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assyst Product suite 3

Designed from inception

to integrate all ITIL processes into a single application

Change Management
Typical Change
In many organizations, 70-80% of service interruptions are caused by change-
Management Lifecycle
related incidents. Without a defined IT Change Management process providing
visibility and control, unauthorized changes cause service interruptions with an Request for Change
increasing impact on the profitability of the business. Implementing Change
Management can help the business regain control by logging all changes,
Assess Change Cancel Change
applying a defined and repeatable change process, ensuring visibility and
enforcing authorization and compliance.
Authorize Change
Change Logging

Audit & Reporting Automated Routing

Build, Test, Verify
Resource Manager Notification & Authorization
Implement Backed Out
Change Calendar Workflow Management
CMDB Impact
Visualization Review

Mitigate Risk, Enable Agility

Is change a risk to your business?
Are unauthorized or emergency changes degrading IT services?
Is IT struggling to meet the demands of the business?

The assyst solution ensures the success of every change

by providing support for change processes, business
impact assessment and authorization control to guarantee
a high success rate for the implementation of change. In
assyst, Change Management functionality is integrated with
management and automation of all ITIL processes in a single
application without the need for complex integration projects.

to define Change Calendar to view
change forward schedule of change.
Change Management

“assyst’s ability to link incidents and

problems to changes allows us to more
Axios Service Desk & Incident
Incident Management
accurately understand the impact of a
Change Management •• Problem
Change Management Problem Management
change, and the history behind it.” Configuration Management • Asset Management
NFU Mutual Service Level Management • CMDB
For Service Catalog • On premise
SaaS or SaaS offering

Service Desk and IT Service Management Software
Change Management
Key Features CMDBMain Benefits
GoEnd-to-End The CMDB is the foundation of the assyst
Change Management
ƒƒAssess impact of changes on quality of service through risk
Record Changes User-friendly change logging form.solution, and
providing a central
change evaluation store
Better for all
visibility the to both IT
of changes
Pre-populated change requests can also be created information required to support best
support services and the business as a whole
from incident or problem records.
ƒƒIT Service
Increase Management.
change success ratio via a controlled change
in g

Change Monitor Searchable display of all changes and

e summary. This environment


change tasks via an at-a-glance graphical

monitor for aFederation - The assyst
Reduce time cycle to CMDB
implement change, enabling greater
ice D

ces M

interacts with the incident and problem
l o business agility
fully integrated overview. provides out-of-the-box adapters for rapid
Ca Define change


ƒƒ All changes progressed through a controlled and traceable

Workflow Management Engine
ic e integration
pathbetween the CMDB and external

workflows using the drag-and-drop Workflow Process

CMS S r y
e are sourcesƒƒ(discovery tools -insuch as and customer satisfaction

Designer. Workflows can be multi-level livand

Increase confidence IT systems

managed by the automated assyst v i c e assystDiscovery

Engine. ƒƒ Effective management
– asset of release directory
register, processes for greater
Change Triggers assyst accepts Ser a wide range of efficiency and consistency
triggers for change – both reactive and proactive.
sources,ƒƒand other 3rd party monitoring
Improve infrastructure and quality of service
Change History View full change Servicehistory associated systems). This ensures information in the
with a Configuration Item (CI), system or service. CMDB is kept up-to-date.
Resource Scheduling VisualCscheduling
ontinu of change tasks
with full view of support staff Imavailability.
provem al
Forward Schedule of Change Calendar ent view of Visualization – Improve root cause analysis
planned changes with drill-down into the change record and change impact assessment with the Impact
Exporer shows
and Impact Explorer. sal assyst Impact Explorer – a visual at-a-glance

isp representation of the entire IT infrastructure.


D graphical
Automation of Processes



view of CIs

Conflict Detection Automatic detection of conflict Reconciliation - The CMDB gateway is an and their

between multiple changes to the same system, CI or relationships.


service which are being performed simultaneously. intelligent interface that automatically
Enforce Control Changes automatically routed to reconciles duplicate data entries from
Asse relevant management for authorization. multiple data sources. Each reconciliation is
t L ife c y c l e s
Real-Time Management Reporting stored by the gateway to ensure rapid
Fully integrated
synchronizing of the CMDBChange Management
with external
Assess Impact The assyst CMDB Impact Explorer
provides an up-to-date graphical display of the sources.assyst offers unrivalled connectivity via a wide range of plug-
infrastructure, indicating which systems, IT services,
in adaptors which enable assyst to interface to any external
business services and business users may be impacted
by the change. application. For example, assyst can interface with advanced
Tracking, Reporting & Compliance Change records Asset and Configuration Management software giving you a
linked back to problems and incidents. Full audit history vital insight into your IT infrastructure. By analyzing the assets
recorded. and their relationships, assyst enables Change Managers
to undertake informed impact analyses based on real-time
Integration with other ITIL Processes and accurate data. Proposed changes can be evaluated with
Release Management Release Management confidence for minimum disruption and maximum success.
functionality tightly coupled with Change Management
Configuration Management Change and
Configuration Management within a single application
streamlines the processes.
Change Management

“Normally Change Management is one of the

most difficult processes to implement, especially
the authorization part. This doesn’t come as
part of standard functionality of any other ITSM
solution. Axios Systems offered flexible
workflows for approval of changes.”

Service Desk and IT Service Management Software

Established in 1988, Axios Systems is the world’s leading independent provider of Service Desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. Its
software, assyst, is a fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution, available in on-premise and SaaS models, which helps organizations optimize IT
infrastructure efficiency, reduce overheads and lower the total cost of IT ownership.