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One of the task we were set and my group and I was very keen on getting correct was if our film
demonstrated continuity. I feel our group accomplished this after hours of hard editing. We changed
thing such as wall colours so there all the same to help people not get confused; we did this mostly
in the dialogue scene. We perfectly matched scenes by carful editing that was adjusted to fit by
mere milliseconds. We watched each section of our piece and adjusted the sound levels so we could
make the whole piece sound like it was a continuous real life thing.

This is a good example of continuity. It has the character walking down the stairs and as he
approaches the bottom (shown in the third picture) we change camera position. It is in the perfect
place as the character is even on the same step as in picture three. Our whole piece has good
continuity the whole way through.

Two insure we had good match on actions we used two locations in our piece that demonstrates
that we know how to use it. We used a double door shot and a single door shot for these. However
on our double one the match on action goes from my head (through the door) to my feet. The other
however is more basic and was easier to do.

We used the 180degree rule all the time throughout our piece. A great example is between our shot
reverse shot scenes we used between the talking of the two characters. I will use the same examples
for both of these. For our shot reverse shot we had a camera on each character. We run in through
once but due to the odd error it took many shots. We used shots from each time we attempted it to
create our final piece that used shot reverse shot well.

In the filming our group worked great together. We all came up with good ideas and helpful things.
We planned together the filming and all helped one another understand things and checked we
knew what was going on. We all have good abilities for the filming too and seemed to have it all.
However were our groups starts to lack the flare we have like we do in the filming area is the editing
side. We still worked well together but we had one member who missed all editing sessions (though
some of the times it wasn͛t necessary their fault). This means they have a less off an understanding
of how to edit and what process we went through to get our final piece. We also disagreed with
several things what isn͛t necessary a bad thing. It helps us widen our ideas and test and see what fits
best. Never the less when you don͛t get something you feel would really work it͛s slightly frustrating.
But we have a fare system were we discuss and if needed vote on big decision. I can see our group
going through some difficult decisions however we will overcome them swiftly using fairness and
shall get along very well.

I liked our piece. I feel it is a good first attempt at filming and was one of the best in our class. People
did comment saying maybe we needed a title but I disagree and like the way it builds up straight into
it. The only thing I would change is the end. It was suppose to be a strange humorous advert for
sleeping tablets called ͚sleep tight͛. This did not come across very well at all and in fact confused
many people who watched it. A confused viewer is not a completely happy viewer. The way I would
make this more obvious as an advert would be having a picture of the product or a short recording
with facts both aurally and visually. This would work much better and would have made it simpler
for the audience.

I said it several times throughout the blog but our group planned the video very well. We tested
locations by acting it out and pretending we had cameras and we discussed alternatives if we round
a fault. We asked teachers if their rooms were valuable for filming and we asked cleaners of the
school to start on the other end so we had more time to film. We thought we had everything sorted
until the night of recording. We had no idea that all members of staff had a meeting beside were we
filmed. We had to keep stopping and restarting due to teachers accidently walking in the shot or the
loud laughs or chatters from them. We also had stop for doors banging and automatic doors opening
by camerawomen. It took a long time to get the most basic shots such as opening a toilet door.
However after extra hours being added on we got the required clips needed. This has taught me to
perhaps ask people if there is anything else we should know about our location at a certain time
before we film.



In our piece we only used one transitions; a very basic simple one. We needed it to separate a long
shot to a close up smoothly what is shown below by pictures. The reason we did not use other
transitions is because our group disagreed. I felt one would have worked at the start between the
tap being turned off to the door opening but the others did not so it was deleted. Both ways worked
well but I just felt it would have run a tad smoother. Never the less it didn͛t bug me too much as it
still seems to run smoothly.

This transition is called ͚fade͛ it is basic but as you can see helps it run smoother as it doesn͛t jump.



I have in the past made a very short film on a Mac using ͚I Movie͛. I knew basics like trimming,
adding sounds and that was about it. Now I have learnt loads varying from changing colour of shots
to changing volumes of sounds perfectly. I feel very confident using the editing software now. I could
list everything I have learned but I fear the list would stretch on far too long. Also since making the
film I have had a little play around with ͚I Movies͛ and have learnt how to do completely useless but
fun stuff such as doing the ͚Indiana Jones͛ plane flying over the map type things. I love editing and
found it the most enjoyable part of the whole subject and I cannot wait to get a hold of it once

One thing that has become clear to me over doing this video is how simple it͛s become to film and
edit things. Though it may not appear easy simple things such as the dolly saves plenty of time and
helps make things very simple and basic. I did not get my hand on very complex stuff but I am well
aware the film industry is in a time of greatness.

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