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Q: Define Advertising? Discuss the various function of advertising?

A:- Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an

audience (viewer, readers & listeners) to purchase the product & services.
Advertising can also serve to communicate an idea to mass amount of
people in an attempt to convince them to take a certain action such as
encouraging ‘Environmental Friendly’ behaviors. Such as – save paper, save
petrol, save tiger, save water etc. It is mass means, impersonal, paid form of
communication by an identified sponsor.

The different functions of Advertising are as follows:

1- Business function
 To create awareness about the product.
 To create demand of the product.
 To maintain the created demand of the product.
 Pre selling of the goods and services.
 Brand positioning and patronize.
 Searching middle men or intermediaries.
 To help to support dealer to sell products.
 It creates immediate response or impact by sales promoting ads.
(e.g.-buy one get two free)

2- Social functions

 To increase the standard of living of society.

 It creates or provides employment opportunity
 Advertising educate/people or society and absolve them from
 Advertising creates zeal, enthusiasm, encouragement motivation to
increase our efficiency.
 Advertising helps in social charity. For e.g. Jago Grahak jago ,
save petrol.
3- Psychological function.

 Brand building of the product.

 Emotion attachment towards the brand.

4- Economical function.

 Quality maintenance.
 Expanding market area.
 Increase the volume of sale and earn more revenue.
 Product differentiation.
 Price stabilization.

Advertising is a role as a form of mass communication, Advertising

delivers relevant massage to target audience by changing mental states. It
can perform a no. of function.
In most Advertising situations it is unrealistic to expect that an AD world
directly produce sales. Advertising is known to facilitate sales rather then
accomplish the complete selling function .this help in making certain
important assumption.

Q: Advertising is called social evil. Comment

A: Advertising is called social evil as it creates undue pressure on consumer

to purchase product which is not necessary required for E.g. fair & lovely –
it says within 7 days your skin become more fair and clean but its not true
there claim is totally false. Advertising is very costly which indirectly affect
the cost of product. Advertising also act as a barrier in market entry for small
& medium company’s products. Advertising create affluent society. E.g. if
anyone having low cost car like alto or Maruti 800 and their neighbor have
Toyota Corolla or Honda city then he/she also thinks of purchasing Toyota
Corolla instead of any other cheap car. Advertising make price of product
costlier because cost of advertising is very high which affect the cost of
product. Advertising create greed for people which set to deceive people.
Advertising often accused that it is parasitic force & immoral which create
false value and induce people to buy product & services which they can’t
afford. Advertising is not always truthful it rely on misleading claims and
sometime engage in deceptive advertising to sell to their products &
services. Advertising creates puffery which means advertising praises the
products & services to be sold, with subjective opinion, exaggeration or
superlatives without stating any facts for this. Sometimes advertiser
knowingly makes false claims, supply defective pieces to winners of contest.
It is a tool, an instrument; it can be used well, and can be used badly.
Advertising is generally agreed that it create a powerful social influence is
criticized for encouraging materialism in society. It is also blamed for
manipulating consumers to buy thing for which they don’t have real need,
depicting stereotypes and controlling media – materialism is the tendency to
accord undue importance to materials interests and this tendency perhaps
lessen the importance of freedom, love and intellectual pursuits of society,
which are non material.
Advertising prevent the people from making a personal and rational choices
by diverting customers mind through false claims & commitments, wrong
information & violating customer autonomy.
Advertising & advertised product are part of our culture and influence it in
some way. Advertising can not be said to have the power to dominate the
force of religion, family. That contributes to tae value of society .
Advertising is a pervasive force in altering consumer spending .
There are different evil under society are being enumerated as under:-

o TV also capture minds or stimulates the society with the audio-video

process in purchasing offered products .

o It also influence our pre exits needs.

o Wrong activity for fulfillment of needs & want .

o It also effect children to force there parents for purchase the same
product .