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Designed from inception to integrate all ITIL processes into a single application

Configuration Management
Configuration Management provides information that is essential to the delivery and support of IT services. It is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive and accurate infrastructure model, which can be shared by all IT processes across the organization. A Configuration Management System (CMS) is an essential tool in understanding and managing the delivery of IT services.
Sample of Hierarchy within CMS
Printer (Generic Class)

Improved Support License Compliance Reduced Cost

Laser Printer (Product Class)

Inkjet Printer

Improved Security

Configuration Management System

Reduced Risk
Laserjet 2300 (Product)

IT Planning

Quality of Service
T169 (Configuration Item)

Master Complexity, Regain Control
Do you have the information you need to provide quality IT support? Are you suffering from the impact of change? Is your infrastructure cost-effective?
The assyst solution integrates an enterprise CMS with all other IT Service Management (ITSM) processes in a single enterprise application. Supported by automated processes and a pre-integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB), the assyst CMS powers the data requirements of all the ITIL processes. The assyst CMDB is a centralized database, modeling all infrastructure Configuration Items (CIs) and the relationships between them. It stores information on services, SLAs, IT users, IT staff and all other data and knowledge involved in the management of IT services.
At-a-glance graphical view of configuration items and their relationships.

Configuration Management

“The assyst CMDB is an extremely powerful tool.”


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Service Desk and IT Service Management Software

Configuration Management
Key Features

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Main Benefits CMDB


The CMDB is theservice-orientedof the assyst ƒƒ Enable a foundation view of the infrastructure solution, ƒ ƒ providing a central store for all the Facilitate IT planning to meet business demand Define Configuration Items Ability to record a wealth ƒƒ Decrease risk by assessing the impact of technical, financial, user and relationship information information required to support best of change on the against a CI. business practice IT Service Management. Federation Draw data from multiple sources including



services/units intelligent interface that automatically they support. reconciles duplicate data entries from Discovery Automate discovery of IT assets with the multiple data sources. Each reconciliation is Asse t L ife c y c l e s assystDiscovery tool. Gain a complete view of the IT stored by the gateway to ensure rapid infrastructure without expensive and time-consuming Consistent and accurate results with manual audits. synchronizing of the CMDB with external seamless integration capability Reconciliation Automated consolidation of duplicatesources.

Automation of Processes

records from multiple federated data sources. Synchronization Schedule automated synchronization of data between the assyst CMDB and third party data sources to ensure all data is up-to-date. Discrepancy analysis automatically flags variation between the live and modeled environments. Real-Time Management Reporting

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e the assystDiscovery tool and sources for inventory, standardization CMDB gateway organization and monitoring datagto provide a singleFederation - The redeploy underused components ƒƒ Identify and alo source of truth for information tessential to the delivery provides ƒ out-of-the-box lifetime Totalfor rapid adapters Cost of Ownership (TCO) of ƒ Calculate accurate a and support of IT services. ce C integration betweenand provisioning costexternal components the CMDB and of services i v Visualization Visual representation through the Provide impact and such as Ser ry logical sources ƒƒ (discovery tools -trend analysis information for proactive Impact Explorer of the infrastructureeshowing live Problem and Change Management e D you to quantify an relationships between CIs. Thisvallows – asset register, directory er ic Sbusiness. ƒƒ Improve IT security through advanced CI control asset’s failure impact on the sources,ƒƒ other 3rd license management and software party monitoring Improve Product Explorer A tree-style explorer view of your systems).ƒ ensures information in the This Service ƒ Increase confidence in IT systems and customer satisfaction organization’s product hierarchy. Retirement Service-oriented View Link infrastructure components CMDB is kept up-to-date. A serviceto the business services and Cont business units they i orientation Impronual support. veme Ensure the Visualization – Improve root cause analysis view from the Integrate with External Applications nt and change impact assessment with the assyst Service integrity of asset information by reconciling asset data Designer, captured from external applications such as Enterprise Impact Explorer – a visual Resource Planning (ERP) systems and barcode scanners. representation of the entire IT infrastructure. which links infrastructure Full Lifecycle Management Ability to track CIs components to throughout their lifecycle, from installation to disposal Reconciliation - The CMDB gateway is an the business and view the entire history of all activities related to CIs.
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ƒƒ Support efficient Release Management and infrastructure

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Financial Management Record initial and ongoing costs of services and the underpinning infrastructure which supports them. Contract Management Ability to define contracts (e.g. warranty, maintenance, license support and lease) with defined pertinent information and reminders Flexible Product Structure Set up and manage your IT infrastructure your way – multiple levels of information can be held for management information and decision support purposes.

Service Desk and IT Service Management Software
Established in 1988, Axios Systems is the world’s leading independent provider of Service Desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. Its software, assyst, is a fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution, available in on-premise and SaaS models, which helps organizations optimize IT infrastructure efficiency, reduce overheads and lower the total cost of IT ownership.


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assyst offers unrivaled connectivity via a wide range of plugin adaptors which enable assyst to interface to any external application. For example, assyst can ensure the integrity of the

CMDB by reconciling asset data entered from disparate external sources, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, barcode scanners or inventory discovery tools. This means you can be certain that all information held in the assyst CMDB is accurate and current. As a result, IT decisions will be based on facts, not assumptions, allowing you to strategically manage and control one of your organization’s largest investments.

Configuration Management

“The assyst solution has acted as the key enabler for sustained annual six figure financial savings by the ability to track assets, their specification and suitability for re-use.”


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