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Dear Ancuta,

I wonder if you are of the age group to remember one-hit wonder

Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky song from 1970? It was
a great rock/pop song which sold over two million copies.
"Spirit in the Sky" contains lyrics about the afterlife, making
several references to Jesus. However, Greenbaum, who is Jewish,
stated that he had no particular religious intentions with the
When people use the term "afterlife" they usually mean a life of
some kind which they hope to experience beyond the veil of death.
Whilst no one can say for sure what death really is, or whether
people really die, we all seem certain that we know what life is.
But do we really? Can you define what life actually is?
The following is an excerpt from a brilliant and extremely hard
to find book written in the early 1950s entitled "Blueprints for
Living" by Jean Page Wharton, which succeeds admirably at the very
difficult task of defining life.
"LIFE, the life we see and feel, is not something developed inside
bodies and objects. LIFE is a universal presence like light, a
universal constant. LIFE takes form as individual identities but
it is not confined within these forms nor limited to them. LIFE is
greater than the forms it takes. LIFE remains present whether or
not the forms are recognized by the senses. LIFE and MIND are the
same substance, the substance that is universal indestructible
"Let the MIND that is LIFE define life. Let go of opinions about
life. Still the human intellect and acknowledge that the one
universal MIND knows all that is knowable about life. Because you
are this MIND identifying itself (your consciousness is SOURCE-
CONSCIOUSNESS) you can know whatever you need to know about LIFE
in each living moment.
"You are in LIFE and you are LIFE. You will always be in LIFE and
you will always be LIFE, no matter what form your life may take,
visible or invisible to human sight. . . . You did not originate
LIFE. It was never originated, being a universal constant. LIFE
can never end because it never began. No one can ever get outside
LIFE, be separated from LIFE, or lose LIFE. Your conscious
experiencing of LIFE will change and develop throughout your divine
progression but you will always remain what you are LIFE IN THE
"Understanding that the life we see everywhere, the LIFE animating
every form of life through all nature as well as humanity,
understanding this to be universal LIFE appearing as form, and
knowing that this is GOD appearing, has marked effect in everyday
life, in one's bodily health, one's relations with other people
and with nature as well. Fear of storms, earthquakes, fires, fear
of poisonous reptiles and ferocious animals will gradually dis-
appear along with any danger from them.
"Fear of human enemies will vanish when you see all mankind as LIFE,
GOD, GOOD, taking form and action in limitless variety and
versatility, yes, but always remaining one and the same LIFE. . . .
You can put a WELCOME sign over the mental home you are building day
by day instead of plastering it over with "No Trespassing"!
"ALLNESS means ONENESS and the LIFE of one is the LIFE of all. Know
this and know, too, that the MIND of one is the MIND of all, and it
becomes a transformed world which faces you in this Atomic Age . . .
and you can face it with "WELCOME" in your heart."

Whilst Mr. Greenbaum may indeed have had no particular religious

intentions with his song himself, The "Spirit in the Sky," i.e.,
his higher and greater Self, certainly had some intention with it -
to uplift the listener to a higher awareness, for the sinless Self
spoken of in the song is the true, undying Self of each one of us.
Music is the only source that can both directly speak to a person,
even if it is another language, as well as reach a whole plethora of
people at the same time.
If you are not familiar with this particular song, you can listen to
it and watch a beautifully put together video here:

The book "Blueprints for Living" from which the above excerpt was
taken, is one of the finest and certainly hardest to find books on
this subject published over the last 60 years. Up until now it has
been virtually impossible to find copies of this excellent old book
anywhere, due no doubt to the fact that it was privately published
by the author, and therefore never gained large distribution.
A recent search of the internet revealed only two copies of this book
available anywhere, - one priced at $495 and the other at $1250!
Happily though it has just been re-published by ourselves and if you
act fast you can pick up an eBook edition of it for just $10.77. A
paperback version is also available, priced at $17.95.
This book is an absolute must-read for all seekers of Truth.
You can learn more about this remarkable book and pick up your copy
Until next time,
Live life to the full and be grateful for each new day and treat it
as another opportunity to help your fellow man, and to expand your

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