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(2017 EDITION)

 This guideline provides the procedures to be followed strictly by doctor of
philosophy student of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business, registered for
the research mode (full and part time), and admitted BEFORE or in the academic
session 2013/2014 and thereafter.

 It applies to all postgraduate students at the Faculty, unless if stated otherwise.

 With immediate effect, it is compulsory for all postgraduate students to fulfil the
following requirements at the Faculty BEFORE tendering a notice of thesis
submission to the Centre of Postgraduate Studies, UMK.

 PhD students are required to pass Candidature Defence (CD) according to the
stipulated semester, to avoid a termination of candidature.

 Details of the requirements for CD is spelt out in the following sections.


Only PhD students are required to pass candidature defence. Thus, this section is NOT
applicable to Masters Degree students.

2.1 Candidature Defence Period

A PhD student shall pass candidature defence NO LATER THAN the following period,
relative to the registration date of the programme:

Full time Mode Part Time Mode

Doctor of Philosophy 5th semester 7th semester

2.2 Procedures

 A student is required to fill up the Candidature Defence Application Form

(Appendix A) when he or she is ready to attempt candidature defence according to
the above schedule.
 The Faculty may also invite student whose maximum period for candidature
defence is due, to attempt for it by filling up the same form.
 The completed form must be submitted together with 4 copies of draft thesis
(softbound copies) and the result of turnitin of below than 25%
 Upon receiving the completed form and copies of draft thesis, the Faculty shall
arrange for the candidature defence and inform the student accordingly.
 Each student will be given 30 minutes to present his/ her research, followed
by 30 minutes question and answer session.
 Candidature defence will be evaluated by a panel comprising of a
chairperson, a supervisor/ co-supervisor and an examiner who professes the field
of study.

2.3 Draft Thesis for Candidature Defence

Draft thesis for Candidature Defence should follow the Guidelines For Preparation and

Submission Of Graduate Thesis as prepared by Centre of Postgraduate Studies UMK. A

good draft thesis should consist of the following information :

Chapter One Introduction
This chapter discusses the research problems which motivate the student to
conduct the study. Background of study, research objectives and significance
of study must be clearly stated in this chapter.

Chapter Two Literature Review

Adequate review of literature should be presented. Flow of discussion should
be coherent, reflecting student’s ability in critically analyzing the information
and synthesizing it in a structured manner. A research gap should be reflected
here. Concepts and theories webbing around the proposed research framework
should support the discussion. Hypothesis or proposition, if there is any,
should be included. Depending on the nature of the research, review of
literature may take more than one chapter.

Chapter Three Research Methodology

A clear research framework should be provided here. Student should discuss
how data was collected. Instrument(s) used in the study (for example, survey/
focus group/ interview and such), measures, sampling method, sample size
and data analysis should all be included in this chapter.

Chapter Four Results and Discussion

Student should discuss the findings gathered from the data. Meaningful
interpretation of the results is expected. The analysis done as well as findings
compiled should reflect the extent to which research objectives are achieved.
Relevance and significance of study should be shown here. Depending on the
nature of research, discussion on results/ findings may be more than one

Chapter Five Conclusion

Meaningful and impactful inferences based on findings should be made here.
Student should be able to summarize key issues, highlight key findings and
make appropriate inferences besides drawing relevant implications for both
the academic and stakeholders.


(Please follow the referencing format given in ‘Guidelines for Preparation and
Submission of Graduate Thesis’, provided by Centre for Postgraduate Studies
Appendices (if any)

2.4 Assessment

 Students who attempt for candidature defence will be evaluated based on the items

1. Research Proposal Title / Tajuk Cadangan Penyelidikan

2. Research Problems / Permasalahan Kajian

3. Objective / Objektif

4. Research Questions / Persoalan Kajian

5. Research Scope / Skop Kajian

6. Research Significance / Kepentingan Kajian

7. Theoretical Framework / Kerangka Teori

8. Literature Review / Sorotan Literatur

9. Subject/Measurement/Operational definition
Kaedah/Subjek/Pengukuran/Definisi Pengoperasian Methodology

10. Analysis / Analisis

11. Results and Discussions / Keputusan dan Perbincangan

12. Strength of the thesis / Kekuatan Tesis

13. References / Rujukan

14. Presentation / Penyampaian

15. Additional comments / Ulasan lain

Notes :

Absent Failed – ‘F’  Student who is absent without a

valid reason would be considered
‘Failed’, followed by termination of
 Appeal can be made by writing a
Letter of Appeal through the
supervisor/ co-supervisor to the
Faculty. Submission of relevant
evident explaining such absence is
 The Faculty will decide on the
appeal and inform the student

 Each student is given TWO attempts to pass the candidature defence. Failure on the
second consecutive attempt within the maximum period of proposal defence shall result in
termination of the candidature.



Part I: Student’s Particulars (to be completed by the student)

Kindly circle or tick whichever is relevant.

Full Name: ____________________________________________ Student ID: _______________________

H/P no.: ________________ Office Tel.: ____________________ Email: ___________________________

Mode of Study: Full-time Part-time

Field of Study: ________________________________(e.g. management/ entrepreneurship/ finance)

Method: Qualitative Quantitative Others :__________________________________

Date of initial registration: ___________________ End of candidature: ___________________________

Title of Thesis:

Name of supervisor: _________________________ Name of Co-Supervisor : ________________________

Date of Passing Proposal Defence: ______________ Candidature Defence: First attempt

(*please attach proposal defence result’s) Second attempt

The Faculty shall arrange for my candidature defence.

Signature of student : Date : ________________________

Signature of supervisor : Date : ________________________

Signature of co-supervisor : Date : ________________________

For Faculty Use Only
Part II: Proposed Panel of Evaluators

Chairman:____________________________ Faculty:_____________________________

Examiner I:___________________________ Faculty/ Institution: ___________________

Examiner II:__________________________ Faculty/ Institution: ___________________

Date of Candidature Defence: ___________________ Time: ________________________

Part III: Result

Please tick whichever is relevant.

1st attempt Date:____________ 2nd attempt Date:_____________

(*please attach first result)

The Evaluation Committee recommends that the candidature defence be concluded as:

Receive by : ____________________________________Date : _____________________

Check by : ____________________________________Date : _____________________

Verify by : ____________________________________Date : _____________________