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PeCOD® 15 Minute COD Analysis

The water quality monitoring system that is

fast, accurate and does not use dichromate.
COD results in just 15 minutes, with no use of
dichromate. PeCOD® is breaking the barriers to
traditional COD analysis methods.

PeCOD® offers a unique nanotechnology-based approach to COD analysis that

overcomes many of the problems encountered by existing COD analysis methods,
making it the new global standard for COD analysis.

The core of the technology is the PeCOD® sensor, which consists of a UV-activated
nanoparticale TiO2 (titanium dioxide) photocatalyst coupled to an external circuit.
The high electrochemical potential of the TiO2 gives it a substantial advantage over
the modest chemical potential generated by the dichromate method commonly used
for COD analysis.

The PeCOD® approach measures

photocurrent charge originating
from the oxidation of organic
species contained in a sample to
qualify. The result is that the user
obtains the most accurate
measurement of organic pollution,
in less than 15 minutes, with no use
of dichromate or other hazardous

PeCOD® systems are trusted

around the world in a wide variety
of applications, including:

• Municipal wastewater treatment

• Industrial and manufacturing sites
• Food and beverage producers
• Government regulatory agencies
• National research laboratories
• University and college laboratories
1. PeCOD® requires only three tubing ports
PeCOD® Features for COD analysis 1) sample, 2) blank and 3)

2. Core sensor is a UV-activated

nanoparticle TiO2 (titanium dioxide) photo-
2 3. Enhanced software package enables
additional functionality, parameter sampling
and reporting.
4. Easy to use, “click and go” interface menu
for all operations – analysis, calibration,
5. Small unit footprint requires minimal
bench space (235 x 375 mm) and is light
weight (5 kg).

PeCOD® is making dichromate a thing of the past.

Aside from the clear advantages of speed and safety, the PeCOD® approach is more
versatile than the dichromate method. PeCOD® is extremely accurate across a broad
range of organics. The powerful oxidizing potential of UV-illuminated TiO2
ensures that virtually all species will be fully oxidized giving a true measure of COD.
An exceptional correlation can also be observed between PeCOD® COD and BOD
results, due to the fact that PeCOD® does not require pre-digestion of the sample.

Strong Correlation of COD Results COD Results from a Large Scale

Wastewater Treatment Plant


COD (mg/L)

Green PeCOD
40 Dichromate LR


A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 D1 D2 E F
Sampling Location

Plot of PeCOD® COD (green range) and dichromate COD (low range vials)
for various filtered waste water samples from various sampling locations.
Scatter plot of PeCOD® COD (green range) and dichromate COD
(low range vials) for various filtered waste water samples.
PeCOD® can be configured to meet the specific
needs of laboratory or process operations.

1. Laboratory Model
a. Can be automated for multiple sample analysis
b. Capability to add additional parameters such pH,
EC, alkalinity, BOD and turbidity

2. Field Model
a. Add the battery and carrying case and take it to
the field
b. COD can now be measured in the field

3. Automated Grab Sampling

a. The PeCOD® can be configured to automatically
grab samples from a low flow line or wastewater
tank, at scheduled time intervals
b. Capability to auto dilute, provide alarms, add
additional parameters, auto-calibrate and
auto-quality control

4. On-Line
a. The PeCOD® process analyzer can be
connected direct to high flow water lines
b. Includes 4-20mA output
c. Automatically filters, cleans, calibrates and

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