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Lesson Plan Rubric/EDEC 262/W19/ Ravinder Gill/DISE/McGill University 1

Name: Score/Grade:

Item Lesson Exemplary Acceptable Developing Acceptable Remarks

Component (A, A–) (B+, B, B –) (C+, C, C –) (D)
Topic was very relevant to the Topic was relevant to the target Topic was somewhat relevant Topic was relevant but did not
Topic Relevance target grade of learners grade of learners to the target grade of learners target the learners

Meet all the intended QEP Common Meet the most of the intended Meet some of the intended Missing most of the desired QEP
Core standards QEP Common Core standards QEP Common Core Common Core standards
QEP Standards standards
& Objectives All the objectives were clearly Most of the objectives were Objectives were missing or not
designed, stated, and matched clearly designed, stated, and Some Objectives stated but clear and did not meet the
Lesson Basics

assessment criterion matched assessment criterion did not meet the assessment assessment criterion
Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Selected DOK levels matched the DOK levels were indicated but DOK levels were not indicated
identified and matched the planned planned activities not matched the planned
activities activities No activity aligns with the target
Depth of
Most of the activities aligned Some of the activities aligned levels of Bloom taxonomy
All the activities aligned accurately accurately with the target levels accurately with the target
with the target levels of Bloom of Bloom taxonomy levels of Bloom taxonomy
Materials A variety of audio/visual materials Necessary resources were Some necessary items were Most of the necessary items were
Technology were identified to support the lesson identified in the lesson and their identified but their use was not identified and their use was
Resources use specified in the activities not specified not specified
A variety of techniques/ methods More than one instructional Only one instructional method No instructional methods were
were identified that were method was identified and used was identified and used in the identified and used in the lesson
appropriate to the learning in the lesson lesson.
Procedures and Activities


Instructional All the chosen techniques were Methods matched the purpose of Methods were inappropriate No methods specified
Methods appropriate for the learning each activity for the activities
Collaboration activities

Many skills included allowing Some skills included allowing Only a few grouping No grouping strategies were
student interaction and cooperation student interaction and strategies were employed that employed that effectively allowed
cooperation effectively allowed for student for student interaction
Pre-requisite skills were identified Appropriate pre-requisite skills Some pre-requisite skills were The pre-requisite skills were not
Prior that matched the lesson content were identified and matched the identified and matched the identified and not matched the
Knowledge/ and the skills of students in the lesson content and the skills of lesson content lesson content
Connections group students in the group

Strong assessment activities Some assessment activities Assessment activity was No assessment activity was

included to measure student included to measure student provided, but did not measure provided
Assessment application of objectives application of objectives the effectively the learning