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Big Bazaar-
Big Bazaar is an Indian retail chain of hypermarkets, discount department
stores, and grocery stores. The retail chain was founded by Kishore Biyani
under his parent organisation Future Group, which is known for having a
significant prominence in Indian retail and fashion sectors.
Big Bazaar is also the parent chain of Food Bazaar, Fashion at Big Bazaar
where at locations it houses all under one roof, while it is sister chain of retail
outlets like Brand Factory, Home Town, Central, eZone, etc.

Vishal Mega-Mart-
Vishal Mega Mart is India's leading Fashion hypermarket with 170 stores
spread across 110 cities and Vishal Mega Mart Stores provide shoppers with
wide range of fashion clothing for all age groups, Home and Grocery products
at unbelievable prices. Vishal Mega Mart stores offers thousands of high quality
products with an impressive shopping experience and customer-friendly service
- all under one roof. Shoppers can choose from an amazing collection of latest
fashion wear for Men, Women and Kids. Be it Formals, Casuals, Ethnic, Party
wear, Sportswear or Seasonal Wear, Vishal Mega Mart has it all. Also they
offer a wide range of fashion footwear accessories. Other product categories
include Packed food and Beverages, Home and personal care, Health and beauty
products, Baby care, Sports goods, Toys and stationary, Home care products
such as Kitchen utensils, Crockery, Home furnishings, Appliances and
Electronics. In all, Vishal Mega Mart is a one-stop destination for the entire

This Review of Literature deals with the overall review of the literature
available on the A Comparative study of customer satisfaction between Big-
Bazaar and Vishal Mega mart. Literature is the most important part of any
research. In this topic the review is taken from research articles and books
regarding the research topic. This contains Review of Research Articles,
Review of Books, thesis and review of other related published or unpublished
literature available on the concerned topic.
Big Bazaar-
Big Bazaars journey began in October 2001, when the young, first generation
entrepreneur Kishore Biyani opened the country’s first hypermarket retail outlet
in Kolkata (then Calcutta). In the same month, two more stores were added one
each in Hyderabad and Mumbai, thus starting on a successful sojourn which
began the chapter of organized retailing in India.

Though, Big Bazaar was started purely as a fashion format including apparel,
cosmetics, accessory and general merchandise, the first Food Bazaar format was
added as Shop-In-Shop within Big Bazaar in the year 2002. Today, Big Bazaar,
with its wide range of products and service offering, reflects the aspirations of
millions of Indians.

Vishal Mega Mart-

Vishal Mega Mart was founded by Ram
Chandra Agrawal in 2001 and it initially sold ready-made apparels. Over time,
it diversified into non-apparels. Over time, it diversified into non-apparels.
Agarwal was credited with creating a value-retail chain in India.
Vishal Mega Mart operates over 350 stores in the country and had clocked
consolidated sales of Rs 3,000 crore in fiscal 2016.

Since the study is on retail sector first the detail study of the store is been
conducted about its Management team its structure the number of departments
which all brands does the store has, who are its suppliers about its warehouses.
Based on the topic objectives were set and to arrive at the opinion on objectives
a set of 60 questionnaires were designed of 15 questions and response is
collected from the customers who are visiting the store. For data collection
Random sampling method was adopted. For this project the area of research is

Research Design-

• Primary Data is collected through questionnaire, search and research

through place where today’s computer has been mostly used.
• Secondary Data is being searched from magazines, newspaper,
journals, websites and other approaches.
Data Collections Methods-

Market research requires two types of data i.e. secondary data and
primary data. Primary data has been used abundantly for the study. Well-
structured questionnaires were prepared & the survey was undertaken. Feedback
for the display has been taken by asking questions & observation has also done
to gather primary information.
There is also a use of secondary data, collected from the various journals,
books, and websites & from Store managers.

• Primary data - Field Survey

• Secondary data - Big Bazaar ,Vishal Mega Mart,Company
• Area of research - Bareilly area
• Research approach - Survey method

Nature of study-

The project on which the researcher worked is descriptive and inferential in


Sampling Method-

Since the study is restricted to Retail sector, all the functional Departments of
Big Bazaar and Vishal Mega Mart and the respondents are found at the store
only so according to the convenience randomly they are being picked so
sampling method is used in this study is Random sampling and Simple
Sample size 60 respondents
Sampling Method Random sampling and Simple sampling
Sample Unit Customer of Big bazaar and Vishal Mega-Mart.
Measuring Tools Questionnaire

Research Objective-

• To scan customer buying behavior.

• To know customers buying decision.
• To Know the demand of market.
• To comprehend the determinants of customer satisfaction.
• How Big Bazaar, Vishal Mega Mart and Easy day Establish and
maintain relationship with customers.


1) NAME:

Male Female

3) Age.
a) 18-20 b) 21-26
c) 26-30 d) 30 and above

a) Student
b) Employed
c) Self employed
d) Others________________
5) How many members are in your family?
a) 0-2 b) 2-4
c) 4-6 d) More than 6

1. Which store first comes to your mind when you think of purchasing a

a) Big Bazaar b) Vishal Mega mart

c) Easy day d) Other

2. How frequently do you visit a store?

a) Daily b) Weekly
c) Monthly d) Yearly

3. Which offer do you like the most?

a) Buy-1 get-1 free

b) Gift voucher
c) Future card (5% Discount)
d) Other_____________________________
4. What kind of product category do you purchase from departmental store?
a) Food b) Clothes
c) Accessories d) Stationary
e) Other_____________________

5. Please choose from below the factors which attract you most while

a) Offer b) Service
c) Quality d) Availability of products
e) Other_____________________
6. From which source did you come to know about these outlets?
a) T. V. b) Magazine
c) Local Newspaper d) Radio
e) Relatives/ Friends f) Visuals
g) Other

7. What is the basis of choosing a particular store?

a) Advertisement

b) Reference

c) Experience

d) Quality

e) Quantity

f) Service

8. Main reason for coming to the store?

a) Value for money

b) Discount
c) Saving of time
d) Wide product range available
e) Brand consciousness
f) Other_______________________
9. Does the advertisement affect your shopping behavior?

a) Yes b) No

10. How far or close is the store from your house?

a) 0-5 km b) 5-10 km
c) 10-15 km d) More than 15 km
11. Are you satisfied with service provided by store?
a) Yes b) No
12. What timing do you prefer to visit the store?
a) 10:00-11:59 am b) 12:00-05:59 pm
c) After 06:00pm
13. Apart from Vishal Mega-Mart and Big Bazaar where do you shop for daily
a) V-Mart b) Easy day
c) Store 99 d) Local markets
e) Others
14. Does your departmental store inform you about various schemes?
a) Yes b) No
15. How does your departmental store inform you about various schemes?
a) Through SMS b) Through E-mail
c) Through calls d) Through Advertisements