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Stefan Gullberg works
higher ground.

Now ...
Skanska’s bridge-building skills are renovations, workers will work and move
reaching new heights in Gothenburg, in at heights of more than 295 feet (90 meters)
western Sweden. Between April and Au- above the water.
gust, Skanska will be replacing the suspen- Last year, Skanska replaced the 40
sion cables on the busy Älvsborg Bridge. shortest suspension cables on the Älvsborg
Because 70,000 vehicles cross it every day, Bridge, which was constructed in 1966. It
the work will affect the entire Göteborg is now time for the remaining 72 longer
area. But thanks to some smooth solutions cables, totalling 12,139 feet (3,700 meters)
in cooperation with the Swedish Road of cable. The suspension cables are located
Administration, Skanska will minimize between the two large catenary wires and
traffic disruptions and increase safety for continue down underneath the bridge. The
both workers and road-users. In addition, upper cable is located 154 feet (47 meters)
the construction time will be shortened above the bridge roadway and 328 feet
considerably. (100 meters) above the water. Each suspen-
Work will be conducted in seven-day sion cable supports 200 tons of the bridge
shifts of 10-12 hours per day. During the roadway.

2 Worldwide #  
Contents #2 2008

4 Think twice

It takes a
A letter from the CEO.

team to win 7 This team is

working 14 Focus on Latin America
Skanska Latin America has an atypical
characteristic that distinguishes them from
What could better demonstrate the other Business Units: they have operations and
importance of a winning team than the services in nine countries. Brazil is one of them.
recent UEFA Euro Cup 2008. Soccer is
not a one man’s show. And neither is a
construction and development business
like Skanska.
The field is there and it takes a team to
20 Green
conquer it - whether you are a builder or diplomacy
soccer player.
“It’s an opportunity,” says the
“I am a member of a team, and I rely
U.S. Ambassador to Sweden,
on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for
Gold winner. Michael Wood, who practices
it because the team, not the individual, is
green diplomacy for the
the ultimate champion,” says Mia Hamm. This is the Senior Executive
planet’s future.
I think this qualifies the soccer Team (SET) that will take
powerhouse as an ambassador for Skanska into the future.
Skanska. In this issue Worldwide proudly Success depends on
presents a whole range of new teams. recruiting and keeping the
First and foremost the new Senior
Executive Team but also the Green Dream
Team, an international U.N. team and a
virtual squad of Diversity Champions.
right people.

Speaking of soccer teams, Worldwide Bristol school
also offer you an insight into the
Raise your hand if you
company’s Brazilian business. I am sure
think a construction and
that this will convince you that Brazil is
development company can
top notch not only in the fields of coffee
improve learning, push
and soccer.
attendance up and raise self-

Worldwide Cover Olivia Watt in front of the Wall of

Wishes at Bristol Brunel Academy.
Photo Neil Phillips
Publisher responsible Worldwide is the group magazine
under Swedish law from Skanska AB, and is intended
Karin Lepasoon, for employees, customers and other Skanska associates. The magazine is
Editor-in-chief Alf Lindström, published quarterly in English. Subscribe
+46-8-753 88 17, free of charge by sending an application by e-mail:, or by
Address Skanska AB fax: +46-8-449 88 10. Worldwide is
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Graphic design Staffan Millqvist

Worldwide #   3
A letter from the CEO


It was with pride and joy that I took prevented through good and thorough But safety is all of our responsibility.
the office as Skanska President and CEO pre-planning. And if we can prevent an We are all accountable. The company sup-
earlier this spring. We have a great com- accident, we cannot accept an accident. plies a system and expertise and Business
pany and I am looking forward to making Therefore we must make sure that safety Units must make sure they have the right
it even greater. We have the potential, and is integrated in planning from day one safety experts on all levels. But in the end
plenty of opportunities. and that the plan is executed – on every it is up to us all as individuals - we must
But right now, I’m saddened by the project. Good safety planning must also think twice for our own safety and for
several tragic fatalities this spring. Our be implemented in production. our colleagues.
hearts are with the families who have lost For some years we have addressed
their dear ones. safety in our yearly Safety Week. We have Work safely or not at all!
We are currently failing when it comes also increased safety reporting. We have
to safety. That worries me. developed a common system for all BUs
CEO, Johan Karlström.
Safety is one of the most important in every market. Measuring is one way of
values in Skanska. It is one of our Five identifying best practices and weaknesses
Zeros and is expressed as Zero Accidents. in our performance.
It is one of our key parameters when we From now on we will stop all construc-
evaluate our units’ and leaders’ perform- tion work worldwide when a fatal accident
ances. Good financial results mean noth- occurs – to show respect for our colleagues
ing if we have serious injuries or fatalities and to inform everyone about the tragic
on our projects. event. We will also add extra safety training
Safety must be at the top of the agenda. sessions for that specific type of accident
We spend a lot of time and effort in on all sites worldwide where similar tasks
safety training and providing personal are conducted. As usual, we will take care
protection equipment. But this is not of colleagues who are affected. And we will
enough. The key to safety is planning and make thorough analyses to find causes and
prevention. When accidents happen there take actions to prevent this in the future.
is always a cause linked to the planning Business Unit management must go to the
phase. site and the Business Unit President must
Fatalities and severe accidents can be report to us in SET.

4 Worldwide #  

Top 10 Tenants
Skanska’s first Green Building project on bikes

is being honored. Hagaporten III,

developed for ÅF, has received the
Sweden Skanska Öresund, part of Skanska
City of Solna environmental award.
Commercial Development Nordic, is giving
“Skanska has taken the lead in terms
bicycles to all of their tenants. The aim is to
of implementing lower energy
underscore involvement in the climate issue
and to kick off environmental cooperation
that they are initiating with its customers.
Skanska has received its first water

“We are also encouraging our tenants

treatment plant project in California. The
to travel environmentally even while on the
contract from Western Municipal Water
job,” says Camilla Wieslander, Property
District is for the expansion of the March
Manager at Skanska Öresund. “We want to
Wastewater Reclamation Facility.
reduce exhaust emissions in town. It’s also
healthy to get some exercise.”
Fortune magazine recently published

a list of the World’s Most Admired Illustration Stefan Malmquist

Companies, naming Skanska in fourth
position in the construction industry.

In the LEED®. Elizabeth Heider, Senior From


Vice President Pre-construction at

Skanska USA Building, was elected
to a three-year term on the US Green
traffic to
Building Council’s Board of Directors,
commencing in 2008.  tranquility
Skanska ranked the fifth Best Green

U.S. Life in the peaceful

Company on The Sunday Times Green town of Brawley, California,
List 2008. “Companies have a wider has been anything but quiet
responsibility to ensure that they with all the heavy truck
minimize the environmental impact. traffic from this agricultural
Consumers, clients and peers expect center. Now things are set to
it,” the jury says. change with the construction
of a new four-lane divided
For the second consecutive year, expressway that will allow

Skanska has been named the Largest

Construction Management Company Keys to the kingdom trucks to travel around the
city. The contract awarded to
in Puerto Rico by Caribbean Business. Skanska covers construction
U.K. PaddingtonCentral will be the location for yet another of a new 3-mile (5-kilometer)
Skanska is the strongest construction

beautiful Skanska addition to London’s skyline. Well-acquainted four-lane highway on State

and property brand in Sweden. Brand- from previous projects, Development Securities PLC awarded the Route 78 east of San Diego
­ranking company Superbrands Sweden contract based on Skanska’s integrated construction expertise in in southern California. The
and Sifo jointly reviewed and ranked building, mechanical, electrical and ground engineering. project includes seven bridges
300 b2b brands in the Swedish market. Two Kingdom Street will be a 13-story office building designed at traffic interchanges,
around an atrium with six panoramic elevators. It is expected to be railways and over the New
U.S. energy and utility holding

completed by January 2010. One Kingdom Street, a 12-story office River. Residents are indeed
company PPL Corp has elected Stuart building, was completed earlier this year for the same customer. looking forward to enjoying
E. Graham, Skanska’s former President the fruits of this labor.
and CEO, to the PPL Board of Directors.

Polish engineering students choose


Skanska as the ideal employer in the

engineering category according to
the ranking “The Ideal Employer – The
Universum Student Survey 2008 ,” The
first three most attractive employers
are Skanska, Toyota and Siemens.

Skanska Latin America has been


recognized for its safety and

environmental achievements on the
Urucú Manaus Pipeline construction
project. The customer, Petrobrás,
awarded Skanska first place in its Safety
and Environment Recognition and
Reward Program.

Worldwide #   5

Rolling forward with Volvo

Production Sweden Return customers are the best
customers for Skanska Sweden as it secures a

manager new contract to build Volvo’s new production

plant in Gothenburg. The entire project is
expected to be operational by November
of the year 2008 and involves not only the construction of
extensive production and administrative facilities
but also all landscaping for the surrounding
Sweden Skanska’s own Jenny Karlsson, Production
Manager at Skanska Sweden Road and Construction
“Securing such a large assignment with
West, has been named “Manager of the Year” by the
a short construction time is a result of our
Center for Management of the Built Environment
long-term cooperation with Volvo and the
at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg,
many specialized units we will have working
Sweden. The jury cited the extraordinary results
together on this project,” says Lars Björklund,
and customer relations achieved thanks to her
Regional Manager, Skanska Sweden.
commitment, leadership and team motivation
among co-workers, customers and subcontractors.
Anders Carlsson, one of her team members, puts it
this way, “She gets people involved and delegates A new estate
responsibility. She’s doesn’t care about prestige and
Norway Norwegian real estate company
trusts people to do their best.”
Photo Magnus Gotander Birger N Haug Holding has commissioned
Skanska to build an office and technology
center in Asker, outside Oslo.

First water Guide to energy

project efficiency
secured in Sweden Guides with checklists and good
advice on fuel and energy efficiency have

California been produced for nearly every type of heavy

mobile equipment used at Skanska.
One of the first of these Energy Efficiency
U.S. Now Skanska’s water treatment Best Practice Guides concerned energy
expertise goes west. Skanska USA efficiency in the buildings occupied (leased or
Civil’s Riverside office has landed its owned) by Skanska units.
first contract in California for a water “These guides are intended as ‘signposting’
treatment plant. The contract, valued at documents. They do not have all the answers
USD 45 M, was awarded by the Western but provide the start of a journey towards
Municipal Water District (WMWD) for better energy use. I would encourage you all
the expansion of the existing March to spread the content of this and the other
Wastewater Reclamation Facility in Perris, Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guides, of
California. which we now have around 20,” says Noel
The expansion will nearly triple the Illustration Stefan Malmquist Morrin, SVP Sustainability, Skanska AB.
existing facility’s capacity. The project
involves installation of an extensive array

of treatment stations and equipment,
construction buildings and ponds as well
as plant instrumentation and control
Demolition, landscaping, site piping
and grading, startup and initial operation
of facilities is included in the contract. This
assignment requires extensive excavation Sweden The large tunnel drill at the
including rock excavation. The project is Hallandsås project in southern Sweden
scheduled to be completed in slightly less has now reached the middle point of
than two years. the ridge. As a result, 52 percent of the
This first award for a water treatment tunnel’s total length is complete and
plant highlights the Riverside office’s lined with concrete elements.
continuing pursuit of opportunities to
expand in this growing market, which is
one of Skanska USA Civil’s main strengths
and core areas of expertise.

6 Worldwide #  
Senior Executive Team
Illustration Stefan Malmquist

Most attractive
Sweden Skanska has been named the most
attractive employer in the construction
industry by Swedish engineering students,
according to a survey of 15,000 students.

This team is
Stockholm, Sweden This is the Senior Executive Team (SET)
Photo Åke Eson Lindman

that will take Skanska into the future. The strategy and targets
are outlined in the 2008–2010 Business Plan. The course is
set: Expanding the development businesses and raising
construction profitability are key focus areas. Success depends

A piece of art on recruiting and keeping the right people.

Text Alf Lindström Photo Holger Staffansson
Sweden Is it the ugliest building in Kalmar
or a masterpiece? Opinions differ about “We have some challenging tasks stress that I, as well as the rest of the SET
the new art museum in Kalmar in southern ahead of us. We want to do more within team, all took part in the development of
Sweden. Locals are inclined to think they our development business streams the strategy and the 2008-2010 Business
were shortchanged with a black cube in
and we can definitely enhance profit- Plan.”
the city’s historical park, which dates back
to the 14th century when Kalmar was the ability by improving productivity and “We have set tough targets and we need
capital of the Nordic union. risk management in construction,” says to stick to them, but naturally we always
In art and architectural circles, though, Johan Karlström, Skanska’s President have to keep an eye on what’s happening in
the 59-by-26-foot (18-by-8-meter) museum and CEO. the world around us.”
is highly praised for its blackness and raw There has been some speculation “Being well prepared and swift-footed is
concrete feel. The Museum’s manager,
whether the change of President and CEO crucial. I definitely think we can balance a
Klas Börjesson, is happy to open the first
exhibition. “We have been waiting, and will mean a new direction for the company. slowdown in the economy by making the
fighting, for this for so long,” he says. “All actions are in line with the current most of our potential – improving produc-
The museum was built by Skanska. strategy and business plan. Again I want to tivity and risk management.” 

Worldwide #  7
Senior Executive Team

Responsibilities in Skanska’s
Senior Executive Team:

Top priorities
Attract, recruit and develop people
– Have the best people development
system and mindset in place
– Raise profitability through increased
productivity and efficiency
– Ensure that Skanska Xchange will
reduce costs in residential construction
Development businesses
– Make better use of the company’s
expertise to grow within all three
Johan Karlström development businesses and increase Claes Larsson Tor Krusell
President and CEO, and within SET value creation Executive Vice President, responsible Executive Vice President, responsible for
responsible for Legal Affairs and – Enhance consumer orientation in the for Commercial and Infrastructure Human Resources, Purchasing and IT.
construction operations in U.K. and U.S. Residential Development business Development and for construction Started in Skanska: 1997
Started in Skanska: 1983 operations in Poland. How many songs do you have in your
How far did you cycle last Sunday? Improve safety performance Started in Skanska: 1990 computer?
170 km (106 miles) in and around – Reduce fatal accidents down to zero What song are you currently practicing My PC currently has 18,253 songs,
Stockholm. and accidents in general significantly on your piano? I am in the process of digitizing my vinyl
Become a leader within Green Unfortunately I never practice. I have collection and should break 20,000 by
Construction a bunch of jazz CDs with prerecorded summer.
drums and double bass so I do jam
sessions whenever I like instead.

 People development tops the SET matter of management style, we also need ship will deliver more and bigger projects in
agenda. more diverse teams going forward.” years to come.”
“Our people are the number one success “We all know that the construction and “We are now also broadening our PPP
factor, today and tomorrow. We have development business is decentralized. If expertise in SET, with Claes Larsson now
already increased our development activi- we can share knowledge and team up for assuming responsibility for ID within SET.
ties during the last few years. Now we are a common goal, we can’t help but be suc- The pace of sales in the Nordic resi-
intensifying our efforts even further. The cessful.” dential market has slowed down. “Still we
aim is to keep and develop the talented “Commercial Development has a strong believe there is long-term growth potential.
people we have and to become even more track record and is doing very well, but First, we must increase customer orienta-
attractive for recruiting great people to our we can do more. We have a strong leasing tion – acknowledge that we produce for
company.” market and an all-time high in ongoing CD consumers – and make sure we understand
“Improving safety is also a high priority projects. But we need more building rights them and create attractive products for
that is linked to the development of our to keep up the good results. Of course we them. I know RDN people are working
people. Those we hire must know they are keeping in mind our clients’ needs and hard with these matters already.”
will be safe on our projects. And getting the investors’ willingness to invest in our “Secondly, we must raise our productiv-
the right people requires that we improve projects,” says Johan Karlström. ity and reduce our production costs. The
safety.” Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are Skanska Xchange initiative is aimed at this.
still an emerging opportunity. Residential developers and the construction
Teamwork believer “We want to increase the volume of people are teamworking to use our com-
Johan Karlström is a firm believer in ac- our PPP project portfolio in our Infra- bined expertise and find new and better
complishment through teamwork. structure Development (ID) business. ways of working.”
“Making more out of Skanska’s po- We have had a very good hit rate so far “Thirdly, we must ask ourselves if we
tential is also a focal point for SET. By and we have proven our ability to create have the right land bank. Where will the
increasing teamwork on all levels we can value. This Skanska business has a definite market be in the next three years?”
make better use of our expertise. There potential to expand. We have to fine-tune “I am confident that we can leverage the
is a great potential to take our perform- what markets and sectors to go for but we volumes we sell and create success even in
ance to a higher level. And it is not only a have great expectations that the new leader- times like these.”

8 Worldwide #  
Senior Executive Team

Karin Lepasoon Thomas Alm Hans Biörck Petter Eiken

Senior Vice President, responsible for Executive Vice President, responsible for Executive Vice President, CFO, Executive Vice President, responsible for
Communications. construction operations in Latin America, responsible for Financial Services, construction operations in the Nordic
Started in Skanska: 2006 Risk Management, Sustainability and Controlling, Corporate Finance, Investor region and Residential Development
Where do you find the perfect wind- Green Construction. Relations, Reporting and construction Nordic.
surfing beach? Started in Skanska: 1981 operations in Czech Republic. Started in Skanska: 2001 (and I was in
I have to say Aruba – with turquoise, As a diehard soccer fan, after Maradona Started in Skanska: 2001 Selmer from 1981 to 1986)
crystal clear and warm water. Steady and Messi, who is the next Argentinean You are trading in your Lexus hybrid car How long was your latest Norwegian
off-shore winds with excellent conditions superstar? for an Audi A3 diesel? hiking tour?
for flat water speed windsurfing. And if Hard to tell, there are several very Yes, because the Lexus does not meet the My last hiking tour was a short one,
you’re too tired to zig-zag back against promising young players. But for sure current limit for CO2 emissions. With the one hour in the forest close to my
the wind, there’s a long reef on one side it will be a player from River Plate - the new car, I will reduce my CO2 emissions home, enjoying the summer weather
where you can walk back to the beach. greatest club in the world! to 119 g, which is in line with our new car and watching nature fast turning from
policy. covered-by-snow, to “green mode.”

Increased industrialization is under way track record dates back to the days before team members. In spite of the distribution
within the Construction business stream. we even had a label for it.” of specific responsibility areas all team
“Improved productivity and efficiency in “Our Green Team is now scanning best members take part in all analysis, discus-
production also call for new ways of work- practices inside and outside of Skanska. sions and decisions equally.
ing. For example, we can take advantage of Our goal is to offer all of our clients reduced “We are all committed and curious about
BIM for planning and more prefabrication energy consumption and carbon-dioxide all matters. We encourage each other to be
of mechanical and electrical installations.” emissions in facilities in all of our home open and speak up. It’s also very important
“This also calls for linking productivity markets. And, of course, we are looking that we seek support when needed, from
with procurement efforts. There is a great into our own processes and methods to each other, from external experts or special
savings potential in aggregated procure- ensure that we walk the talk.” internal task forces.”
ment. I think part of the answer is in Earlier this year Karin Lepasoon was “Also, I think we have to be better at
improved team work.” appointed to Skanska’s SET. Karin joined recognizing and celebrating our victories!
Controlling risk is crucial to achieving Skanska in 2006 as Senior Vice President, Generally, we are so focused on matters
the tough Business Plan targets. Communications, Skanska AB. that will not have an impact until later in
“Risk Management and the Tender “I’m pleased to welcome Karin as a the future and on solving today’s acute
Analysis remain key. Thomas Alm will be regular member of SET. Communica- issues that we almost forget to celebrate our
developing this further. We see that even tion and branding issues, in which Karin successes!”
better risk management and execution of provides her special expertise, are increas- What does SET hope to celebrate next?
our projects are the main prerequisites to ingly important components in everything “In addition to favorable financial results,
achieve higher margins.” we do, internally and externally,” says Johan I hope we soon can celebrate a major PPP
Karlström. project win, a success for Skanska Xchange
A greener future and, of course, improving our on-site safety
Green construction and development is a Committed and curious record. That would be something worth
new forceful future initiative. In addition, responsibility areas within saluting,” Karlström concludes. l
“There is a strong and increasing cus- the Senior Executive Team have been
tomer demand for Green Buildings and reshuffled somewhat. However, work and
we are ahead of the competition. Our long decision-making are shared among the

Worldwide #   9

Neil Moore and Hendrik Van Brenk on top of things.

“We know that no accident

is acceptable, and every
accident is preventable.”

10 Worldwide #  
Falling from height continues to be
the leading cause of work-related
fatalities in the construction industry
around the world. Unfortunately, this
is also the case at Skanska.

Planning for
Text Alf Lindström Illustration Christine Clifstock Photo Holger Staffansson

In 2008, three subcontractor employees company, with inspired leadership, with a tively plan, even if you are behind schedule;
and three Skanska employees have fallen to sincere personal devotion to worker safety choosing to anticipate accidents through
their death at Skanska projects. As these ac- However, we also know that no accident is critical observations; choosing to make sure
cidents are fully investigated, they continue acceptable, and every accident is prevent- that everyone is adequately trained; choos-
to reveal a common theme of lack of plan- able. Fatal and severe accidents will continue ing to discipline unsafe acts and to reward
ning and eliminating risks before the work to plague our company until we ensure that safety excellence; choosing to fully resource
begins. “It’s very clear that systems alone won’t every Skanska employee shares our passion safety; choosing to save a life.”
eliminate any hazards,” says Hendrik Van and commitment and really believes that zero “It’s an active process and requires the
Brenk, Senior Vice President of Environment, accidents is an achievable goal.” technical competence offered by health and
Health and Safety at Skanska USA Building. safety professionals, partnered with site
At the core of every accident are two key fac- So how can we prevent fall accidents? leadership to inspire everyone to make the
tors: planning and execution. “Prevention of a fall requires identifying the right choice every day,” says Neil Moore,
“It’s never about finding blame, and al- hazards as well as eliminating the risk, cou- Health and Safety coordinator for Skanska’s
ways about finding cause,” says Van Brenk, pled with the personal inspiration to always european operations.
since it is so very difficult to investigate choose to work safely.” Skanksa Safety Week 2008, starting
causes when everyone involved in such an “It’s about choice: choosing not to walk November 3rd, will be themed “Planning
event is personally affected. “This is a great in an unsafe manner; choosing to effec- Prevents Accidents.” l

Worldwide #  11

Skanska in the U.S. has

placed an emphasis on
communicating safety
to Hispanic workers.
Change is evident. Now
they feel like part of the

Communicating safety
Text Shana Bitterman Photo Skanska

In the past decade, workplace fatalities way Hellman maintains a constant dialogue In Southeast Virginia, USA Civil Safety
among Hispanic workers in the U.S. have is by providing Spanish classes for the Director John Anderson takes the bull by
risen almost 35 percent, according to the management. “Teaching our people Span- the horns when it comes to communicating
Occupational Safety and Health Adminis- ish is a sign of respect to the workers,” he safety to employees who don’t speak English.
tration (OSHA). This hits close to home, as explains. By the same token, English classes “A bilingual project manager or supervisor
three fatalities have occurred this year on are offered to Hispanic workers on the must attend the weekly meetings to ensure
Skanska USA jobsites. All were caused by jobsite and outside of work. In some cases, that workers understand the safety issues
falls and all were preventable. Skanska covers the cost. under discussion,” he remarks. Also, every
With this in mind, Skanska has placed At the BlueCross BlueShield Cameron quarter a Spanish-language video on hot top-
an emphasis on communicating safety to Hill Campus project in Chattanooga, Ten- ics such as scaffolding, excavation and ladder
Hispanic workers. In addition to a Spanish- nessee, where Spanish-speaking workers and electrical safety are sent to the jobsites for
language public service announcement that outnumber English speakers three-to-one, Hispanic workers to view. “We use images
will air on Hispanic television and radio more than 20 bilingual staff members are to get around the language issue. The visual
nationwide, our jobsites are doing their best on hand to communicate potential jobsite aspect is universally understood.”
to bridge the language gap to keep each and hazards. And during Safety Week 2007, “Change is evident,” says Anderson.
every worker safe. morning demonstrations on operating Besides a reduction in the number of
USA Civil Operations Manager John harnesses and scissor lifts were given in workers being injured, he notices improved
Hellman works in Atlanta, where 40 English and Spanish, like all training ses- attitudes. “Now they feel like part of the
percent of the workforce is Hispanic. One sions at the jobsite. team.” l

12 Worldwide #  

Hanging by a thread
Jouni Pentikäinen and Tapio Kärnä know how it feels to have their lives
hanging by a thread – or more precisely, a cable. Their harnesses saved them
when hollow-core slabs collapsed under them at a building site.
Text Liisa Salmela Photo Jyrki Vesa

At Saukonpaasi Cancer Treatment delivery of hollow-core slabs that had Jouni Pentikäinen and Tapio Kärnä,
Center building site in Helsinki, the been ordered from a manufacturer who work for one of Skanska’s subcon-
day had been proceeding as usual. The began at about 3:30 that afternoon, and tractors, had agreed to work overtime
to install them.
Pentikäinen and Kärnä attached the
Jouni Pentikäinen cables of their safety harnesses to the
and Tapio Kärnä delta beam. They were about 33 feet (10
work safely. meters) above ground, one at each end
of a slab. “Nothing seemed to be wrong,”
recalls Pentikäinen.
“I didn’t notice anything until the slabs sud-
denly began to fall,” relates Kärnä. “I only had
time to think that soon the cable would take
the strain and, sure enough, it did – with a jolt
that really hurt.”
A total of four slabs, each weigh-
ing five tons, came crashing down.
The men swung on their cables like
pendulums. “I tried to grab hold of a
brace, but it didn’t work. Fortunately
a personnel lifter was nearby, and the
man there managed to grab my boot
and slow me down. I was barely able
to get onto the lifter and release myself
from the harness. After that, I helped
the others release Jouni,” says Kärnä
about his wild experience.
Jouni Pentikäinen’s lungs suffered
bruises because of the fall, and he hurt
his lower back. He was released from the
hospital after three days. Tapio Kärnä
sustained muscle injuries and bruises
where his harness had supported him but
was otherwise unharmed.
“If we hadn’t had harnesses, that would
have been it,” says Pentikäinen.
Personally, he always uses a harness. The
reason is simple: Pentikäinen has young
children, and their father is important to
them. “Previously, when I drew attention
to the harnesses, my older colleagues often
laughed, but in the end they put them on
anyway,” says Pentikäinen.
According to Kärnä, the deep convic-
tion of experience is now such that others
had better listen to his advice. l

Worldwide #  13
business in Brazil
The construction of the 672-kilometer Urucu-Manaus gas pipeline in the
Amazonas region in north Brazil is a challenging venture. Skanska is constructing
a 180-kilometer (112 miles) section for the Brazilian oil and gas company
Petrobras. The USD 250 M project is being implemented in a 50/50 joint venture
with the Brazilian partner Camargo Correa.
Text Alf Lindström Photo Per-Anders Pettersson

14 Worldwide #  
Up until some recent
minor incidents, the gas
pipeline project has been
injury-free since the start.
Before the incidents,
some 3 million man-
hours had been booked
without any lost-time
incidents. This perfor-
mance was recognized
with the client’s Best
Health & Safety Con-
struction Performance
Award 2007.

The Amazonas is not only a

It’s a jungle out there – hot, humid and muddy. The In wet sections and when crossing rivers and lakes, remote region, it is also environ-
gas pipeline cuts through an environmentally sensitive a concrete coating is added to cover the 12-meter (39.4 mentally and socially sensitive.
area, but the supply of gas will be environmentally ben- feet) sections of steel pipe. This increases the weight and Years before the upstart Petro-
bras took action to secure that
eficial by reducing oil consumption in Manaus. prevents the pipe from floating. The welding is carried
the project could be executed in
This busy regional center is home to several of the most out in place. an environmentally sound way.
renowned international companies in the industries that In addition to construction the project includes pro- The project was also thoroughly
need the energy, such as the electronics and automotive curement, testing and commissioning. Pressure-regulat- scrutinized and approved by
industries. The pipeline will transport initially 4.5 million ing stations and city gates for the local city branches are the IPAAM, Amazonas State’s
cu m (5.9 million cu yd) of gas when completed in 2009. also part of the scope as well as installation of an optical Environmental Agency and the
The project is being carried out on four fronts. The project fiber cable along the pipeline. Some 25 kilometers (15.5 federal Environmental Agency
(of this section) also includes 48 kilometers (30 miles) miles) remain of the welding of pipes. Including subcon- The pipeline construction
of 7.6-centimeter (3-inch) pipe branches to neighboring tractors, about 1,500 people are currently involved in the required that trees be cut along
towns along the stretch of pipeline. project that peaked in November 2007 with some 3,000 the stretch. The width is maxi-
Skanska LA has a long pipeline track record. But this people including subcontractors. mized to 20 meters (66 feet),
is very different. Often some of the work sites can only be reached by which of course will soon be
“The location, the logistics and the climate are our boat. In addition to Caterpillars and other heavy equip- green again. However, big trees
cannot grow on top of the pipe-
greatest challenges,” says Roberto Moltoni, the Project ment, there is a fleet of barges and towboats which are
line. The Skanska joint venture
Manager at Skanska Latin America. “We have a schedule used to ship pipe and equipment to the different remote has about 150 people working
to meet and short work windows of about three or four fronts. on safety and environmental
months between the rainy seasons.” Due to the terrain, the speed of progress varies. issues. Moreover, both the client
In June, when Worldwide enters the jungle outside “On good days, we manage to put 300 meters (984 feet) and the Brazilian agency monitor
of Manaus about 2,000 kilometers (1,243 miles) up the of the 50-centimeter (20-inch) pipes in place. Some days the project closely.
Amazon River, the rainy season is coming to an end only one-third as much,” says Moltoni.
leaving high levels of water. It is the “winter” season, “But we are pretty confident we will manage in time.
with temperatures sometimes below 30 degrees cen- And on budget, too. We have had some changes to the
tigrade centigrade (86 fahrenheit), and the work pace original contract, but we have good relations with the
accelerates again. Still it is very wet, humid and muddy. client Petrobras and its distribution subsidiary BR, so
Sections of the red dirt track are flooded. I am certain we will be compensated accordingly.” l

Worldwide #   15
Waste today, plastic tomorrow. A new unit will
turn byproducts from oil and gas production into
propane, a raw material for the plastics industry.
The propane plant now under construction will
produce 180,000 tons per year.
Text Alf Lindström Photo Per-Anders Pettersson

Skanska is currently building a pro- pany Engevix, which has a 30-percent Venture is paving the way for the future.
pane production unit at the Presidente interest. “We are impressed by how you con-
Getúlio Vargas Refinery (REPAR) in “Skanska had the best proposal over- duct work. I monitor your progress
Curitiba, Parana province, in the south all,” says José Paulo Assis, responsible online. And for us it is very impor-
of Brazil. for Petrobras’ construction department tant that you have very good working
Although still under construction, at REPAR. “Not only for the construc- conditions. Health and safety aspects
the propane plant will produce is al- tion, engineering and procurement, but as well as environmental concerns
ready sold. And Brazil’s President Lula we also hold your safety work in very are important objectives for us,” says
is expected to press the start button high regard. You have performed very Oderich.
early next year. well on other projects for Petrobras,” The scope of the contract includes
In 25 months, from the construction says Assis. detailed engineering, procurement,
start in April 2007, the plant will be The plant’s General Manager Joao civil and electromechanical construc-
complete, with towers 60 meters (197 Adolfo Oderich points out that Petro- tion and assembly, commissioning and
feet) tall and miles of pipe connections bras has big plans. start-up assistance of the plant.
to the existing refinery and a new load- “There will be good commercial Skanska Latin America has extensive
ing terminal. In addition, a part of the opportunities for Skanska in the future. experience of refinery contracts and
contract is a 23-day high-speed revamp Petrobras is planning further invest- in the past three years has carried out
of one of the refinery’s older sections. ments at the refinery amounting to major similar projects for the same
Skanska won the USD 109 M con- USD 3.1 billion in the next few years,” client at some of the most important
tract among 23 competitors together says Oderich. refineries in Brazil, such as REFAP and
with the Brazilian engineering com- And it seems like the Skanska Joint REDUC. l

From left
George Wilson
Melco, Petrobras,
Carlos Magno
Skanska LA, Oscar
Tokikawa, Petro-
bras, Joao Adolfo
Oderich, Petrobras
and José Paulo
Assis, Petrobras.

16 Worldwide #  
Skanska Latin America exhibits an important
difference when compared with other Busi-
ness Units: It has operations in nine countries.
This means there is a challenge to integrate
knowledge, expertise, cultures and languages.
More than 12,000 employees are turning
knowledge and passion into disciplined action.
“Once again, in 2007 we have been named
‘The Skanska Business Unit of the Year.’ This
proves that we are following the right path to-
wards excellence. We want to be distinguished
in our everyday work, commit ourselves to
reach every step in the outperforming ladder
and share the pride of being part of a company
that has been able to transform words into
facts,” says Hernán Morano, President,

Multitude of
Skanska Latin America.

Sebastian Martin and Alfredo Collado.

Big in Brazil
From zero to revenues of about USD 650 M in
five years – Skanska’s Brazilian history is short
but expansive. Text Alf Lindström Photo Per-Anders Pettersson
The Brazilian business accounts for half of
the company’s revenues in Latin America. And The Amazon River is mighty, so mighty that refinery on the bank to the end where ships
when Skanska LA for the third time won the it is best to adjust and conform to its will. The anchor. Each pipe features flexible joints that
Business Unit of the Year Award Brazil was water level differs 15 meters (49 feet) between follow the movements of the river and the float-
weighed heavy on the scales. high and low. The river is the workplace for ing dock.
“We came here in 2002 at the exact right mo-
Skanska LA’s team at the Reman refinery in The docks are actually three barges subcon-
ment. The economy was good and we had the
Manaus, Brazil. Worldwide visited the project in tracted and built at a shipyard a few kilometers
experienced people from Argentina. Moreover,
we had the Group’s systems and values that are
May this year. upstream.
essential for our success,” says Alfredo Collado, The refinery sits on the river bank and it “This was probably the most demanding part
Executive Vice President in the management is partly used as an interchange terminal for of the project. The shipyard’s safety perform-
team of Skanska Latin America. Based in Sao energy products coming up the river to be fur- ance was not quite up to par in the begin-
Paolo, he is responsible for the Brazil operations. ther processed or distributed in the Amazonas ning,” says Marcos Sotto Mayor, Skanska LA’s
Today, the Skanska workforce totals 6,000. region. Construction Manager. ”But we have done our
Recruiting is crucial for expanding the business. Skanska’s mission is to revamp the loading outmost to achieve zero accidents.”
About 2,000 salaried and wage-earners will be terminal to make it more environmentally “We also met the environmental challenges,
recruited during the next three years.
efficient and safe. Just imagine, the impact an for example ensuring that sewage water on the
“Our values and the strong brand with in-
oil spill would have on, for example, the dol- platform was taken care of properly as well as
ternational outreach make us very attractive.
About 4,000 applied for our 20 local trainee
phins jumping in the river off the terminal. making sure that we avoided all oil leakages.”
positions. And also we had 1,800 local Floating on the Amazon River are now three Skanska was responsible for design, pro­
applicants for the Global Trainee Program,” loading piers varying in length from 45 to curement and construction for the USD 40 M
says Sebastian Martin, Skanska’s Country 60 meters (148–197 feet). Each has an intricate project for Transpetro, a subsidiary to the state-
Manager in Brazil. system of shiny, yellow metal pipes from the owned energy company Petrobras. l

Worldwide #  17
United minds
build United
Visitors from all over
the world come to see
the U.N. headquarters.

Fredrik Sjöberg, Peter

The unique approach of putting together an international team,
Wieslander, Victoria tailor-made for the U.N. renovation project, not only helped Skanska
Wieslander, Steve Asp-
den and Susan Jenkins to win the contract, but it is a key to success for the entire program.
are all members of
Skanska’s international
team leading the U.N.
Text Peter Gimbe Photo Per-Anders Pettersson
“We understand that an international project team on Malta last year freed up personnel to join the team,
was appreciated by the U.N.,” says Dan Kolakowski, further strengthening its competence.
Project Executive for the U.N. renovation project. “This is an opportunity you only get once. I’m really
Normally, his team would have consisted of experi- excited about being on this team,” says Ted Jadermark,
enced colleagues from different parts of Skanska USA Project Manager. Jadermark, a Swede, has a long history
Building. But this is not just an ordinary project; it’s the with Skanska, working around the globe. Several of his
first-ever major renovation of the headquarters of the colleagues from Malta have joined the U.N. team, in-
world’s most internationally respected organization. cluding previous Senior Project Manager, Steve Aspden.
The workforce and delegates at the U.N. headquarters Several more Skanska colleagues have joined or will
are a mix of people from all 192 member states. join the team, and Skanska Project Support (SPS) has
“So we thought it would be wise to design our team to been helpful in the search for new team members.
somewhat match this reality. We also need people with “Even if these people don’t know the local New York
experience from other countries and cultures and com- construction market, they give us bigger and broader
plex contracts with governments,” Kolakowski says. competence, and they bring many new ideas into the
The completion of Skanska’s complex hospital project project,” says Kolakowski. l

18 Worldwide #  
Tailor-made renovation
In early May, the U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, broke ground for the long-awaited
renovation of the United Nations headquarters in New York. It was the kick-off for one of
Skanska’s most exciting and challenging projects.

Text Peter Gimbe Photo Per-Anders Pettersson

“Today, we turn the soil which the the U.N. it’s of great importance to adapt spaces to allow for refurbishment to pro-
United Nations stands on to mark the their headquarters to be more energy ef- ceed. This makes logistics one of the most
rebirth, or renovation, of our Headquar- ficient and environmentally responsible. crucial tasks for the Skanska team. Also,
ters,” the U.N. Secretary-General, Ban Among other things, changing the glass due to the high security level, getting all
Ki-Moon, said at the groundbreaking in the facades of the buildings will radi- materials and construction workers on
ceremony. cally improve the energy consumption. and off of the site every day could be a
The Secretary-General pledged to The renovation also covers improvements challenge.
make the complex “a model of environ- to the cooling and heating, fire protection The art collection is another challeng-
mental stewardship” by reducing the and security systems. Old equipment and ing feature of this project. The U.N. head-
U.N.’s electrical and water usage and by installations have to be maintained as quarters contains hundreds of unique
removing questionable materials that modern ones are installed. pieces of art, donated by the member
were used in the original construction. “This makes the U.N. project very countries. During renovation a large part
The main parts of the U.N. Headquarters complex. All of our work has to be of the collection has to be moved, or at
were built in the late 1940s. No thorough performed while the U.N. continues their least protected, which will put pressure
renovation has been done, and all over the daily operations,” says Dan Kolakowski. on the Skanska team to manage this
complex, one can see the need for refur- To speed up the renovation process, process with extreme care.
bishment. In addition, the work environ- the U.N. has rented several offices in dif- “This is a unique situation, and a great
ment must be modernized to meet the ferent loacations in and around Manhat- challenge to us. But it’s also really exciting
working standards of the 21st century. tan. During renovations the U.N. staff to work in such an environment,” says
For an international organization like and functions will move to these swing Dan Kolakowski. l

Even though the north

lawn and the visitor’s
center look nice, the
need for renovations
of U.N. headquarters
is huge. The complex
contains several stories
with maintenance
facilities for telecom,
cooling, heating and
even workshops to
produce replacement
parts for the building’s
outdated equipment.

Worldwide #   19
Green diplomacy
Sweden “The construction and development industry has an important role
in combating climate change. It’s an opportunity,” says the U.S. Ambassador to
Sweden, Michael Wood, who practices green diplomacy for the planet’s future.
Text Alf Lindström Photo Holger Staffansson

Ambassador Wood is on double duty. In utilized at the U.S. diplomatic facilities in is about making it real,” says Wood.
addition to serving his country diplomatically, Sweden. As you enter the U.S. Embassy in Since being appointed ambassador
he is working for the future well-being of the Stockholm, you immediately see a framed in 2006, Wood has scanned Sweden for
planet and all of us. The pursuit of alternative renewable energy certificate. And in innovations. Forty-eight Swedish firms
energy technology and reducing carbon- Swedish broadcast news and newspapers, are on the Ambassador’s list of interest-
dioxide emissions has gained him recogni- Ambassador Wood is frequently speaking ing alternative energy companies. He has
tion as a green diplomat, including a recent about the climate or visiting and promot- shared this list with venture capitalists on
feature story in the Wall Street Journal. ing innovative companies in the field of both coasts of the U.S. and encouraged
“I am optimistic. We will be success- alternative energy. them to consider investing in Swedish
ful in fighting climate change,” says The Ambassador’s main focus is on the ideas.
Ambassador Wood. “We now have the development of alternative energy technol- “There is a tremendous amount of
awareness that will generate a series of ogy. He has named his mission the “One capital out there seeking good green
technological breakthroughs for alterna- Big Thing,” and that’s also the top headline investments. Why shouldn’t some of that
tive energy technology and the reduction on the Stockholm Embassy’s website. money come to Sweden?” he asks.
of carbon-dioxide emissions. There are “World energy demand is only going to “In Sweden you have great ideas looking
already a number of good initiatives.” increase, making the need for an alterna- for money. In the U.S., we have money
And the Ambassador is someone tive energy breakthrough even more looking for ideas. I make them meet and
who walks the talk. Renewable energy is pronounced. The One Big Thing project connect,” says the Ambassador, who has

20 Worldwide #  
“I am optimistic.
We will be
successful in
fighting climate
change. There
are already a
number of good
managed to fulfill 25 of the 28 goals for the professionals and a track record of more 1980s and 1990s, we were worried about
One Big Thing effort’s first year. than 50 LEED projects.) acid rain and an increasing hole in the
Major corporations such as the Volvo “LEED® is one of the best instruments ozone layer. Cleaning filters and banning
Group, with its Mack Truck subsidiary, in the world to help people think in a chlorofluorocarbons has gone a long way
are included. As one of the U.S.-Swedish green direction. It is completely voluntary towards eliminating the source of the
cooperative efforts, the truck company – no law, no code – but still, about 15,000 problem”.
together with the Swedish Ministry of firms and 50,000 people have joined. “Through the will of the people, new
Enterprise and U.S. Department of En- “Thanks to LEED®, I think the U.S. is laws and technological breakthroughs, we
ergy will conduct a hybrid truck test. ahead of most countries in Green Con- avoided the catastrophes.”
A former businessman in publishing, struction. But Sweden definitely is ahead In the Ambassador’s “Green Book,” we are
Michael Wood always takes an analytic in the quest for renewable energy. Just now in Chapter Two, where it is time to act.
approach to the issue. “I look at it from look at how available ethanol for cars is “We have left Chapter One, where
a businessman’s perspective. And when in Sweden.” The Ambassador knows from we were alarmed by Al Gore, Nicholas
you analyze the sources, you find that the experience – he drives a Saab biofuel car. Stern and the IPCC reports. There was a
construction environment, such as homes “Probably the best ethanol engine in debate. Whether or not we had a global
and buildings, accounts for about a quarter the world. I have talked to the GM Cor- warming issue was top of the agenda.
of the carbon-dioxide emissions pie chart. porate Chief Executive Rick Wagoner, so “It’s in Chapter Two that the action starts.
The rest emanates from energy production, it will also soon be available in the U.S. Today, scientists and experts are unanimous
transportation and manufacturing industry market. But we need more gas stations – for example, as shown in the U.N. IPCC
with its factories and plants. supplying ethanol in the United States. climate reports – that global warming is
“This means that your industry has a Today, you can fill up with ethanol only actually at hand. But still, I sometimes meet
great opportunity to make a difference! in 0.5 percent of U.S. gas stations.” people that are lagging behind in Chapter
And I know you’re already at it since, The ambassador has a firm belief in One. We are taking action.”
for example, Skanska is the number one mankind’s ability to solve its problems. The Ambassador is not wasting any time.
green contractor in the U.S.” (Engineer- Catastrophic scenarios come and go, and He is already in Chapter Three: long-term
ing News-Record) serve as alarm bells that wake us up and policy issues and the next big thing, the
Committed people and companies are make us take action. post-2012 climate change agreement. “The
leading the way. In the U.S., Skanska is “In the 1970s, we were alarmed by the new framework must be environmentally
part of a large voluntary movement tar- smog that polluted city air and darkened effective and sustainable and also flexible
geting green construction: Leadership in skies in cities like Los Angeles. Today, enough to accommodate a diverse range
Energy and Environmental Development. skies are much clearer. New technology – of circumstances and social and economic
(Skanska has about 130 LEED® accredited the catalytic converter – solved it. In the goals.” l

Worldwide #  21
Mapping the green world
Skanska’s Green Construction Team, established to help position Skanska as the
leading green constructor and developer in our home markets, is now busy on
multiple fronts. Throughout the past months, they have been mapping global
green trends, finding best practices within the company and gathering knowledge.

Text Alf Lindström Photo Holger Staffansson

New Green Construction
Team member
A green strategy for the future will be “We have people with operational expe- The Green
based on the knowledge the green team rience from many different aspects of our Construction
gathers and links to clients’ needs. business, with different ages and cultural Team has got a
new member.
“A lot of good things have been done backgrounds. I believe this makes us a
Roy Antink,
over the years. Now it’s time to take the very strong team,” says Rønneberg. a Dutchman
next step and offer a Group-wide green “The idea is for us to work on green with lots of
strategy and economically attractive issues from our ‘home’ Business Units experience
solutions for our clients,” says Hanne in close cooperation with the local from the oil and
Rønneberg. environmental managers. We meet in gas industry
globally, is
The Green Construction Team headed Stockholm nearly once a month. As well
joining Skanska
by Hanne Rønneberg is a diverse ensem- as phone, video and net conferencing, we Finland. The first year he will be working in the
ble of experienced people who are com- have a Microsoft SharePoint site where Green Construction Team.
mitted to making the world greener. we can exchange documents.” l

22 Worldwide #  
Green team

Lise Bergflødt Lars Landén Hanne Rønneberg

from Norway (Skanska from Sweden (Skanska Sweden and Residential from Norway (Senior Vice President
Norway, Skanska Finland, Development Nordic) Green Construction)
Skanska Commercial As well as learning a lot by working on Skanska’s Hanne’s 10 years at Skanska
Development Nordic first environmental policy in 1995, Lars has been Norway have led her down
and Skanska Commercial involved in several projects with a lot of environ- many paths. She started out
Development Europe) mental issues, including the Øresund Bridge and in civil operations and for
Lise’s first contact with Cooper River Bridge projects. the last four years has been
environmental issues was in 1995, while working “When I worked on my final thesis we made an an Executive Vice President
for a Norwegian oil company. She joined Skanska in underwater vehicle that measured the CO2 exchange Construction units. She has
1998, but it wasn’t until 2002 that one of her clients at the deep ocean floor and I was hooked,” says Lars. numerous global contacts and
asked for a green building. Lars believes that Green construction is not only hopes to contribute to the
“My interest for these issues increased during the right thing to do but also triggers innovation saying: “If Skanska only knew what Skanska knows.’’
that project, and I knew this would be a developing and creates new ways for BU’s to cooperate. “We were excited when we were presented with the
market.” “My vision is that we have a ‘green’ culture, new global strategy for Skanska, where Green was a ma-
Lise is always on the lookout for new solutions, meaning that it is a natural jor issue as well. It fit perfectly with our local strategy.”
ways of doing things and possibilities to connect dots. way of our daily work and Hanne believes that Skanska has a responsibility as
“I believe we continuously have to develop as behavior to ‘act’ green.” a major global company to do what is possible to
a company, to be able to deliver what the market improve the environment.
and the society are asking for – green solutions,” “Both colleagues and clients want to see Skan-
says Lise. ska make a difference here. I hope that in five years
Green will be, as I say, ‘under our skin,’ and Skanska
will only develop and build Green projects.”
Petra Hajná
from the Czech Republic (Skanska
Daniel Haas Poland and Skanska Czech Republic including opera-
from the United States (Skanska USA Building and tions in Slovak Republic) Colin Courtney
Skanska USA Civil) Petra became interested in energy-efficient from the UK (Skanska UK, Skanska Infrastructure
Dan’s passion for the outdoors led him to work buildings as a student. Her dissertation dealt with the Development and Skanska Latin America)
with the environment and Green Construction even design of multifunctional energy-efficient buildings. Colin has worked for many years across Skanska,
before it had a name. “Last November thanks to covering specialist foundations, private finance and
“I hope to be able to use my construction experi- the HUB and Worldwide I the utility sectors.
ence to impact our processes, and I want to be sure became aware of the green His excellent communication and strategic
we share Skanska’s knowledge throughout all of our initiative and expressed my management skills and the ability to build
operations,” says Dan. interest in being consid- strong stakeholder relationships are vital
Dan also wants sustainability to be an integrated ered for a position on the ingredients as a member of the Green
part of our individual lifestyles. Green Construction team,” Construction Team.
“Thinking Green is a natural extension of our says Petra. “My head says that strategically
emphasis on safety and concern Her background in building the environment is going to be a
for the well being of our construction and landscaping are big contributions major growth area – a door just
co-workers,” concludes to the Team. waiting to be pushed open. My heart
Dan. “And my hope is that “I strive to practice what I preach,” says Petra. “I am says this is an area of construction I just
within five years this group convinced that I can help to enhance the development have to be in,” says Colin.
has worked itself out of of green construction, promote innovative solutions and “Climate change requires new solutions. By
a job.” transfer the knowledge within our company.” developing and constructing green we can help
“Green initiative payoffs will come not only in the reducing carbon-dioxide emissions, total energy use,
form of increasing profit but also in the form of en- waste output and water usage and deliver enhanced
hancing intangible value – our goodwill,” says Petra. profits,” says Colin.

News Staying in the zone

U.K. Why take yourself out Bill Hocking, Managing contact is needed, but we
of your efficiency zone when Director of Skanska’s Civil should challenge the culture
you don’t have to? Thanks Engineering team (U.K.), of traveling to routine
to technological advances initiated video conferencing meetings where VC would
in the world of IP, video on all new projects a year suffice,” says Hocking and
conferencing is now not only ago and has since seen some adds, “The benefits speak
a viable alternative. It’s also very encouraging results: for themselves. There is less
good for business and the Improved communications, wear and tear on our people.
environment. less time spent waiting, Video conferences are safer
People are most efficient more money saved thanks than traveling, and people
when at their workplace to increased productivity can spend time with their
using the tools they need to and less travel costs – and no families instead of on the
do their job. Take them out carbon-dioxide emissions. road.”
of that “efficiency zone,” “We recognize there are
Illustration Stefan Malmquist and costs go up dramatically. occasions where personal

Worldwide #  23
Human resourcesNiklas Grimslätt and Cecilia
Fasth build on expertise and
customer needs.

Delivering the goods

Logistics centers have become the new cash-flow generators in recent years. With good timing
and a quick-footed approach to customers’ needs and investors’ confidence, Skanska Commercial
Development Nordic is celebrating their first decade of logistics development projects.
Text Alf Lindström Photo Janne Olander

Logistics facilities have become the services, not just land and construction, Marketing Manager in the logistics
comet in the property galaxy in recent but also such services as consulting, IT, group comprising five people.
years. Fast-footed, well-timed and with warehouse interior design, forklifts and “We focus heavily on creating an attrac-
in-depth insight into customer needs, related services. The network keeps us tive total solution with competitive leasing
Skanska has developed a new niche in the up-to-date about developments in the rates. With DHL, for which we are con-
property development world. industry.” structing a major facility in Gothenburg, we
With globalization, increased con- Location is important, but with slightly have a very close partnering cooperation to
sumption and imports from, for example, different demands than other properties. meet their needs and wants.”
China and more efficient transports, In logistics, the key is to focus on trans- When Skanska started its focus on
there is a new need for new logistics portation hubs, with airports, harbors, logistics, it was nearly an untouched area.
facilities. Correctly located, efficient highways and railways. Today, logistics facilities are established as a
warehouses and reloading terminals are As with shopping centers, it was the separate segment in the property sector.
a must for retail and logistics companies Gothenburg team that developed this “We know logistics, and our expertise
to meet the increased pace and service lucrative niche. A contributing factor, is best used in complex projects such as
demands. naturally, is that Gothenburg is Sweden’s Scan’s refrigerated warehouse,” continues
“We have built on our expertise within largest port and consequently attractive Grimslätt.
Commercial Development, with land in from a logistics viewpoint. Large flows The rate of expansion has been rapid
prime locations and well-developed con- of goods pass through here. and a changing world provides new
tacts with customers, municipalities and The latest in logistics is so-called opportunities.
investors,” says Cecilia Fasth, President intermodal shipments, that is, changing “Increased environmental aware-
of Skanska Property Gothenburg within transport mode between boats, trains ness, more expensive fuel and changed
Skanska Commercial Development and trucks. Trains roll on a timetable consumption patterns will create other
Nordic (CDN). “We have topped it off by to various nodes or “dry terminals” for priorities and needs in the future,” says
gathering comprehensive know-how and transfer to trucks for further distribution Cecilia Fasth.
understanding about the clients’ needs to central warehouses or stores. “There is no sign today of reduced
and their flows of goods.” “There are many possibilities, but we demand. The economy points to
“We have created a logistics network are selective when we choose customers growth, although the pace is somewhat
to be able to offer clients knowledge and and projects,” says Niklas Grimslätt, slower.” l

24 Worldwide #  
Pioneering Nordic cooperation
Skanska Xchange has gone live. Six pioneer projects are being started. The further
development work continues with onsite construction work. The first platforms will
be introduced later this summer.
Text Alf Lindström Photo Holger Staffansson Illustration Niels Falk

Six pioneer projects

Multi-dwelling pioneers
l Mäntylinna, Järvenpää,
Finland, 1 building, 5 floors,
18 apartments
l Lerkendal, Trondheim,
Norway, 2 buildings,
Tomas Ringdahl Patrik Groth 5–6 floors, 61 apartments
l Linaberg, Bromma, Stock-
holm, Sweden, 3 buildings,
8 floors, 65 apartments

Single-dwelling pioneers
l Keijupuisto, Oulu, Finland,
18 units, from single-story
1,044 sq ft (97 sq m), to two-
story 1,432 sq ft (133 sq m)
l Fagerstrand, Oslo, Norway,
16 units with two stories,
1,141–1,615 sq ft (106–
150 sq m)
l Ullstorp, Kungälv, Sweden,
12 two-story and 112 single-
story units

Skanska Xchange is about creating contain best practice solutions for all the The Skanska Xchange team is now taking
common flexible platforms within the different phases in a building process, the development work onsite. Six pioneer
Nordic residential projects. The platforms including the components as well as the projects will start construction this sum-
that accommodate customers’ demands process for each specific project. The plat- mer. The projects will serve as testing and
as well as a more industrialized building forms and the components are the result of development arenas for some of the aspects
process are now taken on-site for further extensive work during the past year. that have been developed. In August 2008,
development. “We have an extremely systematic the first “light” version of the platforms will
“We have a clear focus on connect- approach to our work,” explains Patrik be ready for launch. The plan is to release
ing every step in a building process to Groth, Sub-Program Manager of the the first full version of the platforms in the
achieve the best result for both Skanska Component Navigators. beginning of 2009.
and our clients,” says Tomas Ringdahl, The development work is based on “Skanska Xchange is a forerunner of
Program Director of Skanska Xchange. existing knowledge and procedures in the how to share best practices and create
“We need to have a common under- company. synergies within our company,” says
standing in the Nordics of how we “We are taking advantage of the great Petter Eiken, Executive Vice President
organize our work, from land screening knowledge we have in our company. We and sponsor of the Skanska Xchange
and the day we get the building permit, depend on the specialized expertise and program. “By standardizing best practices
to the day when the client moves in. skills that only our colleagues across the we will get more predictability in our
The common Nordic platforms will Nordic countries can provide us with. building projects. That will benefit both
be the key to controlling the build- Our task is then to standardize best Skanska and our customers and will give
ing process and ensure that we get the practices to bring more efficiency and us clear advantages compared to our
results we want.” predictability into our work. That is also competitors.”
The platforms for single and multi-dwell- a cure for our bad habits, such as starting “We have great expectations for the
ing buildings are the biggest drivers in the our projects from scratch every time,” results ahead and the actual implementa-
cross-Nordic cooperation. The platforms Ringdahl emphasizes. tion phase in 2009.” l

Worldwide #  25
Bristol school’s working

Jumpology. Students become

airborne in praise of their
new school.

26 Worldwide #  
Schools for the future
U.K. Raise your hand if you think a construction and development company can
improve learning and pupils’ school results, push attendance up 90 percent, raise
self-esteem and eliminate vandalism.
Text Peter Robinson Photo Neil Phillips, Julian James, Beyond Communications and Holger Staffansson

This is a textbook example of making a difference – U.K. government’s Private Finance Initiative (PFI).
for the young and the professionals in Bristol schools. In addition to investment, design and construc-
Many corporations foster pride and job satisfaction by tion, the Bristol team is providing advanced infor-
creating a stimulating work environment. But for far too mation and communications technology (ICT) to
long students have had to work in facilities dating back support new approaches to teaching and learning,
to the days when granddad learned his ABCs. Change is and facilities management (FM) services including
now underway. catering, cleaning, security and leisure services for
Building Schools for the Future (BSF) is a 15-year community use.
U.K. government program designed to raise educational A key element of BSF is that it will support extended
attainment. In addition to working with private sector opening hours to make the schools’ new facilities avail-
partners to rebuild or renew every one of England’s able to the entire community, for example for night
3,500 secondary schools, BSF provides for new informa- courses or local cultural events.
tion and communications technology, improved catering When the new, Skanska-developed and -run Bris-
and facilities management, and making the schools tol Brunel Academy opened in September 2007, U.K.
available to the entire community. Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to visit. Teachers
The BSF program in Bristol is the first in the U.K. and students alike have high praise for the partner-
A Skanska-led consortium is delivering a 25-year con- ship approach. The new school has had a huge effect on
tract to finance, build, equip and operate four schools, students.
as well as a 10-year partnership to develop world-class “The impact was amazing,” says Armando Di-Finizio,
educational facilities in the entire city. The initial Principal of Bristol Brunel Academy. “The students have
program of four schools has a total construction value seen the school almost as a gift to them and as proof that
of approximately GBP 120 M (USD 236 M). someone is paying attention to them and to the commu-
The 25-year operating contract is funded through the nity. As a result, they treat the place with respect, there’s 

Worldwide #  27
 no vandalism and their own self-esteem and aspirations “Between us, we’ve worked in more than 5,000 cur-
have been raised.” riculum activities. These have included helping young Highlights of
Or in the words of the Academy’s Head Boy, Chris people focus their talents, finding them work at the the Bristol BSF program
Holbourn, “Even the food is better.” end of their schooling and working with head teachers
Each BSF program is based on a Local Education to make the link between business and schools to help •1  0-year LEP to develop
the city’s schools
Partnership (LEP) between a local authority, a private inspire and nurture entrepreneurial skills.”
• F our new schools open
sector consortium and Partnerships for Schools (PfS), Developed in collaboration with award-winning 2007/2008, construction
the U.K. government’s BSF delivery body. In Bristol, Wilkinson Eyre Architects, the schools represent the value USD 234 M
Skanska ID holds 80 percent of the Bristol LEP, and best in innovative design for learning. In addition to (GBP 120 M)
Bristol City Council and PfS have 10 percent each. a unique focus on sustainability in design and opera- •A  managed service for
In addition to leading the service consortium, Skanska tion, they also have design features suggested by pupils ICT
ID has made an investment of around USD 9.3 million and teachers as part of a massive consultation exercise. •2  5-year operating
(GBP 4.75 million) and raised debt funding to finance Many of these features are designed to reduce bullying •A  unique focus on
construction. Skanska ID also manages service con- and create a safe environment for pupils, staff and the sustainability
tracts with Skanska U.K. for design, construction, soft community. • J ob creation
and hard FM and, with other service providers, for ICT, Executive Principal Carter says, “This is one of the • S trong links with the
catering, security and other services. most intelligently designed schools I’ve ever worked in. local community.
“One of the things that has really pleased me is the There’s a whole range of design features to allow passive •D  evelopment of a
further USD 334 M (GBP
partnership with Skanska. It’s been a great team ap- supervision of the students by the staff and make sure
170 M) of additional
proach, and Skanska is part of our team,” says Executive everyone can move around safely.” schools has commenced,
Principal of Bristol Brunel Academy, David Carter. in partnership with
The scale and diversity of Skanska’s operations has Information and communications technology Bristol City Council
made the project work. “A Skanska consortium of- A key component in the BSF program is the inclusion of
fers true integration and the strength and capacity of ICT. The contract takes advantage of an unprecedented
Skanska to back up our promises,” says Skanska ID’s government investment of USD 2,848 (GBP 1,450) per
John Burgess, Bristol LEP General Manager, a position pupil for ICT and is enabling the creation of a platform
that makes him the link between the private partners that consists of
and the authorities. “We make the essential link between l ICT infrastructure, including wireless and wired
the built environment and IT, to deliver education in a networks
completely new and exciting way.” l Internet access devices for students, tools such as
“The LEP signs up to some pretty tough financial and interactive whiteboards for teachers
continuous improvement targets. We deal with a large l Web services throughout the school.
number of schools over a short period of time, and our
partners also need to be fleet of foot, intelligent and in- Principal Di-Finizio explains his goals for the
novative,” says Skanska ID’s Director of Education, Steve school’s ICT capabilities: “We’re creating a system in
Cooper. “As BSF is about so much more than bricks and which teachers can allow students to work independ-
mortar, the partners must also be prepared to roll up ently in learning spaces. That’s what we want to be
their sleeves and get involved in the cultural, transfor- about. We’re not just going to raise results. We want
mational and curriculum-enrichment aspirations of BSF. to create learners who are flexible in the wider world,

28 Worldwide #  
Developed in
with award-
Wilkinson Eyre
David Carter, Executive
Principal, Bristol Brunel
the schools
represent the
best in innova-
tive design for John Burgess, Bristol LEP General Manager.
learning. In
addition to a
Steve Cooper, Developer Armando Di-Finizio, Principal,
unique focus
Director, Skanska ID. Bristol Brunel Academy.
on sustainabil-
ity in design
and opera-
tion, they also
have design
suggested by
pupils and
teachers as
part of a mas-
sive consulta-
tion exercise.

and the only way to do that is to give them freedom.” According to Di-Finizio the new school has had a
Key facts Skanska ID’s Development Manager for ICT, Neill very positive effect: “Attendance has gone up to over 90
Davies, says, “Being involved in ICT ultimately leads us percent against last year, and punctuality is much better.”
• The U.K.’s first BSF into the classroom. It’s giving us a much deeper experi- “Early indications show that our results will improve
program ence of education.” by about 20 percent over last year. But the school’s not
• First two schools to be
Lastly, an integrated approach to smart cards provides just about that. It’s about developing the individual as
• Bristol Brunel reports access control into and throughout the building, cashless a whole and creating characteristics that will help that
major drop in truancy catering where the pupils use the smart cards charged student to go out and flourish in society. I think the
and anticipates with money to pay for meals, printing where printing belief in themselves that they’ve got from the building
improvement in is only activated by a swipe of the card and for lesson- and everything we’ve put into place with it will enable
academic results based registration. them to do that.”
• BBA won Best
Operational Local
Government Project
Involving the community Bristol Metropolitan College
award at 2008 PFI Throughout the design phase of the new schools, The second school in Bristol’s BSF is Bristol
Awards a major community art program gave students the Metropolitan College, a 1,080-student secondary school
• 82 percent chance to make a lasting mark. Kim Tilbrook, of specializing in languages which opened on April 21. The
construction waste the Real Ideas Organization, which led the project, two final schools will open during 2008 and early 2009.
recycled describes the process: “Our aim was to put the young The LEP and Skanska are also working with Bristol
• Each building
people in the driving seat, and we helped them find City Council to develop several other educational
constructed from
at least 17 percent and commission artists to create unique works for projects across Bristol. They include the refurbishment
recycled material each of the schools.” and renewal of five secondary schools and several
• Rainwater tanks flush At Bristol Brunel Academy, the art consists of a “wall primary schools, a new primary school, a new academy
20,000 toilets per week of wishes,” conceived by student Claire Rammelkamp and several Children’s Centers.
• Biomass boilers heat after she saw the Audrey Hepburn film, “Roman The schools have many green features, including
the school with close
Holiday.” “In the movie, Hepburn’s character is taken a high component of recycled material, passive
to zero carbon-dioxide
emissions to see a wall where people had put marble plaques of ventilation, low carbon-emission biomass boilers, and
• Only 6.6 percent wishes that had been fulfilled during the war. I thought rainwater collection tanks with capacity to flush 20,000
earthworks removed we could have wishes on our wall. Everyone seemed to toilets per week.
from the site like the idea so we asked students and teachers for their Throughout the schools, flat screen televisions and
• 4,600 students have wishes. The response was fantastic.” viewing panels provide displays and windows onto the
attended briefings & Favorites were “I wish I could find a cure for cancer,” buildings’ energy and water use, making sustainability
• Multiple parent
“I wish for world peace,” “I wish I could fly.” One wish, awareness part of the students’ daily lives.
evenings “I want to be a female prime minister,” was of particular Bob Rutherford, of the Bristol City Council PFI
• 17 professional interest to Gordon Brown when he visited the school. Team, is very happy with Skanska’s environmental
training workshops with Deputy Head Girl Amie Gazzard says, “The wall of performance. “As the first Building Schools for the
students wishes is great, because all the students can see their Future program in the country, we set some very
• Skanska employs 76 wish and say that was me. Every morning when we come stringent environmental performance targets. I am
percent local labor
to school, we feel proud to be coming to Bristol Brunel pleased to say that Skanska Bristol Schools have
because we own the school.” exceeded our targets and expectations.” l

Worldwide #  29
Skanska’s Global Diversity Champions driving change. From left:
Horrace Tobin, USC, Jenny Hult, AB, Sara Gustavsson, CDN/E, Jarkko Muurimäki, FI, Zuzana Pávová, CZ, Kirsi Mettälä, FI, Agnieszka Lisicka, PL, Leigh McKissack, UK, Ken Sjögren, RDN,
Martine Gagnon, ID, Piotr Sarnowski, PL, Alison Michie, ID, James Threalkill, USB, Christina Tärnvik, SPS, Ed Szwarc, USB, Pierre Olofsson, SWE, Tor Johs Hegna, NO, Lillevi Molin, SWE ,
Petr Fanta, CZ, Andreas Lindelöf, CDE, Rafael Lopez, LA, Stephen Quant, UK, Gregor Craig, UK, Björn Lindelöf, RDN

Diversity makes an impact

Text Gary Fabbri Photo Tania Dolvers

Diversity Champions lead the way on Skanska’s path to succeed. And by having targets for each Business Unit and
a more diverse workforce. tracking the results we will keep up the pace,” says Krusell.
“Increasing diversity in Skanska is one of the most dif- Although Skanska’s Business Units have similar goals
ficult challenges that I’ve had in my career here,” says Tor regarding diversity, most are in different stages now.
Krusell, Executive Vice President and HR Director. “And “We don’t want there to be any barriers when it comes
it’s also one of the most important.” to attracting and recruiting the best people,” says Krusell.
All of Skanska’s business units have diversity goals, and “We need to tap into the entire potential workforce so that
Diversity Champions have been selected in each unit to we have the best people on our team regardless of gender
inspire and act as catalysts for change. or cultural backgrounds. Diversity Champions have to take
Skanska’s clients come from all over the world and work initiative, drive change and help us meet our goals.”
in many different industries. Having a diverse Skanska “It’s encouraging that the results show that diversity
team means that it’s easier to understand a client’s needs. champions are making an impact,” concludes Krusell.
“Diversity is not optional. A company with our values “We’re not where we want to be yet, but we’re making
and ambitions must have different background skills to progress.” l

Life is a dance
For Mitza Zobenica, the challenges she Though she studied ballet from I was given responsibility and allowed
now faces in structural engineering are the age of 12, it was her love for to make decisions immediately,” she
not unlike the ones she met in her life mathematics that drew her eventually says. As a specialist in the construction
as a professional ballerina. Although to engineering. As she was nearing of secant walls, she adds, “It’s an
Watershaft 33B in New York City may her degree in civil engineering, she exciting time to be working in New
seem far removed from the glitzy won a scholarship and an invitation York City.”
world of the Felds Ballet, Zobenica to a tunnel construction seminar, And she has worked. Projects such
draws the analogy between the where she discovered her passion for as the Harmon Yard Maintenance
tendons and levers of the human body infrastructure construction. Facility, Dey Street Concourse, South
and calculating engineering stress Zobenica has now been working at Ferry Terminal, Watershaft 33B and
factors in her work with New York’s Skanska for two years. “What really now the World Trade Center Hub have
infrastructure. impressed me when I started was that given her a unique perspective.

30 Worldwide #  
Then ...
it was 1903 and Skanska built a conduit the background. The workforce had to wait
for the City of Helsingborg’s power plant. almost a century for proper work gear and
Helsingborg is in the Skåne region in south- personal protection equipment.
ern Sweden, where Skanska was founded
in 1887. Note the steam engine tractor in

Worldwide #  31
Posttidning Skanska Worldwide, 169 83 Solna Sweden Posttidning Port payé

Skanska is developing and

constructing a new office
property with a strong green
profile in Gothenburg. The
new property, in Gårda, is 16
stories high and has 182,986
sq ft (17,000 sq m) of floor
space. It is expected to be
the first in Gothenburg to
meet the requirements for
the EU GreenBuilding label.
This means that the energy
consumption will be at
least 25 percent lower than
prescribed in Swedish norms.