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Criterion F: Product Evaluation and Future Product Development

I conducted an evaluation on March 31, 2019.

Evaluation of specific performance criteria outlined in Analysis section (Criterion B):

a. Video is able to be posted onto Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and be viewed by customers
Most social media platforms, with the exception of YouTube, require that videos be 1-minute or
less in order to be posted; the product is exactly one minute and can be uploaded easily to these

b. Video can be downloaded easily onto other devices

The video has a duration of 1-minute and is 131 MB. This allows for the video to be emailed,
stored, downloaded, and uploaded easily. Furthermore, loading the video to operate it is easy
due to its small file size.

c. Video is clear and high-quality

The video was taken using an iPhone 6s which has a high-quality camera. To enhance the video
quality, however, I used a photography kit. The led light provided better lighting for the shots to
show more detail. The tripod allowed for steady recordings. The extra lens allowed for dynamic
shots such as close ups and wide-angle shots.

d. To what extent the video emphasizes the various products offered by Ms. Miller
The video shows, in order of appearance, dresses, size ranging from xs-3x, clothing for women
of all ages, variety of tops, shoes, accessories, bottoms/jeans, and services (i.e. styling outfits for
customers) along with social media information. This is information that was essential to the
video according to Ms. Miller.

e. To what extent the video reaches customers and increases interactions on social media
The video has been received well by customers and followers on social media. It received many
likes and there was an increase in following on both Instagram and Facebook.

Recommendations for Future Development of Product

The promotional video is a good use of multimedia to publicize the consignment shop as it offers
viewers a quick and effective means of showing them what My Best Friend’s Closet Consignment has for
sale. Posting it on multiple platforms- such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube- allows for multiple
outlets to reach customers.

The video operates smoothly without glitches or freezing and its format is compatible with multiple
software for uploading and downloading. It also meets all of the functional and non-functional
requirements listed in criterion B. For future projects, adding a watermark of the company’s logo would
help to keep from copyright and to make the video more professional as well as increase advertising if
the video is shared.

In order to reach more customers in the future and to keep the current interaction of followers
increasing, Ms. Miller plans to:

1. Make more promotional videos to inform customers of events taking place in store. This way
consumers will stay up-to-date on what new items are instore and online at various times. In
addition to this she will promote sales happening.
2. Make “look book” videos. A look book video is a common trend online in which multiple outfits
in a collection or a miscellaneous group of outfits are modeled for viewers either for outfit
inspiration or to know what is new in store.

Ms. Miller intends to do this to keep her followers active on her social media accounts and to attract
more followers to them. She believes by doing so she will bring in more business to her store since the
use of multimedia is more attention grabbing than regular image posts. More publicity will allow her to
expand her business and clientele especially with online sales since these platforms are linked to her
website for online purchases and allow her to connect directly with customers.

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