineer, no way.

Now who and even incompetete, the Eng. Tenicos or Eng. Truth!

. Nobody that and Eng Tecnico and who wants to be called Eng Truth, no one.; rest assured.

Hug Eng ...


Anônimo11: 52 PM

You two are no longer a chatty and say constructive things.

Mr. engineer and technical Sr., keep up the good work.

PS: Mr. eng. I hope you have nothing against the Portuguese, because of the way you talk implies that
has a bit of racism and only mr. do you know everything and do is right at all.

BE MORE umilde

Anônimo7: 04 PM

By chance I found this debate, which I read with great interest and I could not from time to time to
smile on some brandished arguments.

I ended up not realize that the Technical Engineer in Mozambique are formed over three years after
the 12th, I think is this?

I am Civil Engineer Technician, I took the course of three years, and later decided to take a degree
over two years of studies.

For my academic experience, I can say that the degree, I discussed new materials (design works art,
dams), deepening of issues already studied and repeating previously addressed subjects.

I do not believe in super-eng.ºs, who wants to embrace many areas, and in the engineering universe
there are many areas, can not be good at nenhuma.Concordo that each monkey should be in your
branch, architects do architecture and dimensioning Eng.

In my experience, I have picked good people whether licensed or technical eng.ºs and the opposite.

A straw alone does not mean anything, or better means very little experience in my opinion weighs
heavily in the value of the Engineer and also the human part, not only in eng.ºs as in any profession.


Jonathan McCharty11: 14 AM

Dear "Anonymous 1"

Thanks for visiting the blog and left a comment!

This debate and 'those who, in my opinion, was never "engage" with clear differences in the approach
to the subject !!

Portugal and a 'brother parents, whose special status in the group of nations this' clearly expressed in
our constitution !! It is what I believe and, most Mozambicans think and feel !! If any hostility tera
'excelled my comments, so' I have to present my apologies to the people Portuguese, with which even
many of us have family laces !!

Hug and good work for you too !!


Jonathan McCharty11: 41 AM

Dear "Anonymous 2"

Thanks for the comment and the sharing of your own academic and professional experience.

For the technical teaching in Mozambique, the process begins in "Industrial and Commercial School"
after finishing the second primary score (7A). The following is a formation of 3 years, which, for those
who choose to "General secondary education" after making the seventh class equivalent to Class
completed 10a !! These individuals and "contributing to the" Industrial and Commercial Office "and
terminate the formation to the cable 3 years, give the Ministry of Education gives them an equivalence"
average level ", ie the same from one individual ended 12a class in general secondary education. If the
individual you want to go to university have to pass the exam of admission and start everything from
scratch, without any equivalences !!

This and 'more or less the general idea I have about the progression in technical education, but if
there is any flaw in my explanation, I think the "class members" shall come correct me !!

From what I see, things are a somewhat different there in Portugal.

With regard to its finding in the labor market, I agree fully with you !!

A hug and do not hesitate to appear more often !!


Jonathan McCharty11: 51 AM

PS - No wonder that in these circumstances, the "debate" (if and 'one can give that name) to flow as it
flows !!

Anônimo2: 06 AM

Good evening, my name is Jonas.

Dear reviewers, we do not need to have the agitated animos.

The post actually has some misconceptions.

Average technicians or technical engineers, but are authorized to draw up construction projects until
a certain complexity that can not need time, just as Civil engineers may also do so, and so it is up to
countries of the first world

Architects can drive works and calculate small complex projects though the degree of dificulades
many do not.

Please we are all useful to our country and together we will develop it. average technical projecting
houses, bridges engineers and architects malls ...

PS - I am Eng Civil student, work structures and freelancer designer


Atanazio Zandamela11: 31 AM

I was reading these comments todos.sou average technician and now make lincenciatuta.

learned a lot from all Vocos comments because until this had doubts about the technical medium and
eng.a single truth and I got more courage to continue my journey in this area.abraco


Anônimo1: 11 PM
Derepente entered this blog and found the very interesting topic read all your conversation and some
of you said that in the world we live in nowadays this and 'interested in the straw / title, in my opinion
valharia more and' the practice and believe I, who in the institutes find it.


Anônimo1: 22 PM

Mr. Jonathan spoke of "duty not much stretch our legs," I ask why not? Why not learn more ....? Not
only it is limited in a particular area.


Anônimo8: 38 PM

Now living my friends and colleagues, I have done a careful reading in relation to your comments and I
have to say that by the very esperiencia where I graduated the institute as high technical and also by
EMU as Civil enginheiro is very regrettable when such that it is said to be civil enginheiro tries negrir the
image of an average technician forgetting that the same technician is almost the top enginheiro support
on the ground.

By own experience I got to feel sorry for some of my colleagues on the ground that are limited in
sizing as I have had the good formation in the institute and completing with top everything was within
my reach. We must stop devaluing our average countrymen because without them is almost impossible
to work the upper unlike the medium in which the absence of the upper is almost nil miss you.

As regards the interpretation of plant anything that is in the top we were very limited and almost
impossible to guide a work of master pa your execussao.


I have the qualifications that I have today thanks FIRST TO INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BORDER

Abraxox to all professionals in the area of construction, whether high- or medium.


Anônimo3: 27 PM
Three (3) years after having raised this question "WHAT AN ENGINEER TRUTH CAN DO AND WHAT THE

I read here some comments TRUTH OF ENGINEERS AND ENGINEER and TECNICOS.Acredito that
Jonothan friend must also have read. Now I do not know if Mr. Engineer would be in conditions to say
that their colergionarios are not true Engineers .... so Mr and ..

Look, if house so no one ousasria difference in making equparacoes ... Looks real engineer was to be a
monster before a Tecnico Medio Vexcia as you want to be, but the truth not this. If trough something is
wrong with the education system of own .... Well as I said - Mr. must be coming general education ..... re
-Read the comments of your colergionarios that are born technical - basic formation and technical
medium until the unversidade ....

Since the day and year that raised this issue, I continue to plumb your colleagues.

Good afternoon


Lucas M4: 19 PM


relevant debate excusavam to take the matter to the staff.

Anyway it is clear we are human ...

On the subject believe there is need to review concepts and definitions, it seems a little late in general
terms for both the top and the average professional.

revision of the curriculum need of both. In relation to the technical and 'til enabling it to design and
calculate, sharing propia experience, technical believe that I value will not have great difficulty in
designing a building with 3 or 4 floors as mentioned. Complexity or not the buildings concerned factor
earthquake or not. It asks the professional in question common sense (that will not achieve this is not
'pa me).
By propia experience without getting in each knows or not, work with several engineers on a daily
basis, generally ended up being colleagues and share. It can be said that the engineer has a little but of
knowledge in structural terms, and so, at the end sometimes makes a difference but in practice virtually
no one notices. Importantly, the curriculum is already the separate technical education for different
specialties: buildings, roads and bridges, etc ... For those questions not seemed to have been for either
party issues met. And the expensive engineer seems to have aversion to technical for some people.

Quality or lack of it exist in all areas and you can not compare the engineering and medicine for
example. The curriculum of technical education and 'deep enough that it allows you to sometimes butt
heads with the top sometimes even an instructor of these and vice versa the so osurpar the engineer
says yes happens not know who can, do and have and' current world.

In short the basic problem and 'the government authorities heard several reports of colleagues who
claim to have spent much of the year in college to make revisions sometimes allowed to travel on
business miss school to go back and do textes smoothly and do well. I would ask the dear Eng. What
kind of buildings of up to 3 or 4 floors believes that the technicians should not designed or draw? The
precepts manual procedures are the same and the difference 'a little but in areas such as wooden
structures etc. ... However, in terms of reinforced concrete, or concrete either in general Measurements
budgets case studies, etc ... Even laboratorial tests speaking.

not realize why have three years to the course because the four years that and 'stage and no defense
account yet. Some universities have courses in four years and the fourth and 'basically defense and
stage in the correct order.

In my opinion it was due by the rightful redesign the system. Who comes technician should in some
situations have the possibility of equivalence in disciplines such as design for example and 'a a dogma.

Yours sincerely hope to have enriched the debate and there is the construction sector, and we have
but Mozambicans endowed with the expertise that both present. Sao accidents unfortunately.
The municipality should evaluate the projects not the titles. It is not 'that defines the title quality or
not. The past also copy the top do. The point should not be that. The engineer seems quite wrong to
generalize. In its optica the technicians are all square.

best regards


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