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Open letter to Rodney Berman, Leader of Cardiff Council to withdraw the threat of Judicial Review

against Carwyn Jones the First Minister, relating to the First Minister’s upholding of the appeal by
Lansdowne School against the closure announcement by the Council, to transfer Ysgol Treganna on
to the site of Lansdowne Primary.

Time is long gone by for any chance of mounting a Judicial Review successfully. The only Judicial
Review that can be mounted after the first thirteen weeks have gone by is by making a special
application to the judge and show good cause why you couldn’t make your Judicial Review
application within the normal thirteen week window. That has long gone.

While the threat of Judicial Threat is still there, however much it might be a Don Quixote style-tilt at
a windmill, Lansdowne Primary School remains blighted.

The teachers, parents, and above all the children of Lansdowne School almost 400 hundred of them
deserve to continue to get the best education without any further threats to their continued
existence created by Cardiff Council’s refusal to withdraw the threat of Judicial Review. Please
Councillor Berman, let them get on with the job of continuing with their education.

Since the First Minister’s upholding of the appeal by Lansdowne School against the threat of closure,
Cardiff Council have in any case completely changed their strategy on Welsh Medium education in
the Canton, Riverside and Grangetown area. Not only have they now accepted that the demand for
English Medium education is sufficient to keep four primary schools fully occupied in the future,
given the recent rise in the birth rate – the four being Severn, Kitchener, Radnor and Lansdowne. As
regards Welsh Medium education the Council’s estimates have gone from needing to expand from 3
form entry (to two forms at Pwll Coch and one at Treganna) up to 4 form entry (two at Pwll Coch and
two at the new Treganna at the Lansdowne site) up to 5 form entry, by placing a new 3 form entry
school at Sanatorium Road. Most recently they have changed that from 5 form entry to 6 form entry,
now projecting a need for a 3 form entry school in Sanatorium Road and adding a third form entry to
Pwll Coch.

Given that the strategy has now completely changed and now does involve keeping Lansdowne
because of the obvious need for it, what on earth is the purpose of keeping the threat of Judicial
Review against the First Minister’s decision open, when the Council itself now accepts the need for
all four English Medium primary schools serving Canton and Riverside?

It is surely only grown up politics to seek to work with the Welsh Assembly Government not making
threats against the Welsh Assembly Government, however idle and however out of date, to achieve
what is best for the burgeon child population of inner city western Cardiff.

Councillor Berman, do your duty.