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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R
1. Overview and Objectives

1.1 Organisation Profile

Avelife Foundation is a Volunteer Welfare Organization conceived in May 2009 and set up in
November 2009 by Mr Zech Goh and Mr Mark Cheng.

It comprises of an advisory Board, a Board of Directors, a management team and a group of

passionate volunteers whose vision is to create avenues to improve the quality of lives of the
socially disadvantaged by matching support and funding for Public Health Programmes and
advocating Sustainable Development.

We also aspire to impart green values to the community through service learning. ‘Ave’ means
‘salute’ in Latin and ‘Avelife’ means saluting life!

1.2 Who are we

Coming from a diverse background of talents and skill sets, we are a group of passionate
individuals with a common belief in increasing awareness and education in protecting the
environment. We are fully run by a volunteer management team and are supported by an
Advisory Panel, Board and a 700 strong volunteer base.

1.3 What we do

Our Vision
To be an educational platform for effective Green Innovation for Active learners and Corporate

Our Mission

A. To match Green innovation ideas with the relevant resources.

B. To instill resource management values to Corporates, Youths and Children.
C. To impart green values through Service Learning using Arts as a medium.
D. To organize competitions with green themes as awareness campaigns.
E. To be the leading green events organizer

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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R
Our Core Values:

Ecofriendly | Empathy | Effectiveness| Efficiency |Excellence

1.4 Our Logo

The Avelife logo spells out the name of our organization, with green, white and blue concentric
circles shaping the Avelife initial letter “a”.

Blue is used to symbolize water, and therefore “life”. Green embodies our commitment to the
environment. Meanwhile, the white ring between the blue and green circles represents the “gap”,
within the community, between the promotion of public health (“life”) and protecting the
environment. With this combination of colors, the Avelife logo aims to convey our
organization’s plans to use sustainable resources to bridge the gap for the betterment of both
people’s lives and the environment.

The green Initial letter “a” stands out from the rest, represents Avelife’s vision of being an
advocator of Green Innovation for Active learners and Corporate leaders. A variety of programs
will be implemented which will incorporate Green and Resource Management Values and
encourage the birth of Green Innovation ideas.

At Avelife, we firmly believe that we must first start by reaching out and working towards
improving the health and quality of life of our communities in order to effectively protect the

Thus we hope to increase awareness of Green Innovation through service learning using the Arts
as a medium and leading various Green related events and activities.

1.5 Corporate Info:

Company name: Avelife (Ltd)

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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R
Company registration:

Incorporated under the Companies Act (Singapore) on 06 November 2009 as a Company

Limited by Guarantee.

Registration number: 200920810R

Charity Status:

Registered address:

23 Woking Road, Quebec Court, #01-01 Singapore (138701)



65 Chulia Street OCBC Centre

Singapore 049513



No.25 International Business Park

#04-103N German Centre

Singapore 609916

1.6 Board & Advisory members

Advisory Panel

1. Mr Baey Yam Keng

MP for Tanjong Pagar &
Deputy Managing Director, Hill & Knowlton (S’pore)

2. Dr Geh Min
Former Nominated Member-In-Parliament
Past-Immediate President, Nature Society (Singapore)

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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R
3. Mdm Chua Foo Yong
Vice Chairman, S’pore Media Academy (Mediacorp)
Board Member, Council for Third Age
Board Member, Centre for Enabled Living

Board of Directors

Mr Zech Goh
CEO, AMBER (A business division of the Singapore Prison Service)
& Co-Founder, Avelife Foundation

(1) Mr Darren Lim Ming Loon, Mediacorp Artist.
(2) Mr Terence Yow, Centre Director, REACH Family Service Centre.
(3) Mr Christian Patouraux, O3b, Chief Product Development Officer
(4) Ms Jessica Bu, CPA, Accountant, JESS World consultancy.
(5) Ms Lucienne Jallabert-Robinson, CFA, Executive Director, Ivory Capital Asia,
(6) Mr Mark Cheng, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Avelife Foundation

2. Our Upcoming Projects (2010- 2011)

1. Calendar 2011 project (October 2010) with the theme on Green Innovation

2. Launch Green Speech & Drama classes

3. Educating Green values to socially disadvantage children & elderly through Green
Service-Learning courses.

4. Series of Green Textbook for Primary school children.

5. Repainting project using Non-VCO paints (Volatile Organic Compound) for the socially
disadvantage 1-room homes.

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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R
6. Green Xchange

Residents trade off their recycled items (newspapers, glass, and plastics) for rice, oil, sugar with
recycling companies.

7. Recycled Arts Social Enterprise

Shop Front & Courses managed by retired elderly

8. Green Expo/ Eco-fiesta

Featuring green shops selling green alternatives.

9. Green Innovation Competition in Schools

10. Conferences

11. Talks to schools/ Oversea Forums

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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R
3. Avelife Activities Report (Nov 2009 to Aug 2010)
N/O Event Role Venue Date Time Partners GOH Outreach
70 PMEX &
Mr Baey Yam Youths from
0800 Keng, MP for various
1-Room Flat Re- Blk 3 Jalan Bukit 7th Nov to PAP Community Tanjong Schools, 30
1 painting Project Co-Organizer Merah 2009 1900 Foundation Pagar GRC flats
5th Dec
Avelife Christmas 2009 to
Tree Lightup @ 5th Mr Mah Bow ~ 15,000
SBG 150th Singapore Botanical January Tan, Minister members of
2 Anniversary Participant Gardens 2010 NIL Nparks MND public
1st Dec copies given
2009 to to Cabinet
18th Jan Ministers,
2010 Sta Board
Avelife Calendar (launched leaders,
2010 – "Saluting on 19th Council of Third overseas
the Moments of Jan Age (C3A), PCL leaders,
3 Life" Organizer NIL 2010) NIL printers, SAGE NIL NGO leaders
clean water
facilities that
provided 2.5
Clean water to Million liters
Earthquake victims of drinking
in Haiti (through water to the
4 City Care) Co-Organizer NIL January NIL Proctor & Gamble NIL victims.
Avelife-Redcross ~ 50 youths
Home for the Redcross Home for 0800 from various
Socially the Socially 24th Jan to Red Cross schools, 80
5 Disadvantaged Organizer Disadvantaged 2010 1800 (Singapore) NIL beneficiaries
Queenstown PCF 120 PMEX &
& Avelife PAP Community Mr Baey Yam Youths from
Foundation 1- 0800 Foundation, Keng, MP for various
Room Flat Re- Various Mei Ling 31st Jan to Queenstown YEC, Tanjong Schools, 20
6 painting Project for Co-Organizer street blocks of flats 2010 1900 Esthetix Design Pagar GRC flats

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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R
NUS School of
Business, 2th
NUS BizAsia Talk Entreprenuerial February 1600- NUS Business
7 2010 Guest Speaker Centre 2010 1800 School NIL ~200 Youths
With Silver Silver Wellness 3rd Silver
Wellness@Punggol Centre @Punggol February 0900- Wellness@Punggol 54 elderly,
8 South Organizer South 2010 1500 South NIL 12youths
Moovemedia, Home Dr Vivian
5th to 6th 0900 Nursing Foundation, Balakrishnan,
Moove Love Doby Ghaut Mrt’s February to NVPC, Hwa Chong Minister
9 Montage Supporter Atrium 2010 1700 Institute MCYS
Moove Media joint
fundraising project 0900 ~ 30 youths
(For Home Nursing 13th Feb to from various
10 Foundation) Co-Organizer Chinatown MRT 2010 1900 Moovemedia NIL schools
Moove Media joint
fundraising project 0900 ~ 30 youths
(For Home Nursing 20th Feb to from various
11 Foundation) Co-Organizer Harborfront MRT 2010 1900 Moovemedia NIL schools
National Youth
Council, Youth Dr Vivian ~ 400 youths
Youth Expedition 13th 0900 Expedition Project, Balakrishnan, from various
Project 10th March to Various NGOs & Minister schools, 12
12 Anniversary Supporter *Scape park 2010 2000 schools MCYS NGOs/VWOs
Raffles Social 15th
Entrepreneurship" Raffles Junior March 10.50- Raffles
13 Panel Guest Speaker College 2010 1230 Institution(JC) NIL ~100 Youths
3rd to 4th 0900 Hosted & Funded Mr Lim Boon ~ 10,000
Active Aging Suntec Convention April to by Council of Third Heng, members of
14 carnival 2010 Supporter Centre, Level 3 2010 2000 Age (C3A) Minister PMO public

4th International
Consortium for 26th to Organized by Mr Lim Boon ~ 400
Intergenerational Conference Pan Pacific 29th April 0900- Counsil of Third Heng, International
15 Programmes Presenter Singapore Ballroom 2010 1700 Age, NUS, ICIP Minister PMO Delegates

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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R
Delegates ,
4th International 9th to French &
meeting, World Speaker/Delegate/ Nausicca, France 12th May World Ocean International
16 Ocean Network Rep to Sg (Bologne Sur Meur) 2010 NIL Network NIL Media
Agency (NEA) and
Association Youth
Movement, Ci Yuan
National Youth 0900 CC YEC and Youth
EnvirOlympics 5th June to EnvirOlympics Dr Amy Khor, ~1,000
17 Challenge 2010 Supporter City Square Mall 2010 1700 Council SPS MEWR youths
Family Life Centre ~200 elderly
7th to (Main Organizer), Mr Teo Ser & 30 Youths
Amazing Mall Hougang mall festive 20th June Punggol South Luck, SPS from various
18 Challenge Supporter market 2010 NIL GROs MCYS/MTI schools
PAP Community
Foundation, Mr Baey Yam
Esthetix Design, Keng, MP for ~100 Youth
Beautifying Homes Blks 45 & 49 Stirling 20th June 0900- Tanjong Pagar Tanjong & PMEX
19 Project Organizer Road Singapore 2010 1800 Town Council Pagar GRC Volunteers
Biodiversity : Singapore Botanic
Community in Gardens & NPARKs,
Bloom Schools Arts Woodlands Jan to Community In
20 Competition 2010 Co-Organizer Community Library June NIL Bloom
Global Scholars 10th ~30
and Leaders August 1400- GSLC (Main International
21 Conference 2010 Guest Speaker Majestic Theatre 2010 1600 Organizer) NIL youths
2010 JEEF Young 21st
Environmental August to
Leadership Delegate/ Rep to 25th ~50 ASIA
22 Program in Asia Singapore Vietnam August NIL NIL Delegates

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23 Woking Road #01-01 Quebec Court Singapore 138701
Reg. No 200920810R