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Motor vehicle sales and Importation is one of the licensed
and fast moving businesses in the region of East Africa.
This is due to the development in Infrastructure,transport
and communication,high rise in populationand,good road
network ,industralisation and the the vehicle has moved
to become a necessity for every business and
transaction to work in this economy and
environment.This makes the use of vehicles to exceeded
the supply demand.. We shall not also fail to comment
that the vehicle is a security to borrowing and acts as a
simple of status to many.

This major technical area, where one seats down to
research for a particular unit that the customer has
enquired for. This takes proper considerations of all the
specs, colour, and engine capacity, Make, model of the
unit as per the terms of inquiry by the customer.With
state of Importation on the market, and taxation one has
to work remain keen on which car,year ,month and date
of manufacturing the unit falls in to exact and scertain
on the quotation being provided/given
This happens after identification and inspection the
vehicle . The consignment is loaded on the vessel to the
required destination.It can take 4 to 6 weeks depending
on country of origin,nature of the ship and the stop overs
especially is there is a transshipment.

The process starts with launching of importation

declaration forms, and proceeds when the car docks in
mombasa port , it includes duty payment;
registration,verification insurance etc till the vehicle is
released the port.
Delivery is the service done to the customer. It’s the last
of all the services rendered. It includes Servicing the car,
fueling, sand a driving to the customer doorsteps or
This where the main technical part of the working displine
lies.It the main centre of preparation of the business.It
relies fully on the business infrastructure,confidence and
the professionalism of the human resource and sales
We need a reputable organization in place,with an
esteem serious sales team .This boosted by the expertise
of Stanley Oniang’o, higher Diploma in sales,Certificate
in Engineering,with 12 years experience in daily sales and
marketing.We have to carryout continous training and
motivating to keep the entire team abreast with what the
products and the targets.
We are also launching a field study for bring all the
buyers and sallers of motor vehicles together in the local
Kenyan market.Incoporating sales tactics that will make
our company the most coveted and an Automobile one
stop shop in the East and Central Africa Region.
It will deemed necessary for us to derive Special,
mechanical, mature and results proven ways of reaching
the customers in this region in every way to buy their
interest and stay much head of our regional competitors.
They are several factors we shall put in mind,and the
mojor part of it will to making profit in season and out of
season and maintain ourself growing in business.
Among this will major Economical and social factors
affecting our economy not forgetting Industrial
growth,Market demand,Customs taxation,Competitors
and profit maximization.
We also need to stay ahead in our sufficient
in deaing with inquiries,Existing clients,Direct clients,walk
in clients our public relation and fellow dealers to create
an easy service delivery vibrant business.
Among our major concerns will be the relationship with
our supplies Countries which are:-
(1)Japan,Singapore,UK,and Dubai.
(2)Our wide range of products.
Cars,Lorries,Commercials,machineries etc.we have to list
them.Sales team will deal will deal with these category
especially will carryout an advert and other
sales/marketing approaches.
It was in my best interest to higher a Quality professional
sales team proven for four people.This a high magnitude
and returns work that people must be rotating and
stepping in when one is out,bussy or on another duty
somewhere.i.e seeing a customer,banking,sick,or any
other business emergency that arises at work.It will also
bring team work,competion,and quick service delivery to
our esteemed clients.
We shall need to give revised targets,aculculated
commission on every sales made and a monthly retainer
of an average Ksh.10,000 per person.This cost will cover
them in traveling and telephone expences among other
Now that I Stanley will envolved I will have to get a
commission,and a budgeted return allowance that will
support every effort from
to keep the company within the projected production and
The much we have widely discussed on
importation,Taxation,sales ,and Delivery,majority of the
work in this business envolves networking.WE have a
relaxed community which one risks to go around to
identify or to buy something.To keep our sales turnover
high and daily,we have to forge a relation with other
dealer locally all the way from Mombasa to Malava to
ensure that we can capture the commission on every sale
and inquiry.
We shall be oblidged to form a broker network to
identify,communicate on every unit on sale,inquiry as in
someone is expressing the interest and updating all on
our Website and constant classified advertisement.
Especially nation and standard newspapers.
This will entail the photographing,Archiving,Displaying of
various motor vehicles to the scene of the customers,and
24 hrs online research,consultancy and sales.
This practice will multiply office revenue a wider margin.
NB we are also counting on the existing customers and
those that are in line to support us too.

The infrastructure needed to carry out the operations of
this business is a simple magnificent office, supplied with
full time internet, computer and a professional human
resource which to me is in place.
Additional Requiremnts

8 seats,
6 computers(I have 3)
24 hrs Internet @ 9,000 amonth.
Staff Wage 10K per person.
Stationery-Letter heads,complimentaryies,receipts and
rubber stamps.
Polo T-shirts. 14 pieaces.

We collect and post all the available units of Cars on the
market and sale on commission,this a wide range of
sales organization supported by our grassroot network in
the local showroom and in Mombasa port.

All types of motor vehicle
Agricultural machines like tractors
Canters moving machines like those of roads repair i.e.
dovzer and tippers.
-European cars,
Trucks/tippers etc.

United Kingdom and United States


The profits on this nature of trade are secured on the
following lines:-
• Mark-up- this the extra fee charged /loaded on
every unit bought as a part of the office earning.500
USD minimum.
• Commission- This the fee to the office for every
service rendered. This to the tune of Ksh 20,000
• Delivery- We do charge Ksh3,000 for delivery to the
door steps.
• Insurance- All insurance issued by us on this dealing
attracts a commission.
• Own Cars- The Company by virtue of trade and
discounts attracts cars that are owned by the
Company; these cars are used and sold at maximum
profits for the Company.
• Loans- The Company strategically banks from the
Existing Commercial banks for the Expansion of the
Company and easing trade.

We have the opportunity to expand our business
structures by the following:-
1) Show Room: By creating a nice secured show room
for the display of our cars.
2) Financial Organization: This will help to finance
the customers who cannot raise the full payment of
the vehicles and help the Company to get the
necessary money target from the vehicle without
necessarily having to wait for long.
3) Partnership with International Cars
With proper office and showroom, it will be capable to
convince both local and International Companies for
Partnership and Selling on behalf. This will attract quick
and vibrant sales for the Company and High
This is classic business dealing and it attracts a lot in
terms of turnover. One directly invests in cars which have
securities like importation documents, logbooks and this
gives security to the transaction making harder for one to
incur a loss of any kind. With the massive experience in
the business, within a period of six months, one will have
returned his or her money and now working in the profits
credited/gifts or make weights to large purchases.
Other supportive Business will
3-Sales of other Automobilemachneries.