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Description of Meša Selimović primary school Subject: English language; VII/ 9 28 students 13 years old

class School year 2010/2011. Class time: 45’ Teacher: Amila Islamović,prof.
Teaching unit Unit 3 D Kids
39. Virtual soap

Type of lesson Presentation

Sources Student’s Book, Workbook, Teacher’s Book

Aims and goals To present new text
To practise short dialogues
Short term To develop student’s skills
To develop student’s skills
Long term To improve student’s vocabulary

Methods razgovor -communicative,b) demonstracija-demonstration, d) ilustracija-illustration e)rad na tekstu- work on

text, f) diskusija-discussion g) samostalni radovi h)essay-esej i)task-based method j) grammar - translation

Class Individual work

management Pair work
Whole class
Teaching aids, a)natural ,b)pictures, posters,handouts, blackboard, coloured chalk, c) text (Student's Book,
materials and Workbook,encyclopedia,dictionary) d) overhead projector-OHP e) tape recorder-kasetofon / CD
equipment f)filmoprojekcija g) audio-visual -audiovizuelna, i)zadaćnica j)pair sheets k) OHT- overhead transparencies l)
notebook & pen/pencil m)magnets

Procedure Introduction part, main part, final part

Additional plan Exercise 1 Workbook page 30.

Aims and objectives Class organization procedure and Teaching Possible Possible Timing
Main part partIntroductory activities aids problems solutions
To introduce today’s unit Teacher asks students if they can remember SB Some Teacher
what happened in the last episode. Then she students asks
asks them to take their SB and open books can’t volunteer
on page 38. She asks students to look at the remember. to tell them 5'
story and photos and tell her what is short story
happening there. about last
To present Virtual Soap Then students read and listen to the story. SB None. None.
Teacher asks them to rewrite 2 questions Workbook
from exercise 1. Tape
To develop student’s skills What is Virtual Soap? recorder
Who are these people? CD 5’
Michelle Harris Pete Mancini Pete Notebook
Dickens Pen
When students say answers teacher checks
their vocabulary. (Workbook page 82)
Students rewrite new words into their
To develop student’s Are the statements true or false? SB None. None.
writing, thinking and Students rewrite 8 statements into their Notebook
reading. notebook and write if they are true or false. Pen 8’
Teacher calls up different students to read
the statements and say true or false.

To understand some useful Useful expressions SB Some Teacher
expressions Students read English expressions and say students are encourages
them in Bosnian language. too shy to them to
To present short dialogues Then students make dialogues. They match present the speak.
the sentences in A to the responses in B. dialogue.
Teacher calls up some pairs to present the
dialogue. 10‘

To develop student’s skills Teacher asks students to look at the exercise SB None. None.
5 on page 39. Notebook
Find words in the story to complete the Pen
To improve student’s table. Can you add any more words to the
vocabulary table?
Students copy the table into their notebook 7’
and add more words.
Teacher asks them to read their answers and
she motivates all students to add one word.

Final part
Students work with a partner. They use SB None. None.
To practise short dialogues responses from the table and make the
To develop students When they make short dialogue they
speaking present it to the rest of the class.

To encourage student’s work 10’

in pairs
Workbook pages 30 & 31