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​Module 10 - June 2017

1) Category C experience requirement for large aircraft
A) 3 yrs experience exercising category B1.1 orB1.3 or B2 privileges
B) CAR 145 B1.1,B1.3 or B2 support staff
C) Both A and B

2) Credits expire …………………. After they were granted to the applicant by the DGCA
A) 5 yrs
B) 2 yrs
C) 10 yrs

3) Continued validity of AME license is
A) 2 yrs
B) 1 yr
C) 5 yrs

4) ICAO convention is held on
A) 7 December 1944
B) 7 January 1997
C) 7 November 1937

5) For FTS continuation training is provide for period of every ……………….
A) 2 yrs
B) 4 yrs
C) 1 yrs

6) The document which described Design organization aproval
A) CAR145
B) CAR147
D) CAR21

7) For category B by a company or corporation
A) Registered and having its principal place of business within India
B) Registered elsewhere than in India and carry on business in India
C) Both A and B

A) Rule 134 schedule air transport services
B) Rule 134A schedule air transport services
C) Rule 133A schedule air transport services

9) MTCS ( Fuel tank safety)
A) Aircraft above 5700kg 10 passenger
B) Aircraft below 5700 19 passenger
C) Large aero plane maximum type certified passenger capacity of 30 or more of
certified payload of 7500lbs (3402kg) cargo or more

10) Proving flight ……
A) First issued of non –schedule operator
B) First issued of schedule and non-schedule
C) The introduction of new aircraft type in the organization
D) Both B and C

11) MTCS (engine change)
A) Reinstallation of same engine on the same aircraft in its original position would not
constitute an
engine change
B) Remove from same position and fitted to same position and fitted to same position on
C) None

12) The” observed actual climb performance” shall in no case be lower than……….. of
the expected
climb performance figure for the purpose of acceptable of test flight report
A) 1%
B) 3%
C) 2%

13) Application for issue of approval of approved maintenance organization is in CA
A) 2
B) 3
C) 1

14) Application for initial issue of CAR 66 AME license in CA FORM
A) 19-01
B) 19-02
C) 19-03

● 15) Mandatory modification MTCS

A) Airworthiness directive including SB,SI,SL required DGCA approval
B) Airworthiness directive including SB,SI,SL is not required DGCA approval
C) Both A and B

16) Maintenance of an aircraft is done according to
A) Aircraft maintenance program
B) Maintenance data
C) Flight manual

17) MTCS ( maintenance data )
A) All applicable maintenance data is readily available
B) All applicable maintenance data is not readily available
C) All applicable maintenance data is readily available when required

18) Sufficiency of hanger space to carry out planned base maintenance should
demonstrated by
preparation of a projected a/c hanger visit plan relative to the………………………,
A) Maintenance data
B) Maintenance program
C) Size of aircraft is docked

19) The safety policy shall be signed by whom………………..
A) Service provider
B) Accountable executive
C) Operator

20) A service provider shall ensure that the organization .......................policy is
consistent with and
support the fulfillment of activities of SMS.
A) Safety
B) Quality
C) Both A and B

21) Certification of authorization is issued to whom
A) Certifying staff or support staff
B) Certifying staff and support staff
C) Certifying staff

22) The safety policy shall includes the responsibilities of………………….with respect to
performance of the SMS
A) Management
B) Employee
C) Management and employee

23) Fueling of aircraft MTCS
A) Fueling during electrical storms fueling shall be continued during severe lighting
B) Fueling during electrical storms fueling shall be suspended during severe lighting
disturbance in vanity of aerodrome or helipad
C) None

24) Maintenance org use equipment, tools & material as specified by
A) Operator
C) Manufacture

25) MTCS
A) First aid kit box is carry on board
B) Fire extinguisher
C) Seat belts harness are properly install
D) All of the above

26) Small org sub part F
a) Aircraft maintenance manager
b) Work shop manager
c) Both A and B

27) During test flight incident and accident occurred will report to ………………
B) Quality department

28) MTCS
A) The certification authorization of AME license become invalid as soon as license
B) The certification authorization of AME license become earlier license becomes invalid
C) Both A and B

29) The aircraft maintenance program must established compliance with
A) Instruction issue by DGCA
B) Instruction for continuing airworthiness issued by TC/STC/RTC
C) Additional or alternative instruction prepared by owner or

30) According to CAR-M subpart F organization dependent upon the extent of approval
A) Aircraft maintenance manager and workshop manager
B) Aircraft maintenance manager
C) workshop manager

31) MTCS
A) Temporary C Of R for purpose of bringing the aircraft by air
B) Valid till first landing at custom aerodrome in India
C) Both A and B
D) Tem c of r is valid for 1yr

32) C OF R lost/destroyed
A) Duplicated thereof may be issued on payment of 10% of the payable
B) For lost duplicate is issued
C) For destroyed temporary C OF R is issued

33) C of R validation fee
A) 50%
B) 10%
C) None

34) SMS shall contain proactive and reactive
A) Quality assurance
B) Individual performance
C) Facility, equipment, document and procedure

35) FTS included phenomenon
A) Electric arcing
B) Ignition
C) Hot ignition prevention
D) All the above